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  • Bakersfield Blaze
    Ballpark Sam Lynn Ballpark
    League California League
    Address 4009 Chester Ave.
    Bakersfield, CA  93301
    Telephone 661/716-4487
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    New owner/management -- 2005-03-14

    New owner, new mangement, same old ballpark.

    Things should improve. If attendance increases, it has been said there will be private money to build a stadium.

    Ron Wheeler

    Best Place To Stay -- 2003-01-15

    Howard Johnson Express Inn in Bakersfield is the best price, clean and friendly. General Manager Dean Little is a local Bakersfield Baseball Star who signed a pro contract in the 1950s. Dean Little caiters to baseball and sports teams and there families while they are in the Bakersfield area. We travel to the Bakersfield area regularly from the So. Cal. coast for events and to monitor the Bakersfield Blaze Baseball Club (Tampa Bay - A). We wouldn't stay anywhere other than the Howard Johnson Express Inn.

    Bill Gentry

    Good spot for photographers? -- 2002-11-19

    With regards to the post about it being a good spot for amateur photographers, they are the only ballpark I've visited that made me turn the flash off of my camera. And that wasn't just one usher either, later I heard another usher call in to my usher saying "Did you take care of that guy taking pictures?" I can understand why they wouldn't want anyone to take pictures because the whole park is incredibly ugly, but having all the ushers focused on one guy with a flash is a little ridiculous.


    Eccchhhh -- 2002-04-28

    Ouch, all in all, not a great destination. Food was the PITS!!!, crowd was so-so, there were bugs all over the place, and the stadium was a dump, with a grandstand that doesn't curve, hodgepodge seating all over the place. If it wasn't for the weird orientation of facing the southwest this place wouldn't be interesting at all.


    Sam Lynn Ballpark -- 2002-04-02

    Pros-Great Opportunities for Amateur Photographers Great For Autographs Good Ticket Prices Cons-No Signs, No Directions to the Ballpark HORRIBLE FOOD Only Opens 30 min before game time Located in a not so great city

    Loye Bechtold

    Update on new stadium -- 2001-12-27

    The city of Bakersfield managed to blow the new stadium deal.

    Ron Wheeler

    Walk the Streets of Bakersfield -- 2001-06-13

    Here is where I was born(Bakersfield...not Sam Lynn) and attended my first ballgame in 1947. It was built in 1941 and up to 1980 was a adequate class A ballpark. No one knows who layed out the ballpark with the batter facing due west. It is also only 354' to dead center. In 1994, the grandstands were totally redesigned/rebuilt by a concrete block mason with no idea of what a baseball stadium should be. With the Dodger Blue paint now pealing off the red individual seats behind home plate, the place has become a "civic embarressment." However, it does have the best hotdogs in the Cal League!

    There is a move under way in Bakersfield to build a new 5000 seat downtown stadium as part of a $65 million redevelopment project. The City fathers have approved the construction of the stadium subject to the owners of the ballclub signing a lease. Well, the ballclub just recently sold (subject to Cal League and Major League approval) and the new prospective owner is refusing to sign a lease until the construction is irrevocably comitted to by the City. So....we have stalemate and neither side is blinking as yet. Also, the developer of the redevelopment project says if there is no new stadium he won't do his part of the redevelopment. Therefore, Bakersfield could end up with no new stadium and no ballclub as Sam Lynn is no longer a viable minor league ballpark. What a mess! In late March of this year the baseball fans in Bakersfield go to bed thinking they are finally getting a new stadium and the in the second week of June the news come out regarding the impasse between the City and Ballclub. From the penthouse to the basement in two and a half months. All parties have until October to resolve the matter before it's no deal. We hope for the best.

    Not a bad place to watch a ballgame but far from the best.

    Ron Wheeler

    Bakersfield -- 2001-06-12

    The best thing about Sam Lynn Ballpark is the mascot. Get there early -- the PA guy comes on and makes his announcements, gives the lineups, and then says “and now the hottest dog in the California League, it’s Rookie!!”. Rookie rides in behind the plate in a golf cart like they used in the 70s to carry the relief pitchers in from the bullpen and amid almost total silence about three or four people in the stands clap politely as he gets out. It’s a priceless moment (you have to be there) and it happens every night in Bakersfield. This is not a great place to watch a game. You can’t get out from behind the screen unless you sit way out in the bleachers, and the only people generally at the games are the players’ wives and girlfriends and a few boosters. In the middle of the summer the games don’t start until almost eight, because they have to wait for the sun to go down behind the center field fence. Who designed this park? But it's a nice place to go on a summer night when the temperature is still hovering around 80.

    Jack Walsh

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