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  • Danville Braves
    Ballpark Dan Daniel Memorial Park
    League Appalachian League
    Address 302 River Park Dr.
    Danville, VA  24540
    Telephone 804/791-3346
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    Danville Braves - User Comments Add your own

    Danville Braves Stadium Renovations -- 2005-12-15

    American Legion Post 325 Field, home of the Danville Braves received major renovations prior to the 2005 season. A roof has been built over the box seats behind home plate and on the first and third base sides. These seats have also been replaced with more comfortable seats that include cup holders. A new souvenir stand was added and is visible upon entering the front gates. The new stand has allowed for a wider variety of items. The concession stand was also expanded to twice its previous size. Legion Field has long been recognized as on of the top venues for both players and fans in the Appy League. These new renovations have only made the fan experience more enjoyable.

    Calvin Funkhouser

    Stadium Review for 2003 -- 2003-09-20

    Overall Rating: B+

    Facility B

    One of the larger Apply League Parks. The blue plastic seats around home plate are not very comfortable and offer limited legroom. A better seat might be the metal bleachers down the line but the seats lack backs. The souvenir store had a very limited selection and no mini bat!

    Atmosphere A-

    The Braves played the Astros from nearby Martinsville. Great rivalry between the two towns made for a terrific atmosphere. They love the Braves here. Barney Fife night and while he may have trouble in Mayberry he knows how to work a crowd in Danville.

    Value A

    Ticket prices were cheap. Our box seats were only $6. The food was good and very inexpensive. The hot dogs are $1.50 and pretty good. Karen enjoyed the funnel cake. The big favorite here is the freshly cooked pork rinds. But go early since they make a limited batch and they sell fast.

    Odds and Ends

    I called and ordered tickets. The person was professional and no handling fee. They waited for the gates to open before opening the ticket office. When you have [people ready to give you money take it. Open the ticket office early to help your fans. Inside my ticket envelope was a pocket schedule and magnetic schedule, I thought that was a good idea.

    The food lines were long. The box seats have wait service, which would have been a better idea. The stadium is located in a park. You might consider avoiding the parking lot on the first base line since it is in foul territory. There are other parking areas so get some exercise.

    A great place to watch a game.

    Karen and Kevin Flynn

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