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Atlanta Braves Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Spahn Niekro Glavine Smoltz Nichols Upshaw Garber Johnson O'Flaherty
2016 (26-51) Teheran Wisler Blair Norris Perez Vizcaino Ogando Cervenka O'Flaherty
2015 (67-95) Teheran Wisler Miller Wood Perez Grilli Avilan Johnson Cunniff
2014 (79-83) Teheran Harang Santana Wood Minor Kimbrel Avilan Carpenter Varvaro
2013 (96-66) Teheran Medlen Maholm Hudson Minor Kimbrel Avilan Carpenter Varvaro
2012 (94-68) Hanson Delgado Beachy Hudson Minor Kimbrel Durbin Venters O'Flaherty
2011 (89-73) Hanson Lowe Beachy Hudson Jurrjens Kimbrel Linebrink Venters O'Flaherty
2010 (91-71) Hanson Lowe Kawakami Hudson Jurrjens Wagner Moylan Venters O'Flaherty
2009 (86-76) Hanson Lowe Kawakami Vazquez Jurrjens Soriano Moylan Gonzalez O'Flaherty
2008 (72-90) Campillo Hudson Reyes Morton Jurrjens Gonzalez Ohman Boyer Bennett
2007 (84-78) Smoltz Hudson James Carlyle Davies Wickman Moylan Yates Soriano
2006 (79-83) Smoltz Hudson James Thomson Ramirez Wickman McBride Ray Paronto
2005 (90-72) Smoltz Hudson Sosa Thomson Ramirez Reitsma Kolb Foster Boyer
2004 (96-66) Ortiz Wright Hampton Thomson Byrd Smoltz Reitsma Alfonseca Gryboski
2003 (101-61) Ortiz Maddux Hampton Reynolds Ramirez Smoltz King Hernandez Gryboski
2002 (101-59) Glavine Maddux Millwood Moss Marquis Smoltz Remlinger Hammond Gryboski
2001 (88-74) Glavine Maddux Millwood Burkett Perez Rocker Remlinger Cabrera Ligtenberg
2000 (95-67) Glavine Maddux Millwood Burkett Mulholland Rocker Remlinger Mulholland Ligtenberg
1999 (103-59) Glavine Maddux Millwood Smoltz Perez Rocker Remlinger McGlinchy Seanez
1998 (106-56) Glavine Maddux Millwood Smoltz Neagle Ligtenberg Martinez Rocker Cather
1997 (101-61) Glavine Maddux Wade Smoltz Neagle Wohlers Embree Clontz Bielecki
1996 (96-66) Glavine Maddux Avery Smoltz Schmidt Wohlers McMichael Clontz Borbon
1995 (90-54) Glavine Maddux Avery Smoltz Mercker Wohlers McMichael Clontz Borbon
1994 (68-46) Glavine Maddux Avery Smoltz Mercker McMichael Wohlers Stanton Bedrosian
1993 (104-58) Glavine Maddux Avery Smoltz Smith Stanton McMichael Howell Bedrosian
1992 (98-64) Glavine Leibrandt Avery Smoltz Bielecki Pena Stanton Freeman Mercker
1991 (94-68) Glavine Leibrandt Avery Smoltz Smith Berenguer Stanton Freeman Mercker
1990 (65-97) Glavine Leibrandt Avery Smoltz Clary Boever Castillo Luecken Mercker
1989 (63-97) Glavine Lilliquist Smith Smoltz Clary Boever Acker Assenmacher Eichhorn
1988 (54-106) Glavine Mahler Smith Smoltz Smith Sutter Alvarez Assenmacher Puleo
1987 (69-92) Palmer Mahler Alexander Puleo Smith Acker Dedmon Assenmacher Garber
1986 (72-89) Palmer Mahler Alexander Johnson Smith Garber Dedmon Assenmacher Olwine
1985 (66-96) Bedrosian Mahler Perez Barker Smith Sutter Dedmon Camp Garber
1984 (80-82) McMurtry Mahler Perez Barker Camp Moore Dedmon Bedrosian Garber
1983 (88-74) McMurtry Niekro Perez Dayley Camp Bedrosian Forster Moore Garber
1982 (89-73) Mahler Niekro Perez Walk Camp Garber Bedrosian Hrabosky Camp
1981 (50-56) Mahler Niekro Boggs Perry Montefusco Camp Garber Hrabosky Bradford
1980 (81-80) Alexander Niekro Boggs Matula McWilliams Camp Garber Hrabosky Bradford
1979 (66-94) Solomon Niekro Brizzolara Matula Mahler Garber Skok Devine McLaughlin
1978 (69-93) Hanna Niekro McWilliams Ruthven Mahler Garber Skok Campbell Camp
1977 (61-101) Messersmith Niekro Capra Ruthven Solomon Campbell Collins Capra Camp
1976 (70-92) Messersmith Niekro Morton Ruthven LaCorte Devine Dal Canton Torrealba Beard
