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2001 Albany-Colonie Diamond Dogs

2001 > Class Independent > 2001 Northern League East (North)
Overall: 50-41
Scored 441 runs, Allowed 418 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 48-43

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Mike Marshall
Represented: Albany, NY
Ballpark: n/a
Attendance: n/a
Other Years: 2000 / 2002

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Masayoshi Aoki241126232500031028. for 2 teams
2Richie Benes232480761019200820215. for 2 teams
3Phil Brassington311715143500111016.357.400.571.971800000
4Chris Chavez2540110000000001.
5Mike Cosgrove2535110000000001.
6Brandon Curtis25893743404810518012631011953.309.353.468.82115998070
7John Darjean25823403153787152030158942.276.309.337.646106161000
8Vic Davilla*288633931153882111352222060.283.322.482.80415081071
9Jason Dunaway241141385700120038. for 2 teams
10Juan Espinal258133129537881701145302989.298.360.468.82713822055
11Jose Gonzalez36930275820031016.296.333.370.7041021010
12Keith Goodwin265924021529511035281211645.237.303.381.6848245220Stats for 2 teams
13Dan Grice253012811116278011333920.243.295.342.6373810620
14Scott Guess*2428110000000001.
15Nick Herz2348154131112190011021548.
16Eric LeBlanc*2722440000000003.
17Scott McKee#249138536056118321749001737.328.361.481.84217394042
18Chris Miyake28753112813258102330942053. for 2 teams
19Adam Neubart23462041803158932201721732.322.393.439.8327924301
20Ricky Peel*237421720324416012140743.
21Kevin Reinking221323211500020025.238.304.238.542510000
22Marlon Roche287131628346951411048543159.336.402.498.90014161010
23Julio Zorrilla#267433431946911354281391034.285.308.395.70312631312
23 Players25.5913450315044188917215644048033204588.282.330.407.73712835436303011
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Phil Brassington31801.0002.401110010075.06924204160532153071.1338.
2Logan Brummett220013.501000001.1322010300083.00020.20.06.820.23.00
3Chris Chavez2541.8001.9139026001456.24112121250792042331.1656.
4Mike Cosgrove2514.2001.1434025001255.1351471111592042150.8315.
5Vic Davilla28000.001000001.0320010000084.00027.
6Scott Deremer2722.5005.5664000022.22414142718200991.3689.
7Scott Guess*2436.3336.352710400189.1119756310200653164111.55612.
8Jerry Hasler*2963.6674.441311110171.077473510250405243191.4379. for 3 teams
9Nick Herz23000.001010001.0100000100041.0009.
10Chris Knollin2613.2507.2374200023.23420193120290031131.94412.91.14.611.02.42
11Tom Koutrouba*2376.5383.7323163200113.111455471031311840144831.2799. for 2 teams
12Bill Lawton2446.4005.643071310181.1107575110300594063781.68411.
13Eric LeBlanc27106.6253.4418180100117.2132594583401046045101.41110.
14Eric Maleski24004.501000002.02110102000101.5009.
15Bill Malloy2601.00067.501000000.2355130100189.00040.513.540.513.50.33
16Trevor Marcotte2321.6674.9784100029.02717162150203141291.4488.
17Ernie Nieves3001.0002.795020009.210430216001411.2419.
18Ricky Peel*23009.007050006.09661100001281.66713.
19Kevin Reinking22000.001010000.1000000100010.0000.
20Cory Scott2435.3753.994701400265.17239297223456152951.4399. for 2 teams
21Jason Trufant?23007.202110005.09441401000252.60016.
22Carlos Valdez2912.3333.3055000030.0331311360220021271.3009.
23Rafael Valdez33000.001000001.0200010200163.00018.
24Jason Von Haefen2594.6923.901816000099.19145436320983024131.2388.
25Michael Wassong*21000.001010001.2100000200060.6005.
26Joe Wicklund230027.003100003.11010100502002254.50027.
26 Players25.35041.5494.069191883630799.18364183615925246922945234561.3619.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Scott McKee554002171.9847.654521421%
Nick Herz422812552.9847.290431526%
Kevin Reinking928420.9413.56101100%


