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Washington Nationals Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Rogers Martinez Zimmermann Gullickson Smith Reardon McGaffigan Ayala Telford
2016 (95-67) Scherzer Roark Gonzalez Strasburg Ross Papelbon Treinen Kelley Perez
2015 (83-79) Scherzer Zimmermann Gonzalez Strasburg Fister Storen Treinen Thornton Rivero
2014 (96-66) Roark Zimmermann Gonzalez Strasburg Fister Soriano Clippard Storen Blevins
2013 (86-76) Haren Zimmermann Gonzalez Strasburg Detwiler Soriano Clippard Storen Stammen
2012 (98-64) Jackson Zimmermann Gonzalez Strasburg Detwiler Clippard Burnett Mattheus Stammen
2011 (80-81) Lannan Zimmermann Hernandez Marquis Gorzelanny Storen Burnett Clippard Coffey
2010 (69-93) Lannan Stammen Hernandez Atilano Olsen Capps Burnett Clippard Batista
2009 (59-103) Lannan Stammen Zimmermann Mock Martis MacDougal Villone Bergmann Beimel
2008 (59-102) Lannan Redding Perez Bergmann Balester Rauch Rivera Hanrahan Ayala
2007 (73-89) Chico Redding Bacsik Bergmann Hill Cordero Rivera Rauch Colome
2006 (71-91) Ortiz Armas Hernandez O'Connor Astacio Cordero Rivera Rauch Stanton
2005 (81-81) Loaiza Armas Hernandez Patterson Drese Cordero Majewski Ayala Carrasco
2004 (67-95) Day Armas Hernandez Patterson Kim Cordero Tucker Ayala Horgan
2003 (83-79) Day Ohka Hernandez Vazquez Vargas Biddle Eischen Ayala Stewart
2002 (83-79) Armas Ohka Yoshii Vazquez Colon Stewart Eischen Herges Tucker
2001 (68-94) Armas Thurman Yoshii Vazquez Reames Urbina Lloyd Strickland Stewart
2000 (67-95) Armas Thurman Hermanson Vazquez Pavano Kline Telford Strickland Lira
1999 (68-94) Batista Thurman Hermanson Vazquez Pavano Urbina Telford Kline Ayala
1998 (65-97) Batista Perez Hermanson Vazquez Pavano Urbina Telford Kline Bennett
1997 (78-84) Martinez Perez Hermanson Bullinger Juden Urbina Telford Veres Valdes
1996 (88-74) Martinez Fassero Cormier Urbina Rueter Rojas Dyer Veres Daal
1995 (66-78) Martinez Fassero Perez Henry Heredia Rojas Scott Shaw Harris
1994 (74-40) Martinez Fassero Hill Henry Rueter Wetteland Scott Shaw Rojas
1993 (94-68) Martinez Fassero Hill Nabholz Rueter Wetteland Barnes Shaw Rojas
1992 (87-75) Martinez Gardner Hill Nabholz Barnes Wetteland Fassero Sampen Rojas
1991 (71-90) Martinez Gardner Boyd Nabholz Barnes Jones Fassero Ruskin Burke
1990 (85-77) Martinez Gardner Boyd Gross Smith Burke Sampen Frey Hall
1989 (81-81) Martinez Smith Perez Gross Langston Burke McGaffigan Hesketh Smith
1988 (81-81) Martinez Smith Perez Dopson Holman Burke McGaffigan Hesketh Parrett
1987 (91-71) Martinez Smith Heaton Sebra Youmans Burke McGaffigan McClure Parrett
1986 (78-83) Martinez Smith Tibbs Hesketh Youmans Reardon McGaffigan McClure Burke
1985 (84-77) Gullickson Smith Palmer Hesketh Schatzeder Reardon Lucas St. Claire Burke
1984 (78-83) Gullickson Smith Palmer Lea Rogers Reardon Lucas James Schatzeder
1983 (82-80) Gullickson Burris Sanderson Lea Rogers Reardon Smith James Schatzeder
1982 (86-76) Gullickson Burris Sanderson Lea Rogers Reardon Smith Fryman Schatzeder
1981 (60-48) Gullickson Burris Sanderson Lea Rogers Fryman Sosa Reardon Lee
1980 (90-72) Gullickson Palmer Sanderson Lea Rogers Fryman Sosa Bahnsen Norman
1979 (95-65) Lee Grimsley Sanderson Schatzeder Rogers Sosa Fryman Bahnsen May
1978 (76-86) May Grimsley Fryman Schatzeder Rogers Garman Knowles Bahnsen Atkinson
1977 (75-87) Brown Bahnsen Twitchell Stanhouse Rogers Kerrigan McEnaney Stanhouse Atkinson
1976 (55-107) Fryman Carrithers Warthen Stanhouse Rogers Murray Kerrigan Scherman Taylor
1975 (75-87) Fryman Blair Warthen Renko Rogers Murray DeMola Scherman Taylor
1974 (79-82) Torrez Blair McAnally Renko Rogers Taylor Montague Murray Walker
1973 (79-83) Torrez Moore McAnally Renko Stoneman Marshall Jarvis Scott Walker
1972 (70-86) Torrez Moore McAnally Morton Stoneman Marshall Strohmayer Gilbert Walker
1971 (71-90) Renko Strohmayer McAnally Morton Stoneman Marshall Reed Raymond McGinn
1970 (73-89) Renko McGinn Wegener Morton Stoneman Raymond Reed Strohmayer McGinn
1969 (52-110) Renko Robertson Wegener Reed Stoneman McGinn Face Shaw Sembera
48 years 102 pitchers 26 pitchers 89 pitchers