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1950 Seattle Rainiers

1950 > Class AAA > 1950 Pacific Coast League
Overall: 96-104
Scored 865 runs, Allowed 942 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 92-108

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Paul Richards
Represented: Seattle, WA
Ballpark: Sick's Stadium (Seattle, WA)
Attendance: n/a
Other Years: 1949 / 1951

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Jack Albright2917758749957134303860107553.269.366.389.755194211
2Rugger Ardizoia30211000000001.
3Ralph Atkins*25348065610110611412.154.304.200.5041301
4Ernie Bickhaus27312419251000036.263.364.316.679602
5Tommy Bridges431154000000002. for 2 teams
6Hal Brown255080736193117137.260.289.370.6592704
7Mike Budnick30333000000000.
8K Chorlton2177118112242620197623.
9Mark Christman364315213315317021211211.233.306.331.6374425
10Frank Colman*3215350547758152210189732739.319.355.476.83122701
11Doc Cramer*44222000000000.
12Jim Davis#255252413800030312.
13Oran Davis*25123532351116034.156.229.344.5721100
14Tod Davis251043733444690161135142348.262.312.427.73914724
15Guy Fletcher393582682600040624.
16Lonny Frey*3912744637559100181229106531.267.381.336.71712642
17Denny Galehouse38363526230001028.
18Al Gerheauser*334655504730020017.
19Jeff Heath*355717915514389121902424.245.346.355.7015500
20Kirby Higbe35477030001003.429.429.429.857300
21Wally Judnich*3416659650591144221198438339.285.387.446.83322517
22Herb Karpel*32403230140001014. for 2 teams
23James Keating2882623321011022.
24Vern Kindsfather255067602930060324.
25Ray Lamanno30174540351001034.
26Hillis Layne*329528425028541111221249. for 2 teams
27Al Lyons311625524758313016722831867108.274.365.476.84022619
28Lee Mohr?29305348480102354.
29Marv Rackley*2810737534062100153526123026.294.351.400.75113605
30Bill Ramsey30131251224444970017201417.
31Bill Salkeld*33104323249265160103916956.205.381.349.7318723
32Charley Schanz312137310420030014.
33Freddy Schmidt34877021001002.286.286.429.714300
34Bill Schuster3713547140564103243640105039.254.339.373.712151214
35Bud Sheely*29842051721639401110288.227.348.267.6154641Stats for 2 teams
36Dick Sinovic24401281181428901111716.237.280.339.6194003
37Dewey Soriano*30755020000001.400.400.400.800200
38Edo Vanni3271413110001012.
39Sam Vico*2614351346966134272168353558.286.341.454.79521345
40Jack Warren288922519922629083612130.312.386.477.8639532
41Dewey Williams34175146591004056.
42Jim Wilson28421141051429302170417.276.303.362.6653805
43Mickey Witek34541261151230200411010.261.320.278.5983201
44Tony York379823721523476031831735.
44 Players31.020072726370865163527227143799116729851.257.336.375.711239033140
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Rugger Ardizoia3001.00022.5021004.0121010420014.00027.
2Ernie Bickhaus2736.3336.302891090.01107263453511001.72211.
3Tommy Bridges43005.25110024.018161423111631.7086. for 2 teams
4Hal Brown251313.5004.664628151222.024213711578873531.4419.
5Mike Budnick3003.0005.40330010.0986520211.4008.
6Jim Davis*25910.4744.77511652164.01931008768734751.59110.
7Guy Fletcher391112.4784.353531112217.0249115105838811511.53010.
8Denny Galehouse3867.4624.38361031109.0127535340492331.53210.
9Al Gerheauser*331010.5004.39461541164.0189958042651151.40910.
10Kirby Higbe3502.0004.95422020.022171114131011.8009.
11John Hoffman26000.0010000.1000310009.0000.
12Herb Karpel*32311.2144.284020120.0135665744523601.49210. for 2 teams
13Vern Kindsfather25129.5713.73482371193.0190948076661321.3788.
14Charley Schanz31411.2676.29211630103.0135727245430931.74811.
15Freddy Schmidt3412.3336.86810021.02918168701001.76212.
16Dewey Soriano3011.5002.40700015.013541281011.6677.
17Jim Wilson282411.6862.954138268293.025410296762284341.1267.
17 Players30.296104.480200200942
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Bill Salkeld9236450310.9934.502
Bud Sheely671772224.9902.972Stats for 2 teams
Jack Warren672362674.9743.913
Dewey Williams17631225.9744.411
Ray Lamanno16641440.9514.880


Sam Vico1371059719103.9928.25
Frank Colman5737030438.9907.02
Ralph Atkins271361829.9875.70
Wally Judnich10491031.0005.00
Mark Christman5280011.0005.60
Al Lyons110001.0001.00


Tod Davis972452771653.9705.38
Mickey Witek405886526.9663.60
Tony York408275413.9753.93
Lonny Frey315760610.9513.77
Bill Schuster21413828.9753.76
Mark Christman6171718.9715.67
Jack Albright301001.0000.33
Hillis Layne227001.0004.50Stats for 2 teams


Lonny Frey7973123721.9662.48
Bill Schuster7867114617.9682.32
Hillis Layne56438345.9692.25Stats for 2 teams
Mark Christman29274413.9862.45
Tony York17122423.9472.12
Lee Mohr1231610.9501.58
Oran Davis101015011.0002.50
Jack Albright619001.0001.67
Mickey Witek521001.0000.60
Sam Vico111001.0002.00


