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Photo of Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis

Glenn Earle Davis

Position: First Baseman
Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3", Weight: 205 lb.

Born: March 28, 1961 in Jacksonville, FL
High School: University Christian HS (Jacksonville, FL)
Schools: Middle Georgia College (Cochran, GA), State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (Bradenton, FL), University of Georgia (Athens, GA)
by the Houston Astros in the 1st round (5th pick) of the 1981 amateur draft (January Secondary). (All Transactions)
Debut: September 2, 1984 (Age 23.158, 12,552nd in MLB history)   vs. STL 4 AB, 1 H, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 0 SB
Rookie Status: Exceeded rookie limits during 1985 season [*]
Teams (by GP): Astros/Orioles 1984-1993
Agents: Michael Moye [*]
Last Game: May 23, 1993 (Age 32.056)   vs. MIL 4 AB, 0 H, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 0 SB
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Career Home Runs

Hit location and pitches data is shown only for seasons after 1988 (completeness summary of pitch data and hit data).

Glenn Davis: 190 Career Home Runs

0 leading off, 3 walk-off, 22 tying, 63 go ahead
2 Tms
vs RHP115
vs LHP75
High Lev27
Medium Lev92
Low Lev71
22 Opps
119 Pitchers
Tom Browning6
Dennis Martinez6
John Smiley4
Mark Davis3
Zane Smith3
Don Schulze3
David Cone3
Andy Hawkins3
David Palmer3
Atlee Hammaker3
Craig Lefferts3
Trevor Wilson3
Joe Hesketh3
Rick Rhoden3
Ted Power3
Mario Soto3
Tim Belcher3
Bob Walk3
Eric Show2
Mark Grant2
22 Parks
Cinergy Fld15
Qualcomm St12
3 Rivers Std9
Dodger Stad8
Shea Stad8
Stade Olymp.7
Camden Yards6
Wrigley Fld6
Memor. Stad3
US Cellular3
Busch Stad3
Fenway Pk2
Tiger Stad2
Where Hit
General field locations
when available.
1 Inside the Park
Pitches in PA
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms166
2·HR gms9
3·HR gms2
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
295 RBI
0 on105
1 on65
2 on20
Any on85
Before event,
for batter

Play By Play

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1984 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
11111984-09-06HOU@SFGScott Garreltsahead 13-1t 71---1430.000100%Home Run
22211984-09-14HOUSDPEric Showbehind 0-2b 50---1530.13539%Home Run
1985 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
33111985-06-24HOU@LADJerry Reussbehind 1-3t 421--2690.23546%Home Run; Cruz Scores
44211985-07-06HOUMONJoe Heskethtied 1-1b 411--2630.22979%Home Run; Bass Scores
55311985-07-21HOU@MONTim Burkeahead 4-2t 80---1630.05994%Home Run
66411985-07-23HOU@PHIJerry Koosmanbehind 1-3t 42-2-2630.21645%Home Run; Mumphrey Scores
77521985-07-23HOU@PHIJerry Koosmanbehind 3-8t 61-2-2630.05610%Home Run; Mumphrey Scores
88611985-07-25HOU@NYMDwight Goodenbehind 1-5t 70---1630.0439%IPHRHome Run
99711985-07-27 (2)HOU@NYMBill Lathambehind 0-4t 421--2530.12121%Home Run; Bass Scores
1010811985-07-31HOU@CINTom Browningbehind 0-1t 411-33630.26872%Home Run; Bass Scores; Cruz Scores
1111911985-08-04HOUSDPDave Draveckytied 0-0b 21---1630.12065%Home Run
12121011985-08-30HOU@STLRicky Hortonahead 4-1t 31---1630.06787%Home Run
13131111985-08-31HOU@STLDanny Coxtied 0-0t 41---1630.13961%Home Run
14141211985-09-02HOU@CHCJay Ballerbehind 0-2t 21-2-2630.16048%Home Run; Mumphrey Scores
15151311985-09-06HOUPITRick Rhodentied 0-0b 20---1530.11666%Home Run
16161411985-09-11 (2)HOUSFGMike Jeffcoatbehind 2-4b 40---1530.12541%Home Run
