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Early baseball
The Spread of baseball project is an effort to document how the game of baseball spread from the New York City area in the mid-19th century to other areas. The Knickerbocker Rules, codified in 1845, gave clubs a set of common rules by which to play, and led to an increase in the game's popularity in the years before the Civil War. SABR's Origins Committee has documented thousands of pre-professional games, including the first known games in each state and country.

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Today in Baseball

July 24: Today's featured birthday is that of Mike Adams, who turns 66.
  • 1948 - A bus crash kills five members of the Duluth Dukes and injures 13, including Mel McGaha.
  • 1968 - Hoyt Wilhelm pitches his 907th game in the major leagues, breaking Cy Young's record. The joyous occasion turns into a sad one as the knuckleballer is tagged for the loss.
  • 1983 - The Pine Tar Game takes place, with a George Brett (pictured) homer called off due to too much pine tar on his bat. An appeal overturns the call and the game will be resumed later.
  • 1991 - Brian R. Hunter is credited with two home runs in one date. He hits one for the Atlanta Braves. At the same time, his Richmond Braves concluded a suspended game in which he homered.
  • 1991 - Hiromitsu Kadota, at age 43, becomes the oldest player to homer in a NPB All-Star Game. The Pacific League veteran breaks a 3-3 tie with his shot.

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