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776 Players Listed Starting with "Or"

Clarence Ora, gn. Clarence, played 1932
Carlos Oraa, gn. Carlos, b. 1989, played 2007-2009
Oram, played 1911
Jon Oram, gn. Jonathan M., b. 1973, played 1993-1995
Juan Oramas, gn. Juan Pablo, b. 1990, played 2007-2016
Victor Oramos, gn. Victor
Tom Oran, gn. Thomas, b. 1847, d. 1886, played 1875
Dip Orange, gn. Grady Diploma, b. 1900, d. 1946, played 1925-1931
Nick Orange, gn. Nicholas, b. 1917, played 1940-1946
Paul Orange, gn. Paul, b. 1919, played 1941
Richard Orange, gn. Richard
Robert Orange, gn. Robert, b. 1945, played 1966-1969
Rodney Orange, gn. Rodney, b. 1945, played 1966
Jaime Orantes, gn. Jaime A. (Osuna), b. 1978, played 1998
Ramon Orantes, gn. Ramon (Rodarte), b. 1973, played 1993-2016
John Oras, gn. John, played 1939
Carlos Orasma, gn. Carlos Alfredo, b. 1991, played 2009-2012
John Oravec, gn. John, played 1938
Robert Oravec, gn. Robert Paul, b. 1959, played 1977-1979
Mike Oravecz, gn. Michael, b. 1917, d. 2009, played 1937-1939
Ernie Oravetz, gn. Ernest Eugene, b. 1932, d. 2006, played 1951-1963
George Oravitz, gn. George, played 1938
Jerry Oravitz, gn. Gerald J., Sr., b. 1941, d. 2011, played 1960
John Orban, gn. John R., b. 1919, played 1939
Walter Orbin, gn. Walter Brown, b. 1878, played 1903-1905
Kenneth Orbison, gn. Kenneth R., b. 1940, played 1960-1962
Orchard, played 1905
William Orchard, gn. William, played 1907
Zac Orchard, gn. Zachary
Orcutt, played 1914
Orcutt, played 1911
Delmar Orcutt, gn. Delmar B., played 1911-1913
Thomas Orcutt, gn. Thomas, played 1938
Wheat Orcutt, gn. James Wheaton, b. 1891, d. 1974, played 1912-1922
Hugh Ord, gn. Hugh, played 1954
Orday, played 1907
Alexander Ordaz, gn. Alexander (Rodriguez), b. 1991, played 2013-2014
Jose Ordaz, gn. Jose Alejandro (Valdez), b. 1996, played 2013-2014
Luis Ordaz, gn. Luis Javier, b. 1975, played 1993-2010
Onelio Ordaz, gn. Onelio, b. 1941, played 1960
Rafael Ordaz, gn. Rafael, b. 1995, played 2012-2016
Reynaldo Ordaz, gn. Reynaldo (Velazquez), b. 1966, played 1987-1991
Victor Ordaz, gn. Victor, b. 1932, played 1952
Tony Ordenana, gn. Antonio (Rodriguez), b. 1918, d. 1988, played 1942-1954
Michael Ordez, gn. Michael
Adan Ordonez, gn. Adan
Ceferino Ordonez, gn. Ceferino (Garcia), b. 1936, played 1956-1958
Magglio Ordonez, gn. Magglio Javier, b. 1995, played 2014-2015
Magglio Ordonez, gn. Magglio (Delgado), b. 1974, played 1992-2011
Rey Ordonez, gn. Reynaldo, b. 1971, played 1993-2004
Rey Ordonez, gn. Rey
Eric Ordorica, gn. Eric, b. 1980, played 2002-2004
Luis Ordosgoitti, gn. Luis Enrique, b. 1992, played 2010-2014
Ernesto Orduno, gn. Ernesto, played 1951
Juan Orduno, gn. Juan, played 1969-1970
Manual Orduno, gn. Manual, b. 1996, played 2014-2015
Victor Orduno, gn. Victor, played 1989
Donald Ordway, gn. Donald R., b. 1929, played 1948
H. Ordway, gn. H., played 1915
Jeff Ordway, gn. Jeffrey A., b. 1966, played 1990
Kirk Ordway, gn. Kirk W., b. 1970, played 1993
Richard Ordway, gn. Richard T., b. 1944, played 1967-1970
Edmund Ordzie, gn. Edmund C., b. 1921, played 1939-1941
Tyon Ore, gn. Tyon
Will Ore, gn. William, b. 1993
Carlos Orea, gn. Carlos C., b. 1952, played 1972-1973
Diacono Orea, gn. Diacono, b. 1949, played 1968-1982
Flavio Orea, gn. Flavio, b. 1977, played 1996-2007
Ignacio Orea, gn. Igancio, b. 1979, played 2006
Ignacio Orea, gn. Ignacio (Acosta), b. 1952, played 1973-1978
Sergio Orea, gn. Sergio, played 1965
Midget Orebaugh, gn. Midget, played 1914
Frank Orefice, gn. Frank, played 1932-1934
Mike Orefice, gn. Mike, b. 1984, played 2014
Enrique Orejas, gn. Enrique, played 1985
Reinaldo Orejas, gn. Reinaldo, b. 1961, played 1983
Elmer Orella, gn. Elmer Joseph, b. 1921, d. 2012, played 1940-1946
Collin Orellana, gn. Collin, b. 1994
Rafael Orellano, gn. Rafael Antonio, b. 1973, played 1993-2000
Fred Orelup, gn. Fred G., played 1890-1895
Rube Orem, gn. Rube, played 1917
Keith Oren, gn. Keith
Victor Oren, gn. Victor (Calvo), b. 1970, played 1993-1994
Justin Orenduff, gn. Justin A., b. 1983, played 2004-2011
Joe Orengo, gn. Joseph Charles, b. 1914, d. 1988, played 1934-1946
Herbert Orensky, gn. Herbert M., b. 1956, played 1979-1982
Leo Orestad, gn. Leo, b. 1939, played 1958
Austin Orewiler, gn. Austin Michael, b. 1993, played 2015-2016
Nick Orewiler, gn. Nick
Dallas Orf, gn. Dallas C., b. 1929, played 1948-1951
Eugene Orf, gn. Eugene F., b. 1939, played 1961-1964
Nathan Orf, gn. Nathan, b. 1990, played 2013-2016
Pablo Orfila, gn. Pablo X., b. 1986, played 2004-2006
