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1949 Los Angeles Angels

1949 > Class AAA > 1949 Pacific Coast League
Overall: 74-113
Scored 835 runs, Allowed 1075 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 72-115

Affiliation: Chicago Cubs-NL
Manager: Bill Kelly
Represented: Los Angeles, CA
Ballpark: Wrigley Field (Los Angeles, CA)
Attendance: n/a
Other Years: 1948 / 1950

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Charles Abernathy*2641010210000003.
2Cliff Aberson271033683134372153174915486.230.343.460.80314401
3Red Adams2730686451110060116. for 2 teams
4Donald Alfano25195248591003131.
5Lee Anthony304758543820031020.
6Harvey Browne21222010000000.500.500.5001.000100
7Nelson Burbrink278025723920659442801418.272.318.393.7119422
8Smoky Burgess*2219454351210212124.279.311.442.7531900
9Don Carlsen22285044492003019.
10Dom Dallessandro*353914711721346082813011.291.435.547.9826400
11Joe Damato273058578161025217.281.293.404.6972300
12Slim Emmerich291166330002000.500.500.5001.000300
13Ken Gables305138350420010315. for 2 teams
14Cecil Garriott*321455964947712625510471110067.255.380.387.76719102
15Al Glossop#3411728425430547053712532.
16Gordon Goldsberry*2194365316537813063254331.247.339.345.68410915Stats for 2 teams
17Frankie Gustine294918917017506042231524.294.351.400.7516804
18Lee Handley355222620234579012401912.282.347.342.6886914Stats for 2 teams
19Alan Ihde225735343401030115.
20Randy Jackson231448446143026047.318.375.523.8982300
21Bob Kelly2136746661710030615.258.319.273.5921802
22Ed Kowalski264100000000101.000000
23Walt Lanfranconi32171413110000012.
24Red Lynn3539706341110010513. for 2 teams
25Clarence Maddern2712954049569152253148314141.307.362.455.81722522
26Eddie Malone29843102933110021064601744.341.377.474.85213900
27Carmen Mauro*22155576500801462541263106675.292.378.430.80821537
28Peter Mazar281299010000004.
29Booker McDaniels3518494651200160011.261.277.326.6031512
30Cal McLish#233059533901160518.
31Butch Moran321214474195110215184321930.243.280.341.62114327
32Rube Novotney24471591381329211701817.210.301.261.5623603
33Johnny Ostrowski31129530478921502823290145105.314.375.582.95727825
34Bobby Rhawn304115915018401101102611.267.299.360.6595412
35Ralph Rowe*24143933982001062.242.359.303.6621000
36Bill Schuster3616368261686158231868196057.256.322.336.65920706Stats for 2 teams
37Pat Seerey261341375910360412.243.317.514.8311900
38Bryan Stephens28173432251023018.156.182.375.5571201
39Bobby Sturgeon291525735264414328404113630.272.320.340.660179110Stats for 2 teams
40Wayne Terwilliger2411551243280119282846137264.275.383.405.78817535
41Gordon VanDyke22251313010000008.
42Ben Wade26311000000000.
43Don Watkins244765622810020015.
44Dick Wilson262484721323500111107.319.417.389.8062820
45Hank Wyse3151010010001002.
45 Players28.61877015626483516492922915076755655887.263.335.391.72624492175
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Red Adams2787.5333.902424132159.1173746952632001.4129. for 2 teams
2Lee Anthony30719.2695.06471861183.122013210350802031.47310.
3Harvey Browne21006.2320004.1633111001.61512.
4Don Carlsen2298.5294.73282281135.0133777174654101.5338.
5Slim Emmerich29101.0003.381100026.22817101090001.4259.
6Ken Gables3066.5005.1651300132.2144937654563051.4929. for 2 teams
7Alan Ihde2276.5385.3257200118.11179170102455031.8518.
8Bob Kelly21916.3604.66363072201.0209113104127776061.6729.
9Ed Kowalski26007.7140007.0966530002.00011.
10Walt Lanfranconi3225.2865.331762054.068513216301011.55611.
11Red Lynn351018.3574.64372872194.020310410095854051.5369. for 2 teams
12Peter Mazar*2824.3337.501240030.04022251191001.70012.
13Booker McDaniels3589.4714.21181691113.1123605359600011.6069.
14Cal McLish23811.4215.472921110156.11639695107680031.7279.
15Warren Sandel*2801.000inf11000.0201100000.00
16Bryan Stephens28311.2145.98171631102.1119686851453041.66110.
17Gordon VanDyke2201.0008.222530058.068565355433022.12110.
18Ben Wade260012.6030005.0897650002.80014.410.89.00.83
19Don Watkins24811.4214.784726100205.121412610999906111.5249.
20Hank Wyse3101.0007.33550027.03825221481001.92612.
21George Zoeterman*19004.5010002.0111010000.5004.50.04.5
21 Players26.874113.3961871871075
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Eddie Malone7934954310.9935.105
Nelson Burbrink752905768.9834.634
Rube Novotney462182668.9765.300


