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1918 Negro League Baseball League Encyclopedia

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League-by-League Pitching

11American LeagueMajor League826.93.64502502.5002.771016101640261496689220.1850237032840963206297723210152380361.2708.
12National LeagueMajor League827.53.62504504.5002.7610161016350666108459172.28562368228161392522289822613147376961.2088.
3American AssociationAA828.4
4International LeagueAA823.9
5Pacific Coast LeagueAA628.1
1Southern AssociationA825.0
2Western LeagueA826.2
6Eastern LeagueB823.7
7Pacific Coast International LeagueB631.6
8Texas LeagueB626.7
9Virginia LeagueC430.2
10Blue Ridge LeagueD4
13Independent NegroNo Classification11

League-by-League Fielding

11American LeagueMajor League8101627603135461545800.9649797777744%122,076
12National LeagueMajor League8101627507140171519797.96593102980344%
3American AssociationAA8
4International LeagueAA8
5Pacific Coast LeagueAA6
1Southern AssociationA8
2Western LeagueA8
6Eastern LeagueB8
7Pacific Coast International LeagueB6
8Texas LeagueB6
9Virginia LeagueC4
10Blue Ridge LeagueD4
13Independent NegroNo Classification11

Pro Baseball Map for 1918

ALL TEAMS ARE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN THEY ARE LISTED IN. We have not located the actual location of the ballpark.

We list over 30,000 of teams from minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions. Report any errors or omissions