Kevin Orga, gn. Kevin, b. 1977, played 2000-2004
Tommy Organ, gn. Tommy, b. 1991, played 2014-2015
Pete Orgill, gn. Peter Duane, b. 1977, played 1999-2000
Ryan Orgitano, gn. Ryan
Joe Orgovan, gn. Joe, b. 1985, played 2007-2008
Filippo Ori, gn. Filippo, played 1999-2005
Mark Ori, gn. Mark, b. 1983, played 2005-2011
Yoshizo Oribe, gn. Yoshizo, b. 1920, played 1939-1942
Edward Orick, gn. Edward J., b. 1955, played 1974
Kevin Orie, gn. Kevin Leonard, b. 1972, played 1993-2006
Rene Oriental, gn. Rene Arturo, b. 1984, played 2002-2010
William Oriet, gn. William E., played 1907-1914
Fabio Origlia, gn. Fabio, played 2002-2004
Demi Orimoloye, gn. Oluwademilade Oluwadamilola, b. 1997, played 2015-2016
Gary Oring, gn. Gary William, b. 1943, played 1963-1967
John Oring, gn. John Charles, b. 1937, played 1956
Junya Orita, gn. Junya, b. 1972, played 1995
Maracle Oriz, gn. Maracle R. (Aballe), b. 1992, played 2013-2015
Ed Orizzi, gn. Ed
R.C. Orlan, gn. Robert, b. 1990, played 2013-2016
Orlander, played 1925
Ronald Orlandi, gn. Ronald Peter, played 1949-1954
Gerald Orlandini, gn. Gerald Joseph, b. 1942, played 1961-1964
Orlando, played 1954
Albert Orlando, gn. Albert, b. 1924, played 1942-1952
Babbo Orlando, gn. Babbo
Dominic Orlando, gn. Dominic
Dominick Orlando, gn. Dominick
James Orlando, gn. James, played 1950
Joe Orlando, gn. Joe, played 1995
Joe Orlando, gn. Joe, b. 1995
Joseph Orlando, gn. Joseph R., b. 1927, played 1944-1948
Luis Orlando, gn. Luis (Ferrer), b. 1983, played 2008
Paulo Orlando, gn. Paulo Roberto, b. 1985, played 2006-2016
Ronald Orlando, gn. Ronald P., played 1948
Vinny Orlando, gn. Vinny
Nick Orlandos, gn. Nicholas George, b. 1980, played 2002-2004
Gerard Orleman, gn. Gerard James, b. 1925, d. 1995, played 1947-1953
Joseph Orlet, gn. Joseph James, played 1954
Michael Orlich, gn. Michael S., b. 1959, played 1980-1981
Orlick, played 1927
Ray Orlikowski, gn. Raymond H., b. 1941, played 1959-1965
Ben Orloff, gn. Ben, b. 1987, played 2009-2013
Kyle Orloff, gn. Kyle
Leo Orloff, gn. Leo E., played 1938
Matt Orloff, gn. Matt
Joe Orloski, gn. Joseph Paul, b. 1979, played 1998-2006
Michael Orlowski, gn. Michael
Conrad Orman, gn. Conrad Efrem, b. 1987, played 2005-2011
Jason Orman, gn. Jason, played 2010-2011
Jeldwin Orman, gn. Jeldwin, played 2015
Nelson Orman, gn. Nelson J., b. 1964, played 1983
Richard Orman, gn. Richard B., b. 1969, played 1990-2010
Ormand, played 1929
Ormand, played 1928
Ormand, played 1926
Ormand, played 1923
Ormand, played 1922
Hugh Ormand, gn. Hugh Dixon, b. 1899, d. 1976, played 1923-1927
Lee Ormand, gn. Lee, played 1926-1931
Orme, played 1926
Earle Orme, gn. Earle E., played 1938
Ernest Orme, gn. Ernest, played 1939
George Orme, gn. George William, b. 1891, d. 1962, played 1912-1925
Jack Ormiston, gn. Jack, played 1951
Ormond, played 1925
Lee Ormond, gn. Lee, played 1924-1925
Robert Ormond, gn. Robert L., b. 1949, played 1969-1973
Rodney Ormond, gn. William Rodney, b. 1977, played 1999-2006
Tyler Ormond, gn. Tyler
Troy Ormonde, gn. Troy D., b. 1975, played 1994-1995
Orms, played 1914
Ormsbee, played 1897
Frank Ormsbee, gn. Frank
Henry Ormsbee, gn. Henry
Bancroft Ormsby, gn. Byron Bancroft, b. 1955, played 1976-1977
Dirk Ormsby, gn. Dirk
John Ormsby, gn. John P., played 1940
Red Ormsby, gn. Emmett Thomas, b. 1895, d. 1962, played 1913-1914
Robert Ormsby, gn. Robert Emmet
Mike Ormseth, gn. Michael, b. 1991, played 2014-2016
Jorge Orna, gn. Jorge Luis (Ugarte), b. 1996, played 2014
Orndolf, played 1915
Orndorf, played 1915
Orndorff, played 1931-1933
Charles Orndorff, gn. Charles A., b. 1949, played 1968
Dave Orndorff, gn. David Jeremiah, b. 1977, played 1995-1998
David Orndorff, gn. David
Jess Orndorff, gn. Jesse Walworth Thayer, b. 1881, d. 1960, played 1904-1917
Robbie Orndorff, gn. Robbie
Vernon Orndorff, gn. Vernon R., b. 1935, played 1961-1962
Ornelas, played 1929
Ornelas, played 1926
Alec Ornelas, gn. Alec
Benjamin Ornelas, gn. Benjamin, b. 1986
Derek Ornelas, gn. Derek
Eleno Ornelas, gn. Eleno
Ernesto Ornelas, gn. Ernesto, played 1948-1949
Frank Ornelas, gn. Frank, played 1952
Guillermo Ornelas, gn. Guillermo, played 1938-1940
Jesus Ornelas, gn. Jesus, played 1976-1980
Jose Ornelas, gn. Jose A., played 1976-1977
Magdaleno Ornelas, gn. Magdaleno, played 1937
Rafael Ornelas, gn. Rafael, b. 1980, played 2004-2005
Rafael Ornelas, gn. Rafael, b. 1948, played 1969-1980
Roberto Ornelas, gn. Roberto, played 1974-1980
William Ornelas, gn. William
Michael Ornelaz, gn. Michael, played 1996
