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294 Players Listed Starting with "By"

George Byam, gn. George Alan, b. 1919, d. 2010, played 1942-1952
Byard, played 1930
David Byard, gn. David Lee, b. 1978, played 2000-2009
Lafe Byard, gn. Lafe, played 1926-1932
Matt Byars, gn. Matt, b. 1995
Michael Byars, gn. Michael Troy, b. 1960, played 1978
Juan Byas, gn. Juan, b. 1957, played 1974
Mike Byas, gn. Michael Wayne, b. 1976, played 1997-2004
Richard Byas, gn. Richard Thomas, b. 1910, d. 1985, played 1934-1942
Willis Byassee, gn. R. Willis, played 1946
Bernie Byatt, gn. Bernie, played 1915
Bybee, played 1923-1926
Frank Bybee, gn. Frank, played 1921-1927
Tyler Bybee, gn. Tyler
Byberg, played 1915
Rufus Byce, gn. Rufus B., b. 1931, played 1950
George Byck, gn. George, played 1931
Bill Byckowski, gn. Bill, b. 1961
Robert Byckowski, gn. Robert, b. 1996
Mike Bycofski, gn. Michael Eugene, b. 1929, played 1949-1954
Chris Bye, gn. Christopher Stephen, b. 1977, played 2000-2002
Earl Bye, gn. Earl, played 1921-1922
Ezra Bye, gn. Ezra
Garrett Bye, gn. Garrett
Raymond Bye, gn. Raymond C., b. 1942, played 1964-1965
Thomas Byelick, gn. Thomas
Tim Byelland, gn. Tim
Gang-deuk Byeon, gn. Gang-deuk, b. 1987
Jin-Soo Byeon, gn. Jin-Soo, b. 1993, played 2012-2015
Si-yeong Byeon, gn. Si-yeong, b. 1986
Yong-sun Byeon, gn. Yong-sun, b. 1987, played 2010-2012
Michael Byerline, gn. Michael
Byerly, played 1932-1933
Byerly, played 1923
Bob Byerly, gn. Robert E., b. 1940, d. 2010, played 1959-1962
Bud Byerly, gn. Eldred William, b. 1920, d. 2012, played 1940-1961
Chase Byerly, gn. Chase
David Byerly, gn. David
Jim Byerly, gn. James N., b. 1970, played 1992
Larry Byerly, gn. Larry S., b. 1931, played 1951-1953
Rod Byerly, gn. Rodney Joseph, b. 1966, played 1988-1990
Byers, played 1929
Byers, played 1928
Byers, played 1925-1928
Byers, played 1926
Byers, played 1920
Byers, played 1920
Byers, played 1916
Byers, played 1912
Byers, played 1907
Bill Byers, gn. James William, b. 1877, d. 1948, played 1896-1911
Blake Byers, gn. Blake
Bud Byers, gn. Paul Ray, b. 1932, d. 2007, played 1950-1951
Charles Byers, gn. Charles E., b. 1919, played 1940-1948
Charles Byers, gn. Charles
Dave Byers, gn. David John, b. 1951, played 1970-1972
Frank Byers, gn. Frank P., played 1911
George Byers, gn. George, played 1945-1949
Grant Byers, gn. Grant
Jack Byers, gn. Jack Conrad, b. 1927, played 1948-1952
Jack Byers, gn. Jack D., b. 1916, played 1938-1942
James Byers, gn. James, played 1993
Jason Byers, gn. Jason, b. 1993, played 2016
Jeremy Byers, gn. Jeremy, played 1995-1996
Jerome Byers, gn. Jerome Keith, b. 1970, played 1989
John Byers, gn. John D., played 1914
John Byers, gn. John William, played 1903
Joseph Byers, gn. Joseph, played 1884
Ken Byers, gn. Ken, played 1939
MacGregor Byers, gn. MacGregor Cunningham, b. 1974, played 1996-1997
Ollie Byers, gn. Oliver E., b. 1916, d. 2004, played 1939-1952
Randy Byers, gn. Randall Parker, b. 1964, played 1984-1989
Ryan Byers, gn. Ryan
Scott Byers, gn. Scott B., b. 1973, played 1996
Walter Byers, gn. Walter L., played 1948
Waylon Byers, gn. Waylon J., b. 1980, played 2002-2004
Weston Byers, gn. Weston, b. 1992
Will Byers, gn. Will H., played 1909-1910
