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2009 Joliet JackHammers

2009 > Class Independent > 2009 Northern League
Overall: 33-62
Scored 412 runs, Allowed 550 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 35-60

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Wally Backman and Ira Smith
Represented: Joliet, IL
Ballpark: The Miracle Field of Joliet (Joliet, IL)
Attendance: 146,258
Other Years: 2008 / 2010

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Tim Alberts22632242002261140121531338.305.352.390.7427843530
2Ryan Arcadia231644322610033137.188.357.219.576706210
3Phil Avlas26602512183658150515822724.266.346.404.7498800510
4Wally Backman*23752702462460121324722076.244.301.337.6398331120
5Mike Coles2688422369771212824412794341.328.409.447.85616568110Stats for 2 teams
6Brad Correll287733727747762421359615247.274.392.516.90814384044Stats for 2 teams
7Daniel Cox*2222565048100610416.
8Rob Dahlberg23341159982530014331219.253.336.283.6192801210
9Jimmy Davenport24824240510040008.
10Joe Gaetti27251018919277092520926.303.366.6851.0526111020
11Mike Garcia2518585351540180049.283.328.415.7432210010
12Tug Gillingham272271577130003111119.228.362.228.5901311200
13Joey Gomes29187168417211621217.250.282.353.6352431000
14Gary Harris*2920888061821073449.
15Vince Harrison2991390339541091811145934338.322.397.478.875162193052Stats for 3 teams
16Chris Herbert231120181200000024.
17K.C. Herren*23279789716302711630.
18Adam Klein*2594428360559320102632155852.258.369.319.68811555500
19Horace Lawrence*28418162110000014.
20Christian Lopez24207368616201500412.235.278.309.5872110100
21Jamie McGraw#2412333034101300111.
22Tydus Meadows3124958113194039001215.235.347.395.7423232000
23Kyle Nichols3118796571530212001412.231.367.369.7362440000
24Isaac Omura*2528102896177005111026. for 2 teams
25Andrew Pinckney*276225122433601221232332059.268.331.500.83111202320
26Kevin Rios279341437755112153539492240.297.346.393.739148108430
27Eric Scriven25341109313122115311127. for 2 teams
28Freddie Thon*2595406384401162301163211634.302.328.448.77617291143
29Johnny Washington25617143420000024.286.375.429.804600100
29 Players25.995365432384128441699653808246313603.261.330.379.7091226623741255
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Devin Anderson*2515.1674.70317600176.29246407454599063591.78710.
2Wally Backman23000.001010001.0000010100041.0000.
3Derek Barrows2824.3338.52158200156.076555316290297282691.87512.
4Chad Blackwell2634.4294.615202200480.09551418242643043591.48810.
5David Byard31006.002020003.05220000000121.66715.
6Daniel Cox220020.251010001.1333120100193.75020.26.813.56.80.50
7Ryan Gehring*2759.3574.6521180100118.0146716113244491135081.44111. for 2 teams
8Chris Herbert23000.001010001.0100000000041.0009.
9Grant Johnson2657.4176.722610500265.28554492301562013071.75111. for 2 teams
10Trenton Lee22009.006020007.015770504110412.85719.
11Brandon Mathes2201.00011.251100004.07551206000212.25015.82.24.513.53.00
12Mike Moore23006.7580300012.0141190925101571.91710. for 2 teams
13Brad Mumma*2842.6673.0777010044.04517152143323021871.3419.
14Jason Novak2327.2227.65219200062.171585310441279153021.84510.
15Luke O'Loughlin2512.33310.88131100022.13428276140182031162.14913.
16Joe Panozzo24009.001010001.0211000000052.00018.
17Ryan Paul*2433.5002.70390800046.23417142303506052101.3716.
18Brian Reith31101.0006.002010003.03220203002141.6679.
19Jason Richardson29210.1675.59301118001175.28251479311807073451.4939. for 2 teams
20Nate Sevier2933.5002.54109000060.14819173221572132471.1607.
21Drew Shetrone2431.7502.684803500653.25318162262582042381.4728.
22Rory Shortell2837.3005.2522210000123.11538372183118214055601.49211.
23Chris Tierney*25000.002000001.0000000200130.0000.
24Aaron Trolia2814.2006.1166000028.04025194140240121351.92912.
24 Players26.13362.3475.239595941616836.097755048694357236226665638151.59610.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Phil Avlas533402164.9846.815661114%
Tug Gillingham22140541.9736.59522312%
Christian Lopez201361421.9877.50310844%
Chris Herbert7250001.0003.571500%
Wally Backman260001.0003.00000


