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Los Angeles Dodgers Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Sutton Drysdale Podres Vance Valenzuela Brewer Smith Roebuck Kennedy
2016 (57-45) Kazmir Maeda Kershaw Wood Urias Jansen Blanton Coleman Baez
2015 (92-70) Greinke Anderson Kershaw Bolsinger Frias Jansen Howell Garcia Nicasio
2014 (94-68) Greinke Haren Kershaw Ryu Beckett Jansen Howell League Wilson
2013 (92-70) Greinke Capuano Kershaw Ryu Nolasco Jansen Howell Belisario Rodriguez
2012 (86-76) Harang Capuano Kershaw Billingsley Eovaldi Jansen Wright Belisario Lindblom
2011 (82-79) Lilly Kuroda Kershaw Billingsley De La Rosa Guerra Guerrier MacDougal Jansen
2010 (80-82) Ely Kuroda Kershaw Billingsley Padilla Broxton Sherrill Belisario Kuo
2009 (95-67) Wolf Kuroda Kershaw Billingsley Stults Broxton Troncoso Belisario Mota
2008 (84-78) Lowe Kuroda Kershaw Billingsley Penny Saito Beimel Broxton Wade
2007 (82-80) Lowe Wolf Hendrickson Billingsley Penny Saito Beimel Broxton Seanez
2006 (88-74) Lowe Tomko Sele Billingsley Penny Saito Beimel Broxton Baez
2005 (71-91) Lowe Weaver Perez Houlton Penny Brazoban Sanchez Carrara Schmoll
2004 (93-69) Ishii Weaver Perez Lima Nomo Gagne Sanchez Dreifort Mota
2003 (85-77) Ishii Brown Perez Ashby Nomo Gagne Quantrill Martin Mota
2002 (92-70) Ishii Daal Perez Ashby Nomo Gagne Quantrill Carrara Orosco
2001 (86-76) Park Gagne Prokopec Adams Brown Shaw Herges Carrara Orosco
2000 (86-76) Park Gagne Dreifort Perez Brown Shaw Herges Adams Fetters
1999 (77-85) Park Valdez Dreifort Perez Brown Shaw Borbon Mills Masaoka
1998 (83-79) Park Valdez Dreifort Mlicki Martinez Shaw Radinsky Osuna Guthrie
1997 (88-74) Park Valdez Nomo Astacio Martinez Worrell Radinsky Hall Guthrie
1996 (90-72) Candiotti Valdez Nomo Astacio Martinez Worrell Radinsky Osuna Guthrie
1995 (78-66) Candiotti Valdez Nomo Astacio Martinez Worrell Seanez Osuna Astacio
1994 (58-56) Candiotti Gross Hershiser Astacio Martinez Worrell Gott McDowell Dreifort
1993 (81-81) Candiotti Gross Hershiser Astacio Martinez Gott Martinez McDowell Daal
1992 (63-99) Candiotti Gross Hershiser Ojeda Martinez McDowell Gott Wilson Candelaria
1991 (93-69) Belcher Morgan Hershiser Ojeda Martinez Howell Gott Crews Candelaria
1990 (86-76) Belcher Morgan Valenzuela Neidlinger Martinez Howell Gott Crews Aase
1989 (77-83) Belcher Morgan Valenzuela Hershiser Leary Howell Pena Crews Searage
1988 (94-67) Belcher Sutton Valenzuela Hershiser Leary Howell Pena Orosco Holton
1987 (73-89) Welch Honeycutt Valenzuela Hershiser Leary Pena Young Howell Holton
1986 (73-89) Welch Honeycutt Valenzuela Hershiser Reuss Howell Vande Berg Niedenfuer Powell
1985 (95-67) Welch Honeycutt Valenzuela Hershiser Reuss Niedenfuer Howell Diaz Castillo
1984 (79-83) Welch Honeycutt Valenzuela Hershiser Pena Niedenfuer Zachry Diaz Hooton
1983 (91-71) Welch Reuss Valenzuela Hooton Pena Howe Zachry Niedenfuer Stewart
1982 (88-74) Welch Reuss Valenzuela Hooton Stewart Howe Forster Niedenfuer Stewart
1981 (63-47) Welch Reuss Valenzuela Hooton Goltz Howe Forster Castillo Stewart
1980 (92-71) Welch Reuss Sutton Hooton Goltz Howe Beckwith Castillo Sutcliffe
1979 (79-83) Sutcliffe Reuss Sutton Hooton Hough Castillo Patterson LaGrow Brett
1978 (95-67) John Rau Sutton Hooton Rhoden Forster Hough Rautzhan Castillo
1977 (98-64) John Rau Sutton Hooton Rhoden Hough Garman Sosa Wall