William Byers, gn. William, played 1923-1925
Braxon Byfield, gn. Braxon
Harold Byfuss, gn. Harold W., b. 1933, played 1952-1959
Byham, played 1925
Leroy Byham, gn. Smith Leroy, played 1924-1930
William Byham, gn. William Edward, b. 1928, played 1947-1948
Paul Byhre, gn. Paul T., b. 1933, d. 2004, played 1952-1953
Dave Byington, gn. Dave, played 1940
Jimmie Byington, gn. Jimmie Ray, b. 1973, played 1993-2000
John Byington, gn. John Austin, b. 1967, played 1989-1995
Richard Byington, gn. Richard, b. 1909, played 1929
Byler, played 1934
Byler, played 1908
Austin Byler, gn. Austin Ryan, b. 1992, played 2015-2016
Butch Byler, gn. Charles Archibald, b. 1892, d. 1971, played 1915-1926
Justin Byler, gn. Justin, b. 1985, played 2006-2009
R. Byles, gn. R., played 1910
Charles Bynon, gn. Charles Robert, b. 1946, played 1967-1970
James Bynon, gn. James Herbert, b. 1921, d. 1991, played 1947-1954
Andrew Bynum, gn. Andrew, b. 1991
Brian Bynum, gn. Brian
E.M. Bynum, gn. E. M., played 1901
Earle Bynum, gn. Earle B., played 1952
Freddie Bynum, gn. Freddie Lee, b. 1980, played 2000-2012
Josh Bynum, gn. Josh
Matt Bynum, gn. Matthew B., b. 1981, played 2000
Mike Bynum, gn. Michael Alan, b. 1978, played 1999-2006
Rex Bynum, gn. Ronald Rex, b. 1950, played 1972-1975
Roderick Bynum, gn. Roderick De'Andre, b. 1995
Seth Bynum, gn. Seth C., b. 1980, played 2004-2012
Will Bynum, gn. Will
William Bynum, gn. William B., b. 1929, played 1952-1956
Alex Byo, gn. Alexander Weeks, b. 1990, played 2013-2014
Jake Byorth, gn. Jake
Byram, played 1905
Arnold Byram, gn. Arnold L., b. 1917, played 1937-1939
Dorris Byram, gn. Dorris H., b. 1909, played 1932-1938
Fred Byram, gn. Fred H., b. 1919, played 1939-1941
Herb Byram, gn. Herbert Fulton, b. 1884, d. 1974, played 1910-1912
John Byram, gn. John Boyce, played 1958
Kenny Byram, gn. Kenny
Byrd, played 1958
Byrd, played 1936
Byrd, played 1929
Byrd, played 1927
Byrd, played 1925
Byrd, played 1911
Byrd, played 1910
Alec Byrd, gn. Alec Michael, b. 1995
Alvin Byrd, gn. Alvin, played 1910
Ben Byrd, gn. Benjamin Lee, b. 1975, played 1997-1998
Bill Byrd, gn. William, b. 1907, d. 1991, played 1933-1947
Brandon Byrd, gn. Brandon C., b. 1978, played 1996-1998
Cain Byrd, gn. Taylor Cain, b. 1985, played 2005-2006
Carl Byrd, gn. Carl L., b. 1916, played 1937-1953
Charles Byrd, gn. Charles Thomas, b. 1943, played 1963-1966
Charles Byrd, gn. Charles John, played 1941-1946
Charlie Byrd, gn. Charlie Floyd, Jr., played 1949
Claude Byrd, gn. Claude, played 1921
D. Byrd, gn. D. E., played 1911-1912
Darren Byrd, gn. Darren Wayne, b. 1986, played 2005-2015
Drake Byrd, gn. Drake
Eric Byrd, gn. Eric
Eugene Byrd, gn. Eugene E., played 1929-1937
Frank Byrd, gn. Frank, played 1910
G. Byrd, gn. G., played 1928
Gene Byrd, gn. Gene L., played 1941-1942
Gene Byrd, gn. Gene, played 1931-1934
George Byrd, gn. George F., b. 1919, d. 1983, played 1938-1947
Grayson Byrd, gn. Grayson Elijah, b. 1996
Greg Byrd, gn. Greg
Harry Byrd, gn. Harry Gladwin, b. 1925, d. 1985, played 1946-1961
Harry Byrd, gn. Harry, played 1952
Irwin Byrd, gn. Irwin, played 1941
Isaac Byrd, gn. Isaac, Jr., b. 1974, played 1996
J. Byrd, gn. J. E., played 1920
Jalen Byrd, gn. Jalen
James Byrd, gn. James G., b. 1961, played 1984-1985
