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  • Wilmington Blue Rocks
    Ballpark Daniel S. Frawley Stadium
    League Carolina League
    Address 801 S Madison St.
    Wilmington, DE  19801
    Telephone 302/888-2015
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    Wilmington Blue Rocks - User Comments Add your own

    Best Team in Wilmington -- 2009-05-18

    The best team i think in wilmington is The BLUE ROCKS. They had their Readnig challnge for stundents like me. I won. So i am going to go on 6-17-09. This the second game i had been to. The first time i went was in kindergarden but, now i am in 3rd Grade. Thanks to the BLUE ROCKS for the Reading challnge.


    over all happy -- 2004-04-18

    im from delaware great to be able to come to rock pile and see a fine group of young players who play the game for passion hope they all make the big league in between innings there is entertainment with fun and games rockey bullwinkle is for the kids great place to spend day with out taking out second mortgage on your home and ps no drunks to deal with

    mary mcg

    Stadium Review for 2003 -- 2003-09-20

    Overall Rating: A (#2 Behind Reading)

    Facility A

    They have worked hard to make this a good stadium. It seems that changes have been made every year. Box seats are comfortable and you sit close to the action.

    The concourse overlooks the seating bowl. Numerous concession stands are located here. We consider the gift store to be one of the best in the minors. Great selection and many unique items to spend money on.

    The view of downtown Wilmington is impressive although the view of I-95 past the left field wall distracts from this somewhat.

    There is a good shopping area just across from the stadium. The city has been hard at work fixing up the waterfront. Come early shop, visit the museum across from the ballpark and have a great time before the gates open.

    Atmosphere A

    The crowds are vocal and they love their Blue Rocks. Lots of fans wear the team logo and line up early for the many promotions.

    Value A

    Box seats are $8, Reserved seats a dollar less and General Admission $5. Some year’s back we called the hot dogs here death dogs, no more. The food is very good. Check out the variety in the first base grill.

    Odds and Ends

    From our house it is a long trip up I-95 to take in a game, traffic can be a pain and it costs us $10 in tolls. But it is a terrific place to watch a game.

    The mascots (Rocky and the ever-popular Mr. Celery) are terrific and the staff while they tend to stay in the background are friendly. A lot of work has made the stadium a joy to visit and the food quality has continued to improve. We try to encourage the fans we talk to make the drive. In our first game at Wilmington we sat in front of three people. One of them turns out to be a fiancé of one of the players (they are staying with the family) and she remembered us from the Arizona Fall League. The other lady remembered Karen when they had driven down to Frederick to see the Keys play the Blur Rocks. It is a small world.

    Last year we walked up to Will Call to get our tickets. They had problems with the printer and asked if we could come back in an hour. For our troubles they gave us hats. That is customer service

    Karen and Kevin Flynn

    One Minor -- Very Minor -- Disappointment -- 2003-08-30

    My visit to JJF @ DSFS was great -- the team employees were friendly and helpful; parking was easy; the crowd wasn't running-and-screaming kids or loud-mouthed drunks. And, the park looks great from the outside, with a brick facade that fits in perfectly with the surroundings. Unfortunately, you can't really get a good view of the outside facade, because there's an indoor arena/convention center across from the first-base side, separated only by a narrow driveway. With better planning, JJF@DSFS could have featured a stunning view for fans approaching the stadium; it's too bad that it doesn't.

    Joe Reisel

    Best ball park I've been to. -- 2003-07-13

    I walked up an hour and a half before a Sunday afternoon game vs. the Warthogs and had a better seat than the manager. I was three rows off the field, first base side half way down the line. The tickets were $8.

    The atmosphere was great, didn't have to deal with drunks in the 700 level like you do at The Vet. Very fan/family friendly. The field is well kept, and the stadium is incredibly clean. Stadium employees are very friendly, too.

    It's easy to get to (about 4 turns off I-95 in Delaware), parking is no problem. And you can just walk up and get great seats.

    The between innings antics get a little tiresome. I think they paraded every kid in the stadium out on the field by the end of the game. But that's part of the minor league atmosphere.

    It beats having a fat guy spill beer on your back in South Philly.

    Patrick Sweet

    -- 2003-01-06

    Love this stadium! Has the greatest fan enthusiam.


    Senior Citizens Bargin!! -- 2002-12-09

    60 or over? $2 for general admission, and these are fine seats. The only bad thing in the stadium is the food - over priced and not very good.

    jon burton

    Great baseball experience -- 2001-08-25

    Tickets were inexpensive, seating was superb, something between every inning for fan amusement. Easy to get to and away from. Recommended!

    Peter Bogert

    -- 2001-08-04

    Nice park...easy access to I-95 and great food!...parking is free too!


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