Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2016 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

2016 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 4CHC@LAAW,9-0CG309.070070
23 (1)Apr 7CHC@ARIW,14-6CG369.0910100
35 (1)Apr 9CHC@ARIW,4-2CG329.070070
46Apr 10CHC@ARIW,7-3CG359.090090
58 (1)Apr 13CHCCINW,9-2CG359.070070
69Apr 14CHCCINW,8-1CG369.051060
710Apr 15CHCCOLL,1-6CG419.080080
812 (1)Apr 17CHCCOLL,0-2GF41.030030
913Apr 18CHC@STLW,5-0CG349.01130140
1014Apr 19CHC@STLW,2-1CG369.01110121
1115Apr 20CHC@STLL,3-5CG358.070070
1218 (2)Apr 23CHC@CINL,5-13CG408.090090
1319Apr 24CHC@CINW,9-0CG329.01110120
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1435 (15)May 14CHCPITW,8-2CG329.01210130
1536May 15CHCPITL,1-2GF71.011020
1637May 17CHC@MILL,2-4CG318.01000100
1738May 18CHC@MILW,2-1GF225.060060
1839May 19CHC@MILL,3-5CG368.0821110
1940May 20CHC@SFGW,8-1CG359.0910100
2043 (2)May 23CHC@STLL,3-4GS287.090090
2145 (1)May 25CHC@STLW,9-8CG449.070070
2247 (1)May 28CHCPHIW,4-1CG329.061070
2348May 29CHCPHIW,7-2CG359.061070
2450 (1)May 31CHCLADL,0-5CG409.0812110
June Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2552 (1)Jun 2CHCLADW,7-2CG309.052070
2653Jun 3CHCARIW,6-0CG339.01200120
2755 (1)Jun 5CHCARIL,2-3CG409.01830210
2857 (1)Jun 7CHC@PHIL,2-3GS307.061070
2958Jun 8CHC@PHIW,8-1CG309.01200121
3059Jun 10CHC@ATLL,1-5CG408.050050
3160Jun 11CHC@ATLW,8-2CG379.040040
3262 (1)Jun 13CHC@WSNL,1-4GS367.050050
3364 (1)Jun 15CHC@WSNL,4-5GS298.060060
3465Jun 17CHCPITW,6-0GS298.0920110
3567 (1)Jun 19CHCPITW,10-5CG429.01400140
3670 (2)Jun 22CHCSTLL,2-7GS255.060060
3773 (2)Jun 25CHC@MIAL,6-9CG378.070070
3874Jun 26CHC@MIAL,1-6CG398.050050
3975Jun 27CHC@CINW,11-8GS347.051060
4076Jun 28CHC@CINW,7-2GF144.040040
July Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4180 (3)Jul 2CHC@NYML,3-4CG338.070070
4281Jul 3CHC@NYML,3-14GF91.100000
4383 (1)Jul 5CHCCINL,5-9GF102.020020
4484Jul 6CHCCINL,3-5CG379.01020120
4586 (1)Jul 8CHC@PITL,4-8GS347.070180
4690 (3)Jul 16CHCTEXW,3-1GS278.0910100
4793 (2)Jul 19CHCNYML,1-2CG369.01010110
4894Jul 20CHCNYMW,6-2CG359.090090
4995Jul 22CHC@MILW,5-2GS277.080190
5097 (1)Jul 24CHC@MILW,6-5GF123.050050
5198Jul 25CHC@CHWL,4-5CG368.181090
5299Jul 26CHC@CHWL,0-3CG348.080080
53100Jul 27CHCCHWW,8-1CG339.090090
54103 (2)Jul 30CHCSEAL,1-4GS308.050050
August Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
55107 (3)Aug 3CHCMIAW,5-4CG399.01100110
56109 (1)Aug 6CHC@OAKW,4-0CG329.050050
57114 (4)Aug 12CHCSTLW,13-2CG389.090090
58117 (2)Aug 16 (1)CHCMILW,4-0GS308.061180
59122 (4)Aug 20CHC@COLW,9-2CG349.081090
60127 (4)Aug 26CHC@LADW,6-4GS378.081090
61131 (3)Aug 30CHCPITW,3-0CG309.051060
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
62137 (5)Sep 5CHC@MILW,7-2CG339.01010110
63138Sep 6CHC@MILL,5-12CG428.070180
64143 (4)Sep 12CHC@STLW,4-1CG309.080080
65146 (2)Sep 15CHCMILL,4-5GS338.01000100
66147Sep 16CHCMILW,5-4GF277.01000100
67149 (1)Sep 18CHCMILL,1-3CG359.01200120
68152 (2)Sep 21CHCCINW,9-2CG349.060060
69153Sep 23CHCSTLW,5-0GS247.01010110
70157 (3)Sep 27CHC@PITW,6-4CG429.0920110
71158Sep 28CHC@PITL,4-8GS204.030030
72160 (1)Sep 30CHC@CINW,7-3CG339.070070

2016 Fielding Gamelog (as P)

2016 Fielding Gamelog (as C)

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