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2006 San Angelo Colts

2006 > Class Independent > 2006 United League Baseball
Overall: 46-44
Scored 584 runs, Allowed 540 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 48-42

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Doc Edwards
Represented: San Angelo, TX
Ballpark: n/a
Attendance: 74,687
Other Years: 2005 / 2007

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Greg Allain*--8403210620180068.188.325.344.6691101010
2John Anderson*2963309272611061412472433033.390.445.471.91512821154
3Brian Baker288737534357841951768212396.245.301.478.779164116031
4Kevin Bass#27803672985791210849005792.305.428.456.88413649030
5Jason Crosland2390420363651092802178103996.300.390.551.9412001016024
6Ronnie Gaines22724211310000029.
7Kevin Griffin2461235206244863033111937.233.312.291.6036055410Stats for 4 teams
8Matt Guiliano3354231208304771022211920.
9Sammy Juarez232288791118111800827.228.299.304.6032410100
10Scott Krause32442061883357212741001133.303.350.548.89710354032
11Mark Lewis2231192100002011.
12Kyle Mandelbaum--1430110020011.333.500.6671.167200000
13Bryce Morrison*26833622985286236747965473.289.414.477.891142410006Stats for 2 teams
14Cody Palmer243411910082160418101336.210.328.390.7183915010
15Tyrone Pendergrass#298239634571971764362733963.281.353.400.75313842550
16Jordan Ramos--642331953947121019412948.241.359.313.6726127200Stats for 2 teams
17Joe Rhomberg2437132115142941215001424.252.338.357.6954131200
18Olmo Rosario251985751725321195077.333.376.467.8433550030
19Tony Sanguinetti247935829764971551053004648.327.430.512.942152711042
20J.J. Sherrill#256528123042632046321523877.274.388.474.86210908050
21Corey Watts*2531290210000034.222.417.333.750300000
21 Players26.6903702318758491319631875268310393717.286.374.449.82314326473133615
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Stephen Artz2232.6004.35258800068.17336334151472062931.2889.
2James Beever2502.00012.1292200016.13224223709212892.38817. for 2 teams
3Yorkin Ferreras*2546.4003.131211000069.08339244190654013131.47810.
4Dave Glick*3012.3336.6166000031.14027235120282021481.66011.
5Mark Goodman*2354.5565.402610900376.211158466140364053601.63013.
6Brian Gore--21.66712.008020009.08121201118000432.1118. for 2 teams
7Adam Hanson24510.3335.4518171200100.2987361647085140144561.4408. for 2 teams
8Frank James*2532.6005.1387000040.14828234160122131731.58710.
9Jed Jensen?--13.2504.71162800228.2362015550191021301.43011. for 2 teams
10Patrick Jernigan27007.714010007.011762204001341.85714.
11Carl Johnson22101.0002.7453000023.020157118041001111.6527.
12B.J. Jordan*2564.6003.9235032001539.04120172193356071781.5389.
13Trey Keoppel--41.8004.11117100050.15127233231494032271.4709.
14Benjamin King*25101.0000.003010003.02100100000111.0006.
15Omar Lopez2425.2867.56104100033.13629286230213031611.7709. for 2 teams
16Jacoby Marshall*2541.8008.86240300043.26849431371381052322.40514. for 2 teams
17Brian Martin*2315.1676.9595000033.23929265160265131581.63410. for 2 teams
18Quinn Monsma*2301.0004.38121500024.22915121120190111121.66210.
19Eric Moore30004.502010002.0211010100071.5009.
20Ryan Mulle--02.0002.25130300028.02387071221011131.0717.
21Cody Palmer240036.001010001.0644000000096.00054.
22Kip Pridgeon?--01.0002.25211700036.0201391340342051631.5005. for 2 teams
23Jonathan Pusateri*--33.5006.31274300055.27351395341292062641.92211. for 3 teams
24Jordan Ramos--0027.001010001.0333030200096.00027. for 2 teams
25Beau Richardson*26005.402000001.2211010100291.80010.
26Alejandro Rodriguez2502.0004.6464000021.123131137016201941.4069. for 2 teams
27Orlando Rodriguez*2526.2506.071414010083.0816256659069120133901.6878. for 2 teams
28Wilfredo Rodriguez*270012.793200006.1101191907100403.00014.21.412.89.90.78
29John Smith2443.5712.972501300330.12914102182305031421.5498. for 2 teams
30Mike Snapp24007.365010007.181061706403442.0459. for 2 teams
31Edwin Walker*22201.0005.1466000028.03221163170261031351.75010.
31 Players24.34644.5115.019090873222791.29035404415236595836227936601.60210.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Tony Sanguinetti553663274.9837.2410921413%
Kevin Griffin5436627122.9707.283681215%Stats for 4 teams
Cody Palmer332052272.9706.887491321%
Corey Watts327110.9669.331500%
Kyle Mandelbaum16010.8576.000100%


