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  • Harrisburg Senators
    Ballpark Metro Bank Park
    League Eastern League
    Address City Island
    Harrisburg, PA  17101
    Telephone 717/231-4444
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    Harrisburg Senators - User Comments Add your own

    Baseball on City Island -- 2008-07-28

    The stadium is kind of small for a double A team. It is nice, but very old. The best tickets are only $10 though, and concessions are very reasonable. You do have to pay for parking five or six dollars). I was actually impressed by the number and variety of concessions. There is a great variety for a small older double A stadium. The seats are all close to the field, and they even had a sprinkler set up to cool down people who wanted relief from the hot day. The seats themselves were either bleachers or older plastic seats, which probably haven't been updated in a long time. All in all though it is a nice old-school stadium in a nice area with downtown Harrisburg minutes away right over the bridge.


    bags -- 2007-05-23

    bag are not allowed in the stadium. they are to big to fit under the seats and will not fit. though bag for needed medications are allowed for diebeties etc... so just leave your bags in the car and you'll be me its a hassel to go out to your car again to put it away. I LOVE THE HARRISBURG SENATORS!!!! woo hoo!

    titts mcgee

    -- 2005-08-17

    A nice little stadium, if you want to be guarenteed a few baseballs, wait outside the left field gates during batting practice, quite a few will leave the park during batting practice (even came away with about 15-20 baseballs.

    I didnt know about a bag policy, because I am usually allowed to bring in a plastic shopping bag (with my bounty from batting practice).

    About the stadium: As I said, a nice little stadium, but night games can be a bit of a problem, especially with the bugs, and the sun setting (If you have 1st base or home plate seats, this is no problem, but if you got 3rd base side seats, like I usually get, bring sunglasses and hats). Everything is affordable, and if you want to cool down, or if the kids want to have a little fun, there is a water sprayer on first base side, near the souviner stand.

    Parking can be a bit of a situation if there is a sellout when I first went to a Senators game in 1996, but with the parking garage they have there, it seems to have eased a bit.

    They will be renovating the stadium after this season (2005), so im sure it will be a even nicer stadium next year.

    And to correct, General Admission seats are $5 for Adults, $3 for Kids and Seniors, not $6


    Stadium Review for 2004 -- 2005-05-25

    Overall Rating: A-

    Stadium B-

    A person I work with was amazed that there would be a minor league ball park on City Island. The parking garage helps the parking situation and free parking is still available in town across the river. It remains a unique place to watch a game.

    The stadium isn't very comfortable. Old Riverfront now Commerce Bank Park will be renovated.

    The “No Bag” security/we don’t have room under the seats for bags policy remains in effect. Leave your bags in the car. The policy is enforced depending on who is working security for the gate you go through. It isn’t worth the hassle.

    The box seats directly behind home plate should be avoided. The seats are not comfortable and the view through a screen isn't very good. Best bet is to sit back in the reserved seats. There is a roof but cover your ears for those foul balls that bang off it.

    Avoid the bleachers if the game is going to be played past 8 PM in the summer. Mayflies love to fly into the lights behind the bleachers and on to the fans.

    Atmosphere A-

    The fans are very loyal and support the team. They were rewarded with one of the best organizations in the game until it was destroyed by MLB. The staff is friendly and helpful. The on-field stuff is fun and very entertaining; they can be very inventive. The mascot Rascal works the crowd and does the mascot race but that is about it.

    The program is bulky and remember you don’t have a bag to put it in. There are a lot of venders so you don’t have to leave your seat.


    Harrisburg Airport Lets Make a Deal, “The envelope or the Box” Mascot race – Rascal will win one day T-Shirt Toss Kid of the Game – Kid gets an autograph from his favorite player during the game Sumo Wrestling Infield Drag – Promotion for landscaping firm Dizzy Bat race Coach Potato seat upgrade Lucky stars in program Wipe Out Inning – washer fluid if batter strikes out Pizza Hut trivia contest – fill out form in program Lucky Seat – Win lottery tickets

    Value A

    Prices are very good.

    The grill behind first is great. The food here is inexpensive and the prices are hard to beat


    Box seats $9 Reserve seats $7 General Admission $6


    BBQ Chicken sandwich $3.75 Large draft beer $4.50 Slushy $2.50 Small Draft beer $3.25 Hot dog $1.00 O’Doul’s $2.50 Italian $3.00 Chicken fingers & fries $4.50 1/3 lb burger $3.50 Bottled water $2.00 Soda $1.00 $2.75 $3.75 Coffee/Hot Chocolate $2.50 Cheeseburger $3.75 Beer (14 oz) $3.25 Candy $2.00 Beer (20 oz) $3.50

    Odds and Ends

    Come early and enjoy the courtyard just behind home plate.

    Karen and Kevin Flynn

    Stadium Review for 2003 -- 2003-09-14

    Overall Rating: B+

    Stadium B-

    Riverfront Stadium is located on City Island, which is located on the Susquehanna River. The location is unique and both a blessing and a curse. The island offers numerous recreational activities and great views of Harrisburg. The downside, the river has flooded the stadium at times in the past and the municipality is reluctant to make major renovations to the stadium. Still it is a unique place to watch a game.

    The stadium isn't very comfortable. They could upgrade the seating area but the threat from another flood prevents major improvements.

    Parking is $2 on the island. A large parking garage has been built and helps reduce the parking problem. Free parking is available downtown, a short walk from the stadium across the river.

