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Eddie Zosky

Eddie Zosky is a former shortstop who played five seasons in the major leagues, non-consecutively, from 1991 to 2000 for the Toronto Blue Jays, Florida Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers and Houston Astros. He also played in the Baltimore Orioles, San Francisco Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates minor league systems. He is Jewish. Zosky was a collegiate star prior to playing professionally, becoming a member of Fresno State University's athletic Hall of Fame. He developed into a promising shortstop prospect for the Toronto Blue Jays in the early 1990s, being named their starting shortstop of the future multiple times, though elbow problems and a lack of offense ended his hopes of stardom. In total, he played 1,100 games over 12 seasons professionally, though only 44 of those games were at the major league level.

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