Team Roster & Games By Position

Team Roster & Games By Position
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary
Pete Alexander HOF25usRR6' 1"185Feb 26, 188724646460000000006.3$2,000
Jack Boyle22usLR5' 11"165Jul 9, 18891st151500006200000.1
Ad Brennan24usLL5' 11"170Jul 18, 188732727270000000002.5
Bill Brinker28usBR6' 1"190Aug 30, 18831st990000201102-0.2
George Browne36usLR5' 10"160Jan 12, 187612660000000000-0.0
George Chalmers24gbRR6' 1"189Jun 7, 188831212120000000000.2
Gavvy Cravath31usRR5' 10"186Mar 23, 188131301300000003014731132.0
Cliff Curtis30usRR6' 2"180Jul 3, 18814101010000000000-0.1
John Dodge23usRR5' 11"165Apr 27, 18891st303000052310000-1.2
Cozy Dolan29usRR5' 10"160Dec 23, 18823111100001100000-0.1
Red Dooin33usRR5' 9"165Jun 12, 187911696905800000000-0.8
Mickey Doolin32usRR5' 10"170May 7, 188081461460000014600001.1
Tom Downey28usBR5' 10"178Jan 1, 188445454000046300000.3
Happy Finneran21usRR5' 10"169Oct 29, 18901st1414140000000000.2
Peaches Graham35usRR5' 9"180Mar 23, 187772424019000000000.1
Bill Killefer24usRR5' 10"170Oct 10, 18874858508500000000-0.8$3,200
Otto Knabe28usRR5' 8"175Jun 12, 188471261260001230000000.8$3,000
Mike Loan17usRR5' 11"185Sep 27, 18941st1101000000000.0
Hans Lobert30usRR5' 9"170Oct 18, 188196565000064000001.4
Fred Luderus26usLR5' 11"185Sep 12, 188541481480014600000001.0
Sherry Magee27usRR5' 11"179Aug 6, 18849132132006000124001242.1
George Mangus22usLR5' 11"165May 22, 18901st10100000005005-0.3
Rube Marshall21usRR5' 11"170Jul 19, 18901st222000000000-0.6
Erskine Mayer22usRR6' 0"168Jan 16, 18901st777000000000-0.2
Doc Miller29caLL5' 10"170Feb 4, 1883367670000000040400.2
Earl Moore34usRR6' 0"195Jul 29, 1877123131310000000000.7
Pat Moran36usRR5' 10"180Feb 7, 187612131301300000000-0.3
Red Nelson26usRR5' 11"190May 19, 188634440000000000.1
Frank Nicholson22usRR6' 2"175Aug 29, 18891st222000000000-0.1
Dode Paskert30usRR5' 11"165Aug 28, 18816145145000210014101413.7
Hank Ritter18usRR6' 0"180Oct 12, 18931st333000000000-0.1
Eppa Rixey HOF21usRL6' 5"210May 3, 18911st2323230000000004.5
Jimmie Savage28usBR5' 5"150Aug 29, 18831st220001000000-0.0
Tom Seaton24usBR6' 0"175Aug 30, 18871st4444440000000003.2
Toots Shultz23usRR5' 10"175Oct 10, 18882232322000000000-0.7
Gene Steinbrenner19usRR5' 8"155Nov 17, 18921st330003000000-0.1
John Titus36usLL5' 9"156Feb 21, 18761045450000000042420.6
Huck Wallace29usLL5' 6"160Jul 27, 18821st444000000000-0.2
Jimmy Walsh26usRR5' 9"174Mar 25, 1886351510503112000000.2
Name Age B T Ht Wt DoB Yrs G GS Batting Defense P C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF OF PH PR WAR Salary
Primary salary data (about) courtesy Doug Pappas, and the Society for American Baseball Research. Additional 1915-1969 salaries researched via Baseball Hall of Fame contract archives by Dr. Michael Haupert of UW-LaCrosse. Salaries for mid-season call-ups or traded players may not be shown. Salaries converted to alternate years using Consumer Price Index (CPI) data courtesy of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Board.

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