Jack Albright1702924333891.9504.26
Bill Schuster37455287.9242.62
Tony York27255027.9742.78
Mark Christman110001.0001.00


Al Lyons156389731.9922.54
Wally Judnich149275981.9731.91
Bill Ramsey108144320.9871.36
Marv Rackley98197970.9672.10
Frank Colman82130430.9781.63
K Chorlton5871340.9491.28
Jeff Heath4267212.9861.64
Dick Sinovic3166510.9862.29
Hillis Layne1319110.9521.54Stats for 2 teams
James Keating717110.9472.57
Lonny Frey630001.0000.50
Edo Vanni4120001.0003.00
Mark Christman110001.0001.00


Jim Davis5142941.8920.65
Vern Kindsfather4884352.9111.06
Hal Brown4695111.9841.30
Al Gerheauser4673121.9500.83
Jim Wilson41124712.9831.44
Herb Karpel40122512.9740.93Stats for 2 teams
Denny Galehouse3652011.9620.69
Guy Fletcher3573611.9771.23
Ernie Bickhaus2821440.8000.57
Charley Schanz2161610.9571.05
Tommy Bridges112510.8750.64Stats for 2 teams
Freddy Schmidt852001.0000.88
Dewey Soriano71110.6670.29
Kirby Higbe405001.0001.25
Mike Budnick323001.0001.67
Rugger Ardizoia200000.00
John Hoffman100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Jack Albright29RR5' 9.0"175Jun 30, 1921St. Petersburg, FL, US
Rugger Ardizoia30RR5' 11.0"180Nov 20, 1919Oleggio, IT
Ralph Atkins25LL6' 2.0"180Mar 30, 1925Los Angeles, CA, US
Ernie Bickhaus27RR5' 11.0"170Dec 2, 1922Quincy, IL, US
Tommy Bridges43RR5' 10.0"155Dec 28, 1906Gordonsville, TN, US
Hal Brown25RR6' 2.0"180Dec 11, 1924Greensboro, NC, US
Mike Budnick30RR6' 1.0"200Sep 15, 1919Astoria, OR, US
K Chorlton21RR6' 3.0"185Oct 26, 1928Seattle, WA, US
Mark Christman36RR5' 11.0"175Oct 21, 1913Maplewood, MO, US
Frank Colman32LL5' 11.0"186Mar 2, 1918London, ON, CA
Doc Cramer44LR6' 2.0"185Jul 22, 1905Beach Haven, NJ, US
Jim Davis25SL6' 0.0"180Sep 15, 1924Red Bluff, CA, US
Oran Davis25LR6' 0.0"185Apr 22, 1925Alice, TX, US
Tod Davis25RR6' 2.0"190Jul 24, 1924Los Angeles, CA, US
Guy Fletcher39RR6' 0.0"190Aug 23, 1910East Bend, NC, US
Lonny Frey39LR5' 10.0"160Aug 23, 1910St. Louis, MO, US
Denny Galehouse38RR6' 1.0"195Dec 7, 1911Marshallville, OH, US
Al Gerheauser33LL6' 3.0"190Jun 24, 1917St. Louis, MO, US
Jeff Heath35LR5' 11.0"200Apr 1, 1915Fort William, ON, CA
Kirby Higbe35RR5' 11.0"190Apr 8, 1915Columbia, SC, US
John Hoffman26LR6' 4.0"215Nov 30, 1923Buffalo, NY, US
Wally Judnich34LL6' 1.0"205Jan 24, 1916San Francisco, CA, US
Herb Karpel32LL5' 9.0"180Dec 27, 1917Brooklyn, NY, US
James Keating28R6' 1.0"215Nov 27, 1921San Francisco, CA, US
Vern Kindsfather25RR5' 11.0"176Dec 12, 1924Portland, OR, US
Ray Lamanno30RR6' 0.0"185Nov 17, 1919Oakland, CA, US
Hillis Layne32LR6' 0.0"170Feb 23, 1918Whitwell, TN, US
Al Lyons31RR6' 2.0"195Jul 18, 1918St. Joseph, MO, US
Lee Mohr295' 11.0"160Oct 8, 1920The Dalles, OR, US
Marv Rackley28LL5' 10.0"170Jul 25, 1921Seneca, SC, US
Bill Ramsey30RR6' 0.0"175Feb 20, 1920Osceola, AR, US
Bill Salkeld33LR5' 10.0"190Mar 8, 1917Pocatello, ID, US
Charley Schanz31RR6' 3.0"215Jun 8, 1919Anacortes, WA, US
Freddy Schmidt34RR6' 1.0"185Feb 9, 1916Hartford, CT, US
Bill Schuster37RR5' 9.0"164Aug 4, 1912Buffalo, NY, US
Bud Sheely29LR6' 1.0"200Nov 26, 1920Spokane, WA, US
Dick Sinovic24R6' 0.0"185Jul 30, 1925Portland, OR, US
Dewey Soriano30LR6' 3.0"200Feb 8, 1920Prince Rupert, BC, CA
Edo Vanni32R5' 10.0"180Apr 2, 1918Black Diamond, WA, US
Sam Vico26LR6' 4.0"200Aug 9, 1923San Fernando, CA, US
Jack Warren28R6' 0.0"194Dec 30, 1921Portland, OR, US
Dewey Williams34RR6' 0.0"160Feb 5, 1916Durham, NC, US
Jim Wilson28RR6' 1.0"200Feb 20, 1922San Diego, CA, US
Mickey Witek34RR5' 10.0"170Dec 19, 1915Luzerne, PA, US
Tony York37RR5' 10.0"165Nov 27, 1912Irene, TX, US

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