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1998 Oklahoma RedHawks

1998 > Class AAA > 1998 Pacific Coast League (American - East)
Overall: 74-70
Scored 773 runs, Allowed 721 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 77-67

Affiliation: Texas Rangers-AL
Manager: Greg Biagini
Represented: Oklahoma City, OK
Ballpark: Southwestern Bell Bricktown Park (Oklahoma City, OK), Southwestern Bell Bricktown Park (Oklahoma City, OK) and Southwestern Bell Bricktown Park (Oklahoma City, OK)
Attendance: n/a
Other Years: 1999

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Bret Barberie#3013358350270153364655335785.305.388.428.8162151115363
2Andy Barkett*23802932553880175436343543.314.392.467.85911960032
3Wes Chamberlain32271099616357052101712.365.422.5941.0165714022
4Milt Cuyler#292860000000124.
5Chris Demetral*2857183157264760416322031.299.374.414.7886510420
6Osmani Estrada29155648171720131052.354.426.458.8842211200
7Rene Gonzales3762238196244390422133630.219.343.327.67064102220
8Joe Hall322498876225111500713.253.327.368.6943233010
9T.R. Lewis27532332063752123427432132.252.335.398.7338235010
10Mark Little25693052745881204846961660.296.351.485.836133410050
11Chad Mottola26742782572968131222831849.265.313.346.6598971021
12Mike Murphy262481741016100531623.
13Warren Newson*331114703987512221121757566106.307.401.523.923208110154
14Les Norman29100414380641163221051621779.305.347.479.82618289530
15Tom Quinlan301376085397515033316974043155.278.349.440.7892371419160
16Marc Sagmoen*27113448403611082661465623586.268.330.467.79718874330
17Scott Sheldon291315644937412631429962262143.256.339.511.85025273063
18Lee Stevens*30312122400110002.333.333.583.917700000
19Chris Tremie28782812473555100012112447.223.303.263.56665125410
20Jack Voigt32208670102460211011419.343.453.514.9683611010
21Rick Wrona341003283004683151535131556.277.327.383.710115128413
21 Players29.31445676500077314023023513771162435061077.280.354.437.791218512090305018
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Scott Bailes*36000.001000001.1200000200061.50013.
2Terry Clark37125.7063.3830242201165.1156726283509512146801.1558.
3Jim Converse26005.144020017.08543204000311.42910.
4Tony Fossas*4001.0005.404030006.26440413000271.5008.
5Jeff Granger*2648.3334.6732196001129.01608067103819420105741.53511.
6Xavier Hernandez32001.355010006.25110109102260.9006.80.01.412.29.00
7Jonathan Hurst3112.3336.9872100019.129161534010201921.70713.
8Barry Johnson2828.2006.633171010177.196665713210543033431.51311.
9Jonathan Johnson2366.5004.9019181101112.01096661153209411264741.2598.
10Brandon Knight2207.0009.741612000064.2100757016290521193151.99513.
11Danny Kolb23000.001010001.0100010000052.0009.
12Al Levine3013.2504.72127400153.15133287170302012231.2758.
13David Manning25001.006040019.011111009000361.22211.
14Eric Moody2766.5003.38456290012101.111251389234736144361.3329.
15Jimmy Myers2971.8752.024102200962.15620144203243102521.2198.
16Darren Oliver*27000.001100005.02000101000180.6003.
17Danny Patterson27004.501000002.04110102000112.50018.
18Matt Perisho*2385.6153.891515010090.19141396420606163941.4729.
19Ricky Pickett*2866.5003.712410522180.06939337520780033491.5127.
20John Powell2701.0008.41110600120.124211965020200941.42610.
21Mark Small3044.5004.60156400047.05330244131424082061.40410.
22Dan Smith22006.001100006.06442103100251.1679.
23Tanyon Sturtze2731.7503.34133100035.03313133180313011541.4578.
24Larry Thomas*28301.0004.40110700014.1167712014000601.25610.
25Todd Van Poppel2655.5003.721513020087.088443611250691133701.2999.
26Mike Venafro*24006.35130400017.0191212310015201821.70610.
27Scott Watkins*2861.8573.263802200249.24419186221503052141.3298.
27 Players27.87470.5144.4514414413596321270.01351721628138419119386586754971.3949.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Rick Wrona8546145128.9775.9511511624%
Chris Tremie784984534.9956.962332947%


Andy Barkett7361233460.9948.84
T.R. Lewis2523211316.9889.72
Marc Sagmoen201358412.9737.15
Rene Gonzales181276113.9937.39
Rick Wrona1586915.9906.33
Joe Hall13948091.0007.85
Osmani Estrada3203051.0007.67
Jack Voigt2171011.0009.00
Les Norman100000.00
Lee Stevens1121011.00013.00


Bret Barberie1102293211067.9825.00
Chris Demetral214752213.9804.71
Rene Gonzales12223229.9644.50
Osmani Estrada7152244.9025.29
Joe Hall12410.8576.00
Tom Quinlan100000.00


Tom Quinlan124962782431.9403.02
Rene Gonzales1693031.9292.44
Joe Hall4114001.0003.75
Rick Wrona201001.0000.50
Bret Barberie10210.6672.00
Osmani Estrada103001.0003.00


Scott Sheldon1231623972476.9594.54
Rene Gonzales15223825.9684.00
Chris Demetral71015051.0003.57
Osmani Estrada22712.9004.50





Marc Sagmoen91172923.9891.99
Les Norman801441123.9871.94
Warren Newson74104420.9821.46
Chad Mottola72118560.9531.71
Mark Little64161611.9942.61
Chris Demetral20331001.0001.70
T.R. Lewis1820020.9091.11
Wes Chamberlain16242011.0001.63
Jack Voigt1625110.9631.63
Mike Murphy14190001.0001.36
Joe Hall55010.8331.00
Milt Cuyler230001.0001.50
Scott Sheldon210001.0000.50
Rick Wrona100000.00