1975 (67-94) Easterly Niekro Morton Capra Reed House Leon Sosa Beard
1974 (88-74) Harrison Niekro Morton Capra Reed House Leon Frisella Niekro
1973 (76-85) Harrison Niekro Morton Schueler Reed Frisella House Devine Panther
1972 (70-84) Stone Niekro Kelley Schueler Reed Upshaw Jarvis Hoerner Schueler
1971 (82-80) Stone Niekro Kelley Jarvis Reed Upshaw Priddy Barber Herbel
1970 (76-86) Stone Niekro Nash Jarvis Reed Wilhelm Priddy Navarro Kester
1969 (93-69) Stone Niekro Pappas Jarvis Reed Upshaw Doyle Raymond Neibauer
1968 (81-81) Johnson Niekro Pappas Jarvis Reed Upshaw Britton Raymond Kelley
1967 (77-85) Johnson Niekro Lemaster Jarvis Cloninger Upshaw Ritchie Hernandez Carroll
1966 (85-77) Johnson Kelley Lemaster Blasingame Cloninger Carroll Olivo Abernathy Niekro
1965 (86-76) Johnson Fischer Lemaster Blasingame Cloninger O'Dell Osinski Sadowski Niekro
1964 (88-74) Spahn Fischer Lemaster Sadowski Cloninger Tiefenauer Hoeft Sadowski Olivo
1963 (84-78) Spahn Hendley Lemaster Sadowski Cloninger Shaw Raymond Piche Schneider
1962 (86-76) Spahn Hendley Shaw Burdette Cloninger Raymond Nottebart Fischer Curtis
1961 (83-71) Spahn Hendley Buhl Burdette Willey McMahon Nottebart Drabowsky Raymond
1960 (88-66) Spahn Pizarro Buhl Burdette Willey McMahon Piche Jay Burdette
1959 (86-70) Spahn Jay Buhl Burdette Willey McMahon Rush Jay Trowbridge
1958 (92-62) Spahn Jay Rush Burdette Willey McMahon Conley Robinson Trowbridge
1957 (95-59) Spahn Buhl Conley Burdette Trowbridge McMahon Johnson Jolly Phillips
1956 (92-62) Spahn Buhl Conley Burdette Crone Jolly Johnson Sleater Phillips
1955 (85-69) Spahn Buhl Conley Burdette Nichols Johnson Jolly Vargas
1954 (89-65) Spahn Wilson Conley Burdette Nichols Jolly Johnson Buhl Crone
1953 (92-62) Spahn Wilson Antonelli Surkont Buhl Burdette Johnson Jolly Liddle
1952 (64-89) Spahn Wilson Bickford Surkont Johnson Burdette Jones Chipman Cole
1951 (76-78) Spahn Sain Bickford Surkont Nichols Estock Chipman Paine
1950 (83-71) Spahn Sain Bickford Chipman Roy Hogue Hall Chipman Johnson
1949 (75-79) Spahn Sain Bickford Voiselle Antonelli Potter Hall Hogue Barrett
1948 (91-62) Spahn Sain Bickford Voiselle Barrett Shoun Hogue Barrett
1947 (86-68) Spahn Sain Johnson Voiselle Barrett Lanfranconi Karl Johnson
1946 (81-72) Spahn Sain Cooper Wright Lee Barrett Wallace Posedel
1945 (67-85) Tobin Logan Andrews Javery Lee Hutchings Hendrickson Hutchinson
1944 (65-89) Tobin Barrett Andrews Javery Hutchinson Klopp Cardoni Hutchinson
1943 (68-85) Tobin Barrett Andrews Javery Salvo Odom Cardoni Stout
1942 (59-89) Tobin Tost Earley Javery Salvo Sain Donovan Hutchings Errickson
1941 (62-92) Tobin Errickson Johnson Javery Salvo LaManna Hutchings Johnson
1940 (65-87) Posedel Errickson Sullivan Strincevich Salvo Coffman Javery Strincevich
1939 (63-88) Posedel Errickson MacFayden Fette Turner Lanning Frankhouse Sullivan
1938 (77-75) Lanning Shoffner MacFayden Fette Turner Errickson Lanning Hutchinson Reis
1937 (79-73) Lanning Bush MacFayden Fette Turner Lanning Hutchinson Smith
1936 (71-83) Lanning Chaplin MacFayden Benge Cantwell Smith Reis Cantwell Blanche
1935 (38-115) Frankhouse Brandt MacFayden Smith Cantwell Benton Smith Betts
1934 (78-73) Frankhouse Brandt Betts Rhem Cantwell Smith Mangum Brandt Betts
1933 (83-71) Frankhouse Brandt Betts Zachary Cantwell Mangum Frankhouse Cantwell
1932 (77-77) Brown Brandt Betts Zachary Seibold Cunningham Frankhouse Cantwell
1931 (64-90) Cantwell Brandt Cunningham Zachary Seibold Haid McAfee Cantwell
