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1968 Oklahoma City 89ers

1968 > Class AAA > 1968 Pacific Coast League (East)
Overall: 61-84
Scored 539 runs, Allowed 661 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 59-86

Affiliation: Houston Astros-NL
Manager: Cot Deal
Represented: Oklahoma City, OK
Ballpark: All Sports Stadium (Oklahoma City, OK), All Sports Stadium (Oklahoma City, OK) and All Sports Stadium (Oklahoma City, OK)
Attendance: n/a
Other Years: 1967

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1George Alvarez222661100120000.167.167.667.8334000
2Lee Bales#2312493536000520105.171.333.171.5056013
3Alex Barrett21782652242846123322143265.205.308.326.63473252
4Ron Brand2818706472110032153.328.371.344.71522001
5Byron Browne25104380340318111710423236101.238.311.400.711136112Stats for 2 teams
6Rich Chiles*1843184164174362211651737.262.331.360.69159030
7Nate Colbert229235532252851541444872677.264.327.466.793150502
8Ron Cook*203521201210020016.
9Martin Cott*172440000000002.
10Brock Davis*2447167143203261217651917.224.309.322.63146023
11Randolph Deal241120170100000039.
12Dave Eilers3145882400000001.500.500.5001.0004000
13Tommy Fullen2533220000000001.
14Hal Gilson2616262535100100112.
15Tom Griffin204885821219204700131.232.250.402.65233110
16Roric Harrison2135393665101111117.
17Enzo Hernandez193220000000000.
18Jose Herrera261074203966312327411521061340.311.340.482.822191623
19Pat House*2714540000000002.
20Larry Howard2314444037101210410.
21Hank Izquierdo37962892672768100017021525.
22Tom Johnson25129502466541293221973312683.277.322.476.798222622
23Hal King*2443163147163771317011531.252.319.374.69355001
24Keith Lampard*22106409383511022221153101668.266.295.420.715161226
25John Mayberry*192492783200015001411.256.370.295.66423000
26Leon McFadden2412547943738106176122942365.243.290.316.6061387102
27Norm Miller*22281089815305211011711.306.361.429.79042201
28Ivan Murrell25267975312100510321.
29Tom Parsons2849262503000000112.
30Tony Paulino29716133100000034.
31Aaron Pointer2613555350164132162850754575.263.326.351.677176241Stats for 2 teams
32Howie Reed31356759410100100319.
33Carroll Sembera2635464137000211115.
34Steve Shea2523474026000101015.
35Mike Sinnerud27963312993883123632842555.278.337.398.735119322
36George Smith301147436810010028.
37Tommy Smith*2484214190164241525022234.221.300.332.63263011Stats for 2 teams
38Oliverio Sparks23620190400020005.
39Danny Walton20611101300000003.300.364.300.6643100
40Bob Watkins201319181410010002.
41Bob Watson2220867614307251601916.395.465.7371.20256100
42Larry Yount187430000000013.
43Chris Zachary*242022211320000017.
43 Players24.814550894620539117320639984826448342927.254.309.379.6881751385732
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Ron Cook*2016.1434.433330067.07839334302591171.61210.
2Dave Eilers3133.5005.594500066.08444414144564061.48511.
3Tommy Fullen25002.773300039.04919123132171001.59011.
4Hal Gilson*2639.2505.0016133181.09053459393661091.59310.
5Tom Griffin20714.3334.34292891168.015791811694414492121.4948.
6Buddy Harris190054.0010001.046603000007.00036.
7Roric Harrison21410.2864.04261521107.08955488624755131.4117.
8Pat House*2731.7501.801400020.01554142170010.9506.
9Hank Izquierdo37009.0010001.021101000003.00018.
10Tom Parsons2847.3644.8549300104.0128635611275793021.49011.
11Howie Reed311510.6003.66352982192.01958978114871343251.2669.
12Carroll Sembera261110.5244.22342221147.01488369857810261101.3959.
13Steve Shea2585.6152.74181860125.011947387493941231.3448.
14Tommy Smith24000.0020003.020003020101.6676.
15Bob Watkins2026.2506.301291050.04940352471522091.9208.
16Larry Yount1803.0005.85740020.0261513360140001.60011.
17Chris Zachary24006.00810015.0181110240180011.46710.81.22.410.84.50
17 Players25.26184.4214.261451451143161205.01253661570895014592936681.4569.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Hank Izquierdo595424046.9939.864
Tommy Smith583383365.9846.408Stats for 2 teams
Hal King412352141.9856.2411
Ron Brand15105830.9747.531
Larry Howard148011021.0006.508
Randolph Deal10434021.0004.702
Martin Cott211110.9236.002


Tom Johnson91737581252.9858.74
John Mayberry2419612419.9818.67
Nate Colbert12852071.0007.25
Keith Lampard969728.9748.44
Alex Barrett5330021.0006.60
Aaron Pointer529611.9727.00
Mike Sinnerud2160021.0008.00
Tommy Smith240001.0002.00Stats for 2 teams
Hank Izquierdo150001.0005.00


Jose Herrera591061371016.9604.12
Mike Sinnerud581091521229.9564.50
Lee Bales12132325.9473.00
George Smith11262828.9644.91
Tom Johnson613922.9173.67
Ron Brand381214.9526.67
Hank Izquierdo274001.0005.50
Tony Paulino25420.8184.50


Alex Barrett684798810.9482.13
Jose Herrera33255262.9282.33
Tom Johnson22172982.8522.09
Mike Sinnerud16124481.8753.50
Hank Izquierdo729001.0001.57
Nate Colbert69722.8892.67
Byron Browne110001.0001.00
Norm Miller11010.5001.00
Tony Paulino11010.5001.00