Eric Moody4561510.9550.47
Jimmy Myers4141412.9470.44
Scott Watkins38211001.0000.34
Jeff Granger3291811.9640.84
Barry Johnson3149001.0000.42
Terry Clark30122111.9711.10
Ricky Pickett243421.7780.29
Jonathan Johnson1951732.8801.16
Brandon Knight162820.8330.63
Matt Perisho15513001.0001.20
Mark Small1526001.0000.53
Todd Van Poppel15313001.0001.07
Tanyon Sturtze1321011.0000.23
Mike Venafro130610.8570.46
Al Levine125212.8750.58
John Powell1116001.0000.64
Larry Thomas1111001.0000.18
Jonathan Hurst724001.0000.86
David Manning600000.00
Xavier Hernandez501001.0000.20
Jim Converse400000.00
Tony Fossas402001.0000.50
Scott Bailes101001.0001.00
Danny Kolb100000.00
Darren Oliver110001.0001.00
Danny Patterson100000.00
Dan Smith111001.0002.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Scott Bailes36LL6' 2.0"170Dec 18, 1961Chillicothe, OH, US
Bret Barberie30SR5' 11.0"185Aug 16, 1967Long Beach, CA, US
Andy Barkett23LL6' 1.0"205Sep 5, 1974Miami, FL, US
Wes Chamberlain32RR6' 2.0"210Apr 13, 1966Chicago, IL, US
Terry Clark37RR6' 2.0"195Oct 18, 1960Los Angeles, CA, US
Jim Converse26LR5' 9.0"180Aug 17, 1971San Francisco, CA, US
Milt Cuyler29SR5' 10.0"175Oct 7, 1968Macon, GA, US
Chris Demetral28LR5' 11.0"175Dec 8, 1969San Diego, CA, US
Osmani Estrada29RR5' 8.0"180Jan 23, 1969Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, CU
Tony Fossas40LL6' 0.0"195Sep 23, 1957La Habana, La Habana, CU
Rene Gonzales37RR6' 3.0"180Sep 3, 1960Austin, TX, US
Jeff Granger26RL6' 4.0"200Dec 16, 1971San Pedro, CA, US
Joe Hall32RR6' 0.0"180Mar 6, 1966Paducah, KY, US
Xavier Hernandez32LR6' 2.0"185Aug 16, 1965Port Arthur, TX, US
Jonathan Hurst31RR6' 3.0"175Oct 20, 1966New York, NY, US
Barry Johnson28RR6' 4.0"200Aug 21, 1969Wichita, KS, US
Jonathan Johnson23RR6' 0.0"180Jul 16, 1974La Grange, GA, US
Brandon Knight22LR6' 0.0"175Oct 1, 1975Oxnard, CA, US
Danny Kolb23RR6' 4.0"185Mar 29, 1975Sterling, IL, US
Al Levine30LR6' 3.0"180May 22, 1968Park Ridge, IL, US
T.R. Lewis27RR6' 0.0"180Apr 17, 1971Jacksonville, FL, US
Mark Little25RR6' 0.0"195Jul 11, 1972Edwardsville, IL, US
David Manning25RR6' 3.0"210Aug 14, 1972Buffalo, NY, US
Eric Moody27RR6' 6.0"185Jan 6, 1971Greenville, SC, US
Chad Mottola26RR6' 3.0"220Oct 15, 1971Augusta, GA, US
Mike Murphy26RR6' 2.0"180Jan 23, 1972Murray, UT, US
Jimmy Myers29RR6' 1.0"190Apr 28, 1969Oklahoma City, OK, US
Warren Newson33LL5' 7.0"190Jul 3, 1964Newnan, GA, US
Les Norman29RR6' 1.0"185Feb 25, 1969Warren, MI, US
Darren Oliver27RL6' 3.0"250Oct 6, 1970Kansas City, MO, US
Danny Patterson27RR6' 0.0"175Feb 17, 1971San Gabriel, CA, US
Matt Perisho23LL6' 0.0"175Jun 8, 1975Burlington, IA, US
Ricky Pickett28LL6' 1.0"220Jan 19, 1970Fort Worth, TX, US
John Powell27RR5' 10.0"180Apr 7, 1971Monroe, GA, US
Tom Quinlan30RR6' 3.0"200Mar 27, 1968St. Paul, MN, US
Marc Sagmoen27LL5' 11.0"185Apr 16, 1971Seattle, WA, US
Scott Sheldon29RR6' 3.0"185Nov 28, 1968Hammond, IN, US
Mark Small30RR6' 3.0"205Nov 12, 1967Portland, OR, US
Dan Smith22RR6' 3.0"210Sep 15, 1975Flemington, NJ, US
Lee Stevens30LL6' 4.0"205Jul 10, 1967Kansas City, MO, US
Tanyon Sturtze27RR6' 5.0"190Oct 12, 1970Worcester, MA, US
Larry Thomas28RL6' 1.0"195Oct 25, 1969Miami, FL, US
Chris Tremie28RR6' 0.0"200Oct 17, 1969Houston, TX, US
Todd Van Poppel26RR6' 5.0"210Dec 9, 1971Hinsdale, IL, US
Mike Venafro24LL5' 10.0"170Aug 2, 1973Takoma Park, MD, US
Jack Voigt32RR6' 1.0"170May 17, 1966Sarasota, FL, US
Scott Watkins28LL6' 3.0"180May 15, 1970Tulsa, OK, US
Rick Wrona34RR6' 1.0"185Dec 10, 1963Tulsa, OK, US

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