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Cincinnati Reds Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Rixey Luque Walters Derringer Donohue Graves Sullivan Kolp Borbon
2016 (68-94) Finnegan Straily DeSclafani Lamb Adleman Cingrani Wood Ohlendorf Diaz
2015 (64-98) Lorenzen Leake DeSclafani Cueto Iglesias Chapman Badenhop Hoover Diaz
2014 (76-86) Simon Leake Bailey Cueto Latos Chapman LeCure Hoover Parra
2013 (90-72) Arroyo Leake Bailey Cingrani Latos Chapman LeCure Hoover Simon
2012 (97-65) Arroyo Leake Bailey Cueto Latos Chapman Marshall Arredondo Ondrusek
2011 (79-83) Arroyo Leake Bailey Cueto Volquez Cordero Bray Masset Ondrusek
2010 (91-71) Arroyo Leake Bailey Cueto Harang Cordero Rhodes Masset Ondrusek
2009 (78-84) Arroyo Owings Bailey Cueto Harang Cordero Rhodes Masset Herrera
2008 (74-88) Arroyo Volquez Fogg Cueto Harang Cordero Affeldt Weathers Lincoln
2007 (72-90) Arroyo Belisle Lohse Livingston Harang Weathers Stanton Coutlangus Coffey
2006 (80-82) Arroyo Milton Ramirez Claussen Harang Weathers Mercker Hammond Coffey
2005 (73-89) Ortiz Milton Hudson Claussen Harang Weathers Mercker Belisle Coffey
2004 (76-86) Wilson Acevedo Lidle Claussen Harang Graves Riedling Norton Jones
2003 (69-93) Wilson Graves Dempster Haynes Harang Williamson Heredia Reitsma Sullivan
2002 (78-84) Dessens Reitsma Dempster Haynes Hamilton Graves Williamson White Sullivan
2001 (66-96) Dessens Reitsma Davis Acevedo Fernandez Graves Mercado Brower Sullivan
2000 (85-77) Parris Bell Villone Harnisch Neagle Graves Reyes Williamson Sullivan
1999 (96-67) Parris Tomko Villone Harnisch Avery Graves Reyes Williamson Sullivan
1998 (77-85) Parris Tomko Remlinger Harnisch Winchester Shaw White Graves Sullivan
1997 (76-86) Morgan Tomko Burba Mercker Smiley Shaw Belinda Remlinger Sullivan
1996 (81-81) Portugal Jarvis Burba Salkeld Smiley Brantley Shaw Carrasco Ruffin
1995 (85-59) Portugal Schourek Rijo Pugh Smiley Brantley Hernandez Carrasco McElroy
1994 (66-48) Hanson Schourek Rijo Roper Smiley Brantley Ruffin Carrasco McElroy
1993 (73-89) Pugh Belcher Rijo Browning Smiley Dibble Reardon Spradlin Ayala
1992 (90-72) Swindell Belcher Rijo Browning Hammond Charlton Dibble Henry Ruskin
1991 (74-88) Armstrong Scudder Rijo Browning Hammond Dibble Power Myers Carman
1990 (91-71) Armstrong Jackson Rijo Browning Charlton Myers Dibble Layana Charlton
1989 (75-87) Mahler Jackson Rijo Browning Scudder Franco Dibble Birtsas Charlton
1988 (87-74) Robinson Jackson Rijo Browning Soto Franco Dibble Murphy Williams
1987 (84-78) Robinson Power Gullickson Browning Hoffman Franco Landrum Murphy Williams
1986 (86-76) Denny Welsh Gullickson Browning Soto Franco Robinson Murphy Power
1985 (89-72) Tibbs McGaffigan Stuper Browning Soto Power Robinson Franco Hume
1984 (70-92) Tibbs Price Russell Pastore Soto Power Owchinko Franco Hume
1983 (74-88) Berenyi Price Puleo Pastore Soto Scherrer Hayes Power Hume
1982 (61-101) Berenyi Seaver Shirley Pastore Soto Hume Price Kern Lesley
1981 (66-42) Berenyi Seaver LaCoss Pastore Soto Hume Price Moskau Bair
1980 (89-73) Leibrandt Seaver LaCoss Pastore Moskau Hume Soto Tomlin Bair
1979 (90-71) Norman Seaver LaCoss Bonham Moskau Hume Borbon Tomlin Bair
1978 (92-69) Norman Seaver Hume Bonham Moskau Bair Borbon Tomlin Sarmiento
1977 (88-74) Norman Seaver Billingham Capilla Moskau Borbon Murray Eastwick Sarmiento
1976 (102-60) Norman Nolan Billingham Zachry Alcala Eastwick Borbon McEnaney Sarmiento
