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Photo of Andy Pafko

Andy Pafko

Andrew Pafko (Handy Andy or Pruschka)

Positions: Outfielder and Third Baseman
Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Height: 6' 0", Weight: 190 lb.

Born: February 25, 1921 in Boyceville, WI
High School: Boyceville HS (Boyceville , WI)(All Transactions)
Debut: September 24, 1943 (Age 22.211, 7,526th in MLB history)   vs. PHI 3 AB, 2 H, 0 HR, 4 RBI, 0 SB
Rookie Status: Exceeded rookie limits during 1944 season [*]
Teams (by GP): Cubs/Braves/Dodgers 1943-1959

Last Game: September 29, 1959 (Age 38.216)   vs. LAD 1 AB, 0 H, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 0 SB
Died: October 8, 2013 in Bridgman, MI
Buried: St. Luke Cemetery, Chicago, IL
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Career Home Runs

For all seasons after 1973, the play-by-play data is complete (summary of missing data for pre-1974). For some games from 1954 to 1973, we do not have complete play-by-play.

Andy Pafko: 220 Career Home Runs

0 leading off, 3 walk-off, 20 tying, 60 go ahead, 31 lacking some details (For more accurate walk-off HR totals, see the Batting Event Finder)
3 Tms
vs RHP155
vs LHP65
High Lev37
Medium Lev62
Low Lev88
8 Opps
120 Pitchers
Murry Dickson9
Harry Brecheen6
Johnny Antonelli5
Russ Meyer5
Rip Sewell5
Dave Koslo5
Ralph Branca5
Johnny Sain5
Sal Maglie5
Bob Friend4
Hal Gregg4
Curt Simmons4
Jim Hearn4
Larry Jansen4
Ken Raffensberger3
Bubba Church3
Max Surkont3
Gerry Staley3
Al Brazle3
Tiny Bonham3
9 Parks
Wrigley Fld70
Ebbets Fld37
Polo Grounds25
Forbes Fld19
County Stad18
Crosley Fld15
Shibe Pk14
Braves Fld13
Where Hit
General field locations
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms175
2·HR gms21
3·HR gms1
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
356 RBI
0 on125
1 on61
2 on27
3 on7
Any on95
Before event,
for batter

