Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2007 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

2007 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 2ATL@PHIW,5-3CG4310.000000LF
22Apr 4ATL@PHIW,3-2GF123.000000PH LF
33Apr 5ATL@PHIW,8-4CG459.010010LF
45 (1)Apr 7ATLNYMW,5-3GF143.010010LF
56Apr 8ATLNYMW,3-2GS287.000000LF
67Apr 10ATLWSNW,8-0GF113.000000LF
78Apr 11ATLWSNW,8-3CG419.020020LF
89Apr 12ATLWSNL,0-2CG399.010010LF
910Apr 13ATLFLAL,4-11GF41.200000LF
1011Apr 15ATLFLAW,8-4GF102.000000PH LF
1113 (1)Apr 17ATL@WSNW,6-4CG379.070070LF
1214Apr 18ATLCHCW,8-6GS317.010010LF
1316 (1)Apr 20ATL@NYMW,7-3CG359.020020LF
1418 (1)Apr 22ATL@NYMW,9-6GF102.000000PH LF
1520 (1)Apr 24ATL@FLAW,11-6CG389.010010LF
1621Apr 25ATL@FLAL,3-4GF111.100000LF
1722Apr 27ATL@COLW,9-7GF112.000000LF
1823Apr 28ATL@COLW,6-2CG389.000000LF
1924Apr 29ATL@COLL,7-9GS449.020020LF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
Player went from Atlanta Braves to Oakland Athletics
2026May 1OAK@BOSW,5-4GS266.010010CF
2127May 2OAK@BOSL,4-6CG428.041160CF
Player went from Oakland Athletics to Washington Nationals
2229May 4WSN@CHCL,4-6GF61.000000LF
2330May 5WSN@CHCL,3-5GF123.010010LF
2431May 6WSN@CHCL,3-4GS286.000000CF
2533 (1)May 8WSN@MILL,4-6GF41.000000RF
2634May 9WSN@MILL,1-3GS236.030030CF
2735May 11WSNFLAW,6-0GF82.020020PR LF
2836May 12WSNFLAW,7-3CG429.010010CF
2937May 13WSNFLAW,6-4GS389.050050CF LF
3038May 14WSNATLW,2-1GS319.060060CF LF
3139May 15WSNATLL,2-6GS368.030030CF
3240May 16WSNATLW,6-4GS379.020020CF LF
3341May 17WSNATLW,4-3GF62.000000LF
3442May 18WSNBALL,4-5GS317.040040CF
3543May 19WSNBALL,2-392.000000PR LF
3644May 20WSNBALW,4-3GF184.010010LF
3745May 21WSN@CINL,7-8CG378.010010LF
3846May 22WSN@CINW,8-4GS277.010010LF
3947May 23WSN@CINW,12-7GF203.020020RF
4048May 24WSN@CINW,4-3GF31.000000LF
4149May 25WSN@STLW,5-4GF82.000000PR LF
4251 (1)May 27WSN@STLW,7-2GS369.020020CF RF
4354 (2)May 31WSNLADW,11-4GF41.000000PH LF
June Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4455Jun 1WSNSDPW,4-3CG4310.040040CF
4558 (2)Jun 5WSNPITL,6-7GS327.030030CF
4660 (1)Jun 7WSNPITL,2-3CG349.010010CF
4761Jun 8WSN@MINW,8-5GS389.040040CF LF
4862Jun 9WSN@MINW,3-1GF51.000000LF
4963Jun 10WSN@MINL,3-6CG408.020130CF
5064Jun 12WSN@BALW,7-4GS359.030030CF LF
5165Jun 13WSN@BALW,9-6GS4911.040040CF LF
5266Jun 14WSN@BALW,3-1GS399.050050CF LF
5367Jun 15WSN@TORL,2-7CG448.020020LF
5468Jun 16WSN@TORL,3-7CG378.020020CF
5569Jun 17WSN@TORW,4-2GS339.030030CF LF
5671 (1)Jun 19WSNDETL,1-15CG519.010010CF
5775 (3)Jun 24WSNCLEW,3-1CG329.030030LF
5877 (1)Jun 26WSN@ATLL,2-6CG378.020020CF
5978Jun 27WSN@ATLL,0-13CG458.000000CF
6079Jun 29WSN@PITL,2-3GS307.030030CF
July Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
6181 (1)Jul 1WSN@PITW,3-2GF62.000000LF
6283 (1)Jul 3WSNCHCL,1-3CG369.030030CF
6384Jul 4WSNCHCW,6-0GF82.010010LF
6486 (1)Jul 6WSNMILL,2-6CG399.050050CF
6587Jul 7WSNMILW,5-4GS399.020020CF LF
6688Jul 8WSNMILW,7-2GF113.000000LF
6789Jul 13WSN@FLAW,14-10GF123.010010LF
6890Jul 14WSN@FLAL,2-5CG338.010010CF
6991Jul 15WSN@FLAL,3-5GF31.000000CF
7092Jul 16WSNHOUW,4-3GF82.000000LF
7194 (1)Jul 18WSNHOUW,7-6GS389.010010CF LF
7295Jul 19WSNCOLW,5-4GS338.070070CF
7396Jul 20WSNCOLL,1-3GS409.020020CF LF
7497Jul 21WSNCOLW,3-0GF62.010010PR CF
7598Jul 22WSNCOLW,3-0GS379.020020CF LF
7699Jul 24WSN@PHIL,3-4CG348.020020CF
77100Jul 25WSN@PHIL,5-7GF245.010010CF
78101Jul 26WSN@PHIW,7-6GF102.020020LF
79102Jul 27WSN@NYMW,6-2GF62.000000LF
80104 (1)Jul 28 (2)WSN@NYMW,6-5GS379.040040CF LF
81105Jul 29WSN@NYML,0-5CG244.130030RF
82106Jul 31WSNCINW,6-3GF72.010010LF
August Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
83107Aug 1WSNCINW,7-2GF102.000000LF
84108Aug 2WSNCINW,7-3GF41.000000LF
85109Aug 3WSNSTLW,3-2GF102.000000PR LF
86110Aug 4WSNSTLW,12-1GF61.000000PH RF
87113 (2)Aug 7WSN@SFGW,8-6GF72.020020LF
88115 (1)Aug 9WSN@SFGW,3-1GF205.000000LF
89119 (3)Aug 14WSNPHIL,2-3GF102.000000LF
90120Aug 15WSNPHIW,4-2GF31.000000LF
91121Aug 16WSNPHIL,2-4GF41.010010RF
92122Aug 17WSNNYML,2-6GF132.120020CF
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
93146 (23)Sep 12WSN@FLAL,4-5CG5411.230030RF
94147Sep 14WSNATLL,5-871.000000LF
95148Sep 15WSNATLW,7-4GF51.010010LF
96156 (7)Sep 23WSNPHIW,5-3GF153.000000LF
97157Sep 24WSN@NYMW,13-4GF92.010010LF
98158Sep 25WSN@NYMW,10-9GF101.000000LF
99161 (2)Sep 29WSN@PHIW,4-2GF92.230030CF

2007 Fielding Gamelog (as LF)

2007 Fielding Gamelog (as CF)

2007 Fielding Gamelog (as RF)

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