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Blake Aquadro, gn. Blake
Rene Aqueron, gn. Rene, b. 1981, played 2004-2007
Aquijo, played 1929
Anthony Aquila, gn. Anthony A., b. 1952, played 1974
Anthony Aquila, gn. Anthony
Yunior Aquiles, gn. Yunior Antonio (Valdez), b. 1993, played 2011-2013
Anthony Aquilino, gn. Anthony Robert, b. 1982, played 2004-2006
Charles Aquilino, gn. Charles, played 1947
Charles Aquilio, gn. L. Charles, played 1945
Alex Aquino, gn. Alex Andres (Mojica), b. 1996, played 2015-2016
Aristides Aquino, gn. Aristides (Nunez), b. 1994, played 2011-2017
Assael Aquino, gn. Assael, b. 1992, played 2014-2015
Augusto Aquino, gn. Fausto Augusto, b. 1964, played 1982-1985
Bladimir Aquino, gn. Bladimir Sterling, b. 1993, played 2011-2012
Carlos Aquino, gn. Carlos Heriberto, b. 1995, played 2013-2016
Carmelo Aquino, gn. Carmelo (Burgos), b. 1941, played 1961-1971
Danny Aquino, gn. Danny, b. 1982, played 2001
Dariel Aquino, gn. Dariel (Montero), b. 1996, played 2013-2016
Daury Aquino, gn. Daury, b. 1991, played 2010-2013
Diego Aquino, gn. Diego, b. 1964, played 1984-1985
Emilio Aquino, gn. Emilio (Hernandez), b. 1988, played 2006
Federico Aquino, gn. Federico, b. 1951, played 1971-1973
Francisco Aquino, gn. Francisco Alberto (Made), b. 1992, played 2013-2014
Geronimo Aquino, gn. Geronimo, b. 1971, played 1992-1993
Greg Aquino, gn. Gregori Emilio (Valera), b. 1978, played 1997-2014
Gregory Aquino, gn. Gregory Ramberto (Batlle), b. 1990, played 2008-2011
Jackson Aquino, gn. Jack Jackson, b. 1983, played 2001-2002
Jayson Aquino, gn. Jayson Julio (Felix), b. 1992, played 2010-2017
Joey Aquino, gn. Joseph K., b. 1990, played 2014-2015
Jonathan Aquino, gn. Jonathan (Silverio), b. 1995, played 2012-2013
Jose Aquino, gn. Jose, b. 1986, played 2009-2011
Juan Aquino, gn. Juan Orioly, b. 1987, played 2007-2008
Juan Aquino, gn. Juan Francisco, b. 1980, played 2002
Julio Aquino, gn. Julio (Torres), b. 1972, played 1994-2002
Luis Aquino, gn. Luis (Santana), b. 1993, played 2012-2016
Luis Aquino, gn. Luis Angel (Guzman), b. 1999, played 2016
Luis Aquino, gn. Luis Antonio (Colon), b. 1964, played 1982-1998
Melvin Aquino, gn. Melvin, b. 1992, played 2010-2013
Michael Aquino, gn. Michael
Pedro Aquino, gn. Pedro E., b. 1973, played 1992-1993
Roberto Aquino, gn. Roberto
Ruber Aquino, gn. Ruber (Trujillo), b. 1996, played 2014-2016
Ryan Aquino, gn. Ryan
Wilmer Aquino, gn. Wilmer Eliezer (De La Cruz), b. 1991, played 2010-2014
Oscar Aquirre, gn. Oscar

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