1975 (108-54) Norman Nolan Billingham Darcy Gullett Eastwick Borbon McEnaney Carroll
1974 (98-64) Norman Kirby Billingham Carroll Gullett Borbon Hall McEnaney Carroll
1973 (99-63) Norman Grimsley Billingham McGlothlin Gullett Carroll Hall Borbon Sprague
1972 (95-59) Nolan Grimsley Billingham McGlothlin Simpson Carroll Hall Borbon Sprague
1971 (79-83) Nolan Grimsley Gullett McGlothlin Simpson Carroll Granger Gibbon Cloninger
1970 (102-60) Nolan Merritt Cloninger McGlothlin Simpson Granger Carroll Gullett Washburn
1969 (89-73) Maloney Merritt Cloninger Arrigo Fisher Granger Carroll Ramos Jackson
1968 (83-79) Maloney Culver Cloninger Arrigo Nolan Carroll Abernathy Lee Kelso
1967 (87-75) Maloney Pappas Ellis Queen Nolan Abernathy Nottebart Lee Arrigo
1966 (76-84) Maloney Pappas Ellis O'Toole Nuxhall McCool Nottebart Davidson Baldschun
1965 (89-73) Maloney Jay Ellis O'Toole Tsitouris McCool Craig Davidson Arrigo
1964 (92-70) Maloney Jay Purkey O'Toole Tsitouris Ellis Henry McCool Duren
1963 (86-76) Maloney Jay Purkey O'Toole Nuxhall Henry Worthington Zanni Owens
1962 (98-64) Maloney Jay Purkey O'Toole Drabowsky Brosnan Henry Sisler Klippstein
1961 (93-61) Hunt Jay Purkey O'Toole Johnson Henry Brosnan Nunn Jones
1960 (67-87) Hook McLish Purkey O'Toole Newcombe Henry Brosnan Nuxhall Grim
1959 (74-80) Hook Nuxhall Purkey O'Toole Newcombe Lawrence Pena Acker Schmidt
1958 (76-78) Haddix Nuxhall Purkey Lawrence Newcombe Jeffcoat Lawrence Acker Schmidt
1957 (80-74) Jeffcoat Nuxhall Klippstein Lawrence Gross Freeman Sanchez Acker Klippstein
1956 (91-63) Jeffcoat Nuxhall Klippstein Lawrence Fowler Freeman Black Acker Fowler
1955 (75-79) Staley Nuxhall Klippstein Collum Fowler Freeman Black Minarcin Klippstein
1954 (74-80) Valentine Nuxhall Podbielan Baczewski Fowler Smith Collum Judson Nuxhall
1953 (68-86) Raffensberger Nuxhall Podbielan Baczewski Perkowski Smith King Kelly
1952 (69-85) Raffensberger Wehmeier Church Blackwell Perkowski Smith Nuxhall Podbielan Hiller
1951 (68-86) Raffensberger Wehmeier Ramsdell Blackwell Fox Smith Byerly Erautt Perkowski
1950 (66-87) Raffensberger Wehmeier Ramsdell Blackwell Fox Smith Erautt Perkowski
1949 (62-92) Raffensberger Wehmeier Vander Meer Lively Fox Gumbert Erautt Fanovich
1948 (64-89) Raffensberger Wehmeier Vander Meer Blackwell Fox Gumbert Cress Peterson Raffensberger
1947 (73-81) Walters Lively Vander Meer Blackwell Peterson Gumbert Hetki Erautt Lively
1946 (67-87) Walters Beggs Vander Meer Blackwell Heusser Gumbert Malloy Shoun
1945 (61-93) Walters Bowman Kennedy Fox Heusser Fox Lisenbee Modak
1944 (89-65) Walters Shoun de la Cruz Gumbert Heusser Shoun Carter de la Cruz
1943 (87-67) Walters Vander Meer Riddle Starr Heusser Shoun Beggs Heusser Stone
1942 (76-76) Walters Vander Meer Riddle Starr Derringer Beggs Shoun Thompson Riddle
1941 (88-66) Walters Vander Meer Riddle Thompson Derringer Beggs Moore Turner
1940 (100-53) Walters Turner Moore Thompson Derringer Beggs Shoffner Hutchings Riddle
1939 (97-57) Walters Grissom Moore Vander Meer Derringer Thompson Davis Johnson
1938 (82-68) Walters Davis Weaver Vander Meer Derringer Cascarella Schott Weaver
1937 (56-98) Grissom Davis Hollingsworth Schott Derringer Grissom Hollingsworth Schott Davis
1936 (74-80) Hallahan Davis Hollingsworth Schott Derringer Brennan Stine Frey Derringer
1935 (68-85) Johnson Freitas Hollingsworth Schott Derringer Brennan Frey Herrmann