17171511985-09-15HOUSDPCraig Leffertstied 1-1b 80---1630.27988%Home Run
18181611985-09-17HOU@ATLRick Campahead 6-2t 51---1530.04194%Home Run
19191711985-09-20HOUCINTom Humebehind 2-5b 60---1630.09423%Home Run
20201811985-09-24HOULADBob Welchbehind 0-7b 70---1530.0071%Home Run
21211911985-09-25HOULADFernando Valenzuelabehind 0-4b 70---1430.04911%Home Run
22222011985-10-02HOU@SFGMike Jeffcoatahead 6-2t 91---1430.00799%Home Run
1986 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
2323111986-04-08HOUSFGMike Krukowbehind 0-1b 12-2-2430.20162%Home Run; Doran Scores
2424211986-04-11HOUATLDavid Palmertied 1-1b 71---1430.23778%Home Run
2525311986-04-15HOU@SFGMark Davisahead 5-3t 7112-3430.11697%Home Run; Doran Scores; Garner Scores
2626411986-04-30HOU@PHIKevin Grosstied 0-0t 41---1430.13461%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
2727511986-05-03HOU@MONJoe Heskethahead 2-1t 301--2430.15581%Home Run; Cruz Scores
2828611986-05-10HOU@PITRick Rhodentied 2-2t 62---1430.18563%Home Run
2929721986-05-10HOU@PITBob Walkahead 3-2t 82--32430.17793%Home Run; Doran Scores
3030811986-05-31HOUMONTim Burketied 3-3b 82---1530.33286%Home Run
3131911986-06-01HOUMONJoe Heskethahead 3-0b 311--2430.08494%Home Run; Cruz Scores
32321011986-06-02HOUSTLJohn Tudorbehind 0-1b 50---1430.16656%Home Run
33331111986-06-07HOU@LADJerry Reusstied 0-0t 121--2430.20468%Home Run; Cruz Scores
34341211986-06-09HOU@SDPEric Showahead 3-0t 52---1430.06490%Home Run
35351311986-06-18HOU@CINJohn Dennyahead 1-0t 31---1430.10870%Home Run
36361411986-06-19HOU@CINMario Sotoahead 1-0t 111--2430.15776%Home Run (LF-CF); Cruz Scores
37371511986-06-23HOUCINTed Powerbehind 5-6b 901--2430.685100%Walk-OffHome Run; Garner Scores
38381611986-06-24HOUCINTom Browningahead 4-2b 521--2430.12293%Home Run; Garner Scores/unER; Davis Scores/unER
39391711986-07-01HOUSDPGene Walterbehind 2-7b 80---1430.0194%Home Run
40401811986-07-07HOU@MONDennis Martineztied 1-1t 32--32430.20970%Home Run; Doran Scores
41411921986-07-07HOU@MONDennis Martinezahead 3-1t 5212-3430.17794%Home Run; Scott Scores; Walling Scores
42422011986-07-13HOUPHIBruce Ruffinbehind 0-1b 40---1430.14556%Home Run
43432111986-07-22HOUMONFloyd Youmanstied 0-0b 100---1430.373100%Walk-OffHome Run
44442211986-07-28HOUATLDoyle Alexanderbehind 1-2b 8212-3430.66994%Home Run; Doran Scores; Walling Scores
45452311986-07-30HOUATLJim Ackerahead 3-0b 50---1430.04494%Home Run
46462411986-08-09HOUSDPDave LaPointahead 5-2b 62---1430.04195%Home Run
47472511986-08-17HOU@ATLZane Smithtied 0-0t 321--2430.21869%Home Run; Lopes Scores
48482611986-08-30HOUPITRick Rhodenbehind 2-13b 81---1430.0000%Home Run
49492711986-09-02HOU@CHCJamie Moyertied 1-1t 60---1430.16466%Home Run
50502811986-09-06HOUSTLBob Forschahead 2-0b 3112-3430.13794%Home Run; Doran Scores; Walling Scores
51512911986-09-11HOU@LADDennis Powellbehind 5-14t 80---1430.0010%Home Run (Deep LF-CF)
52523011986-09-24HOUSFGRandy Bockusahead 5-0b 70---1430.00699%Home Run
53533111986-10-03HOUATLJim Ackerahead 3-1b 521--2430.12293%Home Run; Walling Scores
1987 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
5454111987-04-15HOU@LADTim Learyahead 3-0t 90---1430.01899%Home Run
5555211987-04-22HOUATLDavid Palmerahead 1-0b 40---1430.10379%Home Run
5656311987-04-27HOU@NYMDavid Coneahead 3-1t 301--2430.12087%Home Run; Walling Scores
5757411987-05-03HOU@ATLZane Smithbehind 0-3t 401--2430.15238%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Garner Scores
5858511987-05-19HOU@PITJohn Smileybehind 0-2t 62---1730.11028%Home Run