Leon McFadden1241853422858.9504.25
Mike Sinnerud15222723.9613.27
Tom Johnson13163432.9433.85


Aaron Pointer1243101082.9762.58Stats for 2 teams
Byron Browne99159992.9491.70Stats for 2 teams
Keith Lampard981571511.9941.76
Nate Colbert741387011.0001.96
Rich Chiles4384220.9772.00
Brock Davis4181212.9882.02
Norm Miller2648321.9621.96
Ivan Murrell2128230.9091.43
Bob Watson2034020.9441.70
Jose Herrera1538030.9272.53
Hank Izquierdo149010.9000.64
Oliverio Sparks552011.0001.40
Danny Walton320001.0000.67
George Alvarez230001.0001.50
Tom Griffin200000.00
Roric Harrison221001.0001.50
Tom Johnson231001.0002.00
Chris Zachary230001.0001.50
Ron Cook100000.00


Tom Parsons4971311.9520.41
Dave Eilers45612011.0000.40
Howie Reed3583511.9771.23
Carroll Sembera34151911.9711.00
Ron Cook3371311.9520.61
Tommy Fullen3308001.0000.24
Tom Griffin2982351.8611.07
Roric Harrison26111210.9580.88
Steve Shea1832211.9621.39
Hal Gilson1651811.9581.44
Pat House1401001.0000.07
Bob Watkins122521.7780.58
Chris Zachary802011.0000.25
Larry Yount713011.0000.57
Tommy Smith201001.0000.50
Buddy Harris100000.00
Hank Izquierdo100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
George Alvarez22RR6' 0.0"180Apr 6, 1946
Lee Bales23SR5' 10.0"165Dec 4, 1944Los Angeles, CA, US
Alex Barrett21RR6' 0.0"175Apr 22, 1947
Ron Brand28RR5' 7.0"167Jan 13, 1940Los Angeles, CA, US
Byron Browne25RR6' 2.0"190Dec 27, 1942St. Joseph, MO, US
Rich Chiles18LL5' 11.0"170Nov 22, 1949Sacramento, CA, US
Nate Colbert22RR6' 2.0"205Apr 9, 1946St. Louis, MO, US
Ron Cook20LL6' 1.0"175Jul 11, 1947Jefferson, TX, US
Martin Cott17LR6' 3.0"185Nov 3, 1950Buffalo, NY, US
Brock Davis24LL5' 10.0"165Oct 19, 1943Oakland, CA, US
Randolph Deal24RR5' 7.0"160Mar 29, 1944
Dave Eilers31RR5' 11.0"188Dec 3, 1936Oldenburg, TX, US
Tommy Fullen25RR6' 2.0"180Mar 22, 1943
Hal Gilson26RL6' 5.0"195Feb 9, 1942Los Angeles, CA, US
Tom Griffin20RR6' 3.0"210Feb 22, 1948Los Angeles, CA, US
Buddy Harris19RR6' 7.0"245Dec 5, 1948Philadelphia, PA, US
Roric Harrison21RR6' 3.0"195Sep 20, 1946Los Angeles, CA, US
Enzo Hernandez19RR5' 8.0"155Feb 12, 1949Valle de Guanape, Anzoategui, VE
Jose Herrera26RR5' 8.0"165Apr 8, 1942San Lorenzo, Zulia, VE
Pat House27LL6' 3.0"185Sep 1, 1940Boise, ID, US
Larry Howard23RR6' 3.0"200Jun 6, 1945Columbus, OH, US
Hank Izquierdo37RR5' 11.0"175Mar 20, 1931Matanzas, Matanzas, CU
Tom Johnson25RR6' 1.0"182Dec 6, 1942San Antonio, TX, US
Hal King24LR6' 1.0"200Feb 1, 1944Oviedo, FL, US
Keith Lampard22LR6' 2.0"197Dec 20, 1945Warrington, Cheshire, GB
John Mayberry19LL6' 3.0"215Feb 18, 1949Detroit, MI, US
Leon McFadden24RR6' 2.0"195Apr 26, 1944Little Rock, AR, US
Norm Miller22LR5' 10.0"185Feb 5, 1946Los Angeles, CA, US
Ivan Murrell25RR6' 2.0"195Apr 24, 1943Almirante, Bocas del Toro, PA
Tom Parsons28RR6' 7.0"210Sep 13, 1939Lakeville, CT, US
Tony Paulino29RR5' 10.0"160Oct 25, 1938
Aaron Pointer26RR6' 2.0"185Apr 19, 1942Little Rock, AR, US
Howie Reed31RR6' 1.0"195Dec 21, 1936Dallas, TX, US
Carroll Sembera26RR6' 0.0"155Jul 26, 1941Shiner, TX, US
Steve Shea25RR6' 3.0"215Dec 5, 1942Worcester, MA, US
Mike Sinnerud27RR5' 11.0"175Jul 4, 1940Los Angeles, CA, US
George Smith30RR5' 10.0"170Jul 7, 1937St. Petersburg, FL, US
Tommy Smith24LR6' 2.0"185Aug 27, 1943
Oliverio Sparks23RR5' 10.0"180Oct 3, 1944
Danny Walton20RR6' 0.0"195Jul 14, 1947Los Angeles, CA, US
Bob Watkins20RR6' 1.0"170Mar 12, 1948San Francisco, CA, US
Bob Watson22RR6' 0.0"201Apr 10, 1946Los Angeles, CA, US
Larry Yount18RR6' 2.0"185Feb 15, 1950Houston, TX, US
Chris Zachary24LR6' 2.0"200Feb 19, 1944Knoxville, TN, US

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