1934 (52-99) Johnson Freitas Frey Stout Derringer Brennan Kolp Stout
1933 (58-94) Johnson Lucas Benton Kolp Derringer Frey Kolp Stout
1932 (60-94) Johnson Lucas Benton Kolp Carroll Ogden Kolp Johnson
1931 (58-96) Johnson Lucas Benton Frey Rixey Carroll Kolp Frey
1930 (59-95) Kolp Lucas Benton Frey Rixey Johnson Kolp Campbell
1929 (66-88) May Lucas Donohue Luque Rixey Ehrhardt Ash May
1928 (78-74) Kolp Lucas Donohue Luque Rixey Appleton Kolp Edwards
1927 (75-78) May Lucas Donohue Luque Rixey May Kolp Nehf
1926 (87-67) May Mays Donohue Luque Rixey May Lucas Donohue
1925 (80-73) May Benton Donohue Luque Rixey May Biemiller Benton
1924 (83-70) Mays Benton Donohue Luque Rixey May Sheehan Mays Benton
1923 (91-63) Couch Benton Donohue Luque Rixey Keck Harris McQuaid
1922 (86-68) Couch Keck Donohue Luque Rixey Keck Gillespie Markle
1921 (70-83) Marquard Brenton Donohue Luque Rixey Coumbe Napier Eller
1920 (82-71) Ruether Ring Eller Luque Fisher Luque Fisher Eller
1919 (96-44) Ruether Ring Eller Sallee Fisher Luque Ring Bressler
1918 (68-60) Schneider Ring Eller Toney Bressler Regan Eller  
1917 (78-76) Schneider Regan Eller Toney Mitchell Ring Eller Mitchell
1916 (60-93) Schneider Schulz Knetzer Toney Mitchell Schulz Knetzer Moseley
1915 (71-83) Schneider Dale Benton Toney Lear Lear Benton Dale
1914 (60-94) Schneider Ames Benton Yingling Douglas Ames Lear Douglas Schneider
1913 (64-89) Johnson Ames Benton Suggs Packard Brown Packard Harter Suggs
1912 (75-78) Fromme Humphries Benton Suggs Gaspar Humphries Benton Keefe
1911 (70-83) Fromme Keefe Smith Suggs Gaspar Smith McQuillan Keefe
1910 (75-79) Rowan Beebe Burns Suggs Gaspar Gaspar Rowan Benton Burns
1909 (77-76) Rowan Fromme Ewing Campbell Gaspar Rowan Gaspar Campbell
1908 (73-81) Coakley Spade Ewing Campbell Weimer Spade Dubuc Campbell
1907 (66-87) Coakley Hitt Ewing Mason Weimer Smith Mason Coakley
1906 (64-87) Fraser Wicker Ewing Overall Weimer Chech    
1905 (79-74) Chech Harper Ewing Overall Walker Chech Ewing  
1904 (88-65) Hahn Harper Ewing Kellum Walker Kellum    
1903 (74-65) Hahn Harper Ewing Sutthoff Poole      
1902 (70-70) Hahn Phillips Ewing Thielman Poole      
1901 (52-87) Hahn Phillips Newton Stimmel   Sutthoff    
1900 (62-77) Hahn Phillips Newton Scott Breitenstein Newton Scott  
1899 (83-67) Hahn Phillips Hawley Taylor Breitenstein Phillips Taylor  
1898 (92-60) Hill Dwyer Hawley Dammann Breitenstein Dammann Hawley  
1897 (76-56) Rhines Dwyer Ehret Dammann Breitenstein Ehret Rhines Dwyer
1896 (77-50) Rhines Dwyer Ehret Foreman Fisher Fisher    
1895 (66-64) Rhines Dwyer Parrott Foreman Phillips Parrott Phillips Dwyer
1894 (55-75) Chamberlain Dwyer Parrott Fisher Whitrock     Dwyer
1893 (65-63) Chamberlain Dwyer Parrott Sullivan King Sullivan Chamberlain Dwyer
1892 (82-68) Chamberlain Dwyer Mullane Sullivan Rhines     Dwyer
1891 (56-81) Radbourn Crane Mullane Duryea Rhines      
1890 (77-55) Foreman Viau Mullane Duryea Rhines      
1889 (76-63) Smith Viau Mullane Duryea   Mullane Smith  
1888 (80-54) Smith Viau Mullane Weyhing        
1887 (81-54) Smith Serad Mullane McGinnis        
1886 (65-73) Smith Pechiney Mullane McKeon   Mullane    
1885 (63-49) White Pechiney Mountjoy McKeon Shallix Corkhill    
1884 (68-41) White   Mountjoy   Shallix      
1883 (61-37) White Deagle McCormick          
1882 (55-25) White   McCormick          
135 years 262 pitchers 38 pitchers 233 pitchers