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2006 Florence Freedom

2006 > Class Independent > 2006 Frontier League (East)
Overall: 38-56
Scored 361 runs, Allowed 442 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 38-56

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Jamie Keefe
Represented: Florence, KY
Ballpark: Champion Window Field (Florence, KY)
Attendance: 89,969
Other Years: 2005 / 2007

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Chad Abbott24715131400010025.308.400.308.708400000
2Trevor Allen2612383567100300313.
3Beau Blacken25943843174185161545475966.268.384.372.75611873145Stats for 2 teams
4Chris Brown23933783424391140851402677.266.320.377.697129103343Stats for 2 teams
5Greg Buscher23461811611637110525101037.230.285.391.6766354242Stats for 2 teams
6Clint Chauncey2585317279285581525323058.
7Nick Connor*235016615420396111121819.253.293.325.6175011211
8Matt Cooksey*23833282505572811213886360.288.439.340.7798575911Stats for 2 teams
9Chris Draska2411302857300000111.250.300.357.6571001000Stats for 2 teams
10Mike Galloway2567287253387090437322657.277.355.360.7159166021Stats for 2 teams
11Kyle Geswein*26883623093565140942104586.210.314.343.65710673235
12Trevor Hall26421771661743602800921.259.301.331.6325551100Stats for 2 teams
13Ryan Hanson2518473768200500811.216.348.270.6181000110
14Nick Hiter2531081100020023.125.300.125.425100000
15Joe Holland231141343800020144.235.325.235.560821110
16Jason Hurst2538126111112310316111023.
17Eddie Kim*25823442954478130632114335.264.364.369.734109104113Stats for 2 teams
18Conor McGeehan232331110000001.333.333.6671.000200000
19Jerrod Novotny23930263310110027.
20Wally Quigg25893553142973121130222865.232.300.287.5869093820
21Josh Sanchez26913382802357100021262438.
22Greg Stone*259342334241941412341325848.275.381.339.720116631645
23Scott Vetter22712432183455910181361643.252.303.303.6056611531Stats for 2 teams
24Reggie Watson237432227743751351212772761.271.345.365.710101251210
24 Players24.4953592310136174312510363246923340612.240.323.321.6449966853722619
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Luke Adkins2402.0007.4655000025.13621217100140001181.81612.
2Jason Bowlin2359.3573.2819180420129.010755479460714085291.1867.
3Bob Burris260023.143010002.15660302000143.42919.
4Cody Castle2321.6672.342601200242.13711115205313031821.3467.
5Brad Church2645.4443.301513110076.16235287371546023311.2977.
6Patrick Clayton21101.0006.436000007.035501409003372.4293.
7Mike DeMark2314.2003.224101400164.14425234306594022661.1506.
8Aaron Easton2401.00011.374120006.112880906011393.31617.
9Mark Eger23000.001010000.1000010000123.0000.
10Coogie Freedman2601.00013.503000002.05330001002122.50022.
11Kyle Geswein*26000.001010001.0000000100030.0000.
12Mitch Goins2377.5003.9520200100120.2128605314442615055331.4259.
13Drew Jackson*2262.7502.473851511569.14621193334756112921.1396. for 2 teams
14Keegan Laycock220027.001000001.14541001100103.00027.
15Chase Leatherwood2312.3336.10111100020.221171431329112971.6459.
16Benjamin Lovell2345.4443.97259800065.27238292281366042961.5239. for 2 teams
17Curtis Moenter26107.5882.753762400785.0653626651117513063811.3656. for 2 teams
18Rob Parfett25009.954000006.110872102000281.73714.
19Grant Payton*2212.3337.15165200034.04629273220232161682.00012. for 2 teams
20Justin Roelle*2503.0008.1063200016.22016154906101761.74010.
21Rick Rosell21005.87120700015.1171310312012112751.89110.
22Steve Thomas--003.862000002.13111303000132.57111.63.911.611.61.00
23Jon Troop*2311.5003.50254700143.23920175260352121921.4898.
24Joey Watts*2412.3334.6897100032.23123172180144031481.5008.
25Chris Webb2428.2005.192113510085.093604954524011054021.6249. for 3 teams
25 Players23.53856.4044.119595887415831.278944238078415335565555036851.4488.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Clint Chauncey8450867133.9786.854643334%
Ryan Hanson1254922.9695.2506545%
Chad Abbott471001.0002.0012133%
Nick Hiter3112001.0004.3315229%
Conor McGeehan120001.0002.00000