Brandon Curtis5238721437.9907.85
Scott McKee241468115.9946.42
Vic Davilla20170919.9948.95
Nick Herz847315.9806.25
Chris Miyake5332021.0007.00Stats for 2 teams
Marlon Roche260001.0003.00
Phil Brassington170011.0007.00


Julio Zorrilla71138209838.9774.89
Vic Davilla203654215.9784.50
Chris Miyake7720031.0003.86Stats for 2 teams
Scott McKee535011.0001.60
Masayoshi Aoki433011.0001.50Stats for 2 teams
Chris Chavez111011.0002.00
Brandon Curtis100000.00
Kevin Reinking111001.0002.00
John Stadalnik100000.00


Juan Espinal8156133199.9092.33
Scott McKee12111851.8532.42
Richie Benes971030.8501.89Stats for 2 teams
Jason Dunaway12110.7503.00Stats for 2 teams


Chris Miyake63971601431.9484.08Stats for 2 teams
Dan Grice303699319.9784.50
Vic Davilla11172074.8413.36
Jason Dunaway11143675.8774.55Stats for 2 teams
Masayoshi Aoki781444.8463.14Stats for 2 teams
Julio Zorrilla46723.8673.25
Richie Benes235011.0004.00Stats for 2 teams
Mike Cosgrove10111.5001.00
Nick Herz100000.00
Ricky Peel100000.00


Keith Goodwin500.00Stats for 2 teams
Brandon Curtis420.00
Vic Davilla210.00
Ricky Peel200.00
Jose Gonzalez80.00
Phil Brassington60.00
Eric LeBlanc30.00
Kevin Reinking20.00
Scott Deremer10.00
Chris Miyake10.00Stats for 2 teams
Adam Neubart10.00
Marlon Roche10.00


John Darjean820.00
Ricky Peel80.00
Adam Neubart40.00
Marlon Roche20.00
Keith Goodwin10.00Stats for 2 teams
Eric LeBlanc10.00


Ricky Peel450.00
Adam Neubart410.00
Keith Goodwin80.00Stats for 2 teams
Marlon Roche50.00
Brandon Curtis40.00
Jose Gonzalez10.00
Scott Guess10.00


John Darjean82159762.9652.02
Ricky Peel70101130.9711.46
Keith Goodwin5810611110.9142.02Stats for 2 teams
Adam Neubart46104751.9572.41
Brandon Curtis44580001.0001.32
Vic Davilla21303001.0001.57
Jose Gonzalez915110.9411.78
Marlon Roche82010.6670.25
Phil Brassington660001.0001.00
Eric LeBlanc42020.5000.50
Kevin Reinking20010.0000.00
Scott Deremer100000.00
Scott Guess100000.00
Chris Miyake100000.00Stats for 2 teams


