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Baltimore Orioles Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Palmer McNally McGregor Flanagan Powell Martinez Hall Stewart Williamson
2015 (81-81) Jimenez Chen Tillman Gonzalez Gausman Britton O'Day Brach Matusz
2014 (96-66) Jimenez Chen Tillman Gonzalez Norris Britton O'Day Hunter Matusz
2013 (85-77) Hammel Chen Tillman Gonzalez Feldman Johnson O'Day Hunter Matusz
2012 (93-69) Hammel Chen Hunter Arrieta Matusz Johnson O'Day Strop Ayala
2011 (69-93) Guthrie Britton Simon Arrieta Tillman Gregg Johnson Gonzalez Uehara
2010 (66-96) Guthrie Matusz Millwood Arrieta Bergesen Simon Albers Hendrickson Ohman
2009 (64-98) Guthrie Berken Hernandez Hill Bergesen Sherrill Albers Johnson Baez
2008 (68-93) Guthrie Cabrera Olson Burres Liz Sherrill Walker Johnson Sarfate
2007 (69-93) Guthrie Cabrera Bedard Burres Trachsel Ray Walker Bradford Baez
2006 (70-92) Benson Cabrera Bedard Lopez Loewen Ray Williams Hawkins Britton
2005 (74-88) Chen Cabrera Bedard Lopez Ponson Ryan Williams Julio Kline
2004 (78-84) DuBose Cabrera Bedard Lopez Ponson Julio Ryan Groom Parrish
2003 (71-91) Johnson Helling Hentgen Lopez Ponson Julio Ryan Groom Ligtenberg
2002 (67-95) Johnson Erickson Driskill Lopez Ponson Julio Ryan Groom Roberts
2001 (63-98) Johnson Mercedes Towers Roberts Ponson Groom Ryan Trombley Kohlmeier
2000 (74-88) Mussina Mercedes Rapp Erickson Ponson Kohlmeier Ryan Trombley Groom
1999 (78-84) Mussina Guzman Johnson Erickson Ponson Timlin Orosco Rhodes Kamieniecki
1998 (79-83) Mussina Drabek Kamieniecki Erickson Ponson Benitez Orosco Rhodes Mills
1997 (98-64) Mussina Key Kamieniecki Erickson Krivda Myers Orosco Benitez Mathews
1996 (88-74) Mussina Wells Coppinger Erickson Mercker Myers Orosco Mills McDowell
1995 (71-73) Mussina Brown Moyer Erickson McDonald Jones Orosco Benitez Lee
1994 (63-49) Mussina Fernandez Moyer Rhodes McDonald Smith Mills Eichhorn Poole
1993 (85-77) Mussina Valenzuela Moyer Sutcliffe McDonald Olson Frohwirth Williamson Poole
1992 (89-73) Mussina Milacki Rhodes Sutcliffe McDonald Olson Frohwirth Davis Flanagan
1991 (67-95) Mesa Milacki Ballard Robinson McDonald Olson Frohwirth Williamson Flanagan
1990 (76-85) Harnisch Milacki Ballard Johnson Mitchell Olson Price Williamson Hickey
1989 (87-75) Harnisch Milacki Ballard Johnson Schmidt Olson Thurmond Williamson Hickey
1988 (54-107) Bautista Tibbs Ballard Boddicker Peraza Niedenfuer Thurmond Sisk Aase
1987 (67-95) Bell Flanagan McGregor Boddicker Dixon Niedenfuer Williamson O'Connor Arnold
1986 (73-89) Davis Flanagan McGregor Boddicker Dixon Aase Bordi Havens Snell
1985 (83-78) Davis Martinez McGregor Boddicker Dixon Aase Stewart Martinez Snell
1984 (85-77) Davis Martinez McGregor Boddicker Flanagan Martinez Stewart Underwood Swaggerty
1983 (98-64) Davis Martinez McGregor Boddicker Flanagan Martinez Stewart Stoddard Morogiello
1982 (94-68) Palmer Martinez McGregor Stewart Flanagan Martinez Stewart Stoddard Grimsley
1981 (59-46) Palmer Martinez McGregor Stone Flanagan Martinez Stewart Stoddard Ford
