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607 Players Listed Starting with "Kl"

Bob Klaarenbeek, gn. Bob, played 2012-2015
Klint Klaas, gn. Klint A., b. 1972, played 1993
Diederick Klaassen, gn. Diederick, played 2006-2008
Dustin Klabunde, gn. Dustin, b. 1988, played 2012-2013
Kenneth Klacza, gn. Kenneth S., b. 1957, played 1980-1981
Chester Klaerner, gn. Chester A., b. 1911, played 1935-1937
Edward Klaerner, gn. Edward, played 1940
Hugo Klaerner, gn. Hugo Emil, b. 1908, d. 1982, played 1933-1942
Kevin Klaess, gn. Kevin, played 2015-2016
Ben Klafczynski, gn. Benjamin J., b. 1988, played 2011-2013
Paul Klafter, gn. Paul Harold, b. 1929, d. 2012, played 1951-1952
Fred Klages, gn. Frederick Albert Antony, b. 1943, played 1962-1969
G. Klages, gn. G. C.
Jack Klages, gn. Jack, b. 1994
Michael Klahr, gn. Dean Michael, b. 1944, played 1966-1968
Dave Klahs, gn. David John, b. 1981, played 2002-2004
Phil Klaiber, gn. Phil
Steven Klaiber, gn. Steven
Bill Klaibur, gn. Bill, played 1995
Jason Klam, gn. Jason, b. 1975, played 1997-1998
Josef Klam, gn. Josef, played 1996
Ted Klamm, gn. Edward W., b. 1970, played 1992-1994
Frank Klancer, gn. Frank
Joe Klancnik, gn. Joseph John, b. 1967, played 1988-2002
William Klank, gn. William Louis, b. 1959, played 1978-1979
Fred Klann, gn. Frederick H., b. 1917, played 1937-1939
James Klappa, gn. James, played 1948
Byron Klapprott, gn. Byron K., b. 1940, played 1960
Joran Klarenbeek, gn. Joran, b. 1989, played 2008-2013
Donald Klark, gn. Donald, b. 1933, played 1953
Theodore Klark, gn. Theodore, played 1933-1936
Walter Klarman, gn. Walter, played 1934
George Klarmann, gn. George R., b. 1932, played 1952
Ted Klasa, gn. Ted J., played 1937
Gary Klass, gn. Gary
Ray Klass, gn. Ray, played 1941
Robert Klass, gn. Robert J., b. 1952, played 1974-1975
Brett Klassen, gn. Brett, b. 1976, played 1999
Danny Klassen, gn. Daniel Victor, b. 1975, played 1993-2008
Trevor Klassen, gn. Trevor, played 2007-2008
David Klastava, gn. David J., b. 1951, played 1970-1971
Aaron Klatt, gn. Aaron
Jason Klatt, gn. Jason Gary, b. 1975, played 1999
Joel Klatt, gn. Joel D., b. 1982, played 2000-2001
Ryan Klatt, gn. Ryan Michael, b. 1981, played 2003-2007
Spencer Klatt, gn. Spencer W., played 1939
Eugene Klatz, gn. Eugene, played 1939
Hugh Klauber, gn. Hugh, played 1900
Jake Klauck, gn. Jake
Jack Klauer, gn. John J., b. 1922, d. 2011, played 1941-1942
Billy Klaus, gn. William Joseph, b. 1928, d. 2006, played 1946-1966
Bobby Klaus, gn. Robert Francis, b. 1937, played 1959-1969
Frank Klaus, gn. Frank, played 1903
George Klaus, gn. George R., played 1941
Len Klaus, gn. Leonard George, b. 1959, played 1981-1982
Leonard Klaus, gn. Leonard G., b. 1929, played 1947-1948
Richard Klaus, gn. Richard C., b. 1922, d. 1993, played 1942-1958
Soldier Klaus, gn. Soldier, played 1906
Alex Klauser, gn. Alex, b. 1919, played 1941-1942
Gerald Klauser, gn. Gerald
Kenneth Klauser, gn. Kenneth R., b. 1934, played 1956-1957
Klaushie, played 1927
Will Klausing, gn. Will
Jarrod Klausman, gn. Jarrod, b. 1982, played 2007
Ben Klaustermeier, gn. Ben
Jaap Klaver, gn. Jaap, played 2005
Frank Klavin, gn. Frank, played 1940
Clay Klavitter, gn. Clayton Shane, b. 1970, played 1990-1993
Al Klawitter, gn. Al, played 1926
Al Klawitter, gn. Albert Herman, b. 1889, d. 1945, played 1908-1916
