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2005 Grays

2005 > Class Independent > 2005 Canadian-American Association (North)
Overall: 33-59
Scored 407 runs, Allowed 575 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 32-60

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Chris Carminucci
Represented: traveling team
Ballpark: n/a
Attendance: 0

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Elio Ayala2651081000020015.
2Larry Best23632271862745602231512645.242.330.306.6375741950
3Mark Burke*3092391352491032611058503541.293.355.457.81316171033
4Bernard Caston*322310693112060010931310.215.311.280.5912620000
5Darren Ciraco24863623045081150640424373.266.364.375.73911476540Stats for 3 teams
6Alex Garcia#238029827438811470302971137.296.330.398.72810914720
7Ed Gerald#34582312102752121625121955.248.312.400.7128451011Stats for 2 teams
8Scott Grimes213111510515264111320622.248.296.333.6293532020
9Brad Hargreaves27923603173869100237143563.
10Joe Jiannetti237130027946881531247721431.315.348.520.86814562141Stats for 2 teams
11Willie King*2769273248376581424222443.262.330.351.68087101000Stats for 2 teams
12Francisco Lebron3090386335501081801557014863.322.404.510.91517130032Stats for 2 teams
13Sergio Lopez22617140100000026. for 2 teams
14Hideyoshi Misawa2521000000000101.000000000
15Charles Peterson3150197182195580628001328.302.355.445.8008122001
16Tony Pierce2918110000000000.
17Juan Rodriguez#3038104976203011204426. for 2 teams
18Jason Startari2560194163222350010411935.
19Chad Stewart2550186156172711115521933. for 2 teams
20Greg Strickland*295725221936593142624102832.269.352.347.6997601220
21Shawn Tarkington2512110000000001.
22Angel Valdez20206963913200521416. for 2 teams
23B.J. Weed#258135431843951312381342334.299.345.365.71011652650Stats for 2 teams
23 Players26.89234213027407790135114736311333296504.261.330.359.6891088542843275
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Jared Brite?--0012.002000003.04540604002193.33312.
2Lenny Carter*2701.0004.262801100125.12413121200202041221.7378.
3Nathan CasaGrande22005.18140600024.12817142161166041171.80810.
4Chris Clark300015.196020005.1611901104005343.18810.
5Greg Conden2402.00012.964300008.112151211403115523.12013.
6Vinnie DeChristofaro*2317.1257.301212000061.27654509340451032911.78411.
7John Duffy*31000.001010000.1100010000036.00027.
8Ricky Duke2401.0008.595020007.1151072104002392.18218.
9Andrew Edwards2314.2005.59185600058.05741367290474082591.4838.
10Brad Esarey*2615.1676.37145500041.04335295341229032021.8789.
11Brad Hargreaves27000.001010001.0000010200041.0000.
12Mike Henry2672.7783.991814221085.210851389251464043821.55311. for 2 teams
13Fontella Jones30001.935040004.24310402010231.7147.
14Roger Kalinowski*260016.202010001.23331102100112.40016.25.45.410.82.00
15Glen Keeton2537.3006.491815200077.211358568360315163781.91813. for 2 teams
16Jodie Kennedy*2539.2506.061616000084.210168578410487093941.67710.
17Brad Kirsch250010.122010002.26331200000163.00020.
18Omar Lopez230010.121000002.24430101100141.87513.
19Lincoln Mincks24107.5884.7621201100128.2169846813372732165891.60111.
20Evan Neiser*2314.2004.03311800144.25229202234363022091.67910. for 2 teams
21Roberto Nieves2224.3335.4498000043.05133263290256152131.86010.
22Charles Peterson310054.001000000.10220400002512.0000.00.0108.00.00.00
23Tony Pierce2937.3004.97179211067.06443378483834183061.6728.61.16.411.11.73
24Randy Rapp2334.4293.3640027001256.15325215276561062531.4208. for 2 teams
25Juan Rodriguez*30201.0005.65130400014.1139936016000631.3268.21.93.810.02.67Stats for 2 teams
26Tim Saunders2411.5006.65192400043.15135324261311062011.77710.
27Shawn Tarkington25201.0005.73110800111.012772705011531.7279.
28Jake Upwood*24009.64130600014.018151511107202702.07111. for 2 teams
29Mike Weckenman2214.2008.06124400125.23425232162172021241.94811.
30Joe Winkelsas310010.801000001.2322100200081.80016.
30 Players24.73359.3595.689292884214773.090357548882435195585368336471.73110.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Brad Hargreaves925796283.9886.9715623939%
Sergio Lopez6222001.0004.0002133%Stats for 2 teams
Hideyoshi Misawa210001.0000.50000
Jason Startari230001.0001.50000