W. Ornelias, gn. W. M., played 1926
Ornelis, played 1927
Ornelius, played 1926
Norm Ornellas, gn. Norman J., b. 1935, d. 2009, played 1954
Charles Orner, gn. Charles M., b. 1931, played 1950-1956
Ornes, played 1920
Andrew Ornes, gn. Andrew
Bobby Ornes, gn. Bobby
Harry Ornest, gn. Harry L., b. 1923, d. 1998, played 1942-1945
Maury Ornest, gn. Maury, b. 1960, played 1980-1982
Michael Ornest, gn. Michael, b. 1957, played 1975-1977
Gus Ornstein, gn. Gus
Matt Ornstein, gn. Matt
Raul Oro, gn. Raul (Perez), b. 1939, played 1961-1962
Camden Orologio, gn. Camden
Elias Orona, gn. Elias
Nestor Oronel, gn. Nestor Eduardo (Silveira), b. 1996, played 2014-2016
Chris Oropesa, gn. Chris
Eddie Oropesa, gn. Edilberto, b. 1971, played 1993-2014
Ricky Oropesa, gn. Efrin Ricardo, b. 1989, played 2012-2016
Asdrubal Oropeza, gn. Asdrubal Enrique, b. 1980, played 1997-2006
Carlos Oropeza, gn. Carlos Ignacio (Velasquez), b. 1998, played 2016
Carlos Oropeza, gn. Carlos Eduardo, b. 1992, played 2009-2011
Clemente Oropeza, gn. Clemente, b. 1962, played 1982
Dave Oropeza, gn. David, b. 1966, played 1988-1989
Edgar Oropeza, gn. Edgar
Humberto Oropeza, gn. Humberto, played 1969
Igor Oropeza, gn. Igor J., b. 1972, played 1993-1996
Jesse Oropeza, gn. Jesse
Willie Oropeza, gn. Williams U., b. 1975, played 1995-2004
Yonaiker Oropeza, gn. Yonaiker Enrique (Barboza), b. 1997, played 2016
James Oros, gn. James B., b. 1958, played 1980
James Oros, gn. James A., b. 1933, played 1958
Michael Oros, gn. Michael, b. 1989, played 2012-2013
Alex Orosco, gn. Alex, played 1938
Boyce Orosco, gn. Boyce G., b. 1961, played 1979-1980
Jesse Orosco, gn. Jesse, b. 1987, played 2008-2011
Jesse Orosco, gn. Jesse Russell, b. 1957, played 1978-2003
Nolan Orosco, gn. Nolan (Cardenas), played 2011-2012
Brad Orosey, gn. Brad, b. 1989, played 2012-2016
Felix Oroz, gn. Felix A., b. 1957, played 1979-1984
A. Orozco, gn. A., played 1978
Abraham Orozco, gn. Abraham, b. 1992, played 2011-2012
Adrian Orozco, gn. Adrian
Alejandro Orozco, gn. Alejandro O., b. 1944, played 1968-1969
Alvaro Orozco, gn. Alvaro, b. 1985, played 2008
Antonio Orozco, gn. Antonio, b. 1980, played 2003
Arturo Orozco, gn. Arturo, played 1970-1982
Bobby Orozco, gn. Robert, b. 1990, played 2014-2016
Bolivar Orozco, gn. Bolivar, played 1972
Carlos Orozco, gn. Carlos, played 1998
Carlos Orozco, gn. Carlos, played 1981
Carlos Orozco, gn. Carlos
Dernier Orozco, gn. Dernier A., b. 1982, played 2003
Eddie Orozco, gn. Eduardo, b. 1989, played 2012-2013
Elvin Orozco, gn. Elvin, b. 1988, played 2006-2009
Evertz Orozco, gn. Evertz Alvarado, b. 1994, played 2013-2016
Francisco Orozco, gn. Francisco J., played 1971
Gabriel Orozco, gn. Gabriel, b. 1975, played 1997
Gabriel Orozco, gn. Gabriel, played 1995
Guadalupe Orozco, gn. Guadalupe, played 1977
Ismael Orozco, gn. Ismael
Jaime Orozco, gn. Jaime (Roux), b. 1962, played 1981-2000
Jamiel Orozco, gn. Jamiel, b. 1993, played 2010-2013
Jesse Orozco, gn. Jesse
Jesse Orozco, gn. Jesse
Jio Orozco, gn. Jiovanni Nikolas, b. 1997, played 2015-2016
Jose Orozco, gn. Jose Manuel (Rojas), b. 1990, played 2009-2016
Jose Orozco, gn. Jose A., b. 1949, played 1968-1969
Jose Orozco, gn. Jose, played 1964
Juan Orozco, gn. Juan Manuel, played 1975-1980
Luis Orozco, gn. Luis Carlos, b. 1990, played 2009
Octavio Orozco, gn. Octavio (Roux), b. 1967, played 1985-1990
Octavio Orozco, gn. Octavio, played 1970
Pedro Orozco, gn. Pedro, played 1990
Reinier Orozco, gn. Reinier (Alvarez), played 2001-2007
Rigoberto Orozco, gn. Rigoberto
Robert Orozco, gn. Robert
Rodrigo Orozco, gn. Rodrigo Alexis (Beckford), b. 1995, played 2013-2016
Victor Orozco, gn. Victor M. (Fernandez), b. 1943, played 1962-1981
Washington Orozco, gn. Washington Bolivar (Rosario), b. 1951, played 1969-1972
John Orphal, gn. John Julius, b. 1917, d. 2015, played 1939-1948
Hugh Orphan, gn. Hugh Edward, b. 1918, d. 2000, played 1940-1948
John Orpheus, gn. John H., b. 1914, played 1935-1939
Orr, played 1931
Orr, played 1929
Orr, played 1922
Orr, played 1922
Orr, played 1920
Orr, played 1916
Orr, played 1910
Orr, played 1904
Orr, played 1904
Orr, played 1904
Albert Orr, gn. Albert F., played 1937-1938
Alex Orr, gn. Alexander R., b. 1899, d. 1971, played 1927
Austin Orr, gn. Austin, b. 1996
Ben Orr, gn. Benjamin Matthew, b. 1978, played 2001-2003
Bert Orr, gn. Bert, played 1911
Billy Orr, gn. William Don, b. 1937, played 1956
Billy Orr, gn. William John, b. 1891, d. 1967, played 1911-1924
Billy Orr, gn. Billy, played 1898