Kyle Geswein6152132938.9849.07
Beau Blacken3325910216.9938.15Stats for 2 teams
Trevor Hall3327419422.9878.88Stats for 2 teams
Chris Brown16115728.9847.63Stats for 2 teams
Eddie Kim161341288.9489.13Stats for 2 teams
Mike Galloway3191031.0006.67Stats for 2 teams
Ryan Hanson100000.00
Conor McGeehan120001.0002.00


Wally Quigg78147200432.9894.45
Scott Vetter20355348.9574.40Stats for 2 teams
Joe Holland9172635.9354.78
Greg Stone8111613.9643.38
Reggie Watson100000.00


Greg Stone83631771213.9522.89
Greg Buscher1062251.8482.80Stats for 2 teams
Scott Vetter82210.8000.50Stats for 2 teams
Beau Blacken54621.8332.00Stats for 2 teams
Mike Galloway416011.0001.75Stats for 2 teams
Joe Holland212011.0001.50
Jerrod Novotny11110.6672.00


Josh Sanchez911522091938.9503.97
Scott Vetter43711141023.9494.30Stats for 2 teams
Wally Quigg681511.9583.83
Greg Stone101001.0001.00


Beau Blacken530.00Stats for 2 teams
Chris Brown410.00Stats for 2 teams
Matt Cooksey400.00Stats for 2 teams
Nick Connor320.00
Jason Hurst170.00
Mike Galloway50.00Stats for 2 teams
Trevor Hall40.00Stats for 2 teams
Jerrod Novotny30.00
Kyle Geswein20.00
Scott Vetter10.00Stats for 2 teams


Reggie Watson740.00
Matt Cooksey200.00Stats for 2 teams
Jason Hurst60.00
Greg Stone60.00
Wally Quigg50.00
Trevor Allen30.00
Chris Draska30.00Stats for 2 teams
Mike Galloway10.00Stats for 2 teams


Mike Galloway570.00Stats for 2 teams
Matt Cooksey190.00Stats for 2 teams
Nick Connor170.00
Kyle Geswein170.00
Trevor Allen90.00
Chris Draska70.00Stats for 2 teams
Jerrod Novotny30.00
Jason Hurst10.00
Scott Vetter10.00Stats for 2 teams


Matt Cooksey74148760.9632.09Stats for 2 teams
Reggie Watson74201532.9862.78
Mike Galloway61114511.9921.95Stats for 2 teams
Beau Blacken5379410.9881.57Stats for 2 teams
Nick Connor45863011.0001.98
Chris Brown4176330.9631.93Stats for 2 teams
Jason Hurst2343010.9771.87
Kyle Geswein1927010.9641.42
Trevor Allen12162001.0001.50
Chris Draska1011010.9171.10Stats for 2 teams
Jerrod Novotny6141001.0002.50
Greg Stone6111001.0002.00
Wally Quigg5120001.0002.40
Trevor Hall430001.0000.75Stats for 2 teams
Scott Vetter210001.0000.50Stats for 2 teams