Play By Play

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1944 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
11111944-05-30 (2)CHC@NYGEwald Pyletied 0-0t 21---1580.11359%Home Run (LF-CF)
22211944-06-04 (2)CHC@BROHal Greggtied 2-2t 321--2580.22570%Home Run; Nicholson Scores
33311944-06-30CHCBROEd Headtied 0-0b 921--2680.439100%Walk-OffHome Run; Nicholson Scores
44411944-07-20 (2)CHC@BSNAl Javeryt 7---168
55511944-08-10CHCBROHal Greggtied 1-1b 201--2680.16976%Home Run; Dallessandro Scores
66611944-09-17 (2)CHCSTLHarry Brecheenb 7---238
1945 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
77111945-05-18CHC@BROLee Pfundahead 2-0t 121--2680.14582%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores
88211945-05-24CHCPHIDick Barrettb 6---168
99311945-05-30 (2)CHCNYGBill Voiselleahead 3-1b 3212-3780.16393%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores; Nicholson Scores
1010411945-06-10 (1)CHCCINJoe Bowmanb 8---258
1111521945-06-10 (1)CHCCINJoe Bowmanahead 8-7b 821--2580.11597%Home Run; Becker Scores
1212611945-06-30CHC@NYGSlim Emmerichahead 1-0t 31---1580.10570%Home Run
1313711945-07-01 (2)CHC@NYGJack Brewerahead 1-0t 40---1580.10773%Home Run
1414811945-07-04 (2)CHC@BSNJohnny Hutchingst 5---358
1515911945-08-15CHC@BROClyde Kingahead 9-4t 4012-3580.03798%Home Run; Lowrey Scores; Becker Scores
16161011945-08-17CHC@BROHal Greggahead 2-1t 82---1580.13685%Home Run
17171111945-09-03 (1)CHCCINEd Heusserb 1---458
18181221945-09-03 (1)CHCCINEd Heusserahead 1-0b 101234580.12891%Home Run; Hughes Scores; Nicholson Scores; Becker Scores
19191311945-09-05 (2)CHCNYGRube Fischerahead 9-2b 82---1480.001100%Home Run
20201411945-09-23CHCPITPreacher Roeb 3---458
1946 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
2121111946-05-05 (1)CHCPHIArt Lopatkab 8---28
2222221946-05-05 (1)CHCPHIArt Lopatkaahead 11-1b 821--2580.000100%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores
2323311946-05-19 (1)CHC@BSNLefty Wallacet 7---28
2424411946-07-31CHC@NYGJohnny Geet 4---18
2525521946-07-31CHC@NYGJohnny Geebehind 0-1t 41---1580.13847%Home Run
1947 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
2626111947-04-18CHC@STLHarry Brecheenbehind 0-4t 61---1380.04912%Home Run
2727211947-04-26CHCSTLHarry Brecheentied 0-0b 41---1380.13567%Home Run
2828311947-05-08 (2)CHC@PHIAl Jurisicht 8---28
2929421947-05-08 (2)CHC@PHIAl Jurisichbehind 2-6t 811--2380.06010%Home Run; Hack Scores
3030511947-05-15CHCNYGClint Hartungbehind 0-3b 111--2380.15842%Home Run (Line Drive to LF-CF); Waitkus Scores
3131611947-07-13 (2)CHC@BSNBill Voisellet 7---28
3232711947-08-11CHC@STLHarry Brecheent 8---18
3333811947-08-15CHC@CINJohnny Vander Meerbehind 1-5t 60---1380.05514%Home Run
3434911947-08-16CHC@CINBuddy Livelyahead 2-0t 51-2-2380.12289%Home Run; Hack Scores
35351011947-08-21 (2)CHC@BSNBill Voisellet 5---28
36361111947-08-25CHC@NYGJoe Beggsahead 4-1t 30---1380.06486%Home Run
37371211947-08-26CHC@NYGDave Koslotied 0-0t 11-2-2380.15067%Home Run; Lowrey Scores
38381311947-09-06CHC@PITTiny Bonhamahead 4-1t 30---1480.06485%Home Run
39391411947-09-26CHCSTLAl Brazlebehind 0-4b 40---1480.07121%Home Run
1948 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
4040111948-04-21CHC@PITTiny Bonhamtied 1-1t 811--2450.34985%Home Run; Jeffcoat Scores
4141211948-04-24CHCSTLAl Brazletied 0-0b 11-233450.16980%Home Run; Schenz Scores; Waitkus Scores