Tom Klawitter, gn. Thomas Carl, b. 1958, played 1980-1986
Steve Klawonn, gn. Stephen P., b. 1964, played 1985
Jimmy Klaxton, gn. James E., b. 1892, played 1916
Klaybor, played 1911
H. Kleaner, gn. H., played 1929
Kenneth Kleasner, gn. Kenneth Fleet, b. 1930, d. 2007, played 1949-1953
Ricky Kleban, gn. Ricky
Keith Klebart, gn. Keith, b. 1994
Robert Klebba, gn. Robert Steven, b. 1955, played 1977-1980
Frank Klebe, gn. Frank
Howard Kleber, gn. Howard, played 1950
Jim Kleckley, gn. James Wade, Sr., b. 1926, d. 2010, played 1944-1954
Wade Kleckley, gn. James Wade, b. 1950, played 1969-1971
Kleckner, played 1901
Mike Kleckner, gn. Mike
Joe Kleczynski, gn. Joseph Francis, b. 1934, d. 2014, played 1953-1954
Chuck Klee, gn. Charles Martin, b. 1977, played 1995-2001
Gregg Klee, gn. Gregg
Ollie Klee, gn. Ollie Chester, b. 1900, d. 1977, played 1925-1926
Tom Kleean, gn. Thomas E., b. 1963, played 1983-1986
Richard Kleedorfer, gn. Richard, played 1949
Brendan Kleekamp, gn. Brendan, b. 1994
Larry Kleem, gn. Larry T., b. 1948, played 1969-1970
Buttsy Kleeman, gn. E., played 1895-1906
Merlyn Kleen, gn. Merlyn Dean, b. 1925, d. 2011, played 1946-1947
Robert Kleen, gn. Robert Irvin, b. 1952, played 1971
Steve Kleen, gn. Steve Matthew, b. 1983, played 2005-2010
Al Kleet, gn. Al, played 1907-1909
Philip Kleffner, gn. Philip Lee, b. 1933, played 1955-1956
Cyril Klegg, gn. Cyril, played 1910
Klegstrom, played 1926
Bill Kleiber, gn. Bill, played 1899
Bo Kleiber, gn. Bo
Craig Kleibl, gn. Craig A., b. 1953, played 1973-1975
Mark Kleibl, gn. Mark S., b. 1949, played 1967-1973
Loren Kleidon, gn. Loren, b. 1926, played 1947
Kleim, played 1884
Gabe Kleiman, gn. Gabe
Klein, played 1935
Klein, played 1923-1924
Klein, played 1923
Klein, played 1922
Klein, played 1921
Klein, played 1919
Klein, played 1916
Klein, played 1916
Klein, played 1911
Klein, played 1911
Klein, played 1909
Klein, played 1908
Klein, played 1904
Klein, played 1892
Klein, played 1890
Adam Klein, gn. Adam, b. 1983, played 2007-2013
Arthur Klein, gn. Arthur A., b. 1930, played 1949-1951
Austin Klein, gn. Austin, b. 1993
Bailey Klein, gn. Bailey
Bobby Klein, gn. Bobby
Brian Klein, gn. Brian
Brooks Klein, gn. Brooks
Chad Klein, gn. Chad
Chuck Klein, gn. Charles Herbert, b. 1904, d. 1958, played 1927-1944
Cody Klein, gn. Cody Eugene, b. 1979, played 1997-1999
Dakota Klein, gn. Dakota
Dan Klein, gn. Daniel Harris, b. 1990, played 2012-2014
Dan Klein, gn. Daniel, b. 1988, played 2010-2011
Dick Klein, gn. Richard O., b. 1920, played 1941
Don Klein, gn. Don, played 1954
Ed Klein, gn. Ed A., b. 1918, played 1939-1941
Eddie Klein, gn. Edward L., b. 1891, played 1910-1919
Eddie Klein, gn. Edward, played 1910-1917
Ernesto Klein, gn. Ernesto W., b. 1930, played 1948-1953
Gary Klein, gn. Gary S., b. 1961, played 1983-1984
Geoff Klein, gn. Geoffrey, b. 1988, played 2010-2013
Gus Klein, gn. Gus
Henry Klein, gn. Henry, played 1945
J. Klein, gn. J., played 1928
J. Klein, gn. J., played 1925
Jack Klein, gn. Walter John, b. 1932, d. 2010, played 1953-1954
Jack Klein, gn. Jack, played 1946
Jack Klein, gn. Jackson Thomas, b. 1994
Jason Klein, gn. Jason
Jerome Klein, gn. Jerome F., b. 1924, played 1941-1948
Joe Klein, gn. Joseph, b. 1987, played 2009-2010
Joe Klein, gn. Joe, played 1921-1928
Joe Klein, gn. Joe, played 1922-1923
John Klein, gn. John, played 1884
Jon Klein, gn. Jon, b. 1992, played 2015