5959611987-05-22HOUSTLRicky Hortonbehind 3-7b 80---1430.0418%Home Run
6060711987-05-23HOUSTLLee Tunnellbehind 1-4b 40---1430.09630%Home Run
6161811987-05-25HOUPITDorn Taylortied 2-2b 40---1430.13169%Home Run
6262911987-05-26HOUPITBob Walkahead 9-3b 80---1430.001100%Home Run
63631011987-05-27HOUPITJohn Smileyahead 5-2b 811--2430.02099%Home Run; Walling Scores
64641111987-06-16HOUCINTed Powertied 1-1b 31---1430.12365%Home Run
65651211987-06-18HOULADBob Welchahead 1-0b 311--2430.16184%Home Run; Reynolds Scores
66661311987-06-28HOU@SFGAtlee Hammakerahead 2-0t 11---1430.08376%Home Run
67671411987-07-01HOU@CINJohn Francobehind 3-6t 90---1430.0428%Home Run
68681511987-07-02HOU@PHISteve Bedrosianbehind 4-6t 9212-3430.72880%Home Run; Walling Scores; Doran Scores
69691611987-07-24 (1)HOU@NYMSid Fernandeztied 0-0t 20---1430.10861%Home Run
70701711987-07-25HOU@NYMDon Schulzeahead 5-3t 52--32430.13889%Home Run; Walling Scores
71711811987-08-12HOU@SFGAtlee Hammakertied 0-0t 22---1630.11257%Home Run
72721911987-08-13HOU@SFGMike Krukowahead 4-3t 70---1630.12482%Home Run
73732011987-08-15HOUATLRick Mahlerahead 3-0b 311-33630.07996%Home Run; Doran Scores; Bass Scores
74742111987-08-26HOU@STLJohn Tudortied 0-0t 121--2430.18266%Home Run; Doran Scores
75752211987-09-07HOUSFGMike LaCosstied 2-2b 70---1730.20879%Home Run
76762311987-09-10HOU@SDPMark Grantbehind 0-3t 20---1630.08230%Home Run
77772421987-09-10HOU@SDPMark Grantbehind 1-3t 41-2-2630.19047%Home Run; Bass Scores/unER
78782531987-09-10HOU@SDPMark Davistied 4-4t 601--2630.23579%Home Run; Bass Scores
79792611987-09-28HOULADBrian Holtonahead 8-5b 6212-3630.07299%Home Run; Bass Scores; Walling Scores
80802711987-10-03HOUCINTed Powerbehind 1-4b 70---1430.09021%Home Run
1988 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
8181111988-04-05HOUSDPEd Whitsonbehind 0-1b 42---6,(3-2) 1430.16051%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
8282211988-04-06HOUSDPAndy Hawkinsahead 1-0b 111--5,(2-2) 2430.16182%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Doran Scores
8383311988-04-08HOU@CINTom Browningbehind 0-2t 921--2,(0-1) 2430.37240%Home Run; Doran Scores
8484411988-04-10HOU@CINFrank Williamsahead 4-2t 7212-3,(2-0) 3430.14197%Home Run; Hatcher Scores; Doran Scores
8585511988-04-14HOUCINDennis Rasmussentied 0-0b 11-233,(2-0) 3430.18282%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Young Scores; Hatcher Scores
8686611988-04-19HOUATLPete Smithbehind 0-2b 41---1,(0-0) 1430.12537%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
8787711988-04-29HOUMONDennis Martineztied 0-0b 12-2-2,(1-0) 2430.19973%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Bass Scores
8888811988-05-11HOUNYMDwight Goodentied 2-2b 401--1,(0-0) 2430.20981%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Puhl Scores
8989911988-05-13HOUCHCFrank DiPinoahead 4-2b 801--3,(1-1) 2430.03499%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Doran Scores
90901011988-05-28HOU@CHCFrank DiPinobehind 3-10t 711--6,(1-2) 2330.0112%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Young Scores
91911111988-05-30HOUSTLScott Terrytied 4-4b 80---1,(0-0) 1430.28788%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
92921211988-06-06HOU@LADTim Crewsahead 6-2t 821--6,(2-2) 2430.02399%Home Run; Walling Scores
93931311988-06-13HOUATLKevin Coffmantied 2-2b 311--1,(0-0) 2430.21977%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Doran Scores
94941411988-06-16HOU@CINMario Sototied 0-0t 121--2,(0-1) 2430.20068%Home Run; Doran Scores