Bob Orr, gn. Bob
Brandon Orr, gn. Brandon
Brodie Orr, gn. Brodie
Bronson Orr, gn. Bronson
Daddy Orr, gn. Daddy
Dan Orr, gn. Daniel Jensen, b. 1968, played 1989-1990
Dave Orr, gn. David L., b. 1859, d. 1915, played 1883-1890
David Orr, gn. David Lynn, b. 1952, played 1974-1975
Edward Orr, gn. Edward, played 1906-1907
Garland Orr, gn. Charles Garland, b. 1907, d. 1941, played 1927-1933
Geoff Orr, gn. Geoffrey Michael, b. 1968, played 1990-1991
Geoff Orr, gn. Geoff
Greg Orr, gn. Greg
Herbert Orr, gn. Herbert, played 1930
J. Orr, gn. J., played 1892
Jack Orr, gn. Jack
James Orr, gn. James, b. 1933, played 1952-1956
James Orr, gn. James
JD Orr, gn. JD
John Orr, gn. John, b. 1918, played 1938-1941
John Orr, gn. John, played 1925
John Orr, gn. John
John Orr, gn. John
Kyle Orr, gn. Kyle A., b. 1988, played 2007-2010
Lee Orr, gn. Marvin Lee, b. 1988, played 2011-2015
Leslie Orr, gn. Leslie D., played 1942
Matty Orr, gn. Matthew, played 1905
Nobe Orr, gn. Nobe, played 1911
O. Orr, gn. O. N., played 1908
Patrick Orr, gn. Patrick
Paul Orr, gn. Paul M., b. 1940, played 1960-1961
Pete Orr, gn. Peterson Thomas Gordon, b. 1979, played 2000-2015
Phil Orr, gn. Philip, b. 1994
Robert Orr, gn. Robert, played 1918-1922
Ryan Orr, gn. Ryan, b. 1996
S. Orr, gn. S. T., played 1912-1913
Sam Orr, gn. Samuel R., b. 1983, played 2004-2007
Sam Orr, gn. Sam
Spencer Orr, gn. Spencer
Thomas Orr, gn. Thomas, played 1951
Tom Orr, gn. Tom, played 1939-1940
William Orr, gn. William
Art Orrante, gn. Arthur Julio, b. 1938, d. 2015, played 1956
Carlos Orrantia, gn. Carlos, b. 1981, played 2002-2016
Joe Orrell, gn. Forrest Gordon, b. 1917, d. 1993, played 1936-1957
Russ Orrick, gn. Russell William, b. 1961, d. 2009, played 1981-1982
Joseph Orrico, gn. Joseph, played 1950
Chester Orris, gn. Chester, played 1911
Julius Orris, gn. Julius, played 1911-1916
Tyler Orris, gn. Tyler, b. 1994, played 2016
Bobby Orrison, gn. Robert Lee, b. 1886, d. 1958, played 1915-1917
Zak Orrison, gn. Zak
Brian Orrizzi, gn. Brian, played 2009-2011
Yamian Orrutinier, gn. Yamian (B.), played 2005-2011
Jim Orsag, gn. James Richard, b. 1964, played 1985-1990
Thomas Orsag, gn. Thomas
Richard Orsagh, gn. Richard George, b. 1942, played 1963-1966
Ernie Orsatti, gn. Ernest Ralph, b. 1902, d. 1968, played 1925-1939
Frank Orsatti, gn. Frank Harry, b. 1942, played 1963
Charles Orsborn, gn. Charles W., b. 1917, played 1939-1941
John Orsborn, gn. John
Dayton Orsburn, gn. Dayton Michael, b. 1940, played 1959-1963
Miles Orscheln, gn. Miles
Liberato Orsi, gn. Liberato, played 1940
Don Orsillo, gn. Don
John Orsino, gn. John Joseph, b. 1938, played 1957-1969
Joe Orsulak, gn. Joseph Michael, b. 1962, played 1981-1997
Joseph Orszulak, gn. Joseph
Ort, played 1912-1915
Ort, played 1906
George Ort, gn. George P., b. 1885, played 1906-1911
Kaleb Ort, gn. Kaleb, b. 1992, played 2016
Robby Ort, gn. Robby
Edgar Orta, gn. Edgar, b. 1973, played 1993
Jesus Orta, gn. Jesus (Batista), played 1997-2007
Jorge Orta, gn. Jorge (Nunez), b. 1950, played 1968-1987
Jose Orta, gn. Jose Antonio (Rojas), b. 1999, played 2016
Juan Orta, gn. Juan Carlos, b. 1978, played 1996-1997
Pedro Orta, gn. Pedro Francisco, b. 1982, played 2003-2012
Pedro Orta, gn. Pedro, played 1946-1955
Phillips Orta, gn. Phillips L., b. 1986, played 2007-2009
Rafael Orta, gn. Rafael (Luis), b. 1978, played 1998-2014
Raidel Orta, gn. Raidel (Ruiz), played 2014
Ricky Orta, gn. Enrique Daniel, b. 1984, played 2006-2012
Abel Ortega, gn. Abel, b. 1949, played 1968-1969
Alfonso Ortega, gn. Alfonso, b. 1937, played 1957-1958
Alfredo Ortega, gn. Alfredo, played 1973
Allen Ortega, gn. Allen (Rivas), played 2001-2002
Alvaro Ortega, gn. Alvaro Antonio, b. 1986, played 2007-2008
Andres Ortega, gn. Andres, b. 1883, played 1904-1908
Angel Ortega, gn. Angel Joshua, b. 1993, played 2012-2016
Angel Ortega, gn. Angel, played 1978-1981
Anthony Ortega, gn. Anthony Yoel (Martinez), b. 1985, played 2006-2016
Antonio Ortega, gn. Antonio (Trevizo), played 1994-2003
Antonio Ortega, gn. Antonio, played 1966
Ariel Ortega, gn. Ariel Antonio (Hernandez), b. 1997, played 2015-2016
Bill Ortega, gn. William (Bobadilla), b. 1975, played 1997-2005
Bryce Ortega, gn. Bryce, b. 1988, played 2011-2012
Carlos Ortega, gn. Carlos Enrique (Garcia), b. 1989, played 2007-2009
Carlos Ortega, gn. Carlos Antonio, b. 1978, played 1999-2001
Cesar Ortega, gn. Cesar, b. 1984, played 2006
Charles Ortega, gn. Charles, b. 1920, played 1941
Chris Ortega, gn. Chris
Daniel Ortega, gn. Daniel, b. 1959, played 1979-1981