4242311948-05-14CHCCINKent Petersontied 0-0b 82---1450.32585%Home Run
4343411948-05-16CHCCINBucky Waltersbehind 2-10b 32---1450.0123%Home Run
4444521948-05-16CHCCINBucky Waltersbehind 5-10b 51-2-2450.07815%Home Run; Waitkus Scores
4545611948-05-31 (1)CHCPITRip Sewelltied 0-0b 121--2450.19271%Home Run; Schenz Scores
4646711948-05-31 (2)CHCPITElmer Riddlebehind 0-4b 70---1450.05312%Home Run
4747811948-06-04CHCPHIMonk Dubielbehind 1-2b 40---1450.14056%Home Run
4848911948-06-13CHCBROJoe Hattenahead 2-0b 40---1450.07587%Home Run
49491011948-06-16CHC@BSNRed Barrettbehind 4-5t 5112-3450.32574%Home Run (Deep RF); Waitkus Scores; Jeffcoat Scores
50501111948-07-01CHCSTLMurry Dicksonbehind 1-3b 7012-3450.41680%Home Run; Waitkus Scores; Jeffcoat Scores
51511211948-07-10CHCPITRip Sewellb 6---15
52521321948-07-10CHCPITRip Sewellbehind 1-2b 61---1450.19654%Home Run
53531411948-07-11CHCPITTiny Bonhamtied 0-0b 71---1450.23078%Home Run
54541511948-07-16CHCBSNClyde Shountied 6-6b 21---1450.11464%Home Run
55551611948-07-17CHCBSNWarren Spahntied 0-0b 42---1450.14366%Home Run
56561711948-07-19CHCPHIDutch Leonardb 8---15
57571811948-08-02CHC@BRORex Barneyahead 1-0t 12---1450.09465%Home Run
58581911948-08-07CHC@BSNJohnny Sainbehind 1-3t 401--2450.19050%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores
59592011948-08-20CHCCINHowie Foxtied 0-0b 121--2450.19271%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores
60602111948-08-26 (2)CHCBSNBobby Hogueahead 4-1b 60---1450.03896%Home Run
61612211948-09-03CHC@PITVic Lombardiahead 8-1t 62---1450.00899%Home Run
62622311948-09-05 (1)CHC@PITRip Sewellt 7---145
63632411948-09-05 (2)CHC@PITMel Queent 8---15
64642521948-09-05 (2)CHC@PITMel Queenahead 10-3t 80---1450.002100%Home Run
65652611948-09-11CHCPITElmer Singletonbehind 10-13b 821--2450.13619%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores
66662711948-09-21 (2)CHC@NYGRed Webbt 9---35
67672811948-09-22 (1)CHC@NYGDave Koslotied 0-0t 12-2-2450.17566%Home Run; Verban Scores
1949 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
6868111949-05-07CHC@BRORalph Brancabehind 0-2t 20---1480.09340%Home Run
6969221949-05-07CHC@BRORalph Brancatied 2-2t 32-2-2480.19768%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores
7070311949-05-14CHC@CINJohnny Vander Meert 4---148
7171411949-05-17CHCBRORalph Brancabehind 2-8b 1111--2480.0041%Home Run; Verban Scores
7272511949-06-03CHC@NYGMonty Kennedytied 0-0t 121--2480.18466%Home Run; Lowrey Scores
7373611949-06-07CHC@BROPreacher Roebehind 0-6t 70---1480.0163%Home Run
7474711949-06-19CHCBROJack Bantaahead 3-2b 311--2550.16083%Home Run; Sauer Scores
7575821949-06-19CHCBROPaul Minnerahead 7-2b 70---1550.00799%Home Run
7676911949-06-21CHCBSNJohnny Sainahead 4-3b 7212-3550.18197%Home Run; Reich Scores; Sauer Scores
77771011949-07-04 (2)CHCSTLAl Brazletied 0-0b 1012-3350.17581%Home Run; Jeffcoat Scores/unER; Cavarretta Scores
78781111949-07-24 (1)CHC@NYGDave Koslotied 0-0t 20-2-2550.13670%Home Run; Sauer Scores
79791211949-07-31CHCPHIHank Borowybehind 2-4b 911--2550.47558%Home Run; Sauer Scores
80801311949-08-04CHCNYGLarry Jansentied 0-0b 21---1550.11264%Home Run
81811411949-08-06CHCBSNJohnny Antonelliahead 9-0b 62---1550.001100%Home Run
82821511949-08-07 (2)CHCBSNNels Potterbehind 1-3b 82-2-2550.40353%Home Run; Baumholtz Scores
