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Arizona Diamondbacks Yearly Pitching Staff

Year and record in Bold indicates they won pennant.
Shading is not used to differentiate the players' performances. It is merely used to quickly illustrate long strings of games/years played by a single player. When a player in the column changes, so does the color of the shading.

Most Common Pitchers

Year Starting Pitchers Closer Bullpen
Most Years Johnson Webb Anderson Kennedy Corbin Mantei Swindell Ziegler Hernandez
2016 (42-59) Corbin Ray Greinke Bradley Miller Ziegler Delgado Barrett Hudson
2015 (79-83) Corbin Ray De La Rosa Anderson Hellickson Ziegler Delgado Chafin Hudson
2014 (64-98) Miley Collmenter McCarthy Anderson Cahill Reed Perez Ziegler Marshall
2013 (81-81) Miley Corbin McCarthy Kennedy Cahill Bell Hernandez Ziegler Harris
2012 (81-81) Miley Corbin Saunders Kennedy Cahill Putz Hernandez Ziegler Shaw
2011 (94-68) Hudson Collmenter Saunders Kennedy Duke Putz Hernandez Paterson Demel
2010 (65-97) Lopez Haren Jackson Kennedy Enright Gutierrez Heilman Vasquez Boyer
2009 (70-92) Davis Haren Scherzer Garland Petit Qualls Gutierrez Vasquez Rauch
2008 (82-80) Davis Haren Webb Johnson Owings Lyon Qualls Pena Cruz
2007 (90-72) Davis Hernandez Webb Gonzalez Owings Valverde Lyon Pena Slaten
2006 (76-86) Batista Vargas Webb Gonzalez Cruz Valverde Lyon Vizcaino Medders
2005 (77-85) Vazquez Halsey Webb Ortiz Estes Valverde Cormier Bruney Koplove
2004 (51-111) Johnson Fossum Webb Sparks Gonzalez Aquino Choate Randolph Koplove
2003 (84-78) Johnson Dessens Webb Batista Schilling Mantei Villarreal Myers Valverde
2002 (98-64) Johnson Helling Anderson Batista Schilling Kim Koplove Myers Swindell
2001 (92-70) Johnson Ellis Anderson Batista Schilling Kim Brohawn Prinz Swindell
2000 (85-77) Johnson Reynoso Anderson Stottlemyre Daal Mantei Plesac Kim Swindell
1999 (100-62) Johnson Reynoso Anderson Benes Daal Mantei Olson Holmes Swindell
1998 (65-97) Blair Telemaco Anderson Benes Daal Olson Rodriguez Sodowsky Embree
19 years 50 pitchers 12 pitchers 42 pitchers