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St. Louis Cardinals Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Gibson Haines Forsch Doak Wainwright Isringhausen Dayley Sherdel Kline
2016 (86-76) Wainwright Martinez Garcia Leake Wacha Oh Siegrist Broxton Bowman
2015 (100-62) Lackey Martinez Garcia Lynn Wacha Rosenthal Siegrist Maness Choate
2014 (90-72) Lackey Wainwright Miller Lynn Wacha Rosenthal Neshek Maness Choate
2013 (97-65) Westbrook Wainwright Miller Lynn Kelly Mujica Rosenthal Maness Choate
2012 (88-74) Westbrook Wainwright Lohse Lynn Garcia Motte Boggs Rzepczynski Salas
2011 (90-72) Westbrook Carpenter Lohse McClellan Garcia Salas Boggs Motte Miller
2010 (86-76) Wainwright Carpenter Lohse Suppan Garcia Franklin Boggs McClellan Reyes
2009 (91-71) Wainwright Carpenter Lohse Pineiro Wellemeyer Franklin Miller Motte Reyes
2008 (86-76) Wainwright Looper Lohse Pineiro Wellemeyer Franklin Villone Springer McClellan
2007 (78-84) Wainwright Looper Wells Reyes Thompson Isringhausen Flores Springer Franklin
2006 (83-78) Marquis Suppan Carpenter Reyes Mulder Isringhausen Flores Looper Hancock
2005 (100-62) Marquis Suppan Carpenter Morris Mulder Isringhausen King Tavarez Reyes
2004 (105-57) Marquis Suppan Carpenter Morris Williams Isringhausen King Tavarez Kline
2003 (85-77) Tomko Stephenson Simontacchi Morris Williams Isringhausen Eldred Fassero Kline
2002 (97-65) Benes Finley Simontacchi Morris Williams Isringhausen Veres Crudale Kline
2001 (93-69) Benes Kile Hermanson Morris Smith Veres Timlin Stechschulte Kline
2000 (95-67) Benes Kile Hentgen Stephenson Ankiel Veres James Slocumb Morris
1999 (75-86) Bottenfield Oliver Jimenez Mercker Acevedo Bottalico Aybar Croushore Painter
1998 (83-79) Bottenfield Stottlemyre Morris Mercker Osborne Acevedo Frascatore Brantley Painter
1997 (73-89) Benes Stottlemyre Morris Benes Osborne Eckersley Frascatore Fossas Petkovsek
1996 (88-74) Benes Stottlemyre Morgan Benes Osborne Eckersley Mathews Fossas Honeycutt
1995 (62-81) Petkovsek Watson Jackson Hill Osborne Henke Parrett Fossas DeLucia
1994 (53-61) Tewksbury Watson Palacios Sutcliffe Olivares Perez Rodriguez Habyan Murphy
1993 (87-75) Tewksbury Arocha Osborne Cormier Magrane Smith Perez Lancaster Murphy
1992 (83-79) Tewksbury Olivares Osborne Cormier Clark Smith Perez Carpenter McClure
1991 (84-78) Tewksbury Olivares Smith Hill DeLeon Smith Agosto Carpenter Terry
1990 (70-92) Tewksbury Magrane Smith Tudor DeLeon Smith DiPino Dayley Niedenfuer
1989 (86-76) Hill Magrane Terry Power DeLeon Worrell DiPino Dayley Quisenberry
1988 (76-86) Tudor Magrane McWilliams Mathews DeLeon Worrell Peters Dayley Terry
1987 (95-67) Tudor Magrane Cox Mathews Forsch Worrell Horton Dayley Dawley
1986 (79-82) Tudor Conroy Cox Mathews Forsch Worrell Horton Dayley Perry
1985 (101-61) Tudor Andujar Cox Kepshire Forsch Lahti Horton Dayley Campbell
1984 (84-78) LaPoint Andujar Cox Kepshire Horton Sutter Lahti Allen Rucker
1983 (79-83) LaPoint Andujar Forsch Stuper Allen Sutter Lahti Von Ohlen Rucker
1982 (92-70) LaPoint Andujar Forsch Stuper Mura Sutter Lahti Bair Kaat
1981 (59-43) Sorensen Martinez Forsch Martin Shirley Sutter Littell Otten Kaat
1980 (74-88) Vuckovich Martinez Forsch Sykes Kaat Littlefield Urrea Otten Kaat
1979 (86-76) Vuckovich Martinez Forsch Denny Fulgham Littell Knowles McEnaney Schultz
1978 (69-93) Vuckovich Martinez Forsch Denny Falcone Littell Vuckovich Lopez Schultz
1977 (83-79) Rasmussen Underwood Forsch Denny Falcone Hrabosky Metzger Carroll Eastwick