95951521988-06-16HOU@CINMario Sotoahead 2-0t 321--3,(1-1) 2430.15286%Home Run; Doran Scores
96961611988-06-17 (2)HOU@ATLCharlie Puleoahead 3-1t 30-2-1,(0-0) 2430.10188%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Doran Scores
97971711988-06-18HOU@ATLPaul Assenmachertied 7-7t 711--2,(0-1) 2430.31782%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF); Doran Scores
98981811988-07-04HOUMONDennis Martinezbehind 1-5b 601--2,(0-1) 2430.11822%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Doran Scores
99991911988-07-15HOU@PHIKevin Grossbehind 1-2t 3212-1,(0-0) 3430.33771%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Doran Scores; Puhl Scores
1001002011988-07-17HOU@PHIMike Madduxtied 0-0t 20---1,(0-0) 1430.11662%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1011012111988-07-19HOU@MONPascual Perezahead 2-1t 62---4,(1-2) 1430.13777%Home Run
1021022211988-07-22HOUPHIDavid Palmerahead 1-0b 3112-5,(2-2) 3430.19391%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Doran Scores; Puhl Scores
1031032311988-08-15HOUSDPAndy Hawkinsbehind 0-1b 121--1,(0-0) 2430.22463%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Puhl Scores
1041042411988-08-19HOU@PITMike Dunnebehind 0-1t 40---2,(1-0) 1430.14150%Home Run
1051052511988-08-21HOU@PITBob Walktied 0-0t 20---6,(2-2) 1430.11862%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1061062611988-08-28HOUPITDoug Drabekbehind 0-1b 20---2,(0-1) 1430.12655%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1071072711988-09-06HOUCINTom Browningbehind 0-10b 91---3,(0-2) 1430.0000%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1081082811988-09-14HOU@CINDanny Jacksontied 0-0t 20---3,(1-1) 1430.11361%Home Run
1091092911988-09-18HOUSFGRon Davisbehind 1-10b 911--5,(1-2) 2430.0000%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Puhl Scores
1101103011988-09-23HOU@SDPAndy Hawkinstied 0-0t 121--2,(0-1) 2430.20668%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Bass Scores
1989 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
111111111989-04-04HOUATLZane Smithtied 0-0b 20---4,(2-1) 1430.11967%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
112112211989-04-10HOUCINTom Browningahead 1-0b 40---1,(0-0) 1430.10781%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
113113311989-04-13HOU@LADTim Belcherbehind 1-2t 82---1,(0-0) 1430.28042%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
114114411989-04-23HOU@CINDanny Jacksontied 0-0t 32-2-3,(1-1) 2430.21670%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Doran Scores
115115511989-04-24HOUPHIGreg Harrisbehind 3-8b 72---4,(2-1) 1430.0163%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
116116611989-04-25HOUPHIKen Howelltied 0-0b 121--4,(2-1) 2430.20673%Home Run; Doran Scores
117117711989-04-26HOUPHIJeff Parretttied 3-3b 721--2,(0-1) 2430.35089%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Hatcher Scores
118118811989-05-02HOU@PHIAlex Madridahead 6-2t 411--2,(0-1) 2430.06296%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Doran Scores
119119911989-05-21HOUPITNeal Heatonbehind 3-10b 50---3,(1-1) 1430.0143%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1201201011989-05-26HOU@PITNeal Heatonahead 3-0t 52---1,(0-0) 1430.06191%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1211211111989-05-27HOU@PITRandy Kramerbehind 2-4t 921--3,(2-0) 2430.37841%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Young Scores/unER; Davis Scores/unER