Butch Moran10989873896.9928.91
Gordon Goldsberry8971169971.9898.76Stats for 2 teams
Dick Wilson181673311.9839.44
Clarence Maddern1712013313.9787.82
Charles Abernathy3172021.0006.33


Wayne Terwilliger1132973291869.9725.54
Frankie Gustine441211151030.9595.36
Bobby Sturgeon337095623.9655.00Stats for 2 teams
Al Glossop17413327.9744.35
Bobby Rhawn10253525.9686.00
Joe Damato5161115.9645.40


Johnny Ostrowski841021501916.9303.00
Lee Handley52607996.9392.67Stats for 2 teams
Al Glossop38495375.9362.68
Bobby Rhawn28294136.9592.50
Randy Jackson1192311.9702.91
Frankie Gustine11310.8004.00


Bill Schuster1623094723594.9574.82Stats for 2 teams
Bobby Sturgeon1182163312761.9534.64Stats for 2 teams
Donald Alfano17214228.9693.71
Joe Damato142038611.9064.14


Clarence Maddern10724020103.9632.43
Dom Dallessandro34530001.0001.56
Carmen Mauro24341001.0001.46
Pat Seerey1120151.8081.91
Johnny Ostrowski919111.9522.22
Smoky Burgess8211001.0002.75
Cliff Aberson5110001.0002.20
Ralph Rowe210001.0000.50


Cecil Garriott134357650.9862.71
Carmen Mauro60149563.9632.57
Johnny Ostrowski330001.0001.00


Cliff Aberson90123972.9501.47
Carmen Mauro5775872.9221.46
Johnny Ostrowski3876311.9882.08
Ralph Rowe711010.9171.57
Clarence Maddern6100001.0001.67