83831611949-08-09CHCPITCliff Chambersbehind 1-6b 801--2550.0478%Home Run (Deep LF); Sauer Scores
84841711949-09-04CHCPITRip Sewellahead 6-3b 411234580.07598%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores; Smalley Scores; Sauer Scores
85851811949-09-09CHC@PITRay Poatahead 3-0t 511234580.09198%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores; Smalley Scores; Sauer Scores
1950 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
8686111950-04-18CHC@CINKen Raffensbergertied 0-0t 20---1580.10260%Home Run (Deep CF)
8787221950-04-18CHC@CINEddie Erauttahead 6-5t 9112-3580.12598%Home Run (Deep LF); Ward Scores; Ramazzotti Scores
8888311950-05-06CHCBROJoe Hattentied 2-2b 611--2580.25383%Home Run; Sauer Scores
8989411950-05-12CHCPITHal Greggahead 3-2b 311--2580.15783%Home Run; Sauer Scores
9090511950-05-14 (2)CHCPITBill Werleb 9---158
9191611950-05-16CHC@NYGDave Kosloahead 2-0t 321--2580.15084%Home Run; Ward Scores/unER; Pafko Scores/unER
9292711950-05-23CHC@BRORalph Brancaahead 2-1t 61---1580.12675%Home Run
9393811950-05-24CHC@BRODan Bankheadbehind 0-2t 42---1580.10033%Home Run
9494911950-06-08CHCNYGMonty Kennedybehind 0-5b 42---1580.04311%Home Run
95951011950-06-28CHCSTLJim Hearnahead 5-1b 5112-3580.04799%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores; Sauer Scores
96961111950-07-01CHC@CINEwell Blackwellbehind 0-3t 9112-3580.35644%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores; Verban Scores
97971211950-07-02CHC@CINEddie Erauttahead 14-0t 821--2580.000100%Home Run; Cavarretta Scores
98981311950-07-07CHCCINWillie Ramsdellbehind 2-4b 81---1580.12325%Home Run
99991411950-07-13CHCBRORalph Brancaahead 5-3b 51---1590.07787%Home Run
1001001511950-07-16 (1)CHCPHIRuss Meyerahead 2-0b 70---1590.05494%Home Run
1011011611950-07-21CHCBSNJohnny Saintied 0-0b 42---1590.13565%Home Run
1021021711950-07-23 (1)CHCNYGLarry Jansenbehind 2-5b 91---1590.0285%Home Run
1031031811950-07-26CHC@PHIRuss Meyert 2---159
1041041911950-07-27CHC@PHICurt Simmonsbehind 1-4t 60---1590.08422%Home Run
1051052011950-07-28CHC@BROErv Palicabehind 2-3t 611--2590.28063%Home Run (LF Line); Mauro Scores
1061062121950-07-28CHC@BROBilly Loesahead 11-5t 90---1590.002100%Home Run
1071072211950-08-02 (2)CHC@NYGSal Maglietied 0-0t 1212-3580.24374%Home Run; Terwilliger Scores; Ward Scores
1081082321950-08-02 (2)CHC@NYGSal Magliebehind 3-8t 62---1580.0256%Home Run
1091092431950-08-02 (2)CHC@NYGSal Magliebehind 5-8t 82---1580.0418%Home Run
1101102511950-08-05CHC@BSNBobby Hogueahead 3-2t 131---1580.09792%Home Run
1111112611950-08-12CHC@PITBill Macdonaldbehind 0-1t 50---1580.13450%Home Run (LF-CF)
1121122711950-08-14CHCSTLHarry Brecheenbehind 4-6b 81---1580.12325%Home Run
1131132811950-08-16CHCCINHerm Wehmeierbehind 1-2b 40---1580.13256%Home Run
1141142911950-08-20 (1)CHCPITVern Lawb 6---158
1151153011950-08-22CHCNYGJim Hearnbehind 0-1b 4112-3580.29077%Home Run; Ward Scores; Sauer Scores
1161163111950-08-28 (2)CHCPHIRuss Meyerbehind 2-5b 61-233580.27354%Home Run; Ward Scores/unER; Sauer Scores
1171173211950-09-06 (2)CHC@STLHarry Brecheent 7---258
1181183311950-09-09 (2)CHC@CINWillie Ramsdellt 7---158
1191193411950-09-14CHC@BSNJohnny Sainbehind 0-1t 42---1580.12945%Home Run (Deep LF)
1201203511950-09-20CHC@PHIRuss Meyerbehind 1-4t 521--2580.17031%Home Run; Sauer Scores
1211213611950-09-27CHCPITBob Chesnesb 1---358