Francisco Lebron7662043657.9918.72Stats for 2 teams
Mark Burke2920620419.9837.79
Willie King2418112517.9758.04Stats for 2 teams
Juan Rodriguez5192031.0004.20Stats for 2 teams
Darren Ciraco120001.0002.00Stats for 3 teams


B.J. Weed4497123629.9735.00Stats for 2 teams
Joe Jiannetti42621061319.9284.00Stats for 2 teams
Jason Startari254961213.9824.40
Elio Ayala35430.7503.00
Larry Best356001.0003.67


Larry Best573299127.9162.30
Willie King18102681.8182.00Stats for 2 teams
Jason Startari18122852.8892.22
Joe Jiannetti1392431.9172.54Stats for 2 teams
Scott Grimes76631.8001.71
Juan Rodriguez45110.8571.50Stats for 2 teams


Alex Garcia801372163141.9194.41
Jason Startari13163519.9813.92
Larry Best201001.0000.50


B.J. Weed340.00Stats for 2 teams
Chad Stewart240.00Stats for 2 teams
Ed Gerald200.00Stats for 2 teams
Scott Grimes200.00
Joe Jiannetti150.00Stats for 2 teams
Angel Valdez90.00Stats for 2 teams
Willie King70.00Stats for 2 teams
Juan Rodriguez70.00Stats for 2 teams
Greg Strickland50.00
Darren Ciraco40.00Stats for 3 teams
Larry Best10.00
Bernard Caston10.00


Greg Strickland520.00
Chad Stewart250.00Stats for 2 teams
Bernard Caston230.00
Darren Ciraco110.00Stats for 3 teams
Scott Grimes10.00
Juan Rodriguez10.00Stats for 2 teams
B.J. Weed10.00Stats for 2 teams


Darren Ciraco700.00Stats for 3 teams
Mark Burke490.00
Ed Gerald360.00Stats for 2 teams
Juan Rodriguez80.00Stats for 2 teams
Charles Peterson50.00
Scott Grimes30.00
Angel Valdez30.00Stats for 2 teams
Willie King20.00Stats for 2 teams
Elio Ayala10.00
Chad Stewart10.00Stats for 2 teams


Darren Ciraco82152970.9581.96Stats for 3 teams
Greg Strickland57134331.9792.40
Ed Gerald5298350.9531.94Stats for 2 teams
Chad Stewart5094211.9901.92Stats for 2 teams
Mark Burke4981241.9541.69
B.J. Weed3576421.9762.29Stats for 2 teams
Bernard Caston2341110.9771.83
Scott Grimes2344611.9802.17
Juan Rodriguez16411001.0002.63Stats for 2 teams
Joe Jiannetti15292011.0002.07Stats for 2 teams
Angel Valdez12150001.0001.25Stats for 2 teams
Willie King9160001.0001.78Stats for 2 teams
Charles Peterson570001.0001.40
Elio Ayala100000.00
Larry Best120001.0002.00


