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Chicago Cubs Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Root Reuschel Jenkins Zambrano Rush Smith Root Hernandez Russell
2014 (73-89) Wood Jackson Arrieta Hammel Samardzija Rondon Grimm Strop Schlitter
2013 (66-96) Wood Jackson Feldman Villanueva Samardzija Gregg Russell Parker Rondon
2012 (61-101) Wood Volstad Maholm Garza Samardzija Marmol Russell Camp Corpas
2011 (71-91) Dempster Zambrano Wells Garza Coleman Marmol Russell Marshall Samardzija
2010 (75-87) Dempster Zambrano Wells Gorzelanny Silva Marmol Russell Marshall Cashner
2009 (83-78) Dempster Zambrano Wells Lilly Harden Gregg Marmol Heilman Guzman
2008 (97-64) Dempster Zambrano Marquis Lilly Harden Wood Marmol Howry Cotts
2007 (85-77) Hill Zambrano Marquis Lilly Marshall Dempster Marmol Howry Wuertz
2006 (66-96) Hill Zambrano Maddux Marmol Marshall Dempster Ohman Howry Eyre
2005 (79-83) Prior Zambrano Maddux Rusch Williams Dempster Ohman Wuertz Novoa
2004 (89-73) Prior Zambrano Maddux Clement Wood Hawkins Farnsworth Mercker Remlinger
2003 (88-74) Prior Zambrano Estes Clement Wood Borowski Farnsworth Guthrie Remlinger
2002 (67-95) Prior Zambrano Lieber Clement Wood Alfonseca Farnsworth Borowski Fassero
2001 (88-74) Bere Tapani Lieber Tavarez Wood Gordon Farnsworth Van Poppel Fassero
2000 (65-97) Downs Tapani Lieber Quevedo Wood Aguilera Heredia Van Poppel Worrell
1999 (67-95) Trachsel Tapani Lieber Farnsworth Mulholland Adams Heredia Sanders Myers
1998 (90-73) Trachsel Tapani Clark Wood Gonzalez Beck Mulholland Adams Pisciotta
1997 (68-94) Trachsel Foster Mulholland Castillo Gonzalez Adams Patterson Bottenfield Tatis
1996 (76-86) Trachsel Navarro Bullinger Castillo Telemaco Wendell Patterson Bottenfield Adams
1995 (73-71) Trachsel Navarro Bullinger Castillo Foster Myers Perez Wendell Casian
1994 (49-64) Trachsel Banks Young Morgan Foster Myers Bautista Plesac Crim
1993 (84-78) Hibbard Guzman Harkey Morgan Castillo Myers Bautista Plesac Scanlan
1992 (78-84) Maddux Jackson Boskie Morgan Castillo Scanlan McElroy Assenmacher Robinson
1991 (77-83) Maddux Bielecki Boskie Sutcliffe Castillo Smith McElroy Assenmacher Lancaster
1990 (77-85) Maddux Bielecki Boskie Harkey Wilson Williams Long Assenmacher Lancaster
1989 (93-69) Maddux Bielecki Sutcliffe Kilgus Sanderson Williams Schiraldi Pico Wilson
1988 (77-85) Maddux Moyer Sutcliffe Schiraldi Pico Gossage DiPino Lancaster Perry
1987 (76-85) Maddux Moyer Sutcliffe Sanderson Lancaster Smith DiPino Lynch Noles
1986 (70-90) Eckersley Moyer Sutcliffe Sanderson Trout Smith Fontenot Gumpert Baller
1985 (77-84) Eckersley Fontenot Sutcliffe Sanderson Trout Smith Brusstar Frazier Sorensen
1984 (96-65) Eckersley Ruthven Sutcliffe Sanderson Trout Smith Brusstar Frazier Stoddard
1983 (71-91) Rainey Ruthven Jenkins Noles Trout Smith Brusstar Campbell Proly
1982 (73-89) Bird Martz Jenkins Noles Ripley Smith Hernandez Campbell Tidrow
1981 (38-65) Bird Martz Krukow Reuschel Kravec Tidrow Capilla Smith Eastwick
1980 (64-98) Lamp McGlothen Krukow Reuschel Capilla Sutter Tidrow Caudill Hernandez
1979 (80-82) Lamp McGlothen Krukow Reuschel Holtzman Sutter Tidrow Moore Hernandez
1978 (79-83) Lamp Burris Krukow Reuschel Roberts Sutter McGlothen Moore Hernandez
1977 (81-81) Bonham Burris Krukow Reuschel Renko Sutter Reuschel Moore Hernandez
1976 (75-87) Bonham Burris Stone Reuschel Renko Sutter Reuschel Knowles Garman