Kevin Bass4235612640.9848.76
Jason Crosland1412390171.0009.43
Bryce Morrison12122433.97710.50Stats for 2 teams
Scott Krause118940111.0008.45
Greg Allain893718.99012.50
Joe Rhomberg5393031.0008.40


John Anderson631302031049.9715.29
Jordan Ramos3246100421.9734.56Stats for 2 teams
Joe Rhomberg16233436.9503.56
Matt Guiliano6161627.9415.33


Jason Crosland76521612616.8912.80
Sammy Juarez1163133.9253.36
Jordan Ramos55720.8572.40Stats for 2 teams
Joe Rhomberg32010.6670.67


Matt Guiliano46711341926.9154.46
Jordan Ramos2128541519.8453.90Stats for 2 teams
Olmo Rosario194268818.9325.79
Sammy Juarez111832135.7944.55
Mark Lewis34950.7224.33


Brian Baker590.00
Bryce Morrison450.00Stats for 2 teams
Ronnie Gaines70.00
Joe Rhomberg70.00
Jordan Ramos60.00Stats for 2 teams
Tony Sanguinetti40.00
Kevin Bass20.00


Tyrone Pendergrass820.00
Bryce Morrison50.00Stats for 2 teams
Brian Baker30.00
J.J. Sherrill30.00
Jordan Ramos10.00Stats for 2 teams


J.J. Sherrill640.00
Bryce Morrison240.00Stats for 2 teams
Brian Baker230.00
Ronnie Gaines10.00
Jordan Ramos10.00Stats for 2 teams


Brian Baker85116961.9541.47
Tyrone Pendergrass82181843.9792.30
Bryce Morrison7098980.9301.53Stats for 2 teams
J.J. Sherrill65142533.9802.26
Ronnie Gaines781001.0001.29
Jordan Ramos75010.8330.71Stats for 2 teams
Joe Rhomberg780001.0001.14
Tony Sanguinetti450001.0001.25
Kevin Bass24010.8002.00


B.J. Jordan350811.8890.23
Jonathan Pusateri2721211.9330.52Stats for 3 teams
Mark Goodman2621151.7220.50
Stephen Artz2563001.0000.36
John Smith2512001.0000.12Stats for 2 teams
Jacoby Marshall2419021.0000.42Stats for 2 teams
Kip Pridgeon2156001.0000.52Stats for 2 teams
Adam Hanson1861020.8890.89Stats for 2 teams
Jed Jensen1636001.0000.56Stats for 2 teams
Orlando Rodriguez145911.9331.00Stats for 2 teams
Ryan Mulle1302001.0000.15
Yorkin Ferreras1237011.0000.83
Quinn Monsma1213001.0000.33
Trey Keoppel1127001.0000.82
Omar Lopez1028001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams
James Beever905001.0000.56Stats for 2 teams
Brian Martin904001.0000.44Stats for 2 teams
Brian Gore82110.7500.38Stats for 2 teams
Frank James8514021.0002.38
Dave Glick60412.8000.67
Alejandro Rodriguez61310.8000.67Stats for 2 teams
Edwin Walker61420.7140.83
Carl Johnson52610.8891.60
Mike Snapp50010.0000.00Stats for 2 teams
Patrick Jernigan400000.00
Benjamin King301011.0000.33
Wilfredo Rodriguez300000.00
Eric Moore200000.00
Beau Richardson201001.0000.50
Cody Palmer100000.00
Jordan Ramos100000.00Stats for 2 teams