Danny Ortega, gn. Sixto Daniel, b. 1976, played 1999-2002
Dario Ortega, gn. Dario, played 1970
Dennis Ortega, gn. Dennis Enrique (Moreno), b. 1997, played 2014-2016
Eddie Ortega, gn. Eduardo Carvajal, b. 1970, played 1989-1994
Eduardo Ortega, gn. Eduardo (Morales), b. 1990, played 2015
Eduardo Ortega, gn. Eduardo
Efrin Ortega, gn. Efrin (Pena), b. 1997, played 2014-2015
Enrique Ortega, gn. Guaroha Enrique, b. 1986, played 2006
Evelio Ortega, gn. Evelio, played 1950-1954
Felipe Ortega, gn. Felipe, b. 1948, played 1967
Felipe Ortega, gn. Felipe, played 1949
Felix Ortega, gn. Felix Jean, b. 1981, played 2000-2001
Flabio Ortega, gn. Flabio Luis (Rodriguez), b. 1990, played 2009-2014
Francisco Ortega, gn. Francisco Javier, played 1976-1977
Francisco Ortega, gn. Francisco, played 1974-1975
Franklin Ortega, gn. Franklin, b. 1973, played 1997-1998
Harvey Ortega, gn. Harvey (Quijano), b. 1974, played 1993
Hector Ortega, gn. Hector Jose (Barrera), b. 1972, played 1989-1997
Hermes Ortega, gn. Hermes (Lopez), played 1997-2003
Ignacio Ortega, gn. Ignacio, played 1970-1971
Irving Ortega, gn. Irving Rene (Taveras), b. 1996, played 2015-2016
Jake Ortega, gn. Jake
Jeff Ortega, gn. Jeff
Jhon Ortega, gn. Jhon, b. 1994, played 2011-2012
Joel Ortega, gn. Joel Antonio, b. 1984, played 2003-2004
John Ortega, gn. John, played 1940-1941
Jonathan Ortega, gn. Jonathan, b. 1996
Jorge Ortega, gn. Jorge L., b. 1993, played 2011-2016
Jorge Ortega, gn. Jorge, played 1939-1940
Jose Ortega, gn. Jose Antonio (Chourio), b. 1988, played 2007-2016
Jose Ortega, gn. Jose, b. 1980, played 2004-2006
Jose Ortega, gn. Jose M., b. 1978, played 1998-1999
Jose Ortega, gn. Jose M., b. 1978, played 1999
Jose Ortega, gn. Jose L., b. 1962, played 1982-1984
Jose Ortega, gn. Jose Luis, played 1975-1979
Jose Ortega, gn. Jose
Kirk Ortega, gn. Kirk Anthony, b. 1958, played 1979-1981
Luciano Ortega, gn. Luciano, played 1964-1968
Lucio Ortega, gn. Lucio, played 1956
Luis Ortega, gn. Luis Alberto (Fragoza), b. 1993, played 2011-2016
Luis Ortega, gn. Luis, played 2016
Luis Ortega, gn. Luis David (Arnaud), b. 1993, played 2012-2015
Luis Ortega, gn. Luis A., b. 1987, played 2006-2009
Luis Ortega, gn. Luis (Ramirez), played 1997-1998
Luis Ortega, gn. Luis M., b. 1965, played 1983
Manuel Ortega, gn. Jesus Manuel, b. 1992, played 2010-2012
Manuel Ortega, gn. Manuel, b. 1936, played 1956-1958
Marfrey Ortega, gn. Marfrey Alejandro (Burguillos), b. 1998, played 2016
Martires Ortega, gn. Martires, b. 1988, played 2007
Nelalexfred Ortega, gn. Nelalexfred Nelson (Gonzalez), b. 1992, played 2010-2011
Nicolas Ortega, gn. Nicolas, played 1962-1967
Oliver Ortega, gn. Oliver (Holguin), b. 1996, played 2015-2016
Orlando Ortega, gn. Jose Orlando, b. 1979, played 1999-2001
Orlando Ortega, gn. Orlando
Oscar Ortega, gn. Oscar Castillo, b. 1971, played 1990-1992
Pablo Ortega, gn. Pablo Javier (Salinas), b. 1976, played 1995-2016
Pedro Ortega, gn. Pedro A., b. 1984, played 2002
Pete Ortega, gn. Pedro, Jr., b. 1935, played 1954-1957
Phil Ortega, gn. Filomeno Coronada, b. 1939, played 1959-1972
Rafael Ortega, gn. Rafael Angel (Garcia), b. 1991, played 2008-2016
Rafael Ortega, gn. Rafael, played 1964
Ramon Ortega, gn. Ramon, b. 1989, played 2014-2015
Randy Ortega, gn. Randy Montoya, b. 1972, played 1993-1996
Raul Ortega, gn. Raul Eduardo, b. 1984, played 2003-2004
Raul Ortega, gn. Raul, b. 1979, played 1997-2000
Raul Ortega, gn. Raul, played 1970
Raul Ortega, gn. Raul, b. 1945, played 1964
Raul Ortega, gn. Raul
Ray Ortega, gn. Raymond, b. 1962, played 1982-1984
Ray Ortega, gn. Raymond, b. 1929, d. 2013, played 1950-1953
Ray Ortega, gn. Ray, b. 1989
Ricardo Ortega, gn. Ricardo, played 1960
Roberto Ortega, gn. Roberto, b. 1972, played 1991-2005
Rolando Ortega, gn. Rolando, b. 1931, played 1952-1956
Tomas Ortega, gn. Tomas, played 1957
Wilbert Ortega, gn. Wilbert G., b. 1977, played 1996-2010
Yonata Ortega, gn. Yonata Alvaro, b. 1986, played 2006-2014
Yorvix Ortega, gn. Yorvix, b. 1989, played 2007-2010
Yunior Ortega, gn. Yunior Esteban (Sanchez), b. 1991, played 2009-2013
Andres Ortegano, gn. Andres
Jose Ortegano, gn. Jose D., b. 1987, played 2006-2010
Kenny Ortego, gn. Kenny, played 1997
Guadalupe Ortegon, gn. Guadalupe, played 1938-1953
Guillermo Ortegon, gn. Guillermo, b. 1936, played 1960-1961
Ronnie Ortegon, gn. Ronnie Lee, b. 1966, played 1989-1990
Lawrence Orteig, gn. Lawrence E., b. 1925, played 1948-1949
Ray Orteig, gn. Raymond Joseph, b. 1919, d. 1993, played 1939-1958