James Byrd, gn. James, played 1950-1951
James Byrd, gn. James W., played 1946
Jarren Byrd, gn. Jarren
Javon Byrd, gn. Javon
Jeff Byrd, gn. Jeffrey Alan, b. 1956, played 1974-1979
Jennings Byrd, gn. Jennings M., b. 1923, played 1949
Jim Byrd, gn. James Edward, b. 1968, played 1988-1994
Johnny Byrd, gn. Johnny
Justin Byrd, gn. Justin, b. 1992, played 2015-2016
Justin Byrd, gn. Justin, b. 1990
Kolby Byrd, gn. Kolby, b. 1990, played 2011-2012
Lawrence Byrd, gn. Lawrence Owen, b. 1940, played 1958-1959
Leland Byrd, gn. Leland Clinton, b. 1955, played 1974-1978
Leon Byrd, gn. Leon Andre, b. 1994, played 2015-2016
Marlon Byrd, gn. Marlon Jerrard, b. 1977, played 1999-2016
Matt Byrd, gn. Matthew Michael, b. 1971, played 1993-1997
Matt Byrd, gn. Matt
Mike Byrd, gn. Michael E., b. 1978, played 1999-2000
Murray Byrd, gn. Murray Franklin, b. 1930, played 1952-1953
Ollie Byrd, gn. Ollie, b. 1896, d. 1929, played 1921
Paul Byrd, gn. Paul Gregory, b. 1970, played 1991-2009
Percy Byrd, gn. Percy, played 1921
R Byrd, gn. Roy, played 1921
Ralph Byrd, gn. Ralph, played 1946
Ryan Byrd, gn. Ryan
Samuel Byrd, gn. Samuel Dewey, b. 1906, d. 1981, played 1926-1936
Stephen Byrd, gn. Stephen Ingram, b. 1975, played 1998-2001
Taylor Byrd, gn. Taylor Blake, b. 1992, played 2014-2015
Tony Byrd, gn. Anthony James, b. 1970, played 1992-1997
Vance Byrd, gn. Vance Franklin, played 1954-1955
Vincent Byrd, gn. Vincent, b. 1997
Walter Byrd, gn. Walter, played 1950
William Byrd, gn. William W., played 1950-1951
William Byrd, gn. William R.
Tim Byrdak, gn. Timothy Christopher, b. 1973, played 1994-2013
Blake Byrket, gn. Blake E., b. 1959, played 1979-1980
Byrn, played 1923
Byrne, played 1930
Byrne, played 1928
Byrne, played 1922
Byrne, played 1921
Byrne, played 1920
Byrne, played 1914
Byrne, played 1894
Ben Byrne, gn. Ben, played 1940
Bobby Byrne, gn. Robert J., b. 1917, d. 1993, played 1939-1941
Bobby Byrne, gn. Bobby, played 1918
Bobby Byrne, gn. Robert Matthew, b. 1884, d. 1964, played 1904-1917
Bryan Byrne, gn. Bryan T., b. 1984, played 2005-2010
Charlie Byrne, gn. Charles H., b. 1843, d. 1898
Chas Byrne, gn. Charles Caddell, b. 1989, played 2010-2013
Clayton Byrne, gn. Clayton Philip, b. 1972, played 1991-2000
Earl Byrne, gn. Earl Patrick, b. 1972, played 1994-1998
Frank Byrne, gn. Frank, played 1937-1939
Jack Byrne, gn. John Herbert, b. 1928, d. 2013, played 1949-1950
Jacob Byrne, gn. Jacob
Jerry Byrne, gn. Gerald Wilford, b. 1907, d. 1955, played 1929
John Byrne, gn. John Francis, b. 1925, played 1947-1949
Jon Byrne, gn. Jon Stephen, b. 1983
Joseph Byrne, gn. Joseph A., played 1912-1919
Kyle Byrne, gn. Kyle
Lawrence Byrne, gn. Lawrence
Matt Byrne, gn. Matt, b. 1994
Michael Byrne, gn. Michael B., b. 1950, played 1970-1972
Michael Byrne, gn. Michael, b. 1994
Mike Byrne, gn. Michael, b. 1997
Philip Byrne, gn. Philip, played 1937
Robert Byrne, gn. Robert Lee, b. 1931, played 1952-1953
Ryan Byrne, gn. Ryan
Samuel Byrne, gn. Samuel Walter, b. 1944, played 1962-1964
Scotty Byrne, gn. Gladin Scott, b. 1926, played 1947-1949
Shane Byrne, gn. Shane Vinsant, b. 1983, played 2006-2007
TJ Byrne, gn. TJ
Tom Byrne, gn. Thomas Charles, Sr., b. 1926, d. 2015, played 1950
