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  • Princeton Devil Rays
    Ballpark Hunnicutt Field
    League Appalachian League
    Address Old Bluefield Road
    Princeton, WV  24740
    Telephone 304/487-2000
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    Princeton Devil Rays - User Comments Add your own

    Princeton in the south of the Dub-V -- 2006-06-07

    I worked with the Princeton Devil Rays as an intern in the summer of 2005. Therefore, i consider myself an expert on their Park, as i spent 3 months there. To be brutally honest, its not great. it is all metal and cement, nothing much to look at. The blue roof at least makes it look like a ballpark. The other problem that has been pointed out is the lack of intamcy of the park, which is a problem at this level. The seats are raised 10 feet from the field. There is a small spot down the left field line to stand, which i would suggest for people who like a different vantage point (i watched near here, in the grounds crew room when i wasnt running the scoreboard from the press box). Princeton draws almost no one to their games and their are some annoying fans that sit on the first base side and do some annoying chants (so i would advise you sit on the third base side or stand down the line where i advised earlier). I would rate the park a 2 on a scale from 1-10, but it is possible to have a 7 or 8 as far as experience goes. The food is resonably priced and its laid back atmopshere. Not worth a special trip by any means, but worth a look for hard-core small ball fans.

    G Man

    -- 2003-09-26

    Who needs beer? Where else can you get a Nathans hot dog at a ball park so far from Brooklyn? Get real - this park is like a palace compared to some of the old NY-Penn league parks in upstate NY which, by the way, was a PROMOTION for these players from the rookie leagues. Thanks to the staff for four wonderful nights during the summer of '03 Alan Z

    I don't care.... -- 2002-07-10

    Mike's comments are undoubtedly valid---but I don't care. I prefer the seats to be up high above the field, and I'd only drink a beer if he bought me one. I'v never met friendlier people at a ball game than at Princeton and nearby Bluefield. The fact is, Princeton (pop. 7,043) has a benefactor (Mr. Hunnicut) who built a ballpark to keep Appy League baseball in the community---and the effort is good enough for me. I'd rather watch a game here than in Comerica Park any day. Thanks, Princeton, and Good Luck. And thanks for the nice gift on Seat Cushion Night---I'd never have popped for one, and I sat on it for the next 12 nights, from Savannah to Erie.

    Jim Turner

    About Princeton's Stadium -- 2002-03-07

    The Princeton Devil Rays need a new ballpark. Princeton shares their complex with the local high school team. The result is not good. While the park is fairly new and clean, it's poorly designed. The dugouts are field level and the first row is on the roof of the dugout. Therefore even the best seats are 10 feet above the field. In addition, there is a chain link fence seperating the stands from the field so if you sit in the first 5-6 rows, you're watching through fencing. However the worst feature is the fact that they do not serve beer. There is something wrong about watching a ballgame on a Saturday night without a beer.


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