Luke Ortel, gn. Luke, b. 1993
Frank Ortenzio, gn. Frank Joseph, b. 1951, played 1969-1980
Casey Ortez, gn. Casey
Phil Ortez, gn. Philip M., b. 1986, played 2010-2015
Orth, played 1910-1911
Al Orth, gn. Albert Lewis, b. 1872, d. 1948, played 1894-1910
Austin Orth, gn. Austin
Calvin Orth, gn. Calvin
Dick Orth, gn. Dick, played 1885
Emery Orth, gn. Emery, played 1910-1913
Juan Ortigoza, gn. Juan, b. 1945, played 1967-1969
Ramon Ortis, gn. Ramon
Ortiz, played 1954
Adam Ortiz, gn. Adam, played 2005
Adrian Ortiz, gn. Adrian, b. 1987, played 2007-2012
Albert Ortiz, gn. Albert, b. 1957, played 1978-1979
Alejandro Ortiz, gn. Alejandro, b. 1990, played 2009-2016
Alejandro Ortiz, gn. Alejandro Jaime (Arias), b. 1990, played 2009-2013
Alejandro Ortiz, gn. Alejandro A. (Diaz), b. 1958, played 2006
Alex Ortiz, gn. Alejandro (Diaz), b. 1960, played 1981-2004
Alex Ortiz, gn. Alex, b. 1982
Alexander Ortiz, gn. Alexander, b. 1958, played 1978
Alfonso Ortiz, gn. Alfonso, b. 1944, played 1967-1969
Alfredo Ortiz, gn. Alfredo (Uzcanga), b. 1944, played 1960-1988
Alfredo Ortiz, gn. Alfredo, played 1979
Alfredo Ortiz, gn. Ramon Alfredo, b. 1952, played 1969-1972
Alfredo Ortiz, gn. Alfredo, played 1971
Alfredo Ortiz, gn. Alfredo R., b. 1949, played 1968
Andoni Ortiz, gn. Andoni F., b. 1983, played 2004-2006
Andres Ortiz, gn. Andres
Andrew Ortiz, gn. Andrew R., b. 1961, played 1982-1984
Andy Ortiz, gn. Andy
Angel Ortiz, gn. Angel Antonio (Torres), b. 1967, played 1986-1992
Angel Ortiz, gn. Angel
Anthony Ortiz, gn. Anthony
Anthony Ortiz, gn. Anthony
Antonio Ortiz, gn. Antonio (Polanco), b. 1963, played 1982
Antonio Ortiz, gn. Juan A., b. 1958, played 1976-1979
Armando Ortiz, gn. Armando, b. 1950, played 1970-1980
Armando Ortiz, gn. Armando E., b. 1945, played 1965-1968
Asbel Ortiz, gn. Asbel Joel, b. 1976, played 1994-2004
Aurelio Ortiz, gn. Aurelio (Gonzalez)
Avery Ortiz, gn. Avery
Axel Ortiz, gn. Axel
Ayalen Ortiz, gn. Ayalen (Venero), played 2000-2003
Baby Ortiz, gn. Oliverio (Nunez), b. 1919, d. 1984, played 1944-1955
Bo Ortiz, gn. Basilio, b. 1970, played 1991-1997
Braulio Ortiz, gn. Braulio, b. 1991, played 2011-2016
Brian Ortiz, gn. Brian
Carlos Ortiz, gn. Carlos C., b. 1979, played 1997
Carlos Ortiz, gn. Carlos, b. 1994
Christian Ortiz, gn. Christian
Christopher Ortiz, gn. Christopher M., b. 1957, played 1976
Cipriano Ortiz, gn. Cipriano, played 1964
Coty Ortiz, gn. Coty
Dalfis Ortiz, gn. Dalfis Leonidas, b. 1992, played 2012-2014
Dan Ortiz, gn. Daniel, b. 1973, played 1992-1993
Daniel Ortiz, gn. Daniel, b. 1990, played 2008-2016
Daniel Ortiz, gn. Daniel Nathan, b. 1980, played 1999-2002
Daniel Ortiz, gn. Daniel
Dario Ortiz, gn. Dario R., b. 1982, played 2002-2003
David Ortiz, gn. David Americo (Arias), b. 1975, played 1994-2016
David Ortiz, gn. David, played 1970
Devon Ortiz, gn. Devon
Dismani Ortiz, gn. Dismani (Lugones), b. 1986, played 2013
Doniesky Ortiz, gn. Doniesky (Guerrero), played 1997
E. Ortiz, gn. E., played 1955
Edgar Ortiz, gn. Edgar Orlando, b. 1987, played 2007
Edgar Ortiz, gn. Edgar Armando, b. 1979, played 2002
Edickson Ortiz, gn. Edickson A. (Then), b. 1977, played 1996
Eliezer Ortiz, gn. Eliezer (Reyes), b. 1987, played 2008-2016
Elsis Ortiz, gn. Elsis J., b. 1960, played 1983-1984
Elvin Ortiz, gn. Elvin Michael (Vasquez), b. 1991, played 2009-2013
Enmanuel Ortiz, gn. Enmanuel (Confesor), b. 1993, played 2012
Enrique Ortiz, gn. Enrique, played 1968
Felix Ortiz, gn. Felix, b. 1926, played 1956
Fernando Ortiz, gn. Fernando, b. 1996
Francisco Ortiz, gn. Francisco Javier, b. 1987, played 2006-2012
Francisco Ortiz, gn. Francisco, played 1978
Gabriel Ortiz, gn. Gabriel A. (Polanco), b. 1985, played 2006-2011
George Ortiz, gn. George
Gerardo Ortiz, gn. Gerardo, played 1978
Geury Ortiz, gn. Geury (Rosado), b. 1995, played 2015-2016
Gilberto Ortiz, gn. Gilberto, played 1977-1980
Giovanni Ortiz, gn. Giovanni E., b. 1988, played 2008-2009
Gregorio Ortiz, gn. Gregorio, b. 1967, played 1988-1993
Gustavo Ortiz, gn. Gustavo, played 1951
Gustavo Ortiz, gn. Gustavo, played 1937
Hanser Ortiz, gn. Hanser Salvador (Olaverria), b. 1994, played 2014-2016
Hector Ortiz, gn. Hector, b. 1994, played 2016
Hector Ortiz, gn. Hector (Montanez), b. 1969, played 1988-2005
Hector Ortiz, gn. Hector, played 2000
Hector Ortiz, gn. Hector, b. 1963, played 1982
Hugo Ortiz, gn. Hugo C., b. 1952, played 1973
Humberto Ortiz, gn. Humberto, b. 1950, played 1970
Isidro Ortiz, gn. Isidro, played 1952
J.C. Ortiz, gn. John C., b. 1975, played 1999-2006
J.J. Ortiz, gn. J. J.