1975 (75-87) Bonham Burris Stone Reuschel Zahn Knowles Zamora Frailing Dettore
1974 (66-96) Bonham Hooton Stone Reuschel Frailing Zamora LaRoche Frailing Todd
1973 (77-84) Bonham Hooton Jenkins Reuschel Pappas Locker LaRoche Aker Burris
1972 (85-70) Hands Hooton Jenkins Reuschel Pappas Aker McGinn Phoebus Hamilton
1971 (83-79) Hands Holtzman Jenkins Pizarro Pappas Regan Tompkins Bonham Newman
1970 (84-78) Hands Holtzman Jenkins Decker Pappas Regan Colborn Rodriguez Gura
1969 (92-70) Hands Holtzman Jenkins Selma   Regan Abernathy Aguirre Nye
1968 (84-78) Hands Holtzman Jenkins Niekro Nye Regan Lamabe Hartenstein Stoneman
1967 (87-74) Culp Simmons Jenkins Niekro Nye Hartenstein Hands Koonce Stoneman
1966 (59-103) Ellsworth Holtzman Jenkins Hands Broglio Hendley Jenkins Koonce Hoeft
1965 (72-90) Ellsworth Jackson Buhl Koonce Faul Abernathy McDaniel Humphreys Hoeft
1964 (76-86) Ellsworth Jackson Buhl Burdette Broglio McDaniel Elston Schurr Shantz
1963 (82-80) Ellsworth Jackson Buhl Hobbie Toth McDaniel Elston Brewer Schultz
1962 (59-103) Ellsworth Koonce Buhl Hobbie Cardwell Elston Anderson Gerard Schultz
1961 (64-90) Ellsworth Curtis Anderson Hobbie Cardwell Elston Anderson Drott Schultz
1960 (60-94) Ellsworth Drott Anderson Hobbie Cardwell Elston Morehead Schaffernoth Drabowsky
1959 (74-80) Hillman Drabowsky Anderson Hobbie Ceccarelli Elston Henry Buzhardt Singleton
1958 (72-82) Drott Drabowsky Phillips Hobbie Briggs Elston Henry Hobbie Nichols
1957 (62-92) Drott Drabowsky Rush Hillman Elston Lown Littlefield Brosnan Elston
1956 (60-94) Jones Hacker Rush Kaiser Davis Lown Valentinetti Davis Hughes
1955 (72-81) Jones Hacker Rush Minner Davis Jeffcoat Tremel Davis Hillman
1954 (64-90) Klippstein Hacker Rush Minner Pollet Jeffcoat Tremel Davis Hacker
1953 (65-89) Klippstein Hacker Rush Minner Pollet Leonard Lown Klippstein Simpson
1952 (77-77) Klippstein Hacker Rush Minner Lown Leonard Schultz Klippstein Kelly
1951 (62-92) Hiller McLish Rush Minner Lown Leonard Klippstein Kelly
1950 (64-89) Hiller Schmitz Rush Minner Lade Leonard Dubiel Klippstein Vander Meer
1949 (61-93) Leonard Schmitz Rush Dubiel Lade Muncrief Chipman Kush
1948 (64-90) Meyer Schmitz McCall Borowy Hamner Dobernic Chipman Kush
1947 (69-85) Lade Schmitz Erickson Borowy Wyse Meers Meyer Kush
1946 (82-71) Passeau Schmitz Erickson Borowy Wyse Chipman Bithorn Kush
1945 (98-56) Passeau Derringer Prim Borowy Wyse Vandenberg Erickson Prim
1944 (75-79) Passeau Derringer Chipman Fleming Wyse Vandenberg Derringer Fleming
1943 (74-79) Passeau Derringer Bithorn Hanyzewski Wyse Prim Wyse Burrows
1942 (68-86) Passeau Lee Bithorn Olsen Fleming Pressnell Bithorn Fleming
1941 (70-84) Passeau Lee French Olsen Erickson Pressnell Page Mooty
1940 (75-79) Passeau Lee French Olsen Mooty Raffensberger Page Root
1939 (84-70) Passeau Lee French Page Root Russell French Root
1938 (89-63) Bryant Lee French Carleton Root Root Russell French Bryant
1937 (93-61) Parmelee Lee French Carleton Root Shoun Root Bryant
1936 (87-67) Warneke Lee French Carleton Davis Henshaw Root Bryant
1935 (100-54) Warneke Lee French Carleton Henshaw Kowalik Root Casey
1934 (86-65) Warneke Lee Bush Malone Weaver Tinning Root Joiner
1933 (86-68) Warneke Root Bush Malone Tinning Tinning Nelson Henshaw
1932 (90-64) Warneke Root Bush Malone Grimes Tinning May Smith
1931 (84-70) Smith Root Bush Malone Sweetland Teachout May Baecht
1930 (90-64) Blake Root Bush Malone Teachout Teachout Nelson Shealy
