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Chicago White Sox Yearly Starters

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Players by Games Played at Position

Year C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF DH
Most Years Schalk Konerko Fox Kamm Appling Falk Mostil Baines Thomas
Most Games Schalk
  1723 gms
  1241 gms
  1236 gms
  1033 gms
  1025 gms
  1873 gms
  971 gms
  939 gms
  881 gms
  737 gms
  2098 gms
  1653 gms
  1124 gms
  758 gms
  687 gms
  1220 gms
  1160 gms
  869 gms
  791 gms
  668 gms
  2218 gms
  1724 gms
  1508 gms
  1101 gms
  835 gms
  1116 gms
  1024 gms
  825 gms
  665 gms
  644 gms
  1025 gms
  986 gms
  890 gms
  856 gms
  743 gms
  1011 gms
  962 gms
  705 gms
  704 gms
  684 gms
  959 gms
  604 gms
  512 gms
  498 gms
  342 gms
2016 (78-84) Navarro Abreu Lawrie Frazier Anderson Cabrera Shuck Eaton Garcia
2015 (76-86) Flowers Abreu Sanchez Beckham Ramirez Cabrera Eaton Garcia LaRoche
2014 (73-89) Flowers Abreu Beckham Gillaspie Ramirez De Aza Eaton Viciedo Dunn
2013 (63-99) Flowers Konerko Beckham Gillaspie Ramirez Viciedo De Aza Rios Dunn
2012 (85-77) Pierzynski Konerko Beckham Youkilis Ramirez Viciedo De Aza Rios Dunn
2011 (79-83) Pierzynski Konerko Beckham Morel Ramirez Pierre Rios Quentin Dunn
2010 (88-74) Pierzynski Konerko Beckham Vizquel Ramirez Pierre Rios Quentin Kotsay
2009 (79-83) Pierzynski Konerko Getz Beckham Ramirez Quentin Anderson Dye Thome
2008 (89-74) Pierzynski Konerko Ramirez Crede Cabrera Quentin Anderson Dye Thome
2007 (72-90) Pierzynski Konerko Iguchi Fields Uribe Mackowiak Owens Dye Thome
2006 (90-72) Pierzynski Konerko Iguchi Crede Uribe Podsednik Anderson Dye Thome
2005 (99-63) Pierzynski Konerko Iguchi Crede Uribe Podsednik Rowand Dye Everett
2004 (83-79) Davis Konerko Harris Crede Valentin Lee Rowand Borchard Thomas
2003 (86-76) Olivo Konerko Jimenez Crede Valentin Lee Everett Ordonez Thomas
2002 (81-81) Johnson Konerko Durham Valentin Clayton Lee Lofton Ordonez Thomas
2001 (83-79) Alomar Konerko Durham Perry Clayton Lee Singleton Ordonez Canseco
2000 (95-67) Johnson Konerko Durham Perry Valentin Lee Singleton Ordonez Thomas
1999 (75-86) Fordyce Konerko Durham Norton Caruso Lee Singleton Ordonez Thomas
1998 (80-82) Kreuter Cordero Durham Ventura Caruso Belle Cameron Ordonez Thomas
1997 (80-81) Fabregas Thomas Durham Snopek Guillen Belle Cameron Martinez Baines
1996 (85-77) Karkovice Thomas Durham Ventura Guillen Phillips Lewis Tartabull Baines
1995 (68-76) Karkovice Thomas Durham Ventura Guillen Raines Johnson Devereaux Kruk
1994 (67-46) Karkovice Thomas Cora Ventura Guillen Raines Johnson Jackson Franco
1993 (94-68) Karkovice Thomas Cora Ventura Guillen Raines Johnson Burks Bell
1992 (86-76) Karkovice Thomas Sax Ventura Grebeck Raines Johnson Pasqua Bell
1991 (87-75) Fisk Pasqua Fletcher Ventura Guillen Raines Johnson Sosa Thomas
1990 (94-68) Fisk Martinez Fletcher Ventura Guillen Calderon Johnson Sosa Pasqua
1989 (69-92) Fisk Walker Lyons Martinez Guillen Boston Gallagher Calderon Baines
1988 (71-90) Fisk Walker Manrique Lyons Guillen Pasqua Gallagher Calderon Baines