Alan Ihde571035031.0000.79
Ken Gables5182131.9060.57Stats for 2 teams
Lee Anthony4772931.9230.77
Don Watkins47836031.0000.94
Red Lynn371042031.0001.41Stats for 2 teams
Bob Kelly3692341.8890.89
Cal McLish29103223.9551.45
Don Carlsen28123523.9591.68
Gordon VanDyke2549001.0000.52
Red Adams24172812.9781.88Stats for 2 teams
Booker McDaniels1861410.9521.11
Walt Lanfranconi1721430.8420.94
Bryan Stephens1741351.7731.00
Peter Mazar1205001.0000.42
Slim Emmerich1123001.0000.45
Hank Wyse535001.0001.60
Ed Kowalski400000.00
Ben Wade301001.0000.33
Harvey Browne201011.0000.50
Warren Sandel100000.00
George Zoeterman101001.0001.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Charles Abernathy26LR6' 3.0"190Nov 1, 1922Los Angeles, CA, US
Cliff Aberson27RR6' 0.0"200Aug 28, 1921Chicago, IL, US
Red Adams27RR6' 0.0"185Oct 7, 1921Parlier, CA, US
Donald Alfano25RR5' 8.0"160Jul 18, 1923Portland, OR, US
Lee Anthony30RR6' 3.0"205Jul 26, 1918LeRoy, KS, US
Harvey Browne21RR6' 1.0"180Apr 5, 1928Chicago, IL, US
Nelson Burbrink27RR5' 10.0"195Dec 28, 1921Cincinnati, OH, US
Smoky Burgess22LR5' 8.0"185Feb 6, 1927Caroleen, NC, US
Don Carlsen22RR6' 1.0"175Oct 15, 1926Chicago, IL, US
Dom Dallessandro35LL5' 6.0"168Oct 3, 1913Reading, PA, US
Joe Damato27RR5' 9.0"165Jan 26, 1922Chicago, IL, US
Slim Emmerich29RR6' 1.0"170Sep 29, 1919Allentown, PA, US
Ken Gables30RR5' 11.0"210Jan 31, 1919Walnut Grove, MO, US
Cecil Garriott32LR5' 8.0"165Aug 15, 1916Harristown, IL, US
Al Glossop34SR6' 0.0"170Jul 12, 1914Christopher, IL, US
Gordon Goldsberry21LL6' 0.0"170Aug 30, 1927Sacramento, CA, US
Frankie Gustine29RR6' 0.0"175Feb 20, 1920Hoopeston, IL, US
Lee Handley35RR5' 7.0"160Jul 13, 1913Clarion, IA, US
Alan Ihde22RR6' 2.0"170May 31, 1927Yankton, SD, US
Randy Jackson23RR6' 1.0"180Feb 10, 1926Little Rock, AR, US
Bob Kelly21RR6' 0.0"180Oct 4, 1927Cleveland, OH, US
Ed Kowalski26RR5' 11.0"185Dec 5, 1922Saginaw, MI, US
Walt Lanfranconi32RR5' 7.0"155Nov 9, 1916Barre, VT, US
Red Lynn35RR6' 0.0"162Dec 27, 1913Kenney, TX, US
Clarence Maddern27RR6' 1.0"185Sep 26, 1921Lowell, AZ, US
Eddie Malone29RR5' 10.0"175Jun 16, 1920Chicago, IL, US
Carmen Mauro22LR6' 0.0"167Nov 10, 1926St. Paul, MN, US
Peter Mazar28RL5' 9.0"152Feb 9, 1921Annandale, NJ, US
Booker McDaniels35RR6' 2.0"195Sep 13, 1913Blackwell, AR, US
Cal McLish23SR6' 0.0"179Dec 1, 1925Anadarko, OK, US
Butch Moran32RR5' 11.0"175May 12, 1917San Francisco, CA, US
Rube Novotney24RR6' 0.0"187Aug 5, 1924Streator, IL, US
Johnny Ostrowski31RR5' 10.0"170Oct 17, 1917Chicago, IL, US
Bobby Rhawn30RR5' 8.0"180Feb 13, 1919Catawissa, PA, US
Ralph Rowe24LR5' 6.0"160Jul 14, 1924Newberry, SC, US
Warren Sandel28LL6' 4.0"220May 16, 1921St. Louis, MO, US
Bill Schuster36RR5' 9.0"164Aug 4, 1912Buffalo, NY, US
Pat Seerey26RR5' 10.0"200Mar 17, 1923Wilburton, OK, US
Bryan Stephens28RR6' 4.0"175Jul 14, 1920Fayetteville, AR, US
Bobby Sturgeon29RR6' 0.0"175Aug 6, 1919Clinton, IN, US
Wayne Terwilliger24RR5' 11.0"165Jun 27, 1925Clare, MI, US
Gordon VanDyke22RR6' 1.0"190May 12, 1927Bloomington, IL, US
Ben Wade26RR6' 3.0"195Nov 25, 1922Morehead City, NC, US
Don Watkins24RR6' 0.0"180Sep 12, 1924Nokomis, IL, US
Dick Wilson26RR6' 1.0"185Oct 24, 1922Salina, KS, US
Hank Wyse31RR5' 11.0"185Mar 1, 1918Lunsford, AR, US
George Zoeterman19LL5' 10.0"165Jan 20, 1930Chicago, IL, US

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