1929 (98-54) Blake Root Bush Malone Nehf Bush Cvengros Carlson Nehf
1928 (91-63) Blake Root Bush Malone Nehf Jones Bush Malone
1927 (85-68) Blake Root Bush Carlson Osborn Jones Bush Brillheart
1926 (82-72) Blake Root Kaufmann Jones Osborn Osborn Bush Milstead
1925 (68-86) Blake Alexander Kaufmann Cooper Bush Keen Bush Jones
1924 (81-72) Aldridge Alexander Kaufmann Keen Jacobs Wheeler Blake Jacobs
1923 (83-71) Aldridge Alexander Kaufmann Keen Osborne Fussell Dumovich Keen
1922 (80-74) Aldridge Alexander Kaufmann Jones Cheeves Osborne Stueland Kaufmann
1921 (64-89) Martin Alexander Freeman Vaughn Cheeves York Jones Freeman
1920 (75-79) Martin Alexander Tyler Vaughn Hendrix Carter Martin Bailey
1919 (75-65) Martin Alexander Douglas Vaughn Hendrix Carter Martin Bailey
1918 (84-45) Tyler Walker Douglas Vaughn Hendrix Carter Walker Douglas
1917 (74-80) Demaree Carter Douglas Vaughn Hendrix Prendergast Aldridge Hendrix
1916 (67-86) Lavender McConnell Packard Vaughn Hendrix Prendergast Packard Seaton
1915 (73-80) Lavender Humphries Pierce Vaughn Cheney Standridge Zabel Lavender
1914 (78-76) Lavender Humphries Pierce Vaughn Cheney Hageman Zabel Humphries
1913 (88-65) Lavender Humphries Pierce Smith Cheney Cheney Lavender Richie Humphries
1912 (91-59) Lavender Richie Reulbach Leifield Cheney Reulbach Richie Smith
1911 (92-62) Cole Richie Reulbach Brown McIntire Brown Richter Toney McIntire
1910 (104-50) Cole Overall Reulbach Brown McIntire Brown Richie Pfeffer McIntire
1909 (104-49) Pfiester Overall Reulbach Brown Kroh Brown Higginbotham Overall Hagerman
1908 (99-55) Pfiester Overall Reulbach Brown Fraser Brown Overall Reulbach
1907 (107-45) Pfiester Overall Reulbach Brown Lundgren Brown Pfiester Fraser
1906 (116-36) Pfiester Taylor Reulbach Brown Lundgren Reulbach Beebe  
1905 (92-61) Weimer Wicker Reulbach Brown Briggs Brown    
1904 (93-60) Weimer Wicker Lundgren Brown Briggs      
1903 (82-56) Weimer Wicker Lundgren Taylor Menefee Lundgren    
1902 (68-69) Williams Rhoads Lundgren Taylor Menefee      
1901 (53-86) Hughes Waddell Eason Taylor Menefee      
1900 (65-75) Callahan Griffith Garvin Taylor Menefee      
1899 (75-73) Callahan Griffith Garvin Taylor Phyle      
1898 (85-65) Callahan Griffith Thornton Woods Kilroy      
1897 (59-73) Callahan Griffith Thornton Friend Briggs      
1896 (71-57) Terry Griffith Parker Friend Briggs      
1895 (72-58) Terry Griffith Parker Hutchinson        
1894 (57-75) Terry Griffith McGill Hutchinson Stratton Griffith    
1893 (56-71) Mauck Clausen McGill Hutchinson Abbey McGinnis    
1892 (70-76) Gumbert Luby   Hutchinson        
1891 (82-53) Gumbert Luby Vickery Hutchinson Stein Hutchinson Luby  
1890 (83-53) Sullivan Luby Coughlin Hutchinson Stein      
1889 (67-65) Tener Dwyer Gumbert Hutchinson Krock      
1888 (77-58) Tener Baldwin Van Haltren Borchers Krock Ryan Van Haltren  
1887 (71-50) Clarkson Baldwin Van Haltren          
1886 (90-34) Clarkson McCormick Flynn          
1885 (87-25) Clarkson McCormick Kennedy Corcoran        
1884 (62-50) Clarkson Goldsmith Brown Corcoran        
1883 (59-39)   Goldsmith   Corcoran        
1882 (55-29)   Goldsmith   Corcoran        
1881 (56-28)   Goldsmith   Corcoran        
1880 (67-17)   Goldsmith   Corcoran        
1879 (46-33) Larkin Hankinson            
1878 (30-30) Larkin              
1877 (26-33) Bradley McVey       McVey Bradley  
1876 (52-14) Spalding McVey            
139 years 253 pitchers 38 pitchers 228 pitchers