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Photo of Dale Murphy

Dale Murphy

Dale Bryan Murphy (The Murph) (twitter: @DaleMurphy3)

Positions: Outfielder, First Baseman and Catcher
Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Height: 6' 4", Weight: 210 lb.

Born: March 12, 1956 in Portland, OR
High School: Woodrow Wilson HS (Portland , OR)
School: Brigham Young University (Provo , UT)
by the Atlanta Braves in the 1st round (5th pick) of the 1974 amateur draft. (All Transactions)
Debut: September 13, 1976 (Age 20.185, 11,421st in MLB history)   vs. LAD 4 AB, 2 H, 0 HR, 2 RBI, 0 SB
Rookie Status: Exceeded rookie limits during 1977 season [*]
Teams (by GP): Braves/Phillies/Rockies 1976-1993
Agents: Bruce Church [*]
Last Game: May 21, 1993 (Age 37.070)   vs. LAD 3 AB, 0 H, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 0 SB
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Career Home Runs

Hit location and pitches data is shown only for seasons after 1988 (completeness summary of pitch data and hit data).

Dale Murphy: 398 Career Home Runs

0 leading off, 5 walk-off, 39 tying, 140 go ahead (For more accurate walk-off HR totals, see the Batting Event Finder)
2 Tms
vs RHP276
vs LHP122
High Lev84
Medium Lev160
Low Lev154
12 Opps
210 Pitchers
Bob Knepper8
Fernando Valenzuela8
Ed Whitson7
Eric Show6
Atlee Hammaker5
Mike Krukow5
Andy Hawkins5
Ron Robinson5
Bill Laskey5
Randy Jones5
Bob Welch5
Mike Scott5
Vida Blue5
Steve Carlton5
Don Sutton4
John Tudor4
Jim Bibby4
Andy McGaffigan4
Dave Dravecky4
Tom Hume4
12 Parks
Qualcomm St24
Cinergy Fld23
Dodger Stad22
Shea Stad17
Wrigley Fld17
3 Rivers Std11
Stade Olymp.8
Busch Stad7
Where Hit
General field locations
when available.
1 Inside the Park
Pitches in PA
when available.
Game Totals
1·HR gms333
2·HR gms31
3·HR gms1
Gms w/ this # = 0
are not shown.
665 RBI
0 on199
1 on136
2 on58
3 on5
Any on199
Before event,
for batter

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1977 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
11111977-09-15ATL@SDPRandy Jonesbehind 0-6t 70---1620.0122%Home Run
22221977-09-15ATL@SDPRollie Fingerstied 7-7t 100---1620.35385%Home Run
1978 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
33111978-04-07ATLLADDon Suttonahead 1-0b 201--2630.13682%Home Run; Pocoroba Scores
44211978-04-30ATLCHCDennis Lampbehind 0-5b 211--2630.10323%Home Run (Line Drive); Nolan Scores
55311978-06-05ATL@PITKent Tekulvetied 4-4t 901234520.14699%Home Run; Beall Scores; Burroughs Scores; Matthews Scores
66411978-06-06ATL@PITJim Bibbybehind 0-2t 201--2620.17050%Home Run; Matthews Scores
77511978-06-14ATLSTLBob Forschahead 3-1b 41---1620.07985%Home Run
88611978-06-25 (2)ATL@SFGEd Halickibehind 1-2t 50---1630.15650%Home Run
99711978-06-29ATLLADDon Suttonbehind 2-7b 91---1730.0041%Home Run
1010811978-06-30 (2)ATLSFGCharlie Williamsahead 9-3b 81---1730.001100%Home Run
1111911978-07-02ATLSFGVida Bluebehind 1-4b 521234630.45167%Home Run; Matthews Scores; Burroughs Scores; Horner Scores
12121011978-07-14ATLPHISteve Carltonahead 2-1b 1112-3630.17886%Home Run; Matthews Scores; Burroughs Scores
13131121978-07-14ATLPHISteve Carltonahead 5-1b 32---1630.04293%Home Run
14141211978-07-16ATLPHIRon Reedbehind 1-4b 91---1730.0274%Home Run
15151311978-07-17 (1)ATLNYMNino Espinosatied 0-0b 71---1730.22377%Home Run
16161411978-07-17 (2)ATLNYMTom Hausmanbehind 0-4b 501--2630.13228%Home Run; Pocoroba Scores
17171511978-07-18ATLNYMJerry Koosmantied 1-1b 611--2630.25884%Home Run; Burroughs Scores
18181611978-07-26ATL@PHIJim Kaattied 0-0t 211--2630.19470%Home Run; Burroughs Scores
19191711978-08-01ATLCINPedro Borbonahead 7-4b 52---1630.05392%Home Run
20201811978-08-02ATLCINTom Seaverbehind 0-5b 30---1730.05316%Home Run
21211911978-08-16ATL@CHCRay Burrisahead 8-0t 81---1730.001100%Home Run
22222011978-09-01 (1)ATL@PITGrant Jacksonbehind 0-5t 7212-36PH0.09212%Home Run; Hubbard Scores; Benedict Scores
23232111978-09-04ATLSDPGaylord Perrytied 0-0b 221--2730.19972%Home Run; Nolan Scores
24242211978-09-05ATLSDPEric Rasmussenahead 2-1b 42---1630.11176%Home Run
25252311978-09-10ATLLADDon Suttonbehind 3-9b 70---1730.0184%Home Run
1979 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
2626111979-04-10ATLCINFred Normanbehind 1-2b 40---1520.13456%Home Run
2727211979-04-11ATLCINTom Humebehind 4-9b 82---1620.0102%Home Run
2828311979-04-12ATL@LADAndy Messersmithtied 2-2t 42---1620.14059%Home Run
2929411979-04-17ATL@CINTom Humebehind 0-7t 20---1620.0236%Home Run
3030521979-04-17ATL@CINTom Humebehind 3-7t 80---1620.0336%Home Run
3131611979-04-20ATLSDPRandy Jonesbehind 1-5b 70---1530.05512%Home Run
3232711979-04-22ATLSDPMark Leeahead 2-0b 4212-3420.15794%Home Run; Macha Scores; Burroughs Scores
3333811979-04-28ATLCHCRick Reuschelahead 2-1b 32--32420.16282%Home Run; Burroughs Scores
3434911979-04-29ATLCHCLynn McGlothenahead 4-0b 71---1420.01698%Home Run
35351011979-05-13ATL@STLPete Vuckovichbehind 1-7t 92-2-2430.0010%Home Run; Burroughs Scores
36361111979-05-18ATLSFGVida Bluetied 0-0b 1112-3,(1-1) 3420.21180%Home Run (LF-CF); Royster Scores; Burroughs Scores/unER
37371221979-05-18ATLSFGVida Blueahead 4-1b 32---2,(0-1) 1420.06188%Home Run (LF-CF)
38381331979-05-18ATLSFGTom Griffinahead 5-2b 72---1,(0-0) 1420.03397%Home Run (LF-CF)
39391411979-07-22 (1)ATL@PITDon Robinsontied 0-0t 211--2630.18369%Home Run (LF-CF); Burroughs Scores