1221221211989-05-28HOU@PITJohn Smileyahead 3-2t 511-36,(3-2) 3430.18091%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Young Scores; Doran Scores
1231231311989-06-03HOULADTim Learybehind 0-3b 42---4,(2-1) 1430.08723%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1241241411989-06-08HOUSDPMark Davisbehind 5-6b 101-2-3,(1-1) 2430.741100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Young Scores
1251251511989-06-16HOU@SDPEd Whitsonahead 2-0t 40---2,(0-1) 1430.08684%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1261261611989-06-19HOU@SFGDon Robinsonbehind 1-3t 60---1,(0-0) 1430.12432%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF Line)
1271271711989-07-13 (1)HOU@PHIBruce Ruffintied 0-0t 31---2,(1-0) 1430.13061%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
1281281811989-07-17 (2)HOU@NYMDavid Westahead 4-0t 221--4,(1-2) 2430.07994%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Caminiti Scores
1291291911989-07-19HOU@NYMDavid Conetied 0-0t 20---1,(0-0) 1430.11962%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1301302021989-07-19HOU@NYMDavid Coneahead 1-0t 42---5,(2-2) 1430.12573%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
1311312111989-07-21HOUPHIJeff Parrettahead 3-2b 80---2,(0-1) 1430.06895%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
1321322211989-07-29HOUSFGTrevor Wilsonahead 4-1b 51-2-7,(2-2) 2430.05797%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Doran Scores
1331332311989-08-01HOU@CINScott Scudderahead 4-0t 91---1,(0-0) 1430.00899%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
1341342411989-08-03HOU@CINTom Browningbehind 0-14t 20---1,(0-0) 1430.0001%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1351352511989-08-07HOU@SDPBruce Hurstbehind 0-1t 40---4,(2-1) 1430.13650%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1361362611989-08-08HOU@SDPDon Schulzetied 0-0t 121--3,(1-1) 2430.20168%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Doran Scores/unER; Davis Scores/unER
1371372721989-08-08HOU@SDPDon Schulzeahead 3-0t 4212-3,(1-1) 3430.12596%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Clancy Scores; Biggio Scores
1381382811989-08-15HOUPITDoug Bairbehind 1-2b 70---4,(1-2) 1430.25158%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1391392911989-08-18HOUCHCLes Lancasterbehind 2-5b 80---4,(2-1) 1430.06914%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
1401403011989-08-19HOUCHCGreg Madduxbehind 2-3b 41---1430.15553%Home Run
1411413111989-08-22HOU@PITJohn Smileybehind 0-4t 91---2,(0-1) 1430.0071%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1421423211989-09-10HOUSFGCraig Leffertsbehind 2-5b 81---2,(0-1) 1430.05410%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1431433311989-09-15HOUCINMike Roeslerahead 2-1b 721--1,(0-0) 2430.15895%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Bass Scores/unER; Davis Scores/Team unER
1441443411989-09-30HOU@CINScott Scudderbehind 0-1t 411--5,(2-2) 2430.24261%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Caminiti Scores
1990 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
145145111990-04-18HOUATLDerek Lilliquistbehind 0-2b 1112-3430.25663%Home Run; Biggio Scores; Doran Scores
146146211990-04-20HOU@LADTim Belcherahead 3-2t 61---1,(0-0) 1430.13178%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
147147311990-04-21HOU@LADFernando Valenzuelatied 0-0t 121--3,(2-0) 2430.19767%Home Run; Doran Scores
148148411990-04-28HOUNYMJeff Musselmanahead 6-4b 62---2,(1-0) 1430.07391%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
