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Miami Marlins Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Nolasco Penny Willis Rapp Burnett Nen Darensbourg Dunn Looper
2016 (15-12) Conley Fernandez       Ramos Morris Phelps Breslow
2015 (71-91) Koehler Haren Phelps Latos Cosart Ramos Morris Dunn Dyson
2014 (77-85) Koehler Eovaldi Alvarez Hand Turner Cishek Ramos Dunn Hatcher
2013 (62-100) Koehler Eovaldi Fernandez Nolasco Turner Cishek Ramos Dunn Webb
2012 (69-93) Johnson Buehrle Zambrano Nolasco Sanchez Bell Cishek Dunn Webb
2011 (72-90) Vazquez Volstad Hand Nolasco Sanchez Oviedo Mujica Dunn Choate
2010 (80-82) Johnson Volstad Robertson Nolasco Sanchez Oviedo Hensley Sanches Badenhop
2009 (87-75) Johnson Volstad West Nolasco Sanchez Oviedo Pinto Meyer Calero
2008 (84-77) Olsen Volstad Miller Nolasco Hendrickson Gregg Pinto Lindstrom Nelson
2007 (71-91) Olsen Willis Mitre van den Hurk Obermueller Gregg Tankersley Lindstrom Gardner
2006 (78-84) Olsen Willis Johnson Nolasco Moehler Borowski Tankersley Herges Messenger
2005 (83-79) Burnett Willis Beckett Leiter Moehler Jones Mota Mecir Alfonseca
2004 (83-79) Burnett Willis Beckett Pavano Penny Benitez Perisho Bump Howard
2003 (91-71) Redman Willis Beckett Pavano Penny Looper Almanza Tejera Urbina
2002 (79-83) Burnett Tavarez Beckett Tejera Penny Nunez Almanza Looper Darensbourg
2001 (76-86) Burnett Dempster Clement Smith Penny Alfonseca Bones Looper Darensbourg
2000 (79-82) Sanchez Dempster Cornelius Smith Penny Alfonseca Almanza Looper Darensbourg
1999 (64-98) Meadows Dempster Springer Fernandez Hernandez Alfonseca Edmondson Looper Darensbourg
1998 (54-108) Meadows Sanchez Larkin Ojala Hernandez Mantei Edmondson Alfonseca Darensbourg
1997 (92-70) Brown Fernandez Leiter Saunders Rapp Nen Powell Cook Heredia
1996 (80-82) Brown Burkett Leiter Hutton Rapp Nen Powell Perez Mathews
1995 (67-76) Hammond Burkett Witt Weathers Rapp Nen Veres Perez Mathews
1994 (51-64) Hammond Hough Gardner Weathers Rapp Nen Lewis Perez Mutis
1993 (64-98) Hammond Hough Armstrong Bowen Rapp Harvey Lewis Klink Turner
24 years 59 pitchers 14 pitchers 46 pitchers