40401511979-08-01ATLSDPRollie Fingersbehind 2-4b 8012-3430.50487%Home Run; Matthews Scores; Horner Scores
41411611979-08-28ATL@NYMDock Ellistied 0-0t 12---1330.11057%Home Run
42421711979-08-31ATLPHIDoug Birdbehind 0-3b 321--2330.18239%Home Run; Royster Scores
43431811979-09-01ATLPHILarry Christensonbehind 0-2b 401--2530.20556%Home Run; Horner Scores
44441911979-09-14ATL@SDPRandy Jonesahead 1-0t 20---1530.10272%Home Run
45452021979-09-14ATL@SDPJohn D'Acquistoahead 9-7t 90---1530.03697%Home Run
46462111979-09-15ATL@SDPJuan Eichelbergerahead 1-0t 111-33530.17284%Home Run; Royster Scores; Matthews Scores
1980 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
4747111980-04-18ATLCINCharlie Leibrandtahead 2-0b 72---1690.06094%Home Run
4848211980-04-20ATLCINTom Seaverbehind 0-3b 42---1590.08825%Home Run
4949311980-04-27ATLMONFred Normanahead 4-1b 61--32390.03798%Home Run; Royster Scores
5050411980-05-05ATL@PHISteve Carltonbehind 0-7t 90---1390.0010%Home Run
5151511980-05-13ATLPHILerrin LaGrowahead 6-3b 81---1680.01599%Home Run
5252611980-05-18 (1)ATLNYMPat Zachrytied 0-0b 211--2680.19174%Home Run; Asselstine Scores
5353711980-06-10ATLSTLBob Sykesbehind 0-2b 5212-3280.41868%Home Run; Gomez Scores; Hubbard Scores
5454811980-06-13ATL@CHCLynn McGlothentied 0-0t 11---1280.10358%Home Run
5555911980-06-14ATL@CHCWillie Hernandezbehind 4-10t 92---1280.0000%Home Run
56561011980-06-17ATL@STLPete Vuckovichbehind 0-2t 321--2280.21046%Home Run; Alexander Scores
57571111980-06-21ATLCHCWillie Hernandeztied 0-0b 10-2-2280.13674%Home Run; Hubbard Scores
58581211980-06-25ATL@CINTom Seavertied 0-0t 11---1280.10759%Home Run
59591311980-06-29ATL@SDPEric Rasmussentied 1-1t 61---1280.19366%Home Run
60601411980-07-03ATLHOUJ.R. Richardbehind 0-3b 62---1280.08018%Home Run
61611511980-07-04ATLSDPEric Rasmussenahead 2-0b 221-33280.16292%Home Run; Nahorodny Scores; McWilliams Scores
62621621980-07-04ATLSDPDennis Blairahead 7-0b 62---1280.003100%Home Run
63631711980-07-28ATL@NYMEd Glynnahead 5-0t 71---1280.01399%Home Run
64641811980-08-08ATLSFGAllen Ripleybehind 0-1b 21---1580.11953%Home Run
65651911980-08-12ATL@LADBob Welchtied 0-0t 20---1680.11461%Home Run
66662011980-08-17ATL@SFGAllen Ripleytied 0-0t 121234680.31084%Home Run; Royster Scores; Horner Scores; Chambliss Scores
67672111980-08-21ATLCHCMike Krukowahead 2-0b 4012-3680.10195%Home Run; Horner Scores; Chambliss Scores
68682211980-08-22ATLSTLJohn Fulghambehind 1-7b 801--2680.0224%Home Run; Chambliss Scores
69692311980-08-25ATL@PITJim Bibbyahead 6-4t 62---1680.09286%Home Run
70702411980-08-29ATL@STLSilvio Martineztied 1-1t 42-2-2680.23271%Home Run; Chambliss Scores
71712511980-08-31ATL@STLBob Sykestied 0-0t 22---1680.11558%Home Run
72722611980-09-03ATL@CHCLynn McGlothenbehind 0-2t 701-33680.32770%Home Run; Horner Scores; Chambliss Scores
73732711980-09-05ATLPITJim Bibbytied 2-2b 621--2680.30284%Home Run; Horner Scores
74742811980-09-07ATLPITKent Tekulvebehind 4-5b 821--2680.63585%Home Run; Chambliss Scores
75752911980-09-08ATLCINFrank Pastorebehind 0-5b 21---1680.04914%Home Run
76763011980-09-23ATL@LADBobby Castillobehind 0-4t 821--2680.0487%Home Run; Chambliss Scores
77773111980-09-24ATLHOUJoaquin Andujartied 0-0b 20---1680.11366%Home Run
78783211980-10-03ATL@CINMario Sotobehind 0-1t 22---1680.11446%Home Run
79793311980-10-04ATL@CINFrank Pastorebehind 0-3t 711--2680.15325%Home Run; Horner Scores
1981 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
8080111981-04-10ATLCINTom Humeahead 3-2b 80-2-2580.06498%Home Run; Chambliss Scores
8181211981-04-19ATLSFGAllen Ripleybehind 0-3b 411--2580.18738%Home Run; Chambliss Scores
8282311981-04-26 (2)ATL@SFGEd Whitsontied 0-0t 401-33680.17784%Home Run; Horner Scores; Chambliss Scores
8383411981-04-29ATLHOUJoe Sambitobehind 1-4b 811--2680.14522%Home Run; Chambliss Scores
8484511981-05-10ATLCHCBill Caudilltied 2-2b 321-33580.28484%Home Run (Line Drive); Miller Scores; Chambliss Scores
8585611981-06-03ATL@LADBurt Hootonahead 2-0t 12---1580.08877%Home Run
8686711981-08-16ATL@LADFernando Valenzuelaahead 2-0t 311--2580.13888%Home Run; Horner Scores
8787811981-09-06ATL@NYMRandy Jonestied 0-0t 121-33580.26877%Home Run (Deep LF); Linares Scores; Chambliss Scores
8888911981-09-11ATLSDPSteve Muratied 1-1b 32-2-2580.21876%Home Run (Deep LF); Horner Scores
89891021981-09-11ATLSDPDanny Booneahead 3-1b 82---1580.03597%Home Run (Deep CF)
90901111981-09-15ATL@SFGFred Breiningahead 4-2t 70---1580.07391%Home Run
91911211981-09-27ATLCINMike LaCossbehind 1-4b 72---1580.06713%Home Run
92921311981-09-30ATLSFGEd Whitsonahead 1-0b 20---1580.09876%Home Run
1982 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
9393111982-04-07ATL@SDPJohn Montefuscoahead 3-0t 62---1570.05693%Home Run
9494211982-04-09ATLHOUDon Suttonahead 2-0b 11-2-2570.11086%Home Run; Horner Scores/unER
9595311982-04-11ATLHOUNolan Ryantied 0-0b 421--2570.24377%Home Run; Horner Scores
9696411982-04-13ATL@CINBob Shirleytied 0-0t 411-33590.23382%Home Run (LF-CF); Hubbard Scores; Linares Scores
9797511982-04-28ATLPITPaul Moskaubehind 3-5b 81-2-2470.37656%Home Run; Washington Scores
9898611982-04-29ATLCHCFergie Jenkinstied 0-0b 81--32470.19894%Home Run; Washington Scores
9999711982-05-01ATLCHCRandy Martzbehind 0-2b 40---1480.12242%Home Run
100100811982-05-04ATL@PITDon Robinsonbehind 0-2t 20---1470.09939%Home Run
101101911982-05-12ATL@CHCBill Campbellahead 4-3t 92--32480.12397%Home Run; Washington Scores