1987 (77-85) Fisk Walker Manrique Hulett Guillen Redus Williams Calderon Baines
1986 (72-90) Fisk Walker Cruz Hulett Guillen Bonilla Cangelosi Baines Kittle
1985 (85-77) Fisk Walker Cruz Hulett Guillen Law Boston Baines Kittle
1984 (74-88) Fisk Walker Cruz Law Fletcher Kittle Law Baines Luzinski
1983 (99-63) Fisk Squires Cruz Law Dybzinski Kittle Law Baines Luzinski
1982 (87-75) Fisk Squires Bernazard Rodriguez Almon Kemp Law Baines Luzinski
1981 (54-52) Fisk Squires Bernazard Morrison Almon LeFlore Lemon Baines Luzinski
1980 (70-90) Kimm Squires Morrison Bell Cruz Molinaro Lemon Baines Johnson
1979 (73-87) May Squires Bannister Bell Pryor Garr Lemon Washington Orta
1978 (71-90) Nahorodny Johnson Orta Soderholm Kessinger Garr Lemon Washington Blomberg
1977 (90-72) Essian Spencer Orta Soderholm Bannister Garr Lemon Zisk Gamble
1976 (64-97) Downing Spencer Brohamer Bell Dent Orta Lemon Garr Kelly
1975 (75-86) Downing May Orta Melton Dent Nyman Henderson Kelly Johnson
1974 (80-80) Herrmann Allen Orta Melton Dent May Henderson Sharp Kelly
1973 (77-85) Herrmann Muser Orta Melton Leon Hairston Sharp Kelly May
1972 (87-67) Herrmann Allen Andrews Spiezio Morales May Reichardt Kelly
1971 (79-83) Herrmann May Andrews Melton Alvarado Reichardt Johnstone Williams
1970 (56-106) Herrmann Hopkins Knoop Melton Aparicio May Berry Williams
1969 (68-94) Herrmann Hopkins Knoop Melton Aparicio May Berry Williams
1968 (67-95) Josephson McCraw Alomar Ward Aparicio Davis Berry Bradford
1967 (89-73) Martin McCraw Causey Buford Hansen Ward Agee Berry
1966 (83-79) Romano McCraw Weis Buford Elia Berry Agee Robinson
1965 (95-67) Martin Skowron Buford Ward Hansen Cater Berry Robinson
1964 (98-64) Martin McCraw Weis Ward Hansen Nicholson Landis Robinson
1963 (94-68) Martin McCraw Fox Ward Hansen Nicholson Landis Robinson
1962 (85-77) Carreon Cunningham Fox Smith Aparicio Robinson Landis Hershberger
1961 (86-76) Lollar Sievers Fox Smith Aparicio Minoso Landis Robinson
1960 (87-67) Lollar Sievers Fox Freese Aparicio Minoso Landis Smith
1959 (94-60) Lollar Torgeson Fox Phillips Aparicio Smith Landis McAnany
1958 (82-72) Lollar Torgeson Fox Goodman Aparicio Smith Landis Rivera
1957 (90-64) Lollar Torgeson Fox Phillips Aparicio Minoso Doby Rivera
1956 (85-69) Lollar Dropo Fox Hatfield Aparicio Minoso Doby Rivera
1955 (91-63) Lollar Dropo Fox Kell Carrasquel Minoso Busby Rivera
1954 (94-60) Lollar Fain Fox Michaels Carrasquel Minoso Groth Rivera
1953 (89-65) Lollar Fain Fox Elliott Carrasquel Minoso Rivera Mele
1952 (81-73) Lollar Robinson Fox Rodriguez Carrasquel Minoso Rivera Mele
1951 (81-73) Masi Robinson Fox Dillinger Carrasquel Lenhardt Busby Zarilla
1950 (60-94) Masi Robinson Fox Majeski Carrasquel Zernial McCormick Philley
1949 (63-91) Wheeler Kress Michaels Baker Appling Zernial Metkovich Philley
1948 (51-101) Robinson Lupien Kolloway Appling Michaels Seerey Philley Wright
1947 (70-84) Tresh York Kolloway Baker Appling Hodgin Philley Kennedy
1946 (74-80) Tresh Trosky Kolloway Lodigiani Appling Kennedy Tucker Wright
1945 (71-78) Tresh Farrell Schalk Cuccinello Michaels Dickshot Hockett Moses
1944 (71-83) Tresh Trosky Schalk Hodgin Webb Carnett Tucker Moses