    There are several entrance gates. If you left tickets at Will Call follow the river to the upper gate. They usually have their tickets here. The seating area behind home plate is covered although the reserved seats are metal bleachers and not very comfortable. There is no room under the seats. After 9/11 they put into place a new security policy. As part of this they went to a no bag policy. In reality the lack of room under the chairs led to their security policy of no bags. It is enforced depending on who is working security for the gate you go through.

    The box seats right behind home plate should be avoided. The seats are not comfortable and the view through a screen isn't very good. Best bet is to sit back in the reserved seats. Bleacher seats along the third base line offer more room. Avoid them if the game is going to be played past 8 PM. Mayflies love to fly into the lights behind the bleachers. This results in numerous flies falling into the bleachers. Unless you enjoy watching the kids jumping on the bugs (and the bugs falling on you) avoid this section.

    Atmosphere A-

    The fans are very loyal and support the team. They are rewarded with one of the best organizations in the game. The staff is friendly and helpful. They also run a lot of promotions. The on-field stuff is fun and very entertaining; they can be very inventive. The mascot Rascal works the crowd and does the mascot race but that is about it.

    Value A

    Prices are very good. Box seats are $9, reserve seats are $7 and general admission only $5. Those prices are hard to beat. I am surprised that the COMCAST types in Maryland don't understand that their high prices have driven fans away. They should drive up and see the big three (Wilmington, Reading and Harrisburg).

    The grill behind first is good but the $1 dogs are great and we enjoy the chicken and fries down the first base line. The food here is good and inexpensive. At least one senior staff member at Hagerstown knows he can come here and not worry about the food. One problem we noticed was the longer waiting time in line.

    They have a young staff and may have been short staffed the several nights we visited.

    Odds and Ends

    Work has begun (or so we have been told) on independent baseball stadiums for York and Lancaster. Since the old Maryland Baseball types are building the stadium the possibility exists that in time an AAA team will emerge at York. The Senators are the AA affiliate of the Expos their future is up in the air. In would be sad day if the doors at Riverfront were closed. For all of its troubles it remains one of our favorite destinations to visit

    Come early. They usually have great give-a-ways and there is a nice seating area behind home plate. Grab some food or ice cream and relax talk to your friends, make new ones, and wait for the first pitch.

    Karen and Kevin Flynn

    Riverside Stadium Rundown -- 2003-07-28

    First off, Harrisburg the city has some fantastic buildings, all with a colonial taste. There's also good shopping and restaurants. Anyway, the stadium is on City Island. Parking on the island is $2 although if you park at a garage in Downtown (Walnut and 2nd Sts) and present your stub it's free. From there you can ferry or walk over a 1/4 mile (approx.) bridge. On the Island there's mini golf, batting cages, arcades and other family activities, worth an afternoon's time.

    The staff is okay. Ticket takers were very slow, and it didn't help there were many fans lined up before gates. I wonder if this was a one-time case--they gave out Tshirts and were making sure people got the right size. The ushers were friendly and knowledgable but couldn't answer some questions like how to sign up for betw.-inning promos.

    The stadium is typical of the late 80s--considered advanced for the time, but before the Minor League boom of the 90s rendered it a senior stadium. This means a few posts and less comfortable seats. Riverside, I should note, is not a place you should expect many autographs--the seats are too high up.

    Prices are fantastic--Dogs, popcorn and fries are a buck each. For $3, ice cream is a bargain; they give four scoops and in a helmet cup for no extra charge. Brews are moderately priced, in the $3-5 range.

    All in all Riverside is a great park to experience, and not a bad place to take a weekend vacation either.


    -- 2003-05-14

    'twas a great park. good beers, nice people, good deli sandwiches...

    Jeff L.

    My Opinion -- 2003-04-22

    Hello All. I had the opportunity to attend a Harridburg Senators Doubleheader this past Saturday evening (April 19th) and really enjoyed the park. We had Box seats for $9 each and where in the second row right off of Third Base. The Sun can be a problem in your eyes so bring a hat and sunglasses. Overall the park is very nice and the concessions are great with $1 hot dogs and sodas.

    Also, the park is set on an island as others have stated which makes for a unique experince. The drive into town off of 81 is really nice as well. You go for a few miles along the river and pass some beautiful houses. If I ever attend another game in the future I will arrive earlier to walk along the river and enjoy the sites.

    Matt Ridgewood, NJ


    Great Value -- 2001-09-06

    Watching the Senators at Riverside is a great way to see professional baseball for a reasonable price. So many greats have played at Harrisburg: Vladamir Guerrero, Cliff Floyd, Jose Vidro, and on and on. It's great to see them close up at Double A, then in a few years see them excelling in the majors. The special offers such as the deal where you can buy 4 GA tickets, 4 hot dogs, and 4 sodas for $20. is super. Plus ample parking for a buck and many other attractions on City Island make this a great place. The only downside is when it starts to get dark, watch out for the swarms of mayflies.


    good minor league park. -- 2001-08-29

    harrisburg's stadium is unique because it is located on an island. you can park in town and walk across the river to the ballgame. the tickets were reasonable, and all seats are very close to the field. hershey park is about 10-15 minutes away. also harrisburg only about an hour and a half from baltimore so we went harrisburg friday night and baltimore on saturday. overall the city and ballpark were entertaining.


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