Run Support in Games Started

  • Total runs in Starts, Avg. is per 27 outs
Run Support in Games Started
Avg 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Other Game Totals
5.25352222211 runs

Team Pitching Gamelog

Team Pitching Gamelog
Rk Gtm Date Opp Rslt IP H R ER UER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str IR IS SB CS AB 2B 3B IBB SH SF ROE GDP # Umpire Pitchers Used (Rest-GameScore-Dec)
11Apr 2@TBRL,3-78.013770310207.88401419420103620001005Jerry LayneM.Tanaka (99-15-L), T.Layne (99), A.Warren (99), J.Holder (99), C.Shreve (99)
22Apr 4@TBRW,5-09.0500038003.713515310020003200000006Marvin HudsonC.Sabathia (99-61-W), B.Mitchell (99), T.Clippard (99), J.Holder (1), D.Betances (99), A.Chapman (99)
33Apr 5@TBRL,1-48.08440210103.96331348430213100000004Dan BellinoM.Pineda (99-35-L), T.Layne (2), A.Warren (2), C.Shreve (2)
44Apr 7@BALL,5-68.0765119204.36331328400003110010105Mike DiMuroL.Severino (99-44), J.Holder (2-H), T.Layne (1-H), T.Clippard (2-BL), B.Mitchell (2)
55Apr 8@BALL,4-58.01055047024.61381298711213220000015Tripp GibsonM.Tanaka (5-44), A.Warren (2-H), T.Layne (0), D.Betances (3-BL), J.Holder (0)
66Apr 9@BALW,7-39.0632148004.14361378200003200000014Brian GormanC.Sabathia (4-49), T.Clippard (1), D.Betances (0-W), A.Chapman (4)
77Apr 10TBRW,8-19.02110012103.66291067500002910000003Bill MillerM.Pineda (4-82-W), T.Clippard (0-H), C.Shreve (4)
88Apr 12TBRW,8-49.09422211113.443815910831003520000106Kerwin DanleyJ.Montgomery (99-49), B.Mitchell (4-W), T.Clippard (1-H), T.Layne (3), J.Holder (3), A.Chapman (2-Sv)
99Apr 13TBRW,3-29.07220215103.27351469700003300000003Todd TichenorL.Severino (5-69-W), D.Betances (3-H), A.Chapman (0-Sv)
1010Apr 14STLW,4-39.0633049103.24371539920003330000004James HoyeM.Tanaka (5-54-W), T.Clippard (1-H), D.Betances (0-H), A.Chapman (0-Sv)
1111Apr 15STLW,3-29.05220210213.13351338600003200000003Will LittleC.Sabathia (5-73-W), A.Warren (6-H), T.Clippard (0-Sv)
1212Apr 16STLW,9-39.0833038103.12381378800003510000113Jeff KelloggM.Pineda (5-62-W), D.Betances (1-H), B.Mitchell (3)
1313Apr 17CHWW,7-49.01144035103.19371328710003410000043Vic CarapazzaJ.Montgomery (4-48-W), A.Warren (1), A.Chapman (2-Sv)
1414Apr 18CHWL,1-49.03431011203.17311197900003100000102Mark RippergerL.Severino (4-72-L), J.Holder (5)
1515Apr 19CHWW,9-19.0611027003.02341238000003240000013Tom HallionM.Tanaka (4-65-W), B.Mitchell (2), T.Layne (6)
1616Apr 21@PITL,3-68.0864249203.11361398631003101010115Sam HolbrookC.Sabathia (5-38-L), A.Warren (3), T.Layne (1), J.Holder (2), T.Clippard (5)
1717Apr 22@PITW,11-59.08550410213.22401438921103410001006Jim WolfM.Pineda (5-49), J.Holder (0-H), T.Clippard (0-BSv), D.Betances (5-W), B.Mitchell (2), A.Chapman (4)
1818Apr 23@PITL,1-28.0822047003.17331277800002811001022Chad WhitsonJ.Montgomery (5-53-L), B.Mitchell (0)
1919Apr 26@BOSW,3-19.04110410003.05341469400003010000013Fieldin CulbrethL.Severino (7-75-W), D.Betances (3-H), A.Chapman (3-Sv)

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