149149511990-04-30HOU@MONDennis Martinezbehind 0-1t 40---6,(3-2) 1430.13550%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
150150621990-04-30HOU@MONDennis Martinezbehind 1-2t 82---2,(0-1) 1430.27442%Home Run
151151711990-05-02HOU@PHIDennis Cookahead 1-0t 3212-2,(1-0) 3430.24386%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Biggio Scores; Doran Scores
152152811990-05-26 (1)HOU@CHCShawn Boskieahead 2-1t 511--5,(2-2) 2430.18583%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Biggio Scores
153153921990-05-26 (1)HOU@CHCBill Longahead 5-1t 92-231,(0-0) 3430.013100%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Yelding Scores; Doran Scores
1541541011990-05-26 (2)HOU@CHCLes Lancasterahead 5-1t 71---1,(0-0) 1430.02997%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1551551111990-06-01HOU@SFGTrevor Wilsontied 0-0t 41---3,(1-1) 1430.14061%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
1561561221990-06-01HOU@SFGTrevor Wilsontied 1-1t 6112-5,(2-2) 3430.31487%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Doran Scores; Biggio Scores
1571571331990-06-01HOU@SFGJeff Brantleytied 4-4t 81---1,(0-0) 1430.28674%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
1581581411990-06-02HOU@SFGBob Knepperahead 1-0t 61---4,(2-1) 1430.13178%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1591591511990-06-03HOU@SFGAtlee Hammakertied 0-0t 20---3,(2-0) 1430.11361%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1601601611990-06-04HOU@SDPCraig Leffertsbehind 1-10t 91---2,(1-0) 1430.0000%Home Run (Fly Ball)
1611611711990-06-06HOU@SDPMike Dunnetied 0-0t 421--3,(2-0) 2430.24271%Home Run (Fly Ball); Oberkfell Scores
1621621811990-06-09HOUCINRick Mahlerbehind 0-1b 40---1,(0-0) 1430.14456%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
1631631911990-06-13HOULADTim Belchertied 0-0b 4112-2,(1-0) 3430.26186%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Doran Scores; Stubbs Scores
1641642011990-09-05HOU@SDPDennis Rasmussentied 0-0t 20---1,(0-0) 1430.10961%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
1651652111990-09-11HOU@CINNorm Charltonbehind 1-4t 521--2,(1-0) 2430.17130%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Biggio Scores
1661662211990-09-13HOU@CINKeith Brownahead 3-2t 72-2-3,(1-1) 2430.20188%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Yelding Scores
1991 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
167167111991-04-15BAL@MILChris Bosiotied 0-0t 20---5,(3-1) 1430.10761%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Davis Scores
168168211991-04-19BALTEXKenny Rogersahead 2-0b 32---3,(2-0) 1430.08383%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Davis Scores
169169311991-04-22BAL@CHWAlex Fernandeztied 0-0t 121--3,(1-1) 24DH0.18866%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Ripken Scores; Davis Scores
170170411991-04-24BAL@CHWWayne Edwardsahead 4-0t 72---2,(0-1) 16DH0.03097%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Davis Scores
171171511991-08-20BAL@TEXOil Can Boydbehind 3-6t 521-33,(0-2) 3430.29245%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Devereaux Scores; Ripken Scores; Davis Scores
172172611991-09-03BAL@TORDavid Wellsbehind 0-2t 41---2,(1-0) 1430.10435%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Davis Scores
173173711991-09-06BALKCRBret Saberhagenbehind 1-2b 61---2,(0-1) 1430.19554%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Davis Scores