Joseph Klein, gn. Joseph Anthony, III, b. 1942, played 1962-1968
Julius Klein, gn. Julius M., b. 1915, played 1936-1937
Kirk Klein, gn. Kirk L., played 1916-1919
Kyle Klein, gn. Kyle, played 2008
Kyle Klein, gn. Kyle
Larry Klein, gn. Larry Eugene, b. 1961, played 1984-1988
Larry Klein, gn. Larry
Leo Klein, gn. Leo, played 1944
Lewis Klein, gn. Lewis P., Jr., b. 1928, played 1952-1953
Lou Klein, gn. Louis Frank, b. 1918, d. 1976, played 1940-1959
Mark Klein, gn. Mark Evan, b. 1953, played 1973-1978
Matt Klein, gn. Matthew John, b. 1975, played 1998-1999
Michael Klein, gn. Michael
Michael Klein, gn. Michael, b. 1994
Nicholas Klein, gn. Nicholas L., Sr., b. 1914, d. 1995, played 1944
Parker Klein, gn. Parker
Peter Klein, gn. Peter K., b. 1921, d. 1997, played 1946
Phil Klein, gn. Phil William, b. 1989, played 2011-2016
Richard Klein, gn. Richard E., b. 1947, played 1969
Richard Klein, gn. Richard, b. 1930, played 1952-1953
Robert Klein, gn. Robert D., b. 1959, played 1979
Robert Klein, gn. Robert A., b. 1956, played 1973-1975
Robert Klein, gn. Robert Joseph, b. 1936, played 1963
Robert Klein, gn. Robert John, b. 1932, played 1951-1953
Robert Klein, gn. Robert Alvin, b. 1924, played 1947-1949
Robert Klein, gn. Robert P., played 1947
Roland Klein, gn. Roland E., b. 1929, played 1947
Roy Klein, gn. Roy, played 1909
Sam Klein, gn. Sam, b. 1992, played 2015
Scott Klein, gn. Scott
Stephen Klein, gn. Stephen J., b. 1954, played 1975-1976
Steven Klein, gn. Steven R., b. 1955, played 1976
Tanner Klein, gn. Tanner
Thomas Klein, gn. Thomas A., b. 1947, played 1969
Trace Klein, gn. Trace, played 2012
Vince Klein, gn. Joseph Vincent, b. 1912, played 1934-1936
William Klein, gn. William, played 1950
Barney Kleinbacher, gn. Bernard William, b. 1861
Jeff Kleinbaum, gn. Jeff
Kleine, played 1915
Kleine, played 1913
George Kleine, gn. George F., b. 1921, d. 2011, played 1940-1946
Hal Kleine, gn. Harold John, b. 1923, d. 1957, played 1941-1950
Raymond Kleine, gn. Raymond P., played 1944-1947
Victor Kleine, gn. Victor Allen, b. 1979, played 2000-2007
Kyle Kleinendorst, gn. Kyle
Stacy Kleiner, gn. Stacy Edward, b. 1975, played 1996-1999
Kleinfelter, played 1905
Evin Kleinganz, gn. Evin
Kleinhans, played 1936
Ted Kleinhans, gn. Theodore Otto, b. 1899, d. 1985, played 1930-1941
Robert Kleinholz, gn. Robert
Kleinhouse, played 1929
Joe Kleinkauf, gn. Joe
Nub Kleinke, gn. Norbert George, b. 1911, d. 1950, played 1931-1944
Robert Kleinke, gn. Robert Lynn, b. 1942, played 1962
Barrett Kleinknecht, gn. Barrett Christian, b. 1988, played 2010-2015
James Kleinman, gn. James, played 1944
Jan Kleinman, gn. Jan L., b. 1944, played 1966
Michael Kleinman, gn. Michael
Dirk Kleinmann, gn. Dirk
Marwin Kleinmoedig, gn. Marwin, played 2005-2012
Red Kleinow, gn. John Peter, b. 1877, d. 1929, played 1900-1914
Louis Kleinpeter, gn. Lionel Louis, b. 1944, played 1965
Michael Kleinpeter, gn. Michael, played 1996
Gerald Kleinsmith, gn. Gerald B., b. 1928, d. 1988, played 1947-1953
Matt Kleinstein, gn. Matt
Larry Kleinz, gn. Lawrence C., b. 1974, played 1996-2000
Kevin Kleis, gn. Kevin Paul, b. 1991, played 2010-2016
Bill Kleist, gn. William A., b. 1922, d. 2006, played 1941
George Kleist, gn. George, played 1949
Brandon Kleitch, gn. Brandon
Nick Kleitsch, gn. Nick
Bill Klem, gn. William Joseph, b. 1874, d. 1951