Randy Rapp402910.9170.28Stats for 2 teams
Evan Neiser3141112.9380.48Stats for 2 teams
Lenny Carter280710.8750.25
Lincoln Mincks2181511.9581.10
Tim Saunders1912001.0000.16
Andrew Edwards1821020.8570.67
Mike Henry1881030.8571.00Stats for 2 teams
Glen Keeton189920.9001.00Stats for 2 teams
Tony Pierce175820.8670.76
Jodie Kennedy1661620.9171.38
Nathan CasaGrande142310.8330.36
Brad Esarey144821.8570.86
Juan Rodriguez131010.5000.08Stats for 2 teams
Jake Upwood1300000.00Stats for 2 teams
Vinnie DeChristofaro12015001.0001.25
Mike Weckenman1213001.0000.33
Shawn Tarkington110110.5000.09
Roberto Nieves90510.8330.56
Chris Clark610001.0000.17
Ricky Duke510001.0000.20
Fontella Jones500000.00
Greg Conden40010.0000.00
Jared Brite210001.0000.50
Roger Kalinowski200000.00
Brad Kirsch201001.0000.50
John Duffy100000.00
Brad Hargreaves101001.0001.00
Omar Lopez101001.0001.00
Charles Peterson100000.00
Joe Winkelsas100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Elio Ayala26RR5' 9.0"160Nov 7, 1978Naguabo, PR
Larry Best23RR6' 1.0"192Sep 18, 1981
Jared Brite--Unknown
Mark Burke30LL6' 0.0"195Jun 7, 1975Seattle, WA, US
Lenny Carter27LL5' 10.0"195Apr 1, 1978
Nathan CasaGrande22RR6' 3.0"200Sep 16, 1982
Bernard Caston32LL5' 11.0"170Jun 6, 1973San Jose, CA, US
Darren Ciraco24RR6' 2.0"200Apr 6, 1981New Rochelle, NY, US
Chris Clark30RR6' 1.0"180Oct 29, 1974Flushing, NY, US
Greg Conden24RR6' 3.0"220Jul 24, 1980Johnson City, NY, US
Vinnie DeChristofaro23LL6' 2.0"168Apr 2, 1982Jersey City, NJ, US
John Duffy31LL6' 2.0"185Dec 4, 1973Norristown, PA, US
Ricky Duke24RR6' 2.0"225Jul 6, 1980
Andrew Edwards23RR6' 5.0"215Nov 22, 1981New York, NY, US
Brad Esarey26LL6' 3.0"178Sep 20, 1978St. Louis, MO, US
Alex Garcia23SR6' 1.0"150Jan 16, 1982Nizao, Peravia, DO
Ed Gerald34SR6' 3.0"205Jul 18, 1970Lumberton, NC, US
Scott Grimes21RR6' 1.0"200Sep 15, 1983Kennett Square, PA, US
Brad Hargreaves27RR6' 0.0"175Oct 30, 1977Cincinnati, OH, US
Mike Henry26RR6' 6.0"210Sep 9, 1978San Angelo, TX, US
Joe Jiannetti23RR6' 1.0"190Sep 25, 1981Tampa, FL, US
Fontella Jones30RR6' 2.0"210May 25, 1975Biloxi, MS, US
Roger Kalinowski26LL6' 4.0"180May 10, 1979
Glen Keeton25RR6' 0.0"190Apr 7, 1980
Jodie Kennedy25RL6' 0.0"180Jul 16, 1979
Willie King27LR6' 1.0"210May 31, 1978Brooklyn, NY, US
Brad Kirsch25RR6' 4.0"225Apr 5, 1980
Francisco Lebron30RR6' 6.0"230May 10, 1975Bayamon, PR
Omar Lopez23SR6' 2.0"170Feb 10, 1982Sabana Grande, PR
Sergio Lopez22RR5' 11.0"200Jan 29, 1983
Lincoln Mincks24RR6' 1.0"212May 10, 1981Ottumwa, IA, US
Hideyoshi Misawa25RR5' 10.0"190Jan 4, 1980
Evan Neiser23RL5' 9.0"165Aug 30, 1981
Roberto Nieves22SR6' 2.0"170Dec 25, 1982Bayamon, PR
Charles Peterson31RR6' 3.0"215May 8, 1974Laurens, SC, US
Tony Pierce29RR6' 0.0"170Jun 21, 1976Columbus, GA, US
Randy Rapp23RR6' 1.0"185Sep 9, 1981Torrance, CA, US
Juan Rodriguez30SL5' 10.0"190Dec 16, 1974Arecibo, PR
Tim Saunders24RR6' 1.0"190Nov 15, 1980
Jason Startari25RR5' 8.0"175May 11, 1980Pittsburgh, PA, US
Chad Stewart25RR5' 11.0"185Mar 20, 1980Carlsbad, CA, US
Greg Strickland29LL5' 10.0"175Nov 8, 1975Paris, TX, US
Shawn Tarkington25RR6' 4.0"230Aug 21, 1979Middletown, NY, US
Jake Upwood24LL5' 11.0"175Sep 19, 1980Colorado Springs, CO, US
Angel Valdez20RR6' 0.0"145Aug 2, 1984La Romana, La Romana, DO
Mike Weckenman22RR6' 4.0"205Jun 8, 1983
B.J. Weed25SR5' 11.0"185Nov 11, 1979Newburgh, NY, US
Joe Winkelsas31RR6' 3.0"188Sep 14, 1973Buffalo, NY, US

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