Cory Scott4759001.0000.30Stats for 2 teams
Chris Chavez3925001.0000.18
Mike Cosgrove344620.8330.29
Bill Lawton3001220.8570.40
Scott Guess2751130.8420.59
Tom Koutrouba2309001.0000.39Stats for 2 teams
Eric LeBlanc1871642.8521.28
Jason Von Haefen18710001.0000.94
Jerry Hasler1311510.9411.23Stats for 3 teams
Phil Brassington111010011.0001.82
Trevor Marcotte826001.0001.00
Chris Knollin70220.5000.29
Ricky Peel701001.0000.14
Scott Deremer626001.0001.33
Ernie Nieves511001.0000.40
Carlos Valdez506001.0001.20
Joe Wicklund310001.0000.33
Jason Trufant203011.0001.50
Logan Brummett100000.00
Vic Davilla100000.00
Nick Herz100000.00
Eric Maleski100000.00
Bill Malloy101001.0001.00
Kevin Reinking100000.00
Rafael Valdez100000.00
Michael Wassong100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Masayoshi Aoki24RR5' 8.0"155Dec 16, 1976JP
Richie Benes23RR5' 7.0"150Feb 20, 1978New York, NY, US
Phil Brassington31RR6' 2.0"180Apr 19, 1970Canberra, Capital Territory, AU
Logan Brummett22RR6' 4.0"210Oct 27, 1978Knoxville, TN, US
Chris Chavez25RR6' 0.0"180Jul 23, 1975Tallahassee, FL, US
Mike Cosgrove25RR6' 1.0"190Feb 14, 1976Lynwood, CA, US
Brandon Curtis25RR6' 4.0"210Sep 9, 1975Faro, PT
John Darjean25RR6' 1.0"175Apr 3, 1976Baton Rouge, LA, US
Vic Davilla28LR5' 11.0"175Oct 27, 1972New York, NY, US
Scott Deremer27RR6' 1.0"205Aug 1, 1973Baltimore, MD, US
Jason Dunaway24RR6' 1.0"177Jan 12, 1977Greeley, CO, US
Juan Espinal25RR5' 11.0"200Apr 15, 1976La Vega, La Vega, DO
Jose Gonzalez36RR6' 2.0"190Nov 23, 1964Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata, DO
Keith Goodwin26RR6' 2.0"182Feb 5, 1975Sulphur, LA, US
Dan Grice25RR5' 10.0"170Oct 5, 1975Eugene, OR, US
Scott Guess24LL5' 10.0"175Dec 8, 1976Chicago, IL, US
Jerry Hasler29LL5' 11.0"180Apr 12, 1972Bristol, CT, US
Nick Herz23RR6' 3.0"215Jan 10, 1978
Chris Knollin26RR6' 3.0"205Feb 10, 1975Chicago, IL, US
Tom Koutrouba23LL6' 0.0"190Oct 9, 1977Boston, MA, US
Bill Lawton24RR6' 4.0"210Jan 13, 1977Somers Point, NJ, US
Eric LeBlanc27LR6' 0.0"195Jul 6, 1973Newport, VT, US
Eric Maleski24RR6' 2.0"195Jul 25, 1976Des Plaines, IL, US
Bill Malloy26RR6' 2.0"225May 22, 1975Weehawken, NJ, US
Trevor Marcotte23RR6' 2.0"170May 3, 1978Burlington, VT, US
Scott McKee24SR6' 0.0"200May 6, 1977Washington, DC, US
Chris Miyake28RR6' 2.0"188May 18, 1973Los Angeles, CA, US
Adam Neubart23RR5' 11.0"165Jul 23, 1977Livingston, NJ, US
Ernie Nieves30RR5' 11.0"180Aug 26, 1970Brooklyn, NY, US
Ricky Peel23LL6' 0.0"180Sep 9, 1977Jesup, GA, US
Kevin Reinking22RR6' 1.0"190Jan 25, 1979Long Beach, NY, US
Marlon Roche28RR6' 2.0"225Apr 11, 1973Caracas, Distrito Federal, VE
Cory Scott24RR6' 0.0"220Feb 11, 1977Knotts Island, NC, US
John Stadalnik--Unknown
Jason Trufant231978
Carlos Valdez29RR5' 11.0"165Dec 26, 1971Bani, Peravia, DO
Rafael Valdez33RR5' 11.0"165Dec 17, 1967Nizao, Peravia, DO
Jason Von Haefen25RR6' 3.0"190Aug 4, 1975Houston, TX, US
Michael Wassong21LL5' 9.0"180Nov 19, 1979Secaucus, NJ, US
Joe Wicklund23RR6' 0.0"200Mar 22, 1978Duluth, MN, US
Julio Zorrilla26SR5' 9.0"166Feb 20, 1975San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO

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