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Kansas City, Missouri Register City Encyclopedia

Ballparks: (2003-2004), (1888), (1890-1903), (1903-1923), (1923-1954)

Kansas City, Missouri Teams History

2015American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals9567.586
2014American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8973.549
2013American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8676.531
2012American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7290.444
2011American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7191.438
2010American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals6795.414
2009American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals6597.401
2008American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7587.463
2007American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals6993.426
2006American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals62100.383
2005American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals56106.346
2004American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals58104.358
2004Northern LeagueIndKansas City T-Bones4848.500
2003Northern LeagueIndKansas City T-Bones4346.483
2003American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8379.512
2002American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals62100.383
2001American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals6597.401
2000American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7785.475
1999American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals6497.398
1998American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7289.447
1997American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals6794.416
1996American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7586.466
1995American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7074.486
1994American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals6451.557
1993American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8478.519
1992American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7290.444
1991American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8280.506
1990American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7586.466
1989American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals9270.568
1988American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8477.522
1987American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8379.512
1986American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7686.469
1985American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals9171.562
1984American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8478.519
1983American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7983.488
1982American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals9072.556
1981American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals5053.485
1980American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals9765.599
1979American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8577.525
1978American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals9270.568
1977American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals10260.630
1976American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals9072.556
1975American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals9171.562
1974American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7785.475
1973American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8874.543
1972American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals7678.494
1971American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals8576.528
1970American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals6597.401
1969American LeagueMLBKansas City Royals6993.426
1967American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics6299.385
1966American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics7486.463
1965American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics59103.364
1964American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics57105.352
1963American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics7389.451
1962American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics7290.444
1961American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics61100.379
1960American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics5896.377
1959American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics6688.429
1958American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics7381.474
1957American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics5994.386
1956American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics52102.338
1955American LeagueMLBKansas City Athletics6391.409
1954American AssociationAAAKansas City Blues6885.444
1953American AssociationAAAKansas City Blues8866.571
1952American AssociationAAAKansas City Blues8965.578
1951American AssociationAAAKansas City Blues8170.536
1950Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1950American AssociationAAAKansas City Blues5499.353
1949Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1949American AssociationAAAKansas City Blues7180.470
1948American AssociationAAAKansas City Blues6488.421
1948Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1947American AssociationAAAKansas City Blues9360.608
1947Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1946American AssociationAAAKansas City Blues6782.450
1946Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1945American AssociationAAKansas City Blues6586.430
1945Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1944Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1944American AssociationAAKansas City Blues41110.272
1943Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1943American AssociationAAKansas City Blues6785.441
1942Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1942American AssociationAAKansas City Blues8469.549
1941Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1941American AssociationAAKansas City Blues8569.552
1940American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1940Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1939Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1939American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1938Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1938American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1937American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1937Negro American LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1936Independent NegroNonKansas City Monarchs
1936American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1935Independent NegroNonKansas City Monarchs
1935American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1934American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1934Independent NegroNonKansas City Monarchs
1933Independent NegroNonKansas City Monarchs
1933American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1932American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1932Independent NegroNonKansas City Monarchs
1931Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1931American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1930American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1930Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1929American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1929Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1928American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1928Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1927American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1927Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1926American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1926Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1925American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1925Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1924American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1924Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1923American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1923Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1922American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1922Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1921American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1921Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1920Negro National LeagueNgMKansas City Monarchs
1920American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1919American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1918American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1917American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1916American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1915Federal LeagueMLBKansas City Packers8172.529
1915American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1914American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1914Federal LeagueMLBKansas City Packers6784.444
1913Federal LeagueIndKansas City Packers/Covington Blue Sox
1913American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1912American AssociationAAKansas City Blues
1911American AssociationAKansas City Blues
1910American AssociationAKansas City Blues
1909American AssociationAKansas City Blues
1908American AssociationAKansas City Blues
1907American AssociationAKansas City Blues
1906American AssociationAKansas City Blues
1905American AssociationAKansas City Blues
1904American AssociationAKansas City Blues
1903American AssociationAKansas City Cowboys
1903Western LeagueAKansas City Blue Stockings
1902Western LeagueAKansas City Blue Stockings
1902American AssociationIndKansas City Blues
1901Western LeagueAKansas City Blues
1900American LeagueAKansas City Blues
1899Western LeagueAKansas City Blues
1898Western LeagueAKansas City Blues
1897Western LeagueAKansas City Blues
1896Western LeagueAKansas City Blues
1895Western LeagueAKansas City Blues
1894Western LeagueN/AKansas City Cowboys
1893Western AssociationN/AKansas City Blues
1892Western LeagueAKansas City Cowboys
1891Western AssociationN/AKansas City Blues
1890Western AssociationN/AKansas City Blues
1889American AssociationMLBKansas City Cowboys5582.401
1888American AssociationMLBKansas City Cowboys4389.326
1888Western AssociationAKansas City Blues
1887Western LeagueN/AKansas City Cowboys
1886National LeagueMLBKansas City Cowboys3091.248
1885Western LeagueN/AKansas City Cowboys
1884Union AssociationMLBKansas City Cowboys1663.203

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