Jacobo Ortiz, gn. Jacobo Martes, b. 1968, played 1986
Jaime Ortiz, gn. Jaime Luis, b. 1988, played 2006-2015
Jason Ortiz, gn. Jason, b. 1995
Javier Ortiz, gn. Javier Jesus, b. 1979, played 1999-2012
Javier Ortiz, gn. Javier Victor, b. 1963, played 1983-1995
Javier Ortiz, gn. Javier
Jesus Ortiz, gn. Jesus Emmanuel (Torres), b. 1997, played 2015-2016
Jesus Ortiz, gn. Jesus, b. 1991, played 2010-2013
Jhailyn Ortiz, gn. Jhailyn David (Rosado), b. 1998, played 2016
Joan Ortiz, gn. Joan M., b. 1988, played 2006
Joan Ortiz, gn. Joan
Joe Ortiz, gn. Joseph (Blanco), b. 1990, played 2007-2015
Joe Ortiz, gn. Joseph Manuel, b. 1964, d. 2014, played 1987-1990
Joe Ortiz, gn. Joseph William, b. 1966, played 1987-1990
Joe Ortiz, gn. Joe
Joel Ortiz, gn. Joel
John Ortiz, gn. John
Jonathan Ortiz, gn. Jonathan Alexander (Diaz), b. 1985, played 2006-2013
Jonny Ortiz, gn. Jonny, b. 1994
Jorge Ortiz, gn. Jorge Luis (Otero), b. 1980, played 1999-2000
Jorge Ortiz, gn. Jorge J., b. 1958, played 1977-1981
Jorge Ortiz, gn. Jorge L., b. 1959, played 1980
Jorge Ortiz, gn. Jorge
Jorge Ortiz, gn. Jorge
Jorge Ortiz, gn. Jorge
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose Fernando (Colon), b. 1994, played 2012-2015
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose Daniel (Santos), b. 1977, played 1996-2013
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose C., b. 1989, played 2010-2011
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose Michael, b. 1983, played 2003-2005
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose Baez (Portes), b. 1977, played 1999-2001
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose I., b. 1978, played 1996
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose A., b. 1968, played 1988-1989
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose Manuel (Rodriguez), b. 1949, played 1967-1986
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose Andres, played 1978
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose Luis (Irizarry), b. 1947, d. 2011, played 1966-1977
Jose Ortiz, gn. Jose
Jose Francisco Ortiz, gn. Jose Francisco, b. 1985, played 2004-2009
Joseph Ortiz, gn. Joseph
Juan Ortiz, gn. Juan Francisco, b. 1994, played 2012-2016
Juan Ortiz, gn. Juan Carlos, b. 1979, played 1998-2003
Juan Ortiz, gn. Juan, played 1972
Juan Ortiz, gn. Juan, played 1967
Julian Ortiz, gn. Julian, played 1978
Julio Ortiz, gn. Julio N., b. 1978, played 2002-2004
Julio Ortiz, gn. Julio A., b. 1968, played 1987
Julio Ortiz, gn. Julio, played 1971
Junior Ortiz, gn. Adalberto (Colon), b. 1959, played 1977-1995
Kelvin Ortiz, gn. Kelvin Jose, b. 1991, played 2009-2013
Kevin Ortiz, gn. Kevin
Lazaro Ortiz, gn. Lazaro (Napoles), played 1997-2005
Leonardo Ortiz, gn. Leonardo Anthony (Tellez), b. 1997, played 2015-2016
Leonardo Ortiz, gn. Leonardo, b. 1956, played 1977-1979
Leonardo Ortiz, gn. Leonardo, b. 1955, played 1974-1978
Leonardo Ortiz, gn. Leonardo, played 1976
Leopoldo Ortiz, gn. Leopoldo (Tejeda), b. 1955, played 1982-1983
Lorenzo Ortiz, gn. Lorenzo (Tabanico), played 1949-1954
Lou Ortiz, gn. Louis Peter, b. 1923, d. 2010, played 1946-1958
Luis Ortiz, gn. Luis Francisco, b. 1995, played 2014-2016
Luis Ortiz, gn. Luis F., b. 1992, played 2009-2013
Luis Ortiz, gn. Luis, b. 1991, played 2010-2011
Luis Ortiz, gn. Luis Manuel, b. 1986, played 2006-2007
Luis Ortiz, gn. Luis Gabriel (Rodriguez), b. 1984, played 2006
Luis Ortiz, gn. Luis Alberto (Galarza), b. 1970, played 1991-2004
Luis Ortiz, gn. Luis Antonio, b. 1958, played 1977-1980
Luis Ortiz, gn. Luis, played 1952
Manuel Ortiz, gn. Manuel, played 1979
Marcus Ortiz, gn. Marcus
Mario Ortiz, gn. Mario H., played 1960
Matt Ortiz, gn. Matthew M., b. 1978, played 2000-2001
Michael Ortiz, gn. Michael Segundo, b. 1989, played 2007-2010
Michel Ortiz, gn. Michel (Alvarez), played 2013-2015
Migdenis Ortiz, gn. Migdenis (Perez), played 1998-2000
Miguel Ortiz, gn. Miguel Arcangel (Torres), b. 1999, played 2016
Miguel Ortiz, gn. Miguel Angel (Castilla), b. 1979, played 1997-2009
Miguel Ortiz, gn. Miguel A., b. 1962, played 1980-1981
Mike Ortiz, gn. Mike
Nelson Ortiz, gn. Nelson R., b. 1951, played 1971
Nick Ortiz, gn. Nicolas Yamil, b. 1973, played 1991-2012
Nicolas Ortiz, gn. Nicolas, played 1958
Noel Ortiz, gn. Noel (Rodriguez), b. 1995, played 2012-2014
Noel Ortiz, gn. Noel (Hernandez), played 2013
Norberto Ortiz, gn. Norberto, b. 1985, played 2006-2007
Norberto Ortiz, gn. Norberto, played 1937-1938
Oliver Ortiz, gn. Oliver Gustavo (Vasquez), b. 1996, played 2013-2016
Omar Ortiz, gn. Omar, b. 1977, played 1999-2003
Osvaldo Ortiz, gn. Osvaldo, b. 1953, played 1973-1977
Otoniel Ortiz, gn. Otoniel, b. 1930, played 1948-1954