Dan Klem, gn. Dan
James Kleman, gn. James A., played 1948
Jerry Kleman, gn. Jerry
Connor Klemann, gn. Connor
Byron Klemaske, gn. Byron, b. 1971, played 1995
Shane Klemcke, gn. Shane
Ed Klemczyk, gn. Edwin William, played 1946
Kleminski, played 1914
Cole Klemke, gn. Cole
Shane Klemke, gn. Shane, played 2014
Chris Klemm, gn. Christopher John, b. 1981, played 2003-2008
Jarryd Klemm, gn. Jarryd, b. 1993, played 2011
Jay Klemm, gn. Justin Francis, b. 1970
Tom Klemm, gn. Thomas, b. 1980, played 2003-2005
Robert Klemme, gn. Robert
Stanley Klemme, gn. Stanley, played 1951-1952
John Klemmer, gn. John, b. 1941, played 1960
Klemmick, played 1924
Jacob Klemp, gn. Jacob
Nick Klemp, gn. Nicholas John, b. 1962, played 1985
Jim Klemyk, gn. Jim, b. 1975, played 1997-1999
David Klenda, gn. David J., b. 1950, played 1973-1976
Kleng, played 1913
Chris Klenk, gn. Chris, b. 1995
Ben Klenke, gn. Ben
Cory Klenke, gn. Cory
Grant Klenovich, gn. Grant
Eddie Klep, gn. Eddie Joseph, b. 1918, d. 1981, played 1946
Ed Klepacki, gn. Edward Alan, b. 1978, played 1998-2002
Gerard Klepacz, gn. Gerard
Jeff Klepacz, gn. Jeff
Jose Klepaski, gn. Jose Antonio, b. 1978, played 1999
Klepfer, played 1921
Klepfer, played 1911
Ed Klepfer, gn. Edward Lloyd, b. 1888, d. 1950, played 1911-1919
Klepp, played 1922
Allen Klepper, gn. Allen, played 1937-1946
Brian Klepper, gn. Brian
Chris Klepps, gn. Chris, b. 1986, played 2008
Klepser, played 1910
Bill Kler, gn. William A., b. 1968, played 1986-1987
Karl Klesin, gn. Karl
Leslie Klesitz, gn. Leslie Jack, b. 1930, played 1949-1954
Kleski, played 1930
Joe Kleskie, gn. Joe, played 1915
Joseph Kleskie, gn. Joseph M., b. 1915, played 1939-1940
Ryan Klesko, gn. Ryan Anthony, b. 1971, played 1989-2007
Albert Klestinec, gn. Albert S., Sr., b. 1921, d. 2003, played 1946-1950
Al Klett, gn. Al, played 1908-1912
Greg Klette, gn. Greg
Colin Kleven, gn. Colin Jordan, b. 1991, played 2010-2016
Jay Kleven, gn. Jay Allen, b. 1949, d. 2009, played 1972-1977
Mark Kleven, gn. Mark G., b. 1965, played 1987-1988
Klevenaw, played 1926
Klevenaw, played 1923
Klevenaw, played 1922
Fred Klevenaw, gn. Fred, played 1921
Klevenow, played 1920
Fred Klevenow, gn. Fred, played 1926
Scott Klever, gn. Scott
Klevjer, played 1922-1923
H. Klevjer, gn. H. A., played 1921
Klevney, played 1891
Casimir Klewicki, gn. Casimir J., b. 1918, played 1941
Zek Kleypas, gn. Zek, b. 1995
Stephen Kliafas, gn. Stephen Vagos, b. 1968, played 1990-1994
John Klick, gn. John, played 1949
Stanley Klick, gn. Stanley Ray, b. 1937, played 1956
Nicholas Kliebert, gn. Nicholas J., b. 1983, played 2006
Ed Klieman, gn. Edward Frederick, b. 1918, d. 1979, played 1937-1951
Klienhouse, played 1928
Al Klier, gn. Al, b. 1917, played 1936-1938
John Klier, gn. John, played 1904
Dillon Kliesch, gn. Dillon
Phillip Kliewer, gn. Phillip A., b. 1938, played 1957-1961
Tanner Kliewer, gn. Tanner
Steve Klim, gn. Curtis, played 1933-1935
Matt Klimas, gn. Matthew Richard, b. 1987, played 2006-2010
Philip Klimas, gn. Philip E., b. 1956, played 1976-1982
Eugene Klimash, gn. Eugene J., b. 1943, played 1964
Walter Klimash, gn. Walter, b. 1929, played 1949-1950
M. Klimaski, gn. M., played 1941
Charles Klimchock, gn. Charles D., b. 1942, played 1961-1962
James Klimchock, gn. James P., b. 1938, played 1959-1960
Lou Klimchock, gn. Louis Stephen, b. 1939, played 1957-1971