1980 (100-62) Palmer Martinez McGregor Stone Flanagan Stoddard Stewart Martinez Ford
1979 (102-57) Palmer Martinez McGregor Stone Flanagan Stanhouse Stewart Martinez Stoddard
1978 (90-71) Palmer Martinez McGregor Briles Flanagan Stanhouse Kerrigan Martinez Flinn
1977 (97-64) Palmer Martinez May Grimsley Flanagan Martinez Drago Martinez McGregor
1976 (88-74) Palmer Garland May Grimsley Cuellar Martinez Miller Holdsworth Pagan
1975 (90-69) Palmer Torrez Alexander Grimsley Cuellar Miller Jackson Garland Alexander
1974 (91-71) Palmer McNally Alexander Grimsley Cuellar Jackson Reynolds Hood Alexander
1973 (97-65) Palmer McNally Alexander Jefferson Cuellar Reynolds Jackson Watt Pena
1972 (80-74) Palmer McNally Alexander Dobson Cuellar Jackson Harrison Watt Alexander
1971 (101-57) Palmer McNally Jackson Dobson Cuellar Watt Richert Dukes Hall
1970 (108-54) Palmer McNally Phoebus Hardin Cuellar Richert Watt Leonhard Hall
1969 (109-53) Palmer McNally Phoebus Hardin Cuellar Watt Richert Leonhard Hall
1968 (91-71) Leonhard McNally Phoebus Hardin Brabender Watt Richert Drabowsky Brabender
1967 (76-85) Richert McNally Phoebus Dillman Barber Drabowsky Watt Fisher Miller
1966 (97-63) Palmer McNally Bunker Miller Barber Miller Drabowsky Fisher Hall
1965 (94-68) Pappas McNally Bunker Miller Barber Miller Larsen Haddix Hall
1964 (97-65) Pappas McNally Bunker Roberts Barber Miller Stock Haddix Hall
1963 (86-76) Pappas McNally McCormick Roberts Barber Miller Stock Starrette Hall
1962 (77-85) Pappas Estrada Fisher Roberts Barber Wilhelm Stock Hoeft Hall
1961 (95-67) Pappas Estrada Fisher Brown Barber Wilhelm Stock Hoeft Hall
1960 (89-65) Pappas Estrada Fisher Brown Barber Wilhelm Jones Hoeft Fisher
1959 (74-80) Pappas Wilhelm O'Dell Brown Walker Loes Johnson O'Dell Fisher
1958 (74-79) Pappas Harshman O'Dell Brown Portocarrero O'Dell Zuverink Lehman Loes
1957 (76-76) Moore Johnson Loes Brown Wight Zuverink O'Dell Lehman Loes
1956 (69-85) Moore Johnson Ferrarese Brown Wight Zuverink Ferrarese Brown Fornieles
1955 (57-97) Moore Wilson Palica Rogovin Wight Moore Dorish Johnson Schallock
1954 (54-100) Turley Coleman Larsen Pillette Kretlow Fox Blyzka Chakales
1953 (54-100) Littlefield Brecheen Larsen Pillette Cain Paige Stuart Blyzka Cain
1952 (64-90) Byrne Garver Bearden Pillette Cain Paige Madison Harrist Bearden
1951 (52-102) Byrne Garver Widmar Pillette McDonald Paige Mahoney Suchecki Hogue
1950 (58-96) Overmire Garver Widmar Fannin Starr Marshall Pillette Starr
1949 (53-101) Drews Garver Embree Fannin Kennedy Ferrick Kennedy Papai Ostrowski
1948 (59-94) Sanford Garver Stephens Fannin Kennedy Widmar Biscan Stephens
1947 (59-95) Sanford Kramer Kinder Muncrief Zoldak Moulder Potter Brown
1946 (66-88) Galehouse Kramer Potter Shirley Zoldak Ferens Kinder Ferrick
1945 (81-70) Jakucki Kramer Potter Shirley Hollingsworth Zoldak West Muncrief
1944 (89-65) Jakucki Kramer Potter Muncrief Galehouse Caster Zoldak Hollingsworth Shirley
1943 (72-80) Sundra Niggeling Hollingsworth Muncrief Galehouse Caster Potter Hollingsworth Fuchs