1021021011982-05-13ATLSTLBob Forschbehind 0-4b 20---1480.07224%Home Run
1031031121982-05-13ATLSTLBruce Sutterbehind 7-10b 921--2480.0304%Home Run; Hubbard Scores
1041041211982-05-19ATL@MONRay Burrisahead 2-0t 40---1470.08683%Home Run
1051051311982-05-22ATLPHIMike Krukowbehind 1-5b 50---1470.06718%Home Run
1061061411982-05-25ATLNYMMike Scottbehind 0-1b 20---1480.11555%Home Run
1071071511982-06-01ATL@NYMRandy Jonesahead 1-0t 1012-3480.16185%Home Run; Ramirez Scores; Linares Scores
1081081611982-06-06ATLMONCharlie Leatied 0-0b 20---1470.11166%Home Run
1091091711982-06-07ATL@LADTom Niedenfuertied 1-1t 7212-3470.40790%Home Run; Niekro Scores; Washington Scores
1101101811982-06-11ATL@SFGMike Christied 0-0t 11-2-2380.16669%Home Run; Washington Scores
1111111911982-06-13 (2)ATL@SFGAtlee Hammakertied 0-0t 111--2380.18369%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
1121122011982-06-20ATLSFGBill Laskeybehind 2-4b 52---1480.12535%Home Run
1131132111982-06-21ATLSFGAlan Fowlkesbehind 1-4b 60---1470.09524%Home Run
1141142211982-06-30ATLHOUBob Knepperbehind 1-4b 90---1380.0478%Home Run
1151152311982-07-06ATLCHCDoug Birdbehind 0-1b 41---1480.14453%Home Run
1161162411982-07-15ATL@CHCFergie Jenkinsahead 1-0t 11-2-2480.14577%Home Run; Chambliss Scores
1171172511982-07-27 (1)ATLSDPTim Lollarahead 1-0b 301--2380.14485%Home Run; Hubbard Scores
1181182611982-07-27 (2)ATLSDPEric Showbehind 1-5b 411--2480.13527%Home Run; Washington Scores
1191192711982-07-29ATLSDPChris Welshtied 1-1b 32---1380.12964%Home Run
1201202821982-07-29ATLSDPChris Welshahead 4-1b 51---1380.04993%Home Run
1211212911982-08-10ATL@SFGBill Laskeytied 0-0t 111--2380.18369%Home Run; Whisenton Scores
1221223011982-08-22ATLNYMJesse Oroscobehind 7-8b 711--2480.42478%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
1231233111982-08-24ATLPHISteve Carltonahead 5-4b 42--32380.17085%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
1241243211982-08-30 (1)ATL@PHIDick Ruthventied 0-0t 42---1480.14059%Home Run
1251253311982-09-07ATLSFGJim Barrbehind 0-3b 41---1480.09127%Home Run
1261263411982-09-08ATLLADBob Welchbehind 3-5b 31-2-2380.19453%Home Run; Washington Scores
1271273511982-09-10ATLCINBob Shirleytied 0-0b 111--2380.17773%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
1281283611982-09-25ATLSDPJuan Eichelbergerbehind 0-1b 12---1380.10951%Home Run
1983 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
129129111983-04-10ATLSDPEd Whitsontied 2-2b 52-2-2470.24679%Home Run; Washington Scores
130130211983-04-12ATLCINRich Galeahead 3-1b 82---1470.03897%Home Run
131131311983-04-24 (2)ATLNYMRick Ownbeyahead 1-0b 30-2-2380.11784%Home Run (CF-RF); Ramirez Scores
132132411983-04-26ATLPHILarry Christensonbehind 1-3b 11-2-2470.16153%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
133133511983-04-29ATL@NYMEd Lynchbehind 3-6t 901--2470.08715%Home Run (CF-RF); Washington Scores
134134611983-04-30ATL@NYMRick Ownbeytied 0-0t 60---1470.17467%Home Run
135135721983-04-30ATL@NYMNeil Allenahead 4-1t 92-2-2470.02499%Home Run (CF-RF); Ramirez Scores
136136811983-05-05ATLHOUBob Knepperbehind 0-1b 11-2-2380.16563%Home Run; Ramirez Scores/unER
137137911983-05-11ATLMONCharlie Leabehind 2-4b 51-233380.28469%Home Run; Johnson Scores; Washington Scores
1381381011983-05-13ATL@HOUMike LaCossbehind 0-5t 42---1380.0328%Home Run
1391391111983-05-14ATL@HOUBill Dawleytied 3-3t 102---1490.42683%Home Run
1401401211983-05-30ATL@PITJim Bibbytied 2-2t 30---1480.11962%Home Run
1411411311983-06-05ATLSTLJohn Stuperbehind 2-4b 80---1380.14130%Home Run
1421421411983-06-10 (1)ATLSFGJim Barrbehind 2-4b 901--2480.45564%Home Run; Washington Scores
1431431511983-06-11ATLSFGAtlee Hammakertied 0-0b 111--2380.17172%Home Run; Royster Scores
1441441611983-06-12ATLSFGAndy McGaffigantied 0-0b 32-2-2380.20574%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
1451451721983-06-12ATLSFGAndy McGaffigantied 2-2b 60---1380.16974%Home Run
1461461811983-06-14ATL@LADBurt Hootonbehind 0-4t 41---1480.05615%Home Run
1471471911983-06-18ATL@SFGAndy McGaffiganahead 3-0t 52---1480.06390%Home Run
1481482011983-07-14ATL@PHIMarty Bystromtied 0-0t 20---1480.11261%Home Run
1491492111983-07-23ATLPHISteve Carltonbehind 1-2b 32---1380.12651%Home Run
1501502211983-08-02ATL@SFGMike Krukowbehind 1-3t 52--32480.23845%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
1511512311983-08-04ATL@SFGJim Barrahead 6-1t 921--2680.004100%Home Run; Chambliss Scores
1521522411983-08-11ATLSFGBill Laskeytied 0-0b 1212-3580.24879%Home Run; Washington Scores; Horner Scores
1531532521983-08-11ATLSFGAndy McGaffiganahead 4-1b 521--2580.08096%Home Run; Horner Scores
1541542611983-08-21ATL@CHCRich Bordiahead 6-5t 41---1480.11572%Home Run
1551552711983-09-04ATLPITJose DeLeonbehind 0-1b 41-2-2380.21967%Home Run; Washington Scores
1561562821983-09-04ATLPITJose DeLeonahead 2-1b 60--32380.07991%Home Run; Washington Scores
1571572911983-09-08ATL@SFGMike Krukowtied 0-0t 1112-3480.23277%Home Run; Butler Scores; Hubbard Scores
1581583021983-09-08ATL@SFGGreg Mintontied 9-9t 72---1480.23667%Home Run
1591593111983-09-09ATL@LADTom Niedenfuerbehind 0-3t 90---1480.0377%Home Run
1601603211983-09-11ATL@LADRick Honeycuttbehind 0-2t 3112-3480.28360%Home Run; Royster Scores; Ramirez Scores
1611613311983-09-14ATL@CINFrank Pastorebehind 0-1t 401--2480.21463%Home Run (CF-RF); Washington Scores
1621623421983-09-14ATL@CINBill Scherrerbehind 2-6t 801--2480.07313%Home Run; Komminsk Scores