1951 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
122122111951-04-17CHCCINKen Raffensbergerahead 5-1b 30---1580.03893%Home Run
123123211951-04-22CHC@STLCloyd Boyert 4---28
124124321951-04-22CHC@STLRed Mungert 6---38
125125411951-04-28CHCSTLCloyd Boyerahead 2-0b 12---1580.07979%Home Run (LF-CF)
126126511951-05-03CHC@BSNMax Surkonttied 1-1t 611234580.27992%Home Run (Deep LF-CF); Serena Scores; Baumholtz Scores; Sauer Scores
127127611951-05-06 (1)CHC@PHIBubba Churchbehind 2-5t 82---1580.0397%Home Run (Deep LF)
128128711951-05-11CHC@PITBob Friendahead 6-0t 5---158
129129821951-05-11CHC@PITPaul Pettitahead 7-4t 7---158
130130911951-05-25CHCPITMurry Dicksonbehind 0-1b 21---1580.11153%Home Run (LF-CF)
1311311011951-06-01CHC@BSNJohnny Sainahead 1-0t 60---1580.12379%Home Run
1321321111951-06-07CHC@PHIBubba Churchtied 0-0t 20---1580.10761%Home Run
1331331211951-06-10 (2)CHC@NYGSal Maglieahead 3-1t 32---1580.09078%Home Run
1341341311951-06-16BRO@CHCBob Schultzbehind 1-3t 71---1670.11426%Home Run
1351351411951-06-24 (1)BRO@PITMurry Dicksonbehind 3-7t 80---1670.0357%Home Run
1361361511951-06-24 (2)BRO@PITBob Friendtied 0-0t 4112-3670.25780%Home Run; Robinson Scores; Hodges Scores
1371371611951-06-27BRO@NYGJim Hearnbehind 0-1t 40-233670.17773%Home Run; Robinson Scores; Hodges Scores
1381381711951-07-05BRONYGLarry Jansenahead 1-0b 60---1570.10585%Home Run
1391391811951-08-11 (2)BROBSNMax Surkontbehind 0-1b 20---1470.10955%Home Run
1401401911951-08-22 (2)BROSTLDick Bokelmannbehind 3-7b 61---1770.05613%Home Run
1411412011951-08-26 (2)BROPITBob Friendbehind 2-3b 91---1770.46858%Home Run
1421422111951-09-03 (2)BROBSNChet Nicholstied 0-0b 201--2580.16075%Home Run; Campanella Scores
1431432211951-09-07BROPHIJim Konstantyahead 6-2b 71-233580.015100%Home Run; Robinson Scores; Campanella Scores
1441442311951-09-12BRO@CINKen Raffensbergerbehind 0-3t 21-2-2670.13737%Home Run; Robinson Scores
1451452411951-09-14BRO@PITMurry Dicksontied 0-0t 511--2670.23374%Home Run; Robinson Scores
1461462511951-09-17BRO@CHCTurk Lownahead 1-0t 62---1670.13375%Home Run
1471472611951-09-23BROPHIAndy Hansenahead 4-1b 811--2570.02299%Home Run (Line Drive); Campanella Scores
1481482711951-09-25 (1)BRO@BSNWarren Spahnbehind 0-6t 20---1580.03410%Home Run
1491492811951-09-29BRO@PHIRobin Robertstied 0-0t 21-2-2670.16869%Home Run; Campanella Scores
1501502911951-10-01BRONYGJim Hearntied 0-0b 22---1670.11162%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
1511513011951-10-02BRO@NYGAl Corwinahead 6-0t 70---1570.00899%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1952 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
152152111952-04-17BRO@BSNGene Conleyahead 3-0t 50---1670.05791%Home Run
153153211952-04-18BRONYGDave Koslobehind 4-6b 72---1670.12527%Home Run
154154321952-04-18BRONYGGeorge Spencertied 6-6b 120---1670.367100%Walk-OffHome Run
155155411952-04-19BRONYGMax Lanierbehind 0-1b 21---1570.11653%Home Run
156156521952-04-19BRONYGMax Lanierahead 9-3b 70---1570.003100%Home Run
157157611952-05-04BRO@PITMurry Dicksonahead 5-0t 30---1570.03195%Home Run
158158711952-05-05BRO@PITBob Friendahead 4-0t 52---1570.04394%Home Run
159159811952-05-14BROSTLGerry Staleybehind 0-2b 51---1570.12737%Home Run
160160911952-05-29BROBSNMax Surkontahead 2-0b 32---1570.08383%Home Run (LF-CF)
1611611011952-06-19BROCHCWarren Hackerahead 3-0b 21---1870.06088%Home Run