Freddie Thon9482142480.9959.18
Isaac Omura536213.9747.60Stats for 2 teams
Wally Backman4140031.0003.50
Mike Garcia100000.00
Vince Harrison181011.0009.00Stats for 3 teams


Rob Dahlberg305761614.9523.93
Wally Backman18314338.9614.11
Ryan Arcadia13323258.9284.92
Daniel Cox13193024.9613.77
Gary Harris122733311.9525.00
Eric Scriven101040061.0005.00Stats for 2 teams
Jimmy Davenport871922.9293.25
Isaac Omura8173225.9616.13Stats for 2 teams
Johnny Washington4131724.9387.50
Tim Alberts100000.00


Vince Harrison89581811521.9412.69Stats for 3 teams
Andrew Pinckney5944130179.9112.95
Brad Correll33205732.9632.33Stats for 2 teams
Wally Backman18152053.8751.94
Isaac Omura821321.8821.88Stats for 2 teams


Kevin Rios921542831062.9784.75
Daniel Cox64622.8331.67
Ryan Arcadia200000.00
Wally Backman100000.00
Vince Harrison125021.0007.00Stats for 3 teams


Brad Correll390.00Stats for 2 teams
Eric Scriven190.00Stats for 2 teams
Mike Coles170.00Stats for 2 teams
K.C. Herren130.00
Tim Alberts90.00
Jamie McGraw90.00
Gary Harris60.00
Tydus Meadows50.00
Wally Backman40.00
Horace Lawrence40.00
Phil Avlas30.00
Mike Garcia30.00
Rob Dahlberg20.00


Adam Klein940.00
Joe Gaetti10.00
Eric Scriven10.00Stats for 2 teams


Mike Coles560.00Stats for 2 teams
Tim Alberts350.00
Wally Backman300.00
Joe Gaetti180.00
K.C. Herren130.00
Brad Correll50.00Stats for 2 teams
Jamie McGraw30.00
Phil Avlas20.00
Joey Gomes20.00
Gary Harris20.00
Eric Scriven20.00Stats for 2 teams
Johnny Washington10.00


Adam Klein942241062.9752.49
Mike Coles73128221.9851.78Stats for 2 teams
Tim Alberts4450220.9631.18
Brad Correll4384930.9692.16Stats for 2 teams
Wally Backman3462130.9551.85
K.C. Herren2542030.9331.68
Eric Scriven2239130.9301.82Stats for 2 teams
Joe Gaetti1937210.9752.05
Jamie McGraw12141001.0001.25
Gary Harris816110.9442.13
Phil Avlas561001.0001.40
Tydus Meadows5111001.0002.40
Horace Lawrence45010.8331.25
Mike Garcia370001.0002.33
Rob Dahlberg200000.00
Joey Gomes200000.00
Johnny Washington120001.0002.00