1943 (82-72) Tresh Kuhel Kolloway Hodgin Appling Curtright Tucker Moses
1942 (66-82) Tresh Kuhel Kolloway Kennedy Appling Wright Hoag Moses
1941 (77-77) Tresh Kuhel Knickerbocker Lodigiani Appling Hoag Kreevich Wright
1940 (82-72) Tresh Kuhel Webb Kennedy Appling Solters Kreevich Wright
1939 (85-69) Tresh Kuhel Bejma McNair Appling Walker Kreevich Rosenthal
1938 (65-83) Sewell Kuhel Hayes Owen Appling Radcliff Kreevich Steinbacher
1937 (86-68) Sewell Bonura Hayes Piet Appling Radcliff Kreevich Walker
1936 (81-70) Sewell Bonura Hayes Dykes Appling Radcliff Rosenthal Haas
1935 (74-78) Sewell Bonura Hayes Dykes Appling Radcliff Simmons Washington
1934 (53-99) Madjeski Bonura Hayes Dykes Appling Simmons Haas Swanson
1933 (67-83) Berry Kress Hayes Dykes Appling Simmons Haas Swanson
1932 (49-102) Grube Blue Hayes Selph Appling Fothergill Funk Seeds
1931 (56-97) Tate Blue Kerr Sullivan Cissell Fonseca Watwood Reynolds
1930 (62-92) Tate Watwood Cissell Kamm Mulleavy Reynolds Barnes Jolley
1929 (59-93) Berg Shires Kerr Kamm Cissell Metzler Hoffman Reynolds
1928 (72-82) Crouse Clancy Hunnefield Kamm Cissell Falk Mostil Reynolds
1927 (70-83) McCurdy Clancy Ward Kamm Hunnefield Falk Metzler Barrett
1926 (81-72) Schalk Sheely Collins Kamm Hunnefield Falk Mostil Barrett
1925 (79-75) Schalk Sheely Collins Kamm Davis Falk Mostil Hooper
1924 (66-87) Crouse Sheely Collins Kamm Barrett Falk Mostil Hooper
1923 (69-85) Schalk Sheely Collins Kamm McClellan Falk Mostil Hooper
1922 (77-77) Schalk Sheely Collins Mulligan Johnson Falk Mostil Hooper
1921 (62-92) Schalk Sheely Collins Mulligan Johnson Falk Mostil Hooper
1920 (96-58) Schalk Collins Collins Weaver Risberg Jackson Felsch Leibold
1919 (88-52) Schalk Gandil Collins Weaver Risberg Jackson Felsch Leibold
1918 (57-67) Schalk Gandil Collins McMullin Weaver Leibold Felsch Murphy
1917 (100-54) Schalk Gandil Collins Weaver Risberg Jackson Felsch Leibold
1916 (89-65) Schalk Fournier Collins Weaver Terry Jackson Felsch Collins
1915 (93-61) Schalk Fournier Collins Blackburne Weaver Roth Felsch Murphy
1914 (70-84) Schalk Fournier Blackburne Breton Weaver Demmitt Bodie Collins
1913 (78-74) Schalk Chase Rath Lord Weaver Chappell Bodie Collins
1912 (78-76) Kuhn Zeider Rath Lord Weaver Callahan Bodie Collins
1911 (77-74) Sullivan Collins McConnell Lord Tannehill Callahan Bodie McIntyre
1910 (68-85) Payne Gandil Zeider Purtell Blackburne Dougherty Parent Meloan
1909 (78-74) Sullivan Isbell Atz Tannehill Parent Dougherty Cole Hahn
1908 (88-64) Sullivan Donahue Davis Tannehill Parent Dougherty Jones Hahn
1907 (87-64) Sullivan Donahue Isbell Rohe Davis Dougherty Jones Hahn
1906 (93-58) Sullivan Donahue Isbell Tannehill Davis Dougherty Jones O'Neill
1905 (92-60) Sullivan Donahue Dundon Tannehill Davis Holmes Jones Green
1904 (89-65) Sullivan Donahue Dundon Tannehill Davis Callahan Jones Green
1903 (60-77) McFarland Isbell Magoon Callahan Tannehill Holmes Jones Green
1902 (74-60) Sullivan Isbell Daly Strang Davis Mertes Jones Green
1901 (83-53) Sullivan Isbell Mertes Hartman Shugart McFarland Hoy Jones
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