Pablo Ortiz, gn. Pablo Andres, b. 1988, played 2006-2009
Pablo Ortiz, gn. Pablo
Patrick Ortiz, gn. Patrick, b. 1985, played 2003-2004
Pedro Ortiz, gn. Pedro Enrique, b. 1976, played 1994-1996
Pedro Ortiz, gn. Pedro, played 1963-1966
Phillip Ortiz, gn. Phillip Alberto, b. 1995, played 2013-2016
Rafael Ortiz, gn. Rafael (Valdez), b. 1981, played 2004
Rafael Ortiz, gn. Rafael E., b. 1963, played 1981-1982
Rafaelito Ortiz, gn. Rafaelito (Correa), b. 1914, d. 1989, played 1948
Ramon Ortiz, gn. Ramon Diogenes (Ortiz), b. 1973, played 1996-2015
Ramon Ortiz, gn. Ramon R., b. 1970, played 1988-1990
Ramon Ortiz, gn. Ramon
Randy Ortiz, gn. Randy, b. 1993, played 2011-2016
Ray Ortiz, gn. Raymond Dominic, b. 1968, played 1989-1996
Reyes Ortiz, gn. Reyes, b. 1950, played 1968-1975
Ricardo Ortiz, gn. Ricardo A., b. 1928, played 1946-1950
Richard Ortiz, gn. Richard Antonio, b. 1987, played 2006-2009
Rigoberto Ortiz, gn. Rigoberto, played 1984-1985
Robert Ortiz, gn. Robert M., played 1977
Roberto Ortiz, gn. Roberto Antonio (Pizarro), b. 1988, played 2009-2012
Roberto Ortiz, gn. Roberto, played 1964-1974
Roberto Ortiz, gn. Roberto Gonzalo (Nunez), b. 1915, d. 1971, played 1939-1956
Roberto Ortiz, gn. Roberto
Roberto Ortiz, gn. Roberto
Roquely Ortiz, gn. Roquely, b. 1994, played 2012-2013
Rosario Ortiz, gn. Rosario A., b. 1975, played 1996
Rudy Ortiz, gn. Rudolph T., b. 1930, d. 2013, played 1950
Russ Ortiz, gn. Russell Reid, b. 1974, played 1995-2010
Ryan Ortiz, gn. Ryan Randal, b. 1987, played 2009-2015
Samuel Ortiz, gn. Samuel (Gonzalez), b. 1996, played 2013-2016
Samuel Ortiz, gn. Samuel David, b. 1991, played 2008-2011
Sotero Ortiz, gn. Sotero, played 1953-1954
Steve Ortiz, gn. Steven Epifano, b. 1973, played 1994-2002
Thomas Ortiz, gn. Thomas M., played 1946-1947
Tony Ortiz, gn. Tony, b. 1996
Victor Ortiz, gn. Victor A., played 1978
Vidal Ortiz, gn. Vidal, played 1944
Vladimir Ortiz, gn. Vladimir, b. 1989, played 2007-2009
W. Ortiz, gn. W., played 1955
Wenceslao Ortiz, gn. Wenceslao (Flores), b. 1929, played 1947-1955
Wilberto Ortiz, gn. Wilberto, b. 1985, played 2006-2012
William Ortiz, gn. William, b. 1985, played 2004-2005
William Ortiz, gn. William M., b. 1950, played 1968
Willy Ortiz, gn. Willy (Candelario), b. 1995, played 2012-2016
Wilson Ortiz, gn. Wilson Eduardo (Mejias), b. 1985, played 2006-2009
Yancarlos Ortiz, gn. Yancarlos, b. 1984, played 2004-2011
Yasser Ortiz, gn. Yasser
Yoandry Ortiz, gn. Yoandry (Gonzalez), b. 1986, played 2015
Kevin Ortiz-Arroyo, gn. Kevin
Adam Ortiz-Jusino, gn. Adam, b. 1984, played 2006-2008
Patrick Ortland, gn. Patrick
Herman Ortlieb, gn. Herman, played 1904-1907
Ben Ortman, gn. Benjamin D., b. 1971, played 1993-1995
Dillon Ortman, gn. Dillon Charles, b. 1992, played 2014
Doug Ortman, gn. Douglas Robert, b. 1964, played 1986-1987
George Ortman, gn. George, played 1892
Kody Ortman, gn. Kody
Lefty Ortman, gn. Fredrick William, b. 1906, played 1924-1933
Otto Ortman, gn. Otto, played 1892
Ortmann, played 1895
Andy Ortmayer, gn. Andy, b. 1978, played 2001-2002
Christopher Ortmeier, gn. Christopher
Daniel Ortmeier, gn. Daniel David, b. 1981, played 2002-2009
Richard Ortner, gn. Richard A., b. 1949, played 1967-1972
Connor Ortolf, gn. Connor
Brooks Orton, gn. Brooks
James Orton, gn. James Ernest, b. 1938, played 1959-1963
John Orton, gn. John Andrew, b. 1965, played 1987-1996
Ricky Orton, gn. Richard T., b. 1986, played 2008-2009
Robert Orton, gn. Robert
Thomas Orton, gn. Thomas H., b. 1938, played 1960-1963
Frank Ortosky, gn. Frank, played 1950
Paul Ortosky, gn. Paul, Jr., b. 1929, played 1947-1954
Angel Ortuno, gn. Angel Enrique (Morales), b. 1987, played 2005
Jose Ortuno, gn. Jose Gregorio, b. 1990, played 2008-2010
David Ortwein, gn. David Milton, b. 1944, played 1963-1965
Matt Oruch, gn. Matt
Susumu Orui, gn. Susumu, b. 1990, played 2013-2016
Roland Oruna, gn. Roland J., b. 1960, played 1981-1984
George Orvalla, gn. George Henry, played 1933-1934
Chad Orvella, gn. Chad Robert, b. 1980, played 2003-2009
Ken Orvick, gn. Kenneth Matthew, b. 1933, d. 2013, played 1952
Jeffrey Orville, gn. Jeffrey George, b. 1957, played 1978
Orvin, played 1928-1929
Nick Orvin, gn. Nick
W. Orvin, gn. W. J., played 1927
Leon Orvis, gn. Leon G., b. 1942, played 1964
Sikes Orvis, gn. Jeffery Sikes, b. 1992, played 2015-2016
Jim Orwick, gn. Jim
Kyle Orwig, gn. Kyle
Travis Orwig, gn. Travis
Donald Orwiler, gn. Donald Dale, b. 1930, d. 2006, played 1953-1958
Ossie Orwoll, gn. Oswald Christian, b. 1900, d. 1967, played 1926-1935
Stanley Orzech, gn. Stanley
David Orzel, gn. David A., b. 1958, played 1979
Richard Orzel, gn. Richard Stanley, b. 1942, played 1961-1965

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