Edward Klimczak, gn. Edward J., b. 1922, played 1946-1947
Richard Klimczak, gn. Richard, b. 1928, played 1947
Walter Klimczak, gn. Walter J., b. 1916, d. 1990, played 1937-1941
Josh Klimek, gn. Joshua Stephen, b. 1974, played 1996-2002
Steven Klimek, gn. Steven G., b. 1994, played 2015-2016
Ben Klimesh, gn. Bennett Lawrence, b. 1990, played 2012-2016
Jason Klimkiewicz, gn. Jason, played 2006
Frank Klimkowski, gn. Frank L., b. 1938, played 1958
Ron Klimkowski, gn. Ronald Bernard, b. 1944, d. 2009, played 1964-1973
William Klinck, gn. William J., played 1905-1910
Michael Klindt, gn. Michael, b. 1987
Cotton Klindworth, gn. Martin Ethbert, b. 1900, d. 1978, played 1925-1927
Kline, played 1938
Kline, played 1932
Kline, played 1929
Kline, played 1928
Kline, played 1925
Kline, played 1923
Kline, played 1921
Kline, played 1912
Kline, played 1909
Kline, played 1905
Kline, played 1902
Kline, played 1901
Kline, played 1897
Kline, played 1889
Alex Kline, gn. Alex
Alexander Kline, gn. Alexander, b. 1994, played 2016
Allan Kline, gn. Allan J., b. 1963, played 1984
Andrew Kline, gn. Andrew
Ben Kline, gn. Benjamin Jacob, b. 1988, played 2012-2014
Benjamin Kline, gn. Benjamin, played 1924-1926
Bob Kline, gn. Robert A., b. 1963, played 1983-1984
Bob Kline, gn. Robert George, b. 1909, d. 1987, played 1930-1946
Bobby Kline, gn. John Robert, b. 1929, played 1947-1958
Braden Kline, gn. Braden
Branden Kline, gn. Branden Alexander, b. 1991, played 2012-2015
Breck Kline, gn. Breck, b. 1992, played 2015
Charles Kline, gn. Charles S., b. 1954, played 1977-1978
Charles Kline, gn. Charles A., b. 1945, played 1967-1969
David Kline, gn. David, played 1927-1929
Dennis Kline, gn. Dennis M., b. 1947, played 1970
Derek Kline, gn. Derek Alexander, b. 1988
Devan Kline, gn. Devan Ryen, b. 1987, played 2009-2010
Doug Kline, gn. Douglas James, b. 1965, played 1987-1992
Ed Kline, gn. Ed, played 1909
Edward Kline, gn. Edward, b. 1922, played 1944-1950
Eric Kline, gn. Eric, b. 1989, played 2014-2016
Frank Kline, gn. Frank, played 1912-1915
George Kline, gn. George, played 1927
Gregory Kline, gn. Gregory L., b. 1956, played 1975-1976
J. Kline, gn. J., played 1924
Jacob Kline, gn. Jacob, played 1904
Jake Kline, gn. Jake
James Kline, gn. James, played 1950
Jason Kline, gn. Jason, b. 1975, played 1997-1998
Jason Kline, gn. Jason D., b. 1973, played 1995
John Kline, gn. John, played 1905-1911
K. Kline, gn. K. L., played 1920
Kevin Kline, gn. Kevin, b. 1993
Kevin Kline, gn. Kevin
Kevin Kline, gn. Kevin
Kolin Kline, gn. Kolin
Kris Kline, gn. Kris Eugene, b. 1961, played 1982-1985
Leonard Kline, gn. Leonard, played 1950
Louie Kline, gn. Louis C., played 1903-1904
Matt Kline, gn. Matt, b. 1988, played 2012
Matt Kline, gn. Matt
Patrick Kline, gn. Patrick
R. Kline, gn. R. C., played 1908
Ron Kline, gn. Ronald Lee, b. 1932, d. 2002, played 1950-1970
Seth Kline, gn. Seth
Steve Kline, gn. Steven James, b. 1972, played 1993-2008
Steve Kline, gn. Steven Jack, b. 1947, played 1966-1977
Stewart Kline, gn. Larry Stewart, b. 1967, played 1985-1986
Trent Kline, gn. Trent Jeffrey, b. 1984, played 2008-2009
Ty Kline, gn. Ty, b. 1980, played 2003-2005
Will Kline, gn. William Griffin, b. 1984, played 2007
Wilson Kline, gn. Wilson, played 1889-1890
Aaron Klinec, gn. Aaron, b. 1989, played 2012
Klinedinst, played 1926
Clarence Klinedinst, gn. Clarence, played 1922