1631633511983-09-21 (1)ATLCINCharlie Puleoahead 2-1b 3012-3480.14790%Home Run; Hubbard Scores; Washington Scores
1641643611983-09-30ATL@SDPEric Showtied 0-0t 12-2-2480.19068%Home Run; Washington Scores
1984 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
165165111984-04-14ATL@SDPMark Thurmondahead 1-0t 60---1380.12380%Home Run
166166211984-04-20ATLHOUNolan Ryanbehind 1-3b 3212-3480.32564%Home Run; Pocoroba Scores; Hall Scores
167167311984-04-28ATL@HOUBob Kneppertied 0-0t 311--2380.22072%Home Run; Washington Scores
168168421984-04-28ATL@HOUBob Knepperahead 2-0t 511--2380.13191%Home Run; Royster Scores
169169511984-04-29ATL@HOUDave Smithbehind 2-6t 80---1380.0296%Home Run
170170611984-05-06 (2)ATL@MONGary Lucasahead 8-7t 90---1480.08394%IPHRInside-the-park Home Run to LF
171171711984-05-07ATL@PHIMarty Bystromahead 4-3t 301--2480.15581%Home Run; Perry Scores
172172811984-05-11ATLPITKent Tekulvetied 2-2b 101-2-2380.304100%Walk-OffHome Run; Washington Scores
173173911984-05-13ATLPITJohn Tudorahead 1-0b 31---1380.10376%Home Run
1741741011984-05-25ATLSTLRicky Hortonahead 7-4b 70---1480.02897%Home Run
1751751111984-05-27ATLSTLJoaquin Andujarbehind 3-8b 22--32380.10021%Home Run; Hall Scores
1761761221984-05-27ATLSTLBruce Sutterbehind 8-12b 80---1380.0418%Home Run
1771771311984-05-31ATL@CINBill Scherrerahead 5-1t 92-2-2480.011100%Home Run; Hall Scores
1781781411984-06-08ATL@LADBob Welchtied 0-0t 12-2-2480.19068%Home Run; Perry Scores
1791791511984-06-17ATLCINBob Owchinkotied 3-3b 701--2480.24989%Home Run; Perry Scores
1801801611984-06-21ATLSFGBill Laskeytied 0-0b 42---1480.14165%Home Run
1811811711984-06-25 (2)ATLHOUJulio Solanoahead 5-2b 70---1480.02897%Home Run
1821821811984-07-03ATLMONGary Lucasahead 4-3b 81---1480.07894%Home Run
1831831911984-07-04ATLMONCharlie Leabehind 0-3b 42---1480.08825%Home Run
1841842011984-07-06ATL@PHIKevin Grossahead 4-0t 72---1480.02897%Home Run
1851852111984-07-20ATLPHICharles Hudsontied 1-1b 42---1480.14165%Home Run
1861862211984-07-24ATL@LADOrel Hershiserbehind 0-2t 411--2480.21847%Home Run; Washington Scores
1871872311984-07-28ATL@SFGMark Davistied 0-0t 12-2-2480.19168%Home Run; Washington Scores
1881882411984-07-29ATL@SFGMark Calverttied 0-0t 121--2480.20168%Home Run; Washington Scores
1891892511984-07-31ATL@HOUBob Knepperbehind 1-3t 61---1380.11828%Home Run
1901902611984-08-01ATL@HOUJulio Solanobehind 4-5t 801--2380.45577%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
1911912711984-08-10 (1)ATLSDPDave Draveckyahead 1-0b 31---1480.10376%Home Run
1921922811984-08-21ATL@PITJohn Tudorbehind 1-3t 61-233480.32165%Home Run; Royster Scores; Ramirez Scores
1931932911984-09-03ATLHOUVern Ruhletied 4-4b 51---1480.15669%Home Run
1941943011984-09-04ATLHOUDave Smithbehind 5-7b 71-2-2480.31055%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
1951953111984-09-07ATL@SFGMark Granttied 3-3t 82---1480.30773%Home Run
1961963211984-09-11ATL@HOUBob Kneppertied 0-0t 121--2480.20869%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
1971973311984-09-16ATLSFGBill Laskeytied 0-0b 1112-3480.21580%Home Run; Thompson Scores; Ramirez Scores
1981983411984-09-18ATLLADBurt Hootontied 3-3b 51---1480.15669%Home Run
1991993511984-09-25ATL@CINRon Robinsontied 0-0t 411--2480.22172%Home Run; Komminsk Scores
2002003611984-09-28ATLSDPDave Draveckybehind 1-4b 81---1480.06012%Home Run
1985 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
201201111985-04-11ATL@PHICharles Hudsonahead 4-3t 901--2480.10197%Home Run; Komminsk Scores
202202211985-04-12ATLSDPAndy Hawkinsbehind 1-6b 62---1480.0286%Home Run
203203311985-04-13ATLSDPTim Stoddardtied 5-5b 1001--2480.294100%Walk-OffHome Run; Komminsk Scores
204204411985-04-14ATLSDPLaMarr Hoytahead 1-0b 411--2480.16686%Home Run; Komminsk Scores
205205511985-04-16ATLCINMario Sotobehind 0-1b 20---1480.11555%Home Run
206206611985-04-19ATLHOURon Mathisahead 6-1b 6212-3480.020100%Home Run; Mahler Scores; Washington Scores
207207711985-04-22ATL@SDPAndy Hawkinstied 0-0t 1112-3480.23177%Home Run; Ramirez Scores; Perry Scores
208208811985-04-27ATL@HOUMike Scottahead 5-2t 50---1480.05691%Home Run
209209921985-04-27ATL@HOUJeff Calhounahead 6-2t 921--2480.011100%Home Run; Komminsk Scores
2102101011985-05-01ATL@CINCarl Willisahead 13-5t 701--2480.002100%Home Run; Komminsk Scores
2112111111985-05-19ATLCHCRick Sutcliffetied 0-0b 11-2-2380.16073%Home Run; Washington Scores
2122121211985-05-28ATLSTLBob Forschbehind 0-8b 50---1480.0102%Home Run
2132131311985-05-29ATLSTLJohn Tudorbehind 0-1b 41---1480.14353%Home Run
2142141411985-06-09ATLLADFernando Valenzuelatied 0-0b 111--2380.17673%Home Run; Komminsk Scores
2152151511985-06-12ATLSFGAtlee Hammakertied 0-0b 12---1380.10862%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
2162161611985-06-18ATLHOURon Mathistied 0-0b 12---1380.10862%Home Run
2172171711985-06-21 (2)ATL@CINJay Tibbsbehind 1-2t 50---1380.14750%Home Run
2182181811985-06-30ATL@LADBob Welchtied 1-1t 511--2380.25576%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
2192191911985-07-01ATL@SFGMike Krukowtied 0-0t 32-2-2380.22371%Home Run; Washington Scores
2202202011985-07-02ATL@SFGJim Gottbehind 0-3t 601--2380.16632%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
2212212111985-07-08ATLMONBill Gullicksontied 0-0b 11--32380.13173%Home Run; Thompson Scores
2222222211985-07-12ATLPHILarry Andersentied 4-4b 9212-3380.391100%Walk-OffHome Run; Komminsk Scores; Ramirez Scores