1930 (70-84) Cantwell Smith Sherdel Zachary Seibold Cunningham Brandt Frankhouse
1929 (56-98) Cantwell Smith Jones Brandt Seibold Jones Leverett Delaney
1928 (50-103) Delaney Smith Greenfield Brandt Genewich Cooney Edwards Clarkson
1927 (60-94) Robertson Smith Greenfield Wertz Genewich Wertz Genewich Mogridge
1926 (66-86) Benton Smith Goldsmith Wertz Genewich Hearn Benton Mogridge
1925 (70-83) Benton Cooney Barnes Graham Genewich Ryan Kamp Marquard
1924 (53-100) Benton Cooney Barnes McNamara Genewich Lucas Yeargin Benton
1923 (54-100) Marquard Oeschger Barnes McNamara Genewich Oeschger Fillingim Benton
1922 (53-100) Marquard Oeschger Watson Miller McQuillan Oeschger Braxton McNamara
1921 (79-74) Scott Oeschger Watson Fillingim McQuillan Fillingim Scott Morgan
1920 (62-90) Scott Oeschger Rudolph Fillingim McQuillan McQuillan Scott Oeschger
1919 (57-82) Nehf Keating Rudolph Fillingim Demaree McQuillan Fillingim Demaree
1918 (53-71) Nehf Ragan Rudolph Fillingim Hearn Canavan    
1917 (72-81) Nehf Barnes Rudolph Tyler Allen Ragan Barnes Allen
1916 (89-63) Ragan Barnes Rudolph Tyler Allen Hughes Barnes Reulbach
1915 (83-69) Ragan Hughes Rudolph Tyler Nehf Hughes Crutcher Tyler Ragan
1914 (94-59) James Crutcher Rudolph Tyler Hess Crutcher Strand Cocreham
1913 (69-82) Perdue Dickson Rudolph Tyler Hess Rudolph Noyes James
1912 (52-101) Perdue Dickson Brown Tyler Hess Donnelly Dickson Tyler
1911 (44-107) Perdue Mattern Brown Tyler Weaver Pfeffer Brown Mattern
1910 (53-100) Curtis Mattern Brown Frock Ferguson Burke Brown Frock
1909 (45-108) White Mattern Brown Richie Ferguson Mattern Lindaman Richie
1908 (63-91) Flaherty Lindaman Dorner McCarthy Ferguson Ferguson Lindaman Boultes
1907 (58-90) Flaherty Lindaman Dorner Young Pfeffer Young Lindaman Boultes
1906 (49-102)   Lindaman Dorner Young Pfeffer      
1905 (51-103) Willis Fraser Wilhelm Young   Wilhelm    
1904 (55-98) Willis Pittinger Wilhelm Fisher McNichol Fisher    
1903 (58-80) Willis Pittinger Malarkey Piatt Williams      
1902 (73-64) Willis Pittinger Malarkey Eason   Pittinger    
1901 (69-69) Willis Pittinger Dinneen Nichols        
1900 (66-72) Willis Lewis Dinneen Nichols Cuppy Lewis    
1899 (95-57) Willis Lewis Meekin Nichols Killen      
1898 (102-47) Willis Lewis Klobedanz Nichols   Lewis Nichols  
1897 (93-39) Stivetts Lewis Klobedanz Nichols Sullivan   Nichols  
1896 (74-57) Stivetts   Klobedanz Nichols Sullivan Stivetts Nichols  
1895 (71-60) Stivetts Dolan Wilson Nichols Sullivan      
1894 (83-49) Stivetts Staley Lovett Nichols Hodson Staley Stivetts  
1893 (86-43) Stivetts Staley Gastright Nichols   Nichols    
1892 (102-48) Stivetts Staley Clarkson Nichols   Stivetts    
1891 (87-51) Getzien Staley Clarkson Nichols        
1890 (76-57) Getzien   Clarkson Nichols        
1889 (83-45) Radbourn Madden Clarkson Daley        
1888 (70-64) Radbourn Madden Clarkson Sowders Conway      
1887 (61-60) Radbourn Madden Stemmyer   Conway      
1886 (56-61) Radbourn Buffinton Stemmyer          
1885 (46-66) Whitney Buffinton Davis          
1884 (73-38) Whitney Buffinton Connor     Morrill    
1883 (63-35) Whitney Buffinton       Whitney    
1882 (45-39) Whitney Mathews            
1881 (38-45) Whitney Fox            
1880 (40-44) Bond Foley       Foley Bond  
1879 (54-30) Bond Foley            
1878 (41-19) Bond              
1877 (42-18) Bond              
1876 (39-31) Borden Bradley Manning     Manning    
141 years 247 pitchers 43 pitchers 224 pitchers