Chad Blackwell52413031.0000.33
Drew Shetrone4826001.0000.17
Ryan Paul3924001.0000.15
Devin Anderson3129001.0000.35
Jason Richardson303610.9000.30Stats for 2 teams
Grant Johnson263832.7860.42Stats for 2 teams
Rory Shortell2221010.9230.55
Ryan Gehring2122112.9581.10Stats for 2 teams
Jason Novak2118001.0000.43
Derek Barrows1519011.0000.67
Luke O'Loughlin1313001.0000.31
Nate Sevier101710.8890.80
Mike Moore801001.0000.13Stats for 2 teams
Brad Mumma717021.0001.14
Trenton Lee601001.0000.17
Aaron Trolia61510.8571.00
David Byard201011.0000.50
Brian Reith210001.0000.50
Chris Tierney200000.00
Wally Backman100000.00
Daniel Cox100000.00
Chris Herbert100000.00
Brandon Mathes101001.0001.00
Joe Panozzo100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Tim Alberts22RR6' 3.0"200Sep 3, 1986
Devin Anderson25LL6' 5.0"220Jan 24, 1984Winter Garden, FL, US
Ryan Arcadia23RR5' 11.0"195Sep 5, 1985
Phil Avlas26RR5' 11.0"183Dec 17, 1982Van Nuys, CA, US
Wally Backman23LR6' 2.0"200Jan 7, 1986Beaverton, OR, US
Derek Barrows28RR6' 1.0"187Nov 20, 1980Sarasota, FL, US
Chad Blackwell26RR5' 11.0"145Jan 7, 1983Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
David Byard31RR6' 3.0"235Jun 1, 1978Cambridge, OH, US
Mike Coles26RR6' 1.0"220Sep 25, 1982Little Rock, AR, US
Brad Correll28RR6' 2.0"205Jun 17, 1981Gastonia, NC, US
Daniel Cox22LR6' 1.0"180Jul 10, 1986Seattle, WA, US
Rob Dahlberg23RR6' 0.0"205Dec 10, 1985
Jimmy Davenport24RR6' 4.0"190Jun 1, 1985Oakland, CA, US
Joe Gaetti27RR5' 11.0"205Oct 18, 1981Centralia, IL, US
Mike Garcia25RR6' 2.0"210Jun 22, 1984Nipomo, CA, US
Ryan Gehring27LL6' 4.0"205May 17, 1982Burlington, WI, US
Tug Gillingham27RR6' 1.0"210May 26, 1982
Joey Gomes29RR6' 2.0"210Nov 2, 1979Marin, CA, US
Gary Harris29LR5' 10.0"185Sep 9, 1979Dalton, GA, US
Vince Harrison29RR5' 11.0"225Nov 29, 1979Lexington, KY, US
Chris Herbert23RR6' 3.0"200Jan 31, 1986
K.C. Herren23LR6' 2.0"200Aug 21, 1985Santa Cruz, CA, US
Grant Johnson26RR6' 6.0"220May 26, 1983Kansas City, MO, US
Adam Klein25LL5' 11.0"170Aug 21, 1983Los Angeles, CA, US
Horace Lawrence28LL6' 4.0"215Jan 6, 1981Richmond, CA, US
Trenton Lee22RR6' 0.0"185Jan 26, 1987
Christian Lopez24RR6' 1.0"185Oct 10, 1984Miami, FL, US
Brandon Mathes22RR5' 10.0"160Dec 19, 1986
Jamie McGraw24SR6' 2.0"180Feb 15, 1985Gaston, OR, US
Tydus Meadows31RR6' 1.0"245Sep 5, 1977Milledgeville, GA, US
Mike Moore23RR6' 2.0"195Nov 6, 1985
Brad Mumma28LL6' 4.0"250Apr 1, 1981La Porte, IN, US
Kyle Nichols31RR6' 2.0"240Mar 29, 1978Panama City, FL, US
Jason Novak23RR6' 2.0"210Nov 1, 1985
Luke O'Loughlin25RR6' 4.0"200Dec 17, 1983
Isaac Omura25LR5' 10.0"175Jan 21, 1984Honolulu, HI, US
Joe Panozzo24RR6' 0.0"175Aug 10, 1984Blue Island, IL, US
Ryan Paul24LL6' 6.0"225Aug 10, 1984Northridge, CA, US
Andrew Pinckney27LR6' 1.0"200Apr 7, 1982Atlanta, GA, US
Brian Reith31RR6' 5.0"220Feb 28, 1978Fort Wayne, IN, US
Jason Richardson29RR6' 4.0"225Jun 11, 1980Lakeland, FL, US
Kevin Rios27RR6' 2.0"180Jul 21, 1981Santa Ana, CA, US
Eric Scriven25RR5' 11.0"185Oct 12, 1983Beaverton, OR, US
Nate Sevier29RR6' 0.0"200Sep 14, 1979Monterey, CA, US
Drew Shetrone24RR6' 2.0"185Sep 18, 1984Apopka, FL, US
Rory Shortell28RR6' 3.0"205Jun 3, 1981Portland, OR, US
Freddie Thon25LL6' 2.0"215Apr 9, 1984Hato Rey, PR
Chris Tierney25LL6' 6.0"230Sep 1, 1983Joliet, IL, US
Aaron Trolia28RR6' 2.0"210May 10, 1981Seattle, WA, US
Johnny Washington25RR5' 11.0"165May 6, 1984Long Beach, CA, US

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