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1939 Pittsburgh Pirates

Trades and Transactions

Franchise Encyclopedia: 1938 / 1940

68-85, Finished 6th in National League (Schedule and Results)
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Manager: Pie Traynor (68-85)
Scored 666 runs, Allowed 721 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 71-82

Ballparks: Forbes Field · Attendance: 376,734 (6th of 8)
Park Factors  Over 100 favors batters, under 100 favors pitchers.
Batting - 98, Pitching - 98 · one-year: Batting - 99, Pitching - 100

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1938 / 1940 Trades and Transactions

Transactions listed are from October 1 of previous year to April 1 of the following year.

December 16, 1938

Traded Johnny Dickshot, Al Todd and cash to the Boston Bees. Received Ray Mueller.

January 14, 1939

Released Red Lucas.

February 14, 1939

Sold Mel Preibisch to the Cincinnati Reds.

February 15, 1939

Signed George Susce as a free agent.

March 23, 1939

Released Ed Brandt.

June 7, 1939 (Standings)

Signed Chuck Klein as a free agent.

Released Heinie Manush.

June 11, 1939 (Standings)

Sold Woody Jensen to the New York Giants.

June 15, 1939 (Standings)

Traded Bill Schuster and cash to the Boston Bees. Received Elbie Fletcher.

July 3, 1939 (Standings)

Traded Bud Hafey to the Cincinnati Reds. Received Charles Glock (minors), Wes Livengood (minors) and Glenn Chapman.

July 28, 1939 (Standings)

Traded Gus Suhr to the Philadelphia Phillies. Received Max Butcher.

July 31, 1939 (Standings)

Purchased Johnny Gee from Syracuse (International).

October 3, 1939 (Standings)

Drafted Dick Lanahan from the Washington Senators in the 1939 rule 5 draft.

October 27, 1939

Purchased Spud Davis from the Philadelphia Phillies.

December 6, 1939

Traded Jim Tobin and cash to the Boston Bees. Received Johnny Lanning.

December 8, 1939

Traded Bill Swift and cash to the Boston Bees. Received Danny MacFayden.


Signed Pete Castiglione as an amateur free agent.

Signed Billy Cox as an amateur free agent.

Signed Cot Deal as an amateur free agent.

Signed Andy Seminick as an amateur free agent.

January 22, 1940

Selected Ray Harrell off waivers from the Philadelphia Phillies.

March, 1940

Released Chuck Klein.

March 3, 1940

Purchased Debs Garms from the Boston Bees.

March 20, 1940

Released George Susce.

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1938 / 1940 Trades and Transactions