1621621111952-06-21BROPITTed Wilksahead 5-4b 811--2870.10097%Home Run (LF-CF); Hodges Scores/unER
1631631211952-07-19BRO@PITHowie Polletahead 4-0t 72---1470.02997%Home Run
1641641311952-07-20BRO@PITMurry Dicksonahead 6-3t 80---1490.03397%Home Run
1651651411952-08-05BRO@NYGGeorge Spencertied 4-4t 140---1670.34484%Home Run
1661661511952-08-08BRO@PHICurt Simmonstied 3-3t 10112-3570.38697%Home Run; Reese Scores; Campanella Scores
1671671611952-08-16BROPHICurt Simmonsahead 1-0b 12-2-2580.15879%Home Run; Robinson Scores
1681681711952-09-11BROCHCBob Rushbehind 1-9b 521234690.0648%Home Run (LF-CF); Shuba Scores/unER; Campanella Scores/unER; Snider Scores/unER; Pafko Scores/unER
1691691811952-09-12BROSTLGerry Staleytied 0-0b 121-33570.24779%Home Run; Furillo Scores; Robinson Scores
1701701921952-09-12BROSTLCloyd Boyerahead 5-2b 50---1570.04594%Home Run (LF-CF)
1953 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
171171111953-04-23MLN@CHCWarren Hackertied 0-0t 20---1590.09960%Home Run
172172211953-05-01MLN@PHIAndy Hansenahead 4-2t 90---1590.04396%Home Run
173173311953-05-27MLNCHCBob Rushbehind 1-4b 5212-3590.33251%Home Run (Deep LF-CF); Mathews Scores/unER; Gordon Scores/unER; Pafko Scores/unER
174174411953-05-29MLN@STLGerry Staleybehind 0-1t 3212-3590.29267%Home Run; Mathews Scores; Gordon Scores
175175511953-06-02MLN@BRORuss Meyerbehind 2-3t 911--2590.62581%Home Run (Line Drive); Pendleton Scores
176176611953-06-03MLN@BROBen Wadeahead 13-9t 82---1590.02498%Home Run (Fly Ball)
177177711953-06-07 (1)MLN@PHISteve Ridzikahead 2-0t 12---1590.08273%Home Run; Pafko Scores/unER
178178811953-06-08MLN@NYGSal Magliebehind 0-1t 50---1590.13150%Home Run (LF Line)
179179911953-06-27MLNBROClem Labinebehind 2-3b 70---1590.22659%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1801801011953-07-22MLN@PHIJim Konstantybehind 2-6t 70---1590.04911%Home Run
1811811111953-08-09 (2)MLNPITBob Hallahead 7-3b 61---1490.02497%Home Run
1821821221953-08-09 (2)MLNPITBob Hallahead 8-3b 82--32490.004100%Home Run; Mathews Scores
1831831311953-08-19MLN@CINJoe Nuxhalltied 2-2t 90---1490.32983%Home Run
1841841411953-09-11MLNBROBen Wadebehind 5-6b 601--2490.28474%Home Run (Fly Ball); Mathews Scores
1851851521953-09-11MLNBROClem Labinetied 8-8b 102---1490.464100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball)
1861861611953-09-20 (2)MLNCINJoe Nuxhalltied 0-0b 121--2490.18571%Home Run; Mathews Scores
1871871711953-09-26MLN@CINBud Podbielanbehind 2-6t 601--2490.11123%Home Run; Mathews Scores
1954 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
188188111954-04-30MLNPHIMurry Dicksonbehind 0-5b 62---1480.0286%Home Run (Deep LF)
189189211954-05-16 (2)MLN@NYGJohnny Antonellitied 0-0t 20---1490.10360%Home Run
190190311954-05-23 (2)MLN@CHCBob Rushahead 2-1t 52-233490.23588%Home Run; Bruton Scores; Mathews Scores
191191421954-05-23 (2)MLN@CHCBubba Churchahead 8-3t 91---1490.004100%Home Run
192192511954-06-13MLNPHIMurry Dicksonb 4---269
193193611954-06-19MLN@PITDick Littlefieldtied 0-0t 21---1590.10858%Home Run
194194711954-06-23MLN@NYGLarry Jansenahead 2-1t 41---1590.11171%Home Run
195195811954-06-24MLN@NYGDon Liddletied 0-0t 21---1590.10658%Home Run
196196911954-07-11 (1)MLN@CINArt Fowlertied 0-0t 20---1690.10360%Home Run
1971971011954-07-11 (2)MLN@CINCorky Valentinetied 0-0t 201--2690.15970%Home Run; Metkovich Scores