1976 (92-70) John Rau Sutton Hooton Rhoden Hough Marshall Sosa Wall
1975 (88-74) Messersmith Rau Sutton Hooton Rhoden Marshall Hough Brewer Downing
1974 (102-60) Messersmith Rau Sutton John Downing Marshall Hough Brewer Zahn
1973 (95-66) Messersmith Osteen Sutton John Downing Brewer Hough Richert Culver
1972 (85-70) Singer Osteen Sutton John Downing Brewer Mikkelsen Richert Strahler
1971 (89-73) Singer Osteen Sutton Alexander Downing Brewer Mikkelsen Moeller Pena
1970 (87-74) Foster Osteen Sutton Moeller Vance Brewer Mikkelsen Lamb Norman
1969 (85-77) Foster Osteen Sutton Singer Drysdale Brewer Mikkelsen McBean Moeller
1968 (76-86) Kekich Osteen Sutton Singer Drysdale Brewer Billingham Purdin Grant
1967 (73-89) Brewer Osteen Sutton Singer Drysdale Perranoski Regan Miller Egan
1966 (95-67) Koufax Osteen Sutton Moeller Drysdale Regan Perranoski Miller Moeller
1965 (97-65) Koufax Osteen Podres Willhite Drysdale Perranoski Reed Miller Brewer
1964 (80-82) Koufax Ortega Moeller Miller Drysdale Perranoski Reed Miller Brewer
1963 (99-63) Koufax Podres Miller Richert Drysdale Perranoski Sherry Roebuck Calmus
1962 (102-63) Koufax Podres Williams Moeller Drysdale Perranoski Sherry Roebuck Ortega
1961 (89-65) Koufax Podres Williams Craig Drysdale Sherry Perranoski Farrell Golden
1960 (82-72) Koufax Podres Williams Craig Drysdale Roebuck Sherry Palmquist McDevitt
1959 (88-68) Koufax Podres McDevitt Craig Drysdale Labine Fowler Klippstein Williams
1958 (71-83) Koufax Podres McDevitt Williams Drysdale Labine Roebuck Klippstein Kipp
1957 (84-70) Newcombe Podres McDevitt Maglie Drysdale Labine Roebuck Bessent Koufax
1956 (93-61) Newcombe Craig Erskine Maglie Drysdale Labine Roebuck Bessent Lehman
1955 (98-55) Newcombe Podres Erskine Loes Spooner Roebuck Labine Bessent Hughes
1954 (92-62) Newcombe Podres Erskine Loes Meyer Hughes Labine Wade Palica
1953 (105-49) Roe Podres Erskine Loes Meyer Hughes Labine Wade Black
1952 (96-57) Roe Wade Erskine Loes Van Cuyk Black Labine King Loes
1951 (97-60) Roe Newcombe Erskine Branca Palica King Erskine Podbielan Haugstad
1950 (89-65) Roe Newcombe Erskine Branca Palica Branca Bankhead Palica Barney
1949 (97-57) Roe Newcombe Hatten Branca Barney Palica Banta Minner Erskine
1948 (84-70) Roe Taylor Hatten Branca Barney Behrman Palica Minner Ramsdell
1947 (94-60) Lombardi Taylor Hatten Branca Gregg Casey Behrman Gregg King
1946 (96-60) Lombardi Higbe Hatten Melton Gregg Behrman Casey Herring
1945 (87-67) Lombardi Seats Davis Herring Gregg King Buker Lombardi
1944 (63-91) Melton McLish Davis Chapman Gregg Webber Branca Warren
1943 (81-72) Melton Higbe Davis Wyatt Head Webber Head Allen Macon
1942 (104-50) Allen Higbe Davis Wyatt Head Casey Head French Webber
1941 (100-54) Hamlin Higbe Davis Wyatt Casey Casey Brown Wicker Davis
1940 (88-65) Hamlin Fitzsimmons Davis Wyatt Carleton Casey Tamulis Kimball
1939 (84-69) Hamlin Fitzsimmons Casey Pressnell Tamulis Hutchinson Tamulis Evans
1938 (69-80) Hamlin Fitzsimmons Mungo Pressnell Tamulis Hamlin Pressnell Tamulis Frankhouse
1937 (62-91) Hamlin Frankhouse Mungo Butcher Hoyt Henshaw Lindsey Jeffcoat
1936 (67-87) Brandt Frankhouse Mungo Butcher Clark Baker Butcher Jeffcoat
1935 (70-83) Babich Earnshaw Mungo Zachary Clark Leonard Vance Munns Babich
1934 (71-81) Babich Benge Mungo Zachary Leonard Leonard Munns Carroll