George Klinedinst, gn. George Raymond, b. 1939, played 1961-1963
Walter Klinedinst, gn. Walter, played 1945
David Klinefelter, gn. David A., b. 1967, played 1988
Josh Kliner, gn. Joshua Robert, b. 1972, played 1996-2000
Richard Klinesmith, gn. Richard M., b. 1935, played 1954-1959
Bryce Klinesteker, gn. Bryce, b. 1985, played 2009
Doc Klineyoung, gn. Donald E., b. 1927, d. 2011, played 1945-1947
Kling, played 1916
Kling, played 1899-1900
Kling, played 1890
Albert Kling, gn. Albert, played 1909
Alonzo Kling, gn. Alonzo J., b. 1933, played 1956-1957
Bill Kling, gn. William, b. 1867, d. 1934, played 1890-1897
Brandon Kling, gn. Brandon Miles, b. 1980, d. 2009, played 2003-2008
Dwayne Kling, gn. Dwayne A., b. 1929, played 1950-1954
Earl Kling, gn. Earl, played 1946
James Kling, gn. James A., played 1910
John Kling, gn. John, played 1900
Johnny Kling, gn. John, b. 1875, d. 1947, played 1895-1913
Joseph Kling, gn. Joseph, played 1924-1925
Rudy Kling, gn. Rudolph A., b. 1870, d. 1937, played 1895-1911
S. Kling, gn. S. E., played 1895
Scott Klingbeil, gn. Scott C., b. 1961, played 1983-1985
Henry Klingebiel, gn. Henry A., played 1909-1910
William Klingelhoefer, gn. William, played 1922-1923
Klingen, played 1916
Scott Klingenbeck, gn. Scott Edward, b. 1971, played 1992-1999
Taylor Klingengberg, gn. Taylor
Klingenhoeffer, played 1916
Joe Klingensmith, gn. Joe
Michael Klingensmith, gn. Michael
Ned Klingensmith, gn. Ned W., b. 1925, played 1947-1949
Richard Klingensmith, gn. Richard, played 1947
Klinger, played 1929
Klinger, played 1929
Klinger, played 1923
Klinger, played 1910
Klinger, played 1904
Arthur Klinger, gn. Arthur Kaye, played 1951
Bob Klinger, gn. Robert Harold, b. 1908, d. 1977, played 1929-1950
Brent Klinger, gn. Brent Matthew, b. 1988, played 2008-2009
Cody Klinger, gn. Cody
David Klinger, gn. David W., played 1928-1929
Donald Klinger, gn. Donald T., b. 1947, played 1969-1970
Earl Klinger, gn. Earl, played 1940
Joe Klinger, gn. Joseph John, b. 1902, d. 1960, played 1926-1937
Stephen Klinger, gn. Stephen M., b. 1948, played 1970
Walter Klinger, gn. Walter, played 1923
John Klingert, gn. John Anthony, b. 1931, played 1951-1954
Dustin Klinghagen, gn. Dustin
Jeff Klinghoffer, gn. Jeff
Joseph Klinghoffer, gn. Joseph, played 1917
Gene Klingler, gn. Eugene Albert, b. 1929, played 1951-1958
Dick Klingman, gn. Richard Allen, b. 1932, d. 2010, played 1951-1954
Paul-Michael Klingsberg, gn. Paul-Michael S., b. 1988, played 2009
Teddy Klingsporn, gn. Teddy, b. 1995
Klink, played 1924
Charles Klink, gn. H. Charles, played 1939
Joe Klink, gn. Joseph Charles, b. 1962, played 1983-1996
Simon Klink, gn. Simon, b. 1981, played 2004-2008
Matt Klinker, gn. Matthew David, b. 1984, played 2007-2011
Harold Klinkert, gn. Harold P., b. 1915, played 1936-1943
Fritz Klinkhammer, gn. Frank Joseph, b. 1877, d. 1954, played 1903-1907
Klintworth, played 1922
William Klintworth, gn. William W., played 1903-1904
Ralph Klipler, gn. Ralph, played 1942
Scott Klipowicz, gn. Scott Joseph, played 1997
Klipp, played 1910
Justin Klipp, gn. Justin Eugene, b. 1984, played 2013-2015
Tyler Klippenstein, gn. Tyler Robert, b. 1981, played 2002-2005
Johnny Klippstein, gn. John Calvin, b. 1927, d. 2003, played 1944-1967
Dave Klipstein, gn. David Thomas, b. 1960, played 1982-1988
Cal Klipstein-Smith, gn. Cal, b. 1996