2232232311985-07-13ATLPHICharles Hudsonahead 4-0b 211-33380.05897%Home Run; Mahler Scores; Ramirez Scores
2242242411985-07-21ATL@NYMTerry Leachbehind 1-9t 61---1380.0041%Home Run
2252252511985-07-23ATL@MONJoe Heskethbehind 1-3t 60---1380.12432%Home Run
2262262611985-07-27ATL@PHICharles Hudsontied 0-0t 12---1380.10757%Home Run
2272272711985-07-31ATLSDPRoy Lee Jacksontied 3-3b 80---1380.26987%Home Run
2282282811985-08-10ATL@SFGVida Bluetied 0-0t 12---1380.11358%Home Run
2292292921985-08-10ATL@SFGVida Bluebehind 2-5t 7212-3380.35044%Home Run; Runge Scores; Ramirez Scores
2302303011985-08-11ATL@SFGAtlee Hammakerahead 3-1t 52---1380.09384%Home Run
2312313111985-08-15ATL@LADFernando Valenzuelatied 2-2t 52-2-2380.26675%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
2322323211985-08-18 (1)ATL@SDPMark Thurmondbehind 0-2t 40---1380.11336%Home Run
2332333311985-08-18 (2)ATL@SDPLaMarr Hoyttied 2-2t 60---1380.17568%Home Run
2342343411985-08-27ATLPITRick Rhodenbehind 1-5b 80---1380.0408%Home Run
2352353511985-09-10 (2)ATLLADBobby Castillobehind 0-2b 11-2-2380.16653%Home Run; Hubbard Scores
2362363611985-09-16ATLHOUJeff Heathcockbehind 0-2b 11--32380.14053%Home Run; Ramirez Scores
2372373711985-09-18ATLCINRon Robinsonbehind 0-4b 12---1380.06622%Home Run
1986 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
238238111986-04-08ATLMONBryn Smithahead 3-0b 71-2-2380.03699%Home Run; Washington Scores
239239211986-04-15ATLCINRon Robinsonbehind 2-4b 80---1380.14030%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
240240311986-04-18ATLLADFernando Valenzuelatied 0-0b 111--2380.17372%Home Run (Line Drive to CF-RF); Ramirez Scores
241241411986-04-25ATL@LADEd Vande Bergahead 3-1t 92---1380.04197%Home Run
242242511986-04-30ATLNYMDwight Goodenbehind 0-6b 51---19PH0.0246%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
243243611986-05-08ATL@CINJohn Dennytied 0-0t 1012-3380.18277%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF); Washington Scores; Ramirez Scores
244244721986-05-08ATL@CINRon Robinsonahead 6-5t 82-2-2380.18492%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Ramirez Scores
245245811986-05-20ATLCHCScott Sandersonbehind 2-3b 31-2-2380.19865%Home Run; Moreno Scores
246246911986-05-31ATL@CHCGeorge Frazierahead 6-3t 721--2380.07897%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores
2472471011986-06-18ATLLADFernando Valenzuelabehind 0-4b 41---1380.06518%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
2482481111986-06-20 (2)ATL@CINBill Gullicksonbehind 3-8t 82---1380.0081%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
2492491211986-06-27ATLSDPAndy Hawkinstied 1-1b 5212-3380.31887%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Washington Scores; Moreno Scores
2502501311986-06-30ATLSFGMark Davisahead 2-0b 30---1380.07585%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
2512511411986-07-01ATLSFGJuan Berenguerbehind 4-5b 711--2380.41578%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Griffey Scores
2522521511986-07-29ATL@HOUMike Scotttied 0-0t 71---1380.22469%Home Run
2532531611986-08-04ATL@SDPDave Draveckytied 0-0t 60---1380.17467%Home Run
2542541721986-08-04ATL@SDPDave Draveckyahead 2-0t 72-2-2380.11994%Home Run; Sample Scores
2552551811986-08-08ATLSFGMike LaCossbehind 0-1b 111--2380.18463%Home Run; Moreno Scores
2562561911986-08-11ATLSDPGene Walterahead 5-0b 2112-3380.04798%Home Run (Fly Ball to RF Line); Moreno Scores; Oberkfell Scores
2572572021986-08-11ATLSDPEric Showahead 8-0b 50---1380.003100%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
2582582111986-08-14ATLSDPAndy Hawkinstied 0-0b 111--2380.17372%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores
2592592211986-08-16ATLHOUMatt Keoughbehind 0-5b 621--2380.07211%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Oberkfell Scores
2602602311986-08-21ATL@CHCEd Lynchtied 2-2t 81--32380.23185%Home Run; Moreno Scores/unER
2612612411986-08-23ATL@PITDon Robinsonbehind 2-4t 82---1380.08415%Home Run (Fly Ball)
2622622511986-08-31ATLCHCDennis Eckersleybehind 0-3b 41---1380.09127%Home Run
2632632611986-09-02ATLSTLJohn Tudortied 1-1b 711-33380.23494%Home Run; Mahler Scores; Oberkfell Scores
2642642711986-09-10ATL@SDPLance McCullersbehind 3-9t 92---1380.0000%Home Run
2652652811986-09-13ATL@SFGTerry Mulhollandahead 1-0t 521-33380.24790%Home Run; Hubbard Scores; Ramirez Scores
2662662911986-09-18ATLLADKen Howellbehind 1-2b 90---1380.43963%Home Run (Fly Ball to CF-RF)
1987 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
267267111987-04-12ATL@NYMBob Ojedaahead 2-1t 32-2-2490.18078%Home Run; James Scores
268268221987-04-12ATL@NYMDoug Siskahead 8-1t 7012-3490.004100%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores; Griffey Scores
269269311987-04-21ATL@HOUBob Knepperahead 1-0t 12---1490.09866%Home Run
270270411987-05-03ATLHOUMike Scottahead 2-0b 32---1490.08282%Home Run (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
271271511987-05-04ATLMONLary Sorensenahead 9-5b 61---1490.02597%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
272272611987-05-08ATLNYMRon Darlingtied 1-1b 40---1490.12468%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
273273711987-05-09ATLNYMTerry Leachahead 3-0b 51---1490.05192%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
274274811987-05-10ATLNYMSid Fernandeztied 0-0b 20---1490.10366%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