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Greg Allain--LRUnknown
John Anderson29LR5' 11.0"190Jan 18, 1977Duluth, MN, US
Stephen Artz22RR6' 2.0"200Apr 23, 1984Stone Mountain, GA, US
Brian Baker28RR6' 3.0"200Mar 31, 1978Union City, TN, US
Kevin Bass27SR6' 2.0"205Jun 22, 1979Clarksville, TN, US
James Beever25RR6' 4.0"220Oct 4, 1980Belleville, IL, US
Jason Crosland23RR6' 2.0"215Aug 30, 1982Twin Falls, ID, US
Yorkin Ferreras25LL6' 1.0"155Jan 28, 1981Jaragua, DO
Ronnie Gaines22RR6' 1.0"185Sep 8, 1983Temple, TX, US
Dave Glick30LL6' 1.0"190Apr 2, 1976Simi Valley, CA, US
Mark Goodman23LL6' 2.0"230Oct 31, 1982Stillwater, OK, US
Brian Gore--RRUnknown
Kevin Griffin24RR5' 10.0"195Feb 4, 1982Roanoke, VA, US
Matt Guiliano33RR5' 9.0"180Oct 17, 1972Jamaica, NY, US
Adam Hanson24RR6' 2.0"195Aug 6, 1981Mount Holly, NJ, US
Frank James25RL6' 1.0"200Jul 23, 1980
Jed Jensen--Unknown
Patrick Jernigan27RR6' 0.0"185Nov 4, 1978
Carl Johnson22RR6' 3.0"200Sep 22, 1983
B.J. Jordan25LL6' 0.0"190Apr 24, 1981Austin, TX, US
Sammy Juarez23RR5' 10.0"175Sep 9, 1982Queens, NY, US
Trey Keoppel--RR6' 6.0"265UnknownBetheny, OK, US
Benjamin King25LL6' 2.0"185Dec 10, 1980
Scott Krause32RR6' 1.0"180Aug 16, 1973Euclid, OH, US
Mark Lewis22RR5' 7.0"165Jul 8, 1983
Omar Lopez24SR6' 2.0"170Feb 10, 1982Sabana Grande, PR
Kyle Mandelbaum--RR6' 3.0"215UnknownBulverde, TX, US
Jacoby Marshall25LL6' 1.0"205Nov 22, 1980
Brian Martin23LL6' 2.0"240Nov 1, 1982Texas City, TX, US
Quinn Monsma23LL6' 4.0"205Nov 29, 1982
Eric Moore30RR6' 4.0"205May 26, 1976Tupelo, MS, US
Bryce Morrison26LR6' 5.0"215Feb 4, 1980
Ryan Mulle--RR6' 2.0"215UnknownSan Angelo, TX, US
Cody Palmer24RR6' 1.0"190Aug 25, 1981Seattle, WA, US
Tyrone Pendergrass29SR6' 1.0"180Jul 31, 1976Hartsville, SC, US
Kip Pridgeon--Unknown
Jonathan Pusateri--LLUnknown
Jordan Ramos--RRUnknownGig Harbor, WA, US
Joe Rhomberg24RR5' 10.0"175Sep 8, 1981
Beau Richardson26LL6' 2.0"205Sep 23, 1979Maplewood, NJ, US
Alejandro Rodriguez25SR5' 11.0"155Oct 13, 1980Cumana, Sucre, VE
Orlando Rodriguez25LL5' 10.0"155Nov 28, 1980Santiago, Santiago, DO
Wilfredo Rodriguez27LL6' 3.0"180Mar 20, 1979Ciudad Bolivar, Bolivar, VE
Olmo Rosario25RR6' 0.0"185Aug 24, 1980Bajos de Haina, San Cristobal, DO
Tony Sanguinetti24RR6' 2.0"230Oct 8, 1981
J.J. Sherrill25SR5' 7.0"190Aug 11, 1980Monterey, CA, US
John Smith24RR6' 1.0"220May 27, 1982
Mike Snapp24RR6' 6.0"205Sep 25, 1981Fort Worth, TX, US
Edwin Walker22RL6' 3.0"205Oct 26, 1983San Antonio, TX, US
Corey Watts25LR5' 9.0"215Sep 7, 1980Sacramento, CA, US

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