Stanley Klis, gn. Stanley, played 1944
A. Klisan, gn. A. J., b. 1917, played 1939
Klise, played 1954
Nick Klisky, gn. Nick
Tony Klisura, gn. Anthony John, b. 1923, played 1942-1947
Tyler Klitsch, gn. Tyler
John Klitsner, gn. Johnson N., b. 1952, played 1970-1974
Ginger Klivak, gn. George Casper, b. 1916, d. 2007, played 1937-1946
Stanley Klivak, gn. Stanley, played 1947
Russell Klobas, gn. Russell Albert, b. 1950, played 1970-1976
Ray Klobe, gn. Ray Joseph, b. 1928, played 1949
Charles Klobedanz, gn. Charles, played 1899-1900
Fred Klobedanz, gn. Frederick Augustus, b. 1871, d. 1940, played 1892-1908
William Klobedanz, gn. William, played 1895
Gabe Klobosits, gn. Gabe Michael, b. 1995
Klock, played 1903
Klock, played 1900
Bill Klock, gn. William, b. 1878, played 1903-1911
George Klock, gn. George, played 1902-1906
Joel Klock, gn. Joel
Johnny Klock, gn. Johnny, played 1893
Louis Klock, gn. Louis R., played 1946
James Klocke, gn. James William, b. 1988, played 2010
John Klocko, gn. John Joseph, Jr., b. 1933, d. 2001, played 1952
Kole Klocko, gn. Kole
Zach Klockowski, gn. Zach
A.J. Kloehn, gn. A. J., b. 1995
Kevin Kloek, gn. Kevin Christopher, b. 1970, played 1992-1996
David Kloes, gn. David James, b. 1976, played 1998
Brandon Kloess, gn. Branch D., b. 1984, played 2009-2014
Frank Kloibar, gn. Frank, played 1941
Kurtis Kloke, gn. Kurtis
Brian Klomp, gn. Brian D., b. 1972, played 1992
Harry Klomp, gn. Harry, played 1946
Rob Klomparens, gn. Robert Daniel, b. 1975, played 1999
Jason Klonoski, gn. Jason M., b. 1967, played 1990-1993
Alex Klonowski, gn. Alex Michael, b. 1992, played 2014-2016
Mark Klonowski, gn. Mark, played 1936
Theodore Klonowski, gn. Theodore W., b. 1917, played 1936-1947
Klontz, played 1916
Klontz, played 1914
Doug Kloor, gn. Morris John, b. 1909, d. 1992, played 1930-1932
Melvin Kloorfain, gn. Melvin A., b. 1922, played 1942
Greg Kloosterman, gn. Gregory P., b. 1982, played 2003-2005
Sander Klop, gn. Sander, b. 1982, played 2005-2011
E. Klopf, gn. E., played 1892
Gus Klopf, gn. Gustave Louis, b. 1869, played 1887-1905
Johnny Klopfer, gn. Johnny, b. 1976, played 2009
Rod Klopfer, gn. Rod
Klopp, played 1936
Frank Klopp, gn. Frank Martin, b. 1961, played 1984-1985
Kenneth Klopp, gn. Kenneth Herman, played 1951-1952
Stan Klopp, gn. Stanley Harold, b. 1910, d. 1980, played 1937-1944
Bryan Kloppe, gn. Bryan, b. 1989, played 2013-2016
Stanley Klores, gn. Stanley P., b. 1917, d. 1944, played 1935-1938
Kyle Klosak, gn. Kyle
Klosek, played 1926-1929
Daniel Klosicki, gn. Daniel Kent, b. 1960, played 1980-1982
Bowen Klosinski, gn. Bowen
Kloss, played 1921
Bob Kloss, gn. Bob
Leonard Kloss, gn. Leonard R., played 1945
Walter Kloss, gn. Walter V., played 1951-1953
Klosseck, played 1929
Ethan Klosterboer, gn. Ethan
Chris Klosterman, gn. Chris F., b. 1979, played 2003-2004
Jeremiah Klosterman, gn. Jeremiah, b. 1977, played 2001-2003
Patrick Klosterman, gn. Patrick, played 1908-1909
Ryan Klosterman, gn. Ryan P., b. 1982, played 2004-2011
Mike Klostermeyer, gn. Michael D., b. 1974, played 1995
Shawn Klotsche, gn. Shawn
Klotz, played 1926
Klotz, played 1894
Cody Klotz, gn. Cody
Kyle Klotz, gn. Kyle
Mason Klotz, gn. Mason, b. 1993
Tyler Klouser, gn. Tyler
Buddy Klovstad, gn. Layton, b. 1984, played 2006-2007
Nap Kloza, gn. John Clarence, b. 1903, d. 1962, played 1925-1936