Tommy Byrne, gn. Thomas Joseph, b. 1919, d. 2007, played 1940-1957
Walter Byrne, gn. Walter Francis Xavier, b. 1849, d. 1931
Ward Byrne, gn. Ward, played 1939
Zane Byrne, gn. Zane
Byrnes, played 1935
Byrnes, played 1924
Byrnes, played 1922
Byrnes, played 1921
Byrnes, played 1920
Byrnes, played 1920
Byrnes, played 1916
Byrnes, played 1915
Byrnes, played 1913
Byrnes, played 1913
Byrnes, played 1912
Byrnes, played 1911
Byrnes, played 1901
Byrnes, played 1892
Art Byrnes, gn. Art, played 1920
Bernie Byrnes, gn. Bernie, played 1940
Charles Byrnes, gn. Charles, played 1907
Chris Byrnes, gn. John Christopher, b. 1965, played 1986-1987
Eric Byrnes, gn. Eric James, b. 1976, played 1998-2014
Jack Byrnes, gn. Jack, played 1911-1913
James Byrnes, gn. James G., played 1955
James Byrnes, gn. James, played 1912
Jim Byrnes, gn. James Joseph, b. 1880, d. 1941, played 1903-1913
John Byrnes, gn. John T., played 1940-1941
John Byrnes, gn. John J., played 1926-1930
John Byrnes, gn. John, played 1910
Josh Byrnes, gn. Josh
Milt Byrnes, gn. Milton John, b. 1916, d. 1979, played 1936-1951
Peter Byrnes, gn. Peter
Scott Byrnes, gn. Scott S., b. 1983, played 2005-2006
Sean Byrnes, gn. Sean
Tim Byrnes, gn. Timothy, b. 1966, played 1987-1988
Tyler Byrnes, gn. Tyler
David Byroade, gn. David E., b. 1949, played 1970
Byron, played 1940
Byron, played 1897
Andy Byron, gn. Andrew Michael, played 1997
Arthur Byron, gn. Arthur
Greg Byron, gn. Greg, b. 1985, played 2010-2011
Javil Byron, gn. Javil
Lord Byron, gn. William Jeremiah, b. 1872, d. 1955
Michael Byron, gn. Michael
Ricardo Byron, gn. Ricardo, b. 1943, played 1971-1985
Terry Byron, gn. Terence, b. 1979, played 1999-2003
Tim Byron, gn. Timothy Anthony, b. 1960, played 1982-1987
Brett Byrum, gn. Brett
John Byrum, gn. John L., played 1940-1946
Morris Byrum, gn. Morris King, Jr., b. 1930, d. 2015, played 1951-1952
Pete Byrum, gn. Pete, b. 1982, played 2004
Terry Byrum, gn. Terry L., b. 1959, played 1980-1982
John Bysco, gn. John, played 1939-1940
Stephen Bysco, gn. Stephen J., b. 1905, played 1939-1951
Steve Bysco, gn. Steve, played 1925
John Bysick, gn. John E., b. 1942, played 1960
Marty Bystrom, gn. Martin Eugene, b. 1958, played 1977-1989
Rob Bystrowski, gn. Robert Paul, b. 1976, played 1997-2004
Henry Bytnar, gn. Henry A., b. 1921, d. 1995, played 1939-1946
Abram Byumfield, gn. Abram A., played 1946
Matt Bywater, gn. Matthew James, b. 1989, played 2011-2016
Robert Bywater, gn. Robert J., b. 1947, played 1968

About the Minor League Data

Historical performance data for professional leagues (affiliated minor leagues, independent minor leagues, fall/winter leagues, and other international leagues) is provided by and licensed from 24-7 Baseball and Chadwick Baseball Bureau. It incorporates the work of many stalwart baseball researchers, including Cliff Blau, Art Cantu, Frank Hamilton, Reed Howard, Kevin Johnson, Bob McConnell, Jack Morris, and Ray Nemec, as well as members of the Minor Leagues Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research.

Perhaps most importantly, it builds upon the seminal work of Ed Washuta, who magnanimously provided the framework to make the whole thing possible.

Minor league Total Zone (Rctch&Rtz, 2005-2009) data provided by and