275275911987-05-11ATL@MONBob McClurebehind 3-6t 81---1490.05210%Home Run
2762761011987-05-13ATL@PHIBruce Ruffintied 0-0t 111-33490.18575%Home Run; Hall Scores; Roenicke Scores/unER
2772771121987-05-13ATL@PHIDan Schatzederahead 5-0t 31---1490.03693%Home Run
2782781211987-05-22ATL@CHCScott Sandersontied 0-0t 41---1490.12760%Home Run
2792791321987-05-22ATL@CHCScott Sandersonahead 4-0t 521--2490.07196%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores
2802801411987-05-28ATL@STLBill Dawleybehind 4-11t 71---1490.0061%Home Run
2812811511987-06-04ATLPITBrian Fisherahead 1-0b 11-2-2490.13179%Home Run; James Scores
2822821611987-06-06ATLSDPEd Whitsonbehind 0-1b 12--32490.17661%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores
2832831711987-06-09ATLLADAlejandro Penabehind 2-5b 91---1490.0285%Home Run
2842841811987-06-10ATLLADKen Howellahead 5-1b 62--32490.03598%Home Run; Hall Scores
2852851911987-06-14ATL@CINPat Pacillobehind 1-3t 70---1490.12331%Home Run
2862862011987-06-17ATLSFGRandy Bockusahead 2-1b 71---1490.10787%Home Run
2872872111987-06-18ATLCINGuy Hoffmanbehind 0-2b 20---1490.10144%Home Run
2882882211987-06-20ATLCINBill Gullicksonbehind 3-4b 31-233490.20575%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores; Perry Scores
2892892311987-06-24ATL@LADBob Welchahead 1-0t 611--2490.19186%Home Run; Perry Scores
2902902411987-06-27ATL@SDPLance McCullersbehind 3-4t 71---1490.20546%Home Run
2912912511987-07-09ATLPHIDoug Bairtied 6-6b 611234490.23795%Home Run (CF-RF); Dedmon Scores; James Scores; Thomas Scores
2922922611987-07-21ATL@NYMRandy Myersahead 5-3t 81-2-2490.08296%Home Run; Perry Scores
2932932711987-07-29ATLHOULarry Andersenahead 4-2b 72---1490.06493%Home Run (LF-CF)
2942942811987-07-31ATLLADFernando Valenzuelabehind 0-3b 12--32490.15341%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores/unER; Murphy Scores/unER
2952952911987-08-04ATLSDPMark Davisahead 9-4b 8212-3490.005100%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores; Perry Scores
2962963011987-08-06ATLSDPEd Whitsonbehind 0-1b 20---1490.10755%Home Run
2972973111987-08-08ATL@LADOrel Hershiserahead 4-0t 51---1490.04294%Home Run
2982983221987-08-08ATL@LADKen Howellahead 5-2t 70-233490.03598%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores; Perry Scores
2992993311987-08-20ATLCHCJamie Moyertied 3-3b 511--2490.22680%Home Run; Roenicke Scores
3003003411987-08-21ATLPITBrian Fisherahead 3-2b 62---1490.11982%Home Run
3013013511987-08-27 (1)ATL@CHCJamie Moyerahead 3-2t 721--2490.21588%Home Run (LF-CF); Roenicke Scores
3023023611987-08-29ATL@STLJoe Magranebehind 0-4t 40---1490.06319%Home Run
3033033711987-09-04ATLMONRandy St. Claireahead 5-4b 50---1490.10481%Home Run (LF-CF)
3043043811987-09-08ATLSDPEd Whitsontied 0-0b 111-33490.17979%Home Run; Gant Scores; James Scores
3053053911987-09-15ATLCINRon Robinsonbehind 0-2b 20---1490.10144%Home Run
3063064021987-09-15ATLCINPat Pacillobehind 2-16b 60---1490.0000%Home Run (LF-CF)
3073074111987-09-18ATL@LADOrel Hershisertied 0-0t 12-2-2490.17766%Home Run; Hall Scores
3083084211987-09-24ATLHOUNolan Ryanbehind 1-5b 501--2490.13329%Home Run; James Scores
3093094311987-09-26ATLSFGRandy Bockusbehind 2-3b 40---1490.13156%Home Run
3103104411987-10-04ATL@SFGAtlee Hammakertied 3-3t 60---1490.16667%Home Run
1988 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
311311111988-04-09ATLLADFernando Valenzuelabehind 1-6b 61---3,(2-0) 1490.0306%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
312312211988-04-27ATLNYMRon Darlingtied 0-0b 40---4,(2-1) 1390.13870%Home Run
313313311988-05-01ATL@PHIShane Rawleyahead 4-2t 52---5,(3-1) 1390.09484%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
314314411988-05-04ATL@MONDennis Martinezahead 1-0t 32---2,(1-0) 1390.11570%Home Run
315315511988-05-17ATL@CINFrank Williamsahead 2-1t 62--31,(0-0) 2390.19887%Home Run; Mahler Scores
316316611988-06-03ATL@SDPEric Showbehind 1-6t 62-2-1,(0-0) 2490.0528%Home Run; Oberkfell Scores
317317721988-06-03ATL@SDPMark Davisbehind 3-7t 90---4,(1-2) 1490.0153%Home Run
318318811988-06-09ATL@SFGMike LaCossbehind 1-5t 61---5,(1-2) 1490.0429%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
319319911988-06-15ATLLADOrel Hershiserbehind 0-3b 42-2-4,(1-2) 2490.18836%Home Run (Deep CF-RF); Perry Scores
3203201011988-06-17 (1)ATLHOULarry Andersentied 3-3b 82---2,(1-0) 1490.33286%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
3213211111988-06-28ATLSFGKelly Downsbehind 0-1b 20---2,(1-0) 1490.11955%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
3223221221988-06-28ATLSFGKelly Downsbehind 2-6b 40---4,(2-1) 1490.06919%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
3233231311988-07-04ATLPHITodd Frohwirthahead 4-0b 7212-5,(2-2) 3490.022100%Home Run; Thomas Scores; Perry Scores
3243241411988-07-14ATLNYMRon Darlingtied 0-0b 1112-1,(0-0) 3490.22681%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF Line); Oberkfell Scores; Perry Scores
3253251511988-07-15ATLNYMRandy Myerstied 3-3b 100---2,(0-1) 1490.373100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
3263261611988-07-18 (1)ATL@PHIShane Rawleybehind 1-6t 60---4,(2-1) 1490.0307%Home Run (Deep CF-RF)
3273271711988-07-19ATL@PHIKevin Grossbehind 0-5t 61---1,(0-0) 1490.0245%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
3283281811988-07-24ATL@NYMSid Fernandezahead 2-1t 62---4,(0-2) 1490.13879%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