1976 (72-90) Rasmussen McGlothen Forsch Denny Falcone Hrabosky Wallace Greif Rasmussen
1975 (82-80) Reed McGlothen Forsch Denny Curtis Hrabosky Garman Curtis Terlecky
1974 (86-75) Gibson McGlothen Foster Siebert Curtis Hrabosky Garman Folkers Pena
1973 (81-81) Gibson Wise Foster Cleveland Murphy Segui Hrabosky Granger Pena
1972 (75-81) Gibson Wise Santorini Cleveland Spinks Segui Drabowsky Grzenda Cloninger
1971 (90-72) Gibson Carlton Reuss Cleveland Zachary Drabowsky Linzy Shaw Taylor
1970 (76-86) Gibson Carlton Reuss Torrez Briles Taylor Linzy Campisi Hilgendorf
1969 (87-75) Gibson Carlton Washburn Torrez Briles Hoerner Grant Willis Taylor
1968 (97-65) Gibson Carlton Washburn Jaster Briles Hoerner Granger Willis Hughes
1967 (101-60) Gibson Carlton Washburn Jaster Hughes Hoerner Woodeshick Willis Briles
1966 (83-79) Gibson Jackson Washburn Jaster Briles Hoerner Woodeshick Dennis Briles
1965 (80-81) Gibson Simmons Sadecki Stallard Purkey Woodeshick Schultz Dennis Briles
1964 (93-69) Gibson Simmons Sadecki Craig Broglio Schultz Taylor Humphreys Cuellar
1963 (93-69) Gibson Simmons Sadecki Burdette Broglio Shantz Taylor Bauta Schultz
1962 (84-78) Gibson Simmons Jackson Washburn Broglio McDaniel Ferrarese Shantz Duliba
1961 (80-74) Gibson Simmons Jackson Sadecki Broglio McDaniel Miller Anderson Cicotte
1960 (86-68) Kline Simmons Jackson Sadecki Broglio McDaniel Broglio Duliba Bridges
1959 (71-83) Mizell Blaylock Jackson Miller Broglio McDaniel Brosnan Stone Bridges
1958 (72-82) Mizell Jones Jackson McDaniel Mabe Jackson Paine Muffett Wight
1957 (87-67) Mizell Jones Jackson McDaniel Wehmeier Wilhelm Merritt Muffett Schmidt
1956 (76-78) Mizell Poholsky Dickson Schmidt Wehmeier Jackson Collum McDaniel Konstanty
1955 (68-86) Haddix Poholsky Jackson Schmidt Arroyo LaPalme Lawrence Wright
1954 (72-82) Haddix Poholsky Raschi Staley Lawrence Brazle Deal Presko Staley
1953 (83-71) Haddix Mizell Presko Staley Miller Brazle White Chambers Miller
1952 (88-66) Boyer Mizell Presko Staley Chambers Brazle Yuhas Werle Schmidt
1951 (81-73) Poholsky Lanier Brecheen Staley Chambers Brazle Bokelmann Wilks Poholsky
1950 (78-75) Pollet Lanier Brecheen Staley Munger Brazle Martin Boyer Staley
1949 (96-58) Pollet Brazle Brecheen Staley Munger Wilks Martin Reeder Staley
1948 (85-69) Pollet Brazle Brecheen Dickson Munger Wilks Hearn Burkhart Staley
1947 (89-65) Pollet Hearn Brecheen Dickson Munger Wilks Burkhart Brazle
1946 (98-58) Pollet Beazley Brecheen Dickson Brazle Wilks Dickson Brazle
1945 (95-59) Barrett Donnelly Brecheen Burkhart Wilks Byerly Jurisich Burkhart
1944 (105-49) Cooper Lanier Brecheen Jurisich Wilks Schmidt Jurisich Donnelly
1943 (105-49) Cooper Lanier Gumbert Krist Pollet Dickson Munger Krist
1942 (106-48) Cooper Lanier Gumbert Beazley White Dickson Beazley Krist
1941 (97-56) Cooper Lanier Gumbert Warneke White Crouch Hutchinson Shoun Krist
1940 (84-69) Cooper McGee Shoun Warneke Bowman Shoun Hutchinson Russell Lanier
1939 (92-61) Cooper McGee Davis Warneke Weiland Shoun Bowman McGee Cooper
1938 (71-80) Henshaw McGee Davis Warneke Weiland Harrell Shoun Macon
1937 (81-73) Dean Johnson Harrell Warneke Weiland Harrell Ryba Johnson
1936 (87-67) Dean Parmelee Winford Dean Walker Dean Heusser Haines Winford
1935 (96-58) Dean Hallahan Haines Dean Walker Heusser Haines Collins
1934 (95-58) Dean Hallahan Carleton Dean Walker Dean Mooney Haines Vance
1933 (82-71) Dean Hallahan Carleton Vance Walker Johnson Haines Vance
