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Toronto Blue Jays Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Stieb Clancy Guzman Key Halladay Henke Ward Timlin Quantrill
2016 (89-73) Happ Stroman Sanchez Estrada Dickey Osuna Biagini Cecil Grilli
2015 (93-69) Buehrle Hutchison Sanchez Estrada Dickey Osuna Loup Cecil Hendriks
2014 (83-79) Buehrle Hutchison Happ Stroman Dickey Janssen Loup Cecil McGowan
2013 (74-88) Buehrle Rogers Happ Johnson Dickey Janssen Loup Cecil Delabar
2012 (73-89) Romero Alvarez Morrow Laffey Villanueva Janssen Oliver Frasor Cordero
2011 (81-81) Romero Cecil Morrow Reyes Drabek Francisco Camp Janssen Rauch
2010 (85-77) Romero Cecil Morrow Marcum Rzepczynski Gregg Camp Frasor Downs
2009 (75-87) Romero Cecil Halladay Tallet Richmond Frasor Camp Carlson League
2008 (86-76) Burnett Litsch Halladay Marcum McGowan Ryan Downs Carlson Tallet
2007 (83-79) Burnett Litsch Halladay Marcum McGowan Accardo Downs Janssen Frasor
2006 (87-75) Burnett Lilly Halladay Chacin Janssen Ryan Downs Speier Schoeneweis
2005 (80-82) Towers Lilly Halladay Chacin Bush Batista Frasor Speier Schoeneweis
2004 (67-94) Towers Lilly Halladay Batista Hentgen Frasor Ligtenberg Speier Chulk
2003 (86-76) Lidle Hendrickson Halladay Escobar Davis Lopez Miller Politte Tam
2002 (78-84) Loaiza Walker Halladay Miller Parris Escobar Cassidy Politte Heredia
2001 (80-82) Loaiza Carpenter Hamilton Michalak Parris Koch Quantrill Borbon Plesac
2000 (83-79) Loaiza Carpenter Wells Castillo Escobar Koch Quantrill Borbon Frascatore
1999 (84-78) Hentgen Carpenter Wells Hamilton Escobar Koch Quantrill Lloyd Spoljaric
1998 (88-74) Hentgen Carpenter Clemens Williams Guzman Myers Quantrill Plesac Risley
1997 (76-86) Hentgen Person Clemens Williams Guzman Escobar Quantrill Plesac Timlin
1996 (74-88) Hentgen Hanson Quantrill Flener Guzman Timlin Crabtree Castillo Spoljaric
1995 (56-88) Hentgen Leiter Cone Darwin Guzman Castillo Crabtree Timlin Cox
1994 (55-60) Hentgen Leiter Stewart Stottlemyre Guzman Hall Castillo Timlin Williams
1993 (95-67) Hentgen Morris Stewart Stottlemyre Guzman Ward Castillo Timlin Eichhorn
1992 (96-66) Key Morris Stieb Stottlemyre Guzman Henke Ward Wells Macdonald
1991 (91-71) Key Wells Candiotti Stottlemyre Guzman Henke Ward Timlin Acker
1990 (86-76) Key Wells Stieb Stottlemyre Cerutti Henke Ward Wills Acker
1989 (89-73) Key Flanagan Stieb Stottlemyre Cerutti Henke Ward Wills Wells
1988 (87-75) Key Flanagan Stieb Stottlemyre Clancy Henke Ward Eichhorn Wells
1987 (96-66) Key Cerutti Stieb Johnson Clancy Henke Musselman Eichhorn Nunez
1986 (86-76) Key Cerutti Stieb Alexander Clancy Henke Caudill Eichhorn Lamp
1985 (99-62) Key Leal Stieb Alexander Clancy Caudill Lavelle Acker Lamp
1984 (89-73) Gott Leal Stieb Alexander Clancy Key Jackson Acker Lamp
1983 (89-73) Gott Leal Stieb Alexander Clancy Moffitt Jackson McLaughlin Geisel
1982 (78-84) Gott Leal Stieb Bomback Clancy Murray Jackson McLaughlin Garvin
1981 (37-69) Todd Leal Stieb Berenguer Clancy McLaughlin Jackson Willis Garvin
1980 (67-95) Mirabella Jefferson Stieb Kucek Clancy Garvin McLaughlin Barlow Buskey
1979 (53-109) Underwood Huffman Stieb Lemanczyk Moore Buskey Freisleben Jefferson Moore
1978 (59-102) Underwood Clancy Jefferson Lemanczyk Garvin Cruz Murphy Willis Coleman
1977 (54-107) Byrd Clancy Jefferson Lemanczyk Garvin Vuckovich Murphy Willis Johnson
40 years 80 pitchers 26 pitchers 62 pitchers