174174811991-09-17BAL@BOSKevin Mortontied 0-0t 121--4,(2-1) 2430.18065%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Ripken Scores; Davis Scores
175175911991-09-27BAL@DETDave Haasahead 6-2t 50---2,(1-0) 1530.04094%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Davis Scores
1761761011991-10-04BALDETScott Aldredbehind 0-1b 20---8,(2-2) 14DH0.11455%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Davis Scores
1992 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
177177111992-05-19BALOAKRich Gossagebehind 2-4b 82---4,(2-1) 16DH0.10319%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Davis Scores
178178211992-05-26BAL@SEACalvin Jonesahead 7-0t 401--1,(0-0) 24DH0.01499%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Ripken Scores; Davis Scores
179179321992-05-26BAL@SEACalvin Jonesahead 10-2t 511--3,(0-2) 24DH0.007100%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Ripken Scores; Davis Scores
180180411992-06-16BAL@CLEDerek Lilliquistbehind 3-7t 811--3,(1-1) 24DH0.0599%Home Run (Fly Ball); Ripken Scores; Davis Scores
181181511992-06-30BALMILDarren Holmesahead 11-2b 80---4,(2-1) 15DH0.000100%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Davis Scores
182182611992-07-08BALCHWCharlie Houghahead 1-0b 12---5,(2-2) 14DH0.09571%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Davis Scores
183183711992-07-21BAL@CHWWilson Alvarezahead 5-2t 72---5,(3-1) 14DH0.05194%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Davis Scores
184184811992-07-31 (2)BAL@BOSMatt Youngtied 0-0t 121--2,(1-0) 24DH0.18366%Home Run (Fly Ball); Anderson Scores; Davis Scores
185185911992-08-03BALDETBuddy Groomahead 2-1b 52-2-1,(0-0) 24DH0.17687%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Ripken Scores; Davis Scores
1861861011992-08-13BAL@TORDoug Lintonbehind 0-1t 20---2,(0-1) 14DH0.10550%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Davis Scores
1871871111992-09-16BALKCRTom Gordonahead 2-0b 80---5,(2-2) 14DH0.03297%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Davis Scores
1881881211992-09-30BAL@DETJohn Dohertybehind 0-3t 611--5,(2-2) 24DH0.16430%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Ripken Scores; Davis Scores
1891891311992-10-01BAL@CLEEric Plunktied 2-2t 100---1,(0-0) 15DH0.34484%Inside-the-park Home Run to LF (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
1993 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
190190111993-04-29BALMINPat Mahomestied 0-0b 20---2,(1-0) 1530.10065%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)

About the SABR Home Run Encyclopedia

Much of the data on's Home Run Logs comes from the Tattersall/McConnell Home Run Log, a database of all homers hit in the major leagues since 1876. This project was begun in the 1940's by John C. Tattersall and was continued after Tattersall's death in 1981 by Bob McConnell, one of SABR's original 16 members. David Vincent, another SABR member, has since assumed the leadership of the project. has licensed this remarkable database from the Society for American Baseball Research. All credit for the data therein goes to the intrepid researchers who digitized this data from archival sources.

For years from 1914 to 2015, RetroSheet play-by-play data has been used whenever the home run occurred in a game for which we have complete play-by-play data.

There are a handful of cases where the home run logs totals do not agree with the totals on our player pages. We are working to reconcile all of those differences, but believe that in all cases the Home Run Encyclopedia is correct.