3293291911988-07-26 (2)ATLCINTim Birtsastied 0-0b 20---1,(0-0) 1490.11566%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF)
3303302011988-08-10ATLSDPAndy Hawkinsbehind 0-1b 3212-2,(1-0) 3490.33976%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Gant Scores; Perry Scores
3313312111988-08-11ATLSDPJimmy Jonestied 0-0b 42---2,(1-0) 1490.14966%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
3323322211988-08-12ATL@CINJack Armstrongahead 3-1t 501-34,(1-2) 3490.08595%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Oberkfell Scores; Perry Scores
3333332311988-08-31ATLSTLKen Dayleybehind 2-6b 90---4,(2-1) 1490.0203%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
3343342411988-09-23ATLCINTim Birtsasbehind 1-5b 40---3,(2-0) 1490.06919%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
1989 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
335335111989-04-12ATL@SDPDennis Rasmussentied 0-0t 101--1,(0-0) 2280.16770%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Smith Scores
336336211989-04-21ATLSDPBruce Hursttied 0-0b 421--1,(0-0) 2480.25078%Home Run; Blauser Scores
337337311989-04-23ATLSDPDennis Rasmussenahead 3-1b 301--2,(1-0) 2480.10691%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Perry Scores
338338411989-04-24ATLSDPWalt Terrellbehind 0-3b 62---5,(3-1) 1480.07918%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
339339511989-05-03ATLPHIDon Carmanbehind 0-1b 20---5,(2-2) 1480.11955%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line)
340340611989-06-24ATLHOUMike Scottbehind 0-2b 211--1,(0-0) 2680.20253%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF Line); Evans Scores
341341711989-07-19ATL@MONBryn Smithahead 1-0t 20---2,(0-1) 1690.10272%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
342342811989-07-22ATL@NYMRick Aguilerabehind 2-5t 821-35,(1-2) 3590.36743%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Smith Scores; Thomas Scores
343343911989-07-26ATLSFGScott Garreltsbehind 0-3b 621-32,(0-1) 3490.37452%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Lilliquist Scores/unER; Smith Scores/unER; Murphy Scores/unER
3443441011989-07-27ATLSFGJeff Brantleybehind 0-1b 6012-3490.32186%Home Run; Blauser Scores; Smith Scores
3453451121989-07-27ATLSFGRich Gossageahead 7-1b 621-33490.009100%Home Run; Blauser Scores; Smith Scores
3463461211989-08-04ATL@CINRick Mahlerahead 2-0t 52-2-2,(1-0) 2490.14190%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Smith Scores
3473471311989-08-05ATL@CINScott Scudderahead 2-1t 61---6,(2-2) 1490.13178%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF)
3483481411989-08-09ATL@LADJohn Wettelandtied 0-0t 1112-1,(0-0) 3490.23678%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); McDowell Scores; Smith Scores
3493491521989-08-09ATL@LADTim Crewsahead 4-2t 811--4,(0-2) 2490.08697%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Smith Scores
3503501611989-08-11 (1)ATL@SDPAndy Benestied 3-3t 521-35,(2-2) 3490.33784%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); McDowell Scores; Treadway Scores
3513511711989-08-22ATLSTLTed Powerbehind 2-10b 82-233,(1-1) 3490.0051%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF); McDowell Scores/unER; Smith Scores/unER; Murphy Scores/unER
3523521811989-08-25ATL@CHCLes Lancastertied 2-2t 81---4,(2-1) 1490.28073%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
3533531911989-09-12ATL@SFGSteve Bedrosianbehind 3-5t 81-233490.48575%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Treadway Scores; Smith Scores
3543542011989-09-14ATL@SDPPat Clementsahead 7-2t 62---1,(0-0) 1490.02098%Home Run (RF Line)
1990 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
355355111990-04-13ATLCINTom Browningbehind 0-2b 201--2,(0-1) 2590.17555%Home Run; Esasky Scores
356356211990-04-22ATL@CINTom Browningtied 0-0t 1212-2,(0-1) 3590.25275%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Blauser Scores; Presley Scores
357357311990-05-06 (2)ATL@PITBob Pattersonbehind 1-4t 92---1490.0071%Home Run (Deep CF-RF)
358358411990-05-20ATLPITBob Kipperbehind 1-4b 111-33590.20453%Home Run (Deep RF); Lemke Scores; Presley Scores
359359521990-05-20ATLPITBob Pattersonahead 11-6b 60-2-2590.01299%Home Run (Deep CF); Presley Scores
360360611990-05-21ATLSTLBryn Smithbehind 2-4b 61---2,(0-1) 1690.13335%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
361361711990-05-25ATL@PHIDennis Cooktied 1-1t 41---3,(1-1) 1590.13761%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
362362811990-06-01ATL@SDPEric Showahead 6-3t 2112-4,(3-0) 3690.12093%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep CF); Presley Scores/unER; Justice Scores
363363911990-06-08ATLSFGBob Kneppertied 0-0b 1212-3,(1-1) 3590.24879%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Gant Scores; Presley Scores
3643641011990-06-11ATLSFGScott Garreltstied 0-0b 421--2,(1-0) 2590.23676%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Presley Scores
3653651111990-06-30ATL@MONMark Gardnerbehind 0-3t 311-32,(0-1) 3590.22648%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Treadway Scores; Justice Scores
3663661211990-07-04ATL@PHIPat Combstied 0-0t 42---1590.14059%Home Run
3673671311990-07-07ATLNYMSid Fernandezbehind 0-3b 411--1,(0-0) 2590.18239%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Gant Scores
3683681411990-07-15ATLMONDave Schmidtbehind 13-16b 92---2,(0-1) 1690.0101%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
