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1907 Chicago Cubs

Trades and Transactions

Franchise Encyclopedia: 1906 / 1908

107-45, Finished 1st in National League (Schedule and Results)
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Manager: Frank Chance (107-45)
Scored 574 runs, Allowed 390 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 102-50

Ballparks: West Side Grounds · Attendance: 422,550 (2nd of 8)
Park Factors  Over 100 favors batters, under 100 favors pitchers.
Batting - 106, Pitching - 101 · one-year: Batting - 106, Pitching - 102

Postseason:  Won World Series (4-0-1) over Detroit Tigers

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1906 / 1908 Trades and Transactions

Transactions listed are from October 1 of previous year to April 1 of the following year.

January 16, 1907

Traded a player to be named later, Jack Harper and cash to the Cincinnati Reds. Received a player to be named later. The Chicago Cubs sent Doc Gessler (January 16, 1907) to the Cincinnati Reds to complete the trade. The Cincinnati Reds sent Chick Fraser (January 16, 1907) to the Chicago Cubs to complete the trade.

June, 1907 (Standings)

Sold Fred Osborn to the Philadelphia Phillies.

June 24, 1907 (Standings)

Traded Newt Randall and Bill Sweeney to the Boston Doves. Received Del Howard.

August, 1907 (Standings)

Purchased Jack Hardy from Nashville (Southern Association).

Purchased Heinie Zimmerman from Wilkes-Barre (New York State).

August 15, 1907 (Standings)

Released Mike Kahoe. (Date given is approximate. Exact date is uncertain.)

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1906 / 1908 Trades and Transactions