Mike DeMark41712001.0000.46
Drew Jackson382820.8330.26Stats for 2 teams
Curtis Moenter3731330.8420.43Stats for 2 teams
Cody Castle2622001.0000.15
Benjamin Lovell2531123.8750.56Stats for 2 teams
Jon Troop253930.8000.48
Chris Webb2101311.9290.62Stats for 3 teams
Mitch Goins20102312.9711.65
Jason Bowlin19121621.9331.47
Grant Payton1629001.0000.69Stats for 2 teams
Brad Church15213001.0001.00
Rick Rosell1203001.0000.25
Chase Leatherwood1123001.0000.45
Joey Watts914001.0000.56
Patrick Clayton611001.0000.33
Justin Roelle601001.0000.17
Luke Adkins53510.8891.60
Aaron Easton400000.00
Rob Parfett40010.0000.00
Bob Burris300000.00
Coogie Freedman300000.00
Steve Thomas200000.00
Mark Eger100000.00
Kyle Geswein101001.0001.00
Keegan Laycock100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Chad Abbott24RR5' 10.0"195Aug 7, 1981Hillsboro, OH, US
Luke Adkins24RR6' 2.0"220Nov 26, 1981Concord, OH, US
Trevor Allen26RR6' 2.0"215Dec 26, 1979Scottsbluff, NE, US
Beau Blacken25RR6' 3.0"215Oct 10, 1980Arlington, WA, US
Jason Bowlin23RR6' 0.0"185Aug 4, 1982Hamilton, OH, US
Chris Brown23RR6' 2.0"215Dec 28, 1982Clearwater, FL, US
Bob Burris26RR6' 1.0"175Nov 17, 1979Jacksonville, FL, US
Greg Buscher23RR6' 0.0"200Oct 26, 1982Jacksonville, FL, US
Cody Castle23RR6' 3.0"190Aug 9, 1982Dayton, OH, US
Clint Chauncey25RR6' 1.0"192Jan 1, 1981Jacksonville, FL, US
Brad Church26RR5' 11.0"160Jan 19, 1980Raleigh, NC, US
Patrick Clayton21RR6' 5.0"220Aug 13, 1984Marietta, GA, US
Nick Connor23LL6' 1.0"195Jan 14, 1983Sandy, UT, US
Matt Cooksey23LL5' 8.0"170Nov 14, 1982Bowie, MD, US
Mike DeMark23RR6' 0.0"210May 20, 1983Greensburg, PA, US
Chris Draska24RR6' 3.0"200Mar 17, 1982Highwood, IL, US
Aaron Easton24LR6' 10.0"240Sep 8, 1981Chicago, IL, US
Mark Eger23RR6' 5.0"210Jul 26, 1982Dayton, OH, US
Coogie Freedman26LR6' 0.0"200Jan 4, 1980Richmond Hill, ON, CA
Mike Galloway25RR6' 2.0"220May 9, 1981St. Thomas, ON, CA
Kyle Geswein26LL6' 3.0"250Nov 21, 1979Dayton, OH, US
Mitch Goins23RR6' 3.0"232Jan 18, 1983Durango, CO, US
Trevor Hall26RR6' 3.0"230Dec 8, 1979St. Petersburg, FL, US
Ryan Hanson25RR6' 3.0"230Oct 22, 1980Long Beach, CA, US
Nick Hiter25RR6' 1.0"210Nov 4, 1980Nashville, TN, US
Joe Holland23RR5' 11.0"185May 7, 1983Beaumont, TX, US
Jason Hurst25RR6' 0.0"205Mar 16, 1981Thomasville, GA, US
Drew Jackson22LL6' 0.0"210Oct 12, 1983Farmington, NM, US
Eddie Kim25LR6' 3.0"260Apr 16, 1981Los Angeles, CA, US
Keegan Laycock22RR6' 5.0"230Apr 10, 1984
Chase Leatherwood23RR5' 10.0"195Dec 7, 1982
Benjamin Lovell23RR6' 3.0"185Apr 28, 1983Monroe, MI, US
Conor McGeehan23RR6' 2.0"205Jun 24, 1983Lebanon, OH, US
Curtis Moenter26RR6' 1.0"205Aug 28, 1979Lima, OH, US
Jerrod Novotny23RR6' 5.0"225Nov 20, 1982
Rob Parfett25RR6' 2.0"184Jan 6, 1981San Jose, CA, US
Grant Payton22LL6' 1.0"188Mar 29, 1984Arlington Heights, IL, US
Wally Quigg25RR6' 0.0"180Sep 16, 1980Natick, MA, US
Justin Roelle25LL6' 4.0"180May 28, 1981Longmont, CO, US
Rick Rosell21RR6' 0.0"195Jan 1, 1985
Josh Sanchez26RR5' 10.0"170Apr 23, 1980Oxnard, CA, US
Greg Stone25LR5' 0.0"180Feb 19, 1981Tulsa, OK, US
Steve Thomas--RRUnknown
Jon Troop23LL6' 1.0"210Aug 24, 1982
Scott Vetter22RR6' 0.0"172Jul 3, 1983
Reggie Watson23RR5' 9.0"185Jan 16, 1983Cincinnati, OH, US
Joey Watts24LL5' 11.0"170Feb 22, 1982Brandon, FL, US
Chris Webb24RR6' 3.0"220Dec 29, 1981

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