3693691511990-07-19ATL@NYMDavid Conebehind 0-3t 621--2,(0-1) 2690.16827%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Justice Scores
3703701611990-07-27ATL@LADTerry Wellstied 0-0t 201--5,(2-2) 2590.17471%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Presley Scores
3713711711990-07-31ATL@SDPEric Showahead 1-0t 12-2-1,(0-0) 2590.16475%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Presley Scores
3723721811990-08-17PHI@SDPCalvin Schiraldibehind 0-1t 32---1,(0-0) 1490.12046%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF)
3733731911990-08-29PHILADFernando Valenzuelabehind 0-3b 401--2490.17742%Home Run; Hayes Scores
3743742011990-09-04PHI@PITBob Walkahead 1-0t 11-2-2,(0-1) 2490.14777%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Hayes Scores
3753752111990-09-13PHI@CHCRick Sutcliffebehind 0-2t 20---2,(1-0) 1490.09540%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
3763762211990-09-14PHI@NYMSid Fernandezahead 2-1t 60---5,(3-1) 1490.12279%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF)
3773772311990-09-15PHI@NYMFrank Violabehind 1-4t 90---1,(0-0) 1490.0387%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
3783782411990-09-19PHI@STLJoe Magranetied 2-2t 321--3,(1-1) 2490.22369%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF Line); Hayes Scores
1991 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
379379111991-04-15PHI@CHCDave Smithbehind 3-5t 90---4,(2-1) 1490.08716%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Murphy Scores
380380211991-04-16PHI@CHCMike Harkeybehind 0-3t 40---1,(0-0) 1490.08526%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Murphy Scores
381381311991-04-29PHISDPEd Whitsontied 1-1b 32--32,(1-0) 2490.21175%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Backman Scores; Murphy Scores
382382411991-04-30PHISFGBud Blackbehind 3-9b 52---3,(2-0) 1490.0194%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Murphy Scores
383383511991-05-11PHI@LADJay Howellbehind 1-3t 90---2,(1-0) 1490.08515%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Murphy Scores
384384611991-05-13PHI@SFGJohn Burkettahead 1-0t 70---1,(0-0) 1490.12584%Home Run (Fly Ball); Murphy Scores
385385711991-05-19PHICHCBob Scanlanbehind 0-1b 61---3,(2-0) 1490.20254%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Murphy Scores
386386811991-06-07PHI@CINJack Armstrongahead 2-1t 31---3,(1-1) 1490.10871%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF); Murphy Scores
387387911991-06-14PHICINTom Browningbehind 1-2b 61---5,(2-2) 1490.20254%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Murphy Scores/unER
3883881011991-06-17PHIATLJuan Berenguertied 3-3b 81---3,(2-0) 1590.30786%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Murphy Scores
3893891111991-06-18PHIATLMarvin Freemanahead 5-1b 501--3,(1-1) 2590.03498%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Kruk Scores; Murphy Scores
3903901211991-07-04PHISTLBob Tewksburyahead 1-0b 12-2-2,(0-1) 2590.16180%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Kruk Scores; Murphy Scores
3913911311991-08-03PHI@MONBrian Barnesahead 3-0t 3212-5,(2-2) 3590.13494%Home Run (Fly Ball); Chamberlain Scores; Kruk Scores; Murphy Scores
3923921411991-08-06PHICHCLes Lancastertied 2-2b 1111233,(1-1) 4590.171100%Walk-OffHome Run (Fly Ball); Dykstra Scores; Daulton Scores; Kruk Scores; Murphy Scores
3933931511991-08-17PHI@CHCMike Bieleckitied 1-1t 70---2,(1-0) 1590.20270%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF); Murphy Scores
3943941611991-08-27PHI@CINScott Scudderbehind 0-2t 72---3,(1-1) 1590.10522%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Murphy Scores
3953951711991-09-02PHICINTom Browningtied 0-0b 201--5,(2-2) 2690.17376%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Jordan Scores; Murphy Scores
3963961811991-09-29PHI@NYMFrank Violaahead 1-0t 20---3,(2-0) 1590.10171%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF Line); Murphy Scores
1992 HRs#car#yr#gmDate@Bat PitcherScoreInnOutRoBPit(cnt)RBIBOPPosWPAbWENotesPlay Description
397397111992-04-09PHICHCMike Morgantied 0-0b 421--3,(1-1) 2590.25578%Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF Line); Kruk Scores; Murphy Scores
398398211992-05-09PHISDPCraig Leffertsbehind 0-5b 71---5,(2-2) 1590.0214%Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Murphy Scores

About the SABR Home Run Encyclopedia

Much of the data on's Home Run Logs comes from the Tattersall/McConnell Home Run Log, a database of all homers hit in the major leagues since 1876. This project was begun in the 1940's by John C. Tattersall and was continued after Tattersall's death in 1981 by Bob McConnell, one of SABR's original 16 members. David Vincent, another SABR member, has since assumed the leadership of the project. has licensed this remarkable database from the Society for American Baseball Research. All credit for the data therein goes to the intrepid researchers who digitized this data from archival sources.

For years from 1913 to 2016, RetroSheet play-by-play data has been used whenever the home run occurred in a game for which we have complete play-by-play data.

There are a handful of cases where the home run logs totals do not agree with the totals on our player pages. We are working to reconcile all of those differences, but believe that in all cases the Home Run Encyclopedia is correct.