1942 (82-69) Auker Niggeling Hollingsworth Muncrief Galehouse Caster Hollingsworth Ferens
1941 (70-84) Auker Niggeling Harris Muncrief Galehouse Caster Trotter Kramer
1940 (67-87) Auker Niggeling Harris Kennedy Bildilli Lawson Trotter Coffman
1939 (43-111) Kramer Lawson Harris Kennedy Mills Lawson Trotter Whitehead
1938 (55-97) Newsom Hildebrand Walkup Van Atta Mills Cole Linke Bonetti
1937 (46-108) Hogsett Hildebrand Walkup Knott Bonetti Trotter Knott Thomas
1936 (57-95) Hogsett Caldwell Andrews Knott Thomas Knott Van Atta Liebhardt Caldwell
1935 (65-87) Cain Walkup Andrews Knott Thomas Knott Van Atta Walkup Andrews
1934 (67-85) Blaeholder Newsom Andrews Hadley Coffman Knott McAfee Andrews
1933 (55-96) Blaeholder Wells Hebert Hadley Coffman Gray Hebert Stiles
1932 (63-91) Blaeholder Stewart Hebert Hadley Gray Gray Hebert Kimsey
1931 (63-91) Blaeholder Stewart Coffman Collins Gray Kimsey Stiles Hebert Coffman
1930 (64-90) Blaeholder Stewart Coffman Collins Gray Kimsey Holshouser Collins
1929 (79-73) Blaeholder Stewart Crowder Collins Gray Kimsey Coffman Ogden
1928 (82-72) Blaeholder Stewart Crowder Ogden Gray Wiltse Coffman Strelecki
1927 (59-94) Gaston Stewart Jones Vangilder Wingard Nevers Vangilder Wingard
1926 (62-92) Gaston Zachary Giard Vangilder Wingard Ballou Vangilder Wingard
1925 (82-71) Gaston Bush Giard Davis Wingard Vangilder Danforth Stauffer Wingard
1924 (74-78) Shocker Danforth Vangilder Davis Wingard Pruett Vangilder Grant
1923 (74-78) Shocker Danforth Vangilder Davis Kolp Pruett Root Kolp
1922 (93-61) Shocker Wright Vangilder Davis Kolp Pruett Bayne Wright Kolp
1921 (81-73) Shocker Bayne Vangilder Davis Kolp Bayne Burwell Kolp
1920 (76-77) Shocker Bayne Sothoron Davis Weilman Vangilder Burwell Sothoron
1919 (67-72) Shocker Gallia Sothoron Davenport Weilman Koob Wright Sothoron
1918 (58-64) Rogers Gallia Sothoron Davenport Wright Houck Rogers Davenport
1917 (57-97) Groom Koob Sothoron Davenport Plank Koob Hamilton Sothoron
1916 (79-75) Groom Koob Weilman Davenport Plank Davenport Park Groom
1915 (63-91) Lowdermilk Koob Weilman Hamilton James Perryman Weilman Koob
1914 (71-82) Baumgardner Leverenz Weilman Hamilton James Baumgardner Mitchell Hoch
1913 (57-96) Baumgardner Leverenz Weilman Hamilton Mitchell Stone Weilman Hamilton
1912 (53-101) Baumgardner Powell Allison Hamilton Brown Brown Allison Hamilton
1911 (45-107) Lake Powell Pelty Hamilton George Mitchell George Hamilton
1910 (47-107) Lake Powell Pelty Bailey Ray Bailey Waddell Pelty
1909 (61-89) Waddell Powell Pelty Bailey Grahame Bailey Grahame Powell
1908 (83-69) Waddell Powell Howell Dinneen Grahame Bailey Dinneen Howell
1907 (69-83) Pelty Powell Howell Dinneen Glade   Dinneen Howell
1906 (76-73) Pelty Powell Howell Smith Glade Jacobson    
1905 (54-99) Pelty Sudhoff Howell Buchanan Glade Buchanan    
1904 (65-87) Pelty Sudhoff Howell Siever Glade      
1903 (65-74) Powell Sudhoff Donahue Siever Wright      
1902 (78-58) Powell Sudhoff Donahue Harper Reidy      
1901 (48-89) Garvin Sparks Husting Hawley Reidy Garvin Husting Dowling
115 years 228 pitchers 40 pitchers 203 pitchers