Robert Klube, gn. Robert T., b. 1930, played 1948-1952
Corey Kluber, gn. Corey Scott, b. 1986, played 2007-2016
Alex Klubnikin, gn. Alex, b. 1927, played 1948
Ronald Kluch, gn. Ronald G., b. 1943, played 1965-1967
William Kluch, gn. William, played 1931-1935
Dick Kluck, gn. Richard J., b. 1927, played 1950
James Kluck, gn. James Harry, b. 1931, played 1950-1954
William Kluck, gn. William, played 1935
Karl Kluckhohn, gn. Karl F., b. 1930, played 1952-1953
Fred Kluckholm, gn. Fred, played 1916
Frank Klucznik, gn. Frank, played 1946-1947
Walter Klucznik, gn. Walter, b. 1928, played 1948-1949
Klueg, played 1913-1917
William Klueg, gn. William, played 1914
Klem Klug, gn. Klem, played 1916
Michael Klug, gn. Michael Eric, b. 1982, played 2005-2006
Mitch Klug, gn. Mitch
William Klug, gn. William, played 1926
H. Kluge, gn. H. W., played 1898
Matt Kluge, gn. Matthew Joseph, b. 1971, played 1989-1992
Evan Klugerman, gn. Evan
Joe Klugmann, gn. Josie, b. 1895, d. 1951, played 1914-1933
Paul Kluk, gn. Paul P., b. 1920, d. 2011, played 1941-1949
Jay Kluka, gn. Jay
Jeff Klukkert, gn. Jeff
Thomas Klukososki, gn. Thomas A., b. 1940, played 1958-1961
Klumb, played 1920
John Klumker, gn. John, played 1938
Ken Klump, gn. Kenneth Lee, b. 1960, played 1982-1986
Leo Klump, gn. Leo, played 1913-1914
Elmer Klumpp, gn. Elmer Edward, b. 1906, d. 1996, played 1927-1940
Richard Klunder, gn. Richard D., b. 1938, played 1958-1962
David Klungreseter, gn. David C., b. 1952, played 1974
Robert Klusacek, gn. Robert H., b. 1960, played 1982
Nick Klusaw, gn. Nick, b. 1982, played 2005-2006
Matt Klusener, gn. Matt
Aaron Klusman, gn. James Aaron, b. 1980, played 2004-2005
Billy Klusman, gn. William F., b. 1865, d. 1907, played 1884-1898
Daniel Klusman, gn. Daniel
Ed Klusman, gn. Ed, played 1887
Dennis Kluss, gn. Dennis William, b. 1968, played 1989-1990
Ted Kluszewski, gn. Theodore Bernard, b. 1924, d. 1988, played 1946-1961
Frank Klusznik, gn. Frank, played 1946
Steven Klutcharch, gn. Steven M., b. 1958, played 1981
Kluth, played 1914
Brad Kluth, gn. Brad, played 1952
Mickey Klutts, gn. Gene Ellis, b. 1954, played 1972-1983
Alvin Kluttz, gn. Alvin Clifton, b. 1922, played 1941-1951
Clyde Kluttz, gn. Clyde Franklin, b. 1917, d. 1979, played 1938-1954
DeWitt Kluttz, gn. DeWitt, played 1910-1911
Klutz, played 1924
Carl Klutz, gn. Carl F., played 1937
Hayden Kluver, gn. Hayden Wayne, b. 1980, played 1998-1999
Dave Klvac, gn. David John, b. 1970, played 1991-1995
Chris Klyczek, gn. Christopher J., b. 1964, played 1986
Eugene Klyczek, gn. Eugene R., b. 1937, played 1956-1958

About the Minor League Data

Historical performance data for professional leagues (affiliated minor leagues, independent minor leagues, fall/winter leagues, and other international leagues) is provided by and licensed from 24-7 Baseball and Chadwick Baseball Bureau. It incorporates the work of many stalwart baseball researchers, including Cliff Blau, Art Cantu, Frank Hamilton, Reed Howard, Kevin Johnson, Bob McConnell, Jack Morris, and Ray Nemec, as well as members of the Minor Leagues Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research.

Perhaps most importantly, it builds upon the seminal work of Ed Washuta, who magnanimously provided the framework to make the whole thing possible.

Minor league Total Zone (Rctch&Rtz, 2005-2009) data provided by and