1981981111954-07-25MLNNYGJohnny Antonellibehind 1-4b 41---1690.09127%Home Run
1991991211954-07-31MLN@BROPete Wojeyahead 11-2t 70---1690.001100%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2002001311954-08-03MLN@PHIMurry Dicksontied 0-0t 20---1690.10460%Home Run (Deep LF)
2012011411954-09-19MLN@STLBrooks Lawrenceahead 1-0t 121--2590.16874%Home Run; Crandall Scores
1955 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
202202111955-07-07MLN@CHCSam Jonesbehind 0-2t 721--28PH0.28743%Home Run; Crandall Scores
203203211955-07-23MLN@BROEd Roebucktied 6-6t 72---1690.21364%Home Run (Fly Ball)
204204311955-08-04MLNBROCarl Erskinetied 6-6b 72-233550.33894%Home Run (Line Drive); Logan Scores; Aaron Scores
205205411955-08-05MLNPITDick Hallb 7---19
206206511955-08-17MLN@STLLuis Arroyot 1---228
1956 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
207207111956-07-29MLN@PHICurt Simmonsbehind 0-2t 521--2270.24545%Home Run; Spahn Scores
208208211956-08-04MLN@PITHowie Pollettied 2-2t 411--26PH0.22473%Home Run; Adcock Scores
1957 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
209209111957-07-06MLNCHCDick Drottbehind 1-3b 70---19PH0.14534%Home Run (Deep LF)
210210211957-07-19MLN@NYGJohnny Antonellitied 0-0t 20---1490.10861%Home Run (Deep LF)
211211321957-07-19MLN@NYGJohnny Antonellitied 1-1t 901--2490.34793%Home Run (Deep LF); Mathews Scores
212212411957-08-24MLN@BROJohnny Podresahead 2-0t 42---1670.09279%Home Run
213213511957-09-07MLNCHCDick Littlefieldahead 5-1b 721--26PH0.02199%Home Run (Deep LF); Aaron Scores
214214611957-09-11MLNPITRon Klinetied 0-0b 21---1690.11864%Home Run (Deep CF)
215215711957-09-18MLNNYGStu Millerahead 7-2b 81---1590.003100%Home Run (Deep LF-CF)
216216811957-09-27MLNCINCharlie Rabetied 0-0b 50---1690.15572%Home Run (Deep LF)
1958 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
217217111958-05-19MLN@CINHal Jeffcoatahead 2-1t 90---1670.09092%Home Run (Deep LF)
218218211958-08-13 (2)MLN@CINAlex Kellnerahead 3-1t 62---1670.09484%Home Run (Deep LF)
219219311958-09-18MLN@STLNelson Chittumahead 6-3t 9212-3570.033100%Home Run (Deep LF); Schoendienst Scores; Mathews Scores
1959 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBRBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
220220111959-07-30MLNCHCArt Ceccarelliahead 5-1b 52---1670.03096%Home Run (Deep LF)

About the SABR Home Run Encyclopedia

Much of the data on's Home Run Logs comes from the Tattersall/McConnell Home Run Log, a database of all homers hit in the major leagues since 1876. This project was begun in the 1940's by John C. Tattersall and was continued after Tattersall's death in 1981 by Bob McConnell, one of SABR's original 16 members. David Vincent, another SABR member, has since assumed the leadership of the project. has licensed this remarkable database from the Society for American Baseball Research. All credit for the data therein goes to the intrepid researchers who digitized this data from archival sources.

For years from 1914 to 2015, RetroSheet play-by-play data has been used whenever the home run occurred in a game for which we have complete play-by-play data.

There are a handful of cases where the home run logs totals do not agree with the totals on our player pages. We are working to reconcile all of those differences, but believe that in all cases the Home Run Encyclopedia is correct.