1932 (72-82) Dean Hallahan Carleton Derringer Johnson Stout Lindsey Carleton
1931 (101-53) Grimes Hallahan Rhem Derringer Johnson Lindsey Stout Kaufmann Derringer
1930 (92-62) Grimes Hallahan Rhem Haines Johnson Bell Lindsey Grabowski Haid
1929 (78-74) Mitchell Sherdel Alexander Haines Johnson Johnson Frankhouse Haid
1928 (95-59) Mitchell Sherdel Alexander Haines Rhem Johnson Reinhart Haid
1927 (92-61) McGraw Sherdel Alexander Haines Rhem Sherdel Bell Reinhart Keen
1926 (89-65) Keen Sherdel Alexander Haines Rhem Bell Reinhart Hallahan
1925 (77-76) Sothoron Sherdel Dickerman Haines Rhem Dyer Stuart Day
1924 (65-89) Sothoron Stuart Dickerman Haines Dyer Dyer Sherdel Bell
1923 (79-74) Toney Doak Sherdel Haines Pfeffer North Barfoot Stuart
1922 (85-69) Pertica Doak Sherdel Haines Pfeffer Barfoot North Pertica Sherdel
1921 (87-66) Pertica Doak Walker Haines Pfeffer North Riviere Walker Sherdel
1920 (75-79) Schupp Doak Goodwin Haines Jacobs Sherdel Goodwin North Jacobs
1919 (54-83) May Doak Goodwin Tuero Meadows Tuero Sherdel Ames
1918 (51-78) Ames Doak Packard Sherdel Meadows Tuero Sherdel May
1917 (82-70) Ames Doak Watson Goodwin Meadows Horstmann Ames Packard
1916 (60-93) Ames Doak Watson Steele Meadows Ames Williams Meadows Jasper
1915 (72-81) Sallee Doak Griner Robinson Meadows Griner Perdue Robinson
1914 (81-72) Sallee Doak Griner Perritt Perdue Sallee Griner Steele Robinson
1913 (51-99) Sallee Doak Griner Perritt Harmon Geyer Sallee Perritt
1912 (63-90) Sallee Steele Geyer Willis Harmon Sallee Geyer Dale Steele
1911 (75-74) Sallee Steele Geyer Golden Harmon Geyer Lowdermilk Harmon
1910 (63-90) Sallee Lush Willis Corridon Harmon Backman Rieger Corridon
1909 (54-98) Sallee Lush Beebe Backman Harmon Melter More Higgins
1908 (49-105) Raymond Lush Beebe Karger Fromme Sallee Raymond McGlynn
1907 (52-101) McGlynn Lush Beebe Karger Fromme Fromme Karger McGlynn
1906 (52-98) Brown Taylor Beebe Karger Druhot Hoelskoetter    
1905 (58-96) Brown Taylor Thielman McFarland Egan      
1904 (75-79) Nichols Taylor O'Neill McFarland Corbett      
1903 (43-94) Brown Currie O'Neill McFarland Rhoads Currie    
1902 (56-78) Yerkes Currie O'Neill Murphy Wicker Murphy Wicker  
1901 (76-64) Harper Powell Sudhoff Murphy Jones Sudhoff Powell  
1900 (65-75) Young Powell Sudhoff Hughey Jones Hughey Young  
1899 (84-67) Young Powell Sudhoff Cuppy Jones      
1898 (39-111) Taylor Hughey Sudhoff Carsey Esper Carsey    
1897 (29-102) Donahue Hart Sudhoff Carsey Esper Coleman    
1896 (40-90) Donahue Hart Breitenstein Kissinger   Kissinger    
1895 (39-92) Ehret Staley Breitenstein Kissinger McDougal Kissinger Staley  
1894 (56-76) Hawley Clarkson Breitenstein Gleason   Hawley Breitenstein  
1893 (57-75) Hawley Clarkson Breitenstein Gleason   Hawley Breitenstein  
1892 (56-94) Hawley Getzien Breitenstein Gleason Galvin Caruthers Breitenstein  
1891 (85-51) Stivetts McGill Griffith Rettger Neale Griffith Stivetts  
1890 (78-58) Stivetts Ramsey Hart Whitrock Neale   Stivetts  
1889 (90-45) Stivetts King Chamberlain Devlin     Stivetts  
1888 (92-43) Hudson King Chamberlain Devlin Knouff      
1887 (95-40) Hudson King Caruthers Foutz Knouff      
1886 (93-46) Hudson McGinnis Caruthers Foutz        
1885 (79-33)   McGinnis Caruthers Foutz        
1884 (67-40) Davis McGinnis Caruthers Foutz O'Neill Caruthers    
1883 (65-33) Mullane McGinnis            
1882 (37-43) Schappert McGinnis Dorr          
135 years 271 pitchers 42 pitchers 240 pitchers