1933 (65-88) Beck Benge Mungo Carroll Thurston Shaute Ryan Thurston
1932 (81-73) Clark Vance Mungo Heimach Thurston Quinn Shaute Heimach Moore
1931 (79-73) Clark Vance Phelps Shaute Thurston Quinn Day Heimach Moore
1930 (86-68) Clark Vance Phelps Luque Elliott Clark Moss Morrison Dudley
1929 (70-83) Clark Vance McWeeny Moss Dudley Morrison Moss Moore Ballou
1928 (77-76) Clark Vance McWeeny Petty Elliott Ehrhardt Clark Elliott
1927 (65-88) Doak Vance McWeeny Petty Elliott Ehrhardt Clark McWeeny
1926 (71-82) Grimes Vance McWeeny Petty Barnes Ehrhardt McGraw McWeeny
1925 (68-85) Grimes Vance Ehrhardt Petty Osborne Hubbell Osborne Oeschger
1924 (92-62) Grimes Vance Ruether Doak Osborne Decatur Henry Ruether
1923 (76-78) Grimes Vance Ruether Dickerman Henry Decatur Smith Dickerman
1922 (76-78) Grimes Vance Ruether Cadore Shriver Decatur Mamaux Smith
1921 (77-75) Grimes Mitchell Ruether Cadore Smith Mitchell Miljus Smith
1920 (93-61) Grimes Pfeffer Marquard Cadore Mamaux Mamaux Mohart Smith
1919 (69-71) Grimes Pfeffer Smith Cadore Mamaux Mamaux Mitchell Smith
1918 (57-69) Grimes Marquard Cheney Coombs Robertson Cheney Grimes Coombs
1917 (70-81) Cadore Marquard Cheney Pfeffer Smith Smith Dell Coombs
1916 (94-60) Coombs Marquard Cheney Pfeffer Smith Marquard Dell Mails
1915 (80-72) Coombs Dell Rucker Pfeffer Smith Appleton Dell Smith
1914 (75-79) Reulbach Ragan Allen Pfeffer Aitchison Allen Reulbach Ragan
1913 (65-84) Rucker Ragan Allen Curtis Yingling Wagner Stack Curtis
1912 (58-95) Rucker Ragan Stack Knetzer Yingling Knetzer Stack Rucker
1911 (64-86) Rucker Barger Schardt Knetzer Scanlan Schardt Ragan Rucker
1910 (64-90) Rucker Barger Bell Knetzer Scanlan Dessau Wilhelm Scanlan
1909 (55-98) Rucker McIntire Bell Wilhelm Scanlan McIntire    
1908 (53-101) Rucker McIntire Bell Wilhelm Pastorius Holmes Bell Wilhelm
1907 (65-83) Rucker McIntire Bell Stricklett Pastorius Rucker Bell McIntire
1906 (66-86) Scanlan McIntire Eason Stricklett Pastorius Eason Stricklett McIntire
1905 (48-104) Scanlan McIntire Eason Stricklett Jones Jones    
1904 (56-97) Scanlan Cronin Poole Garvin Jones Cronin    
1903 (70-66) Schmidt Reidy Evans Garvin Jones      
1902 (75-63) Donovan Kitson Evans Hughes Newton      
1901 (79-57) Donovan Kitson McJames Hughes Newton Donovan Kitson Kennedy
1900 (82-54) McGinnity Kitson Kennedy Howell Nops Howell Kitson Kennedy
1899 (101-47) Hughes Dunn Kennedy McJames   Dunn Yeager Kennedy
1898 (54-91) Yeager Dunn Kennedy Miller McKenna      
1897 (61-71) Payne Dunn Kennedy Daub Fisher Fisher    
1896 (58-73) Payne Abbey Kennedy Daub Harper Daub Stein Abbey
1895 (71-60) Stein Gumbert Kennedy Daub Lucid Gumbert Kennedy  
1894 (70-61) Stein Gastright Kennedy Daub Lucid Gastright Kennedy Daub
1893 (65-63) Stein Haddock Kennedy Daub Sharrott Lovett Foutz  
1892 (95-59) Stein Haddock Kennedy Hart Foutz Stein Foutz  
1891 (61-76) Lovett Caruthers Hemming Terry Inks Caruthers    
1890 (86-43) Lovett Caruthers Hughes Terry        
1889 (93-44) Lovett Caruthers Hughes Terry   Foutz Caruthers  
1888 (88-52) Foutz Caruthers Hughes Terry Mays      
1887 (60-74) Porter Harkins Toole Terry Henderson      
1886 (76-61) Porter Harkins Toole Terry Henderson      
1885 (53-59) Porter Harkins   Terry        
1884 (40-64) Kimber Conway   Terry        
133 years 230 pitchers 38 pitchers 226 pitchers