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2001 Buffalo Bisons

2001 > Class AAA > 2001 International League (North)
Overall: 91-51
Scored 697 runs, Allowed 569 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 84-58

Affiliation: Cleveland Indians-AL
Manager: Eric Wedge
Represented: Buffalo, NY
Ballpark: n/a
Attendance: n/a
Other Years: 2000 / 2002

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Alex Andreopoulos*283711810214225039101316.216.310.353.6633631200
2Josh Bard#231440000000001.
3Milton Bradley#236530025039661027282334261.264.373.404.77710132515Stats for 2 teams
4Mark Budzinski*271224864386911226423913428125.256.308.347.65515247942
5Trace Coquillette27833062634054114932123267.205.303.380.68310036231Stats for 2 teams
6Chris Coste28752952713178162750011550.288.330.439.769119114141
7Mike Edwards2431091200010013.222.300.222.522210000
8Corey Erickson243661000000003.
9Travis Fryman328332791310281056.481.545.7411.2862000010
10Karim Garcia*251255144627312216431854444106.264.326.517.84323991166
11Jim Goelz254440100000002.
12Eric Gunderson3558100000000000000100Stats for 2 teams
13Jon Hamilton*232540000000011.
14Chris Hammond*3549440000000002. for 2 teams
15Jason Hardtke#299637933652872131039223443.259.336.429.76514425401Stats for 2 teams
16Dave Hollins#358937031650862521667004579.272.373.516.88916377028
17Tim Laker318635432045791302057212853.247.314.475.789152104022
18Greg LaRocca286123721639671211237211235.310.362.542.90311746210
19Mark Lewis31482081842255101429011826.299.372.429.8017994112
20Richie Lewis352618162300010005. for 2 teams
21John McDonald261164644105210017123317103372.244.305.305.610125116960
22Sean McNally28512061782440101829012471.225.320.427.7477632021
23Tony Medrano26121541466681352817522175440.290.367.399.766186126961
24Ralph Milliard27517152410010022.267.353.333.686500000
25Danny Peoples26106435370628220117480356133.222.324.419.74315543061
26Dave Roberts*296227224134731240221761844.303.352.386.7389322830
27Kevin Sefcik30702572333046102524431820.197.260.322.5827592311
28Chris Snusz281110000000000.
29Zach Sorensen#242772200010000.
30Ed Taubensee*32728265710270026.269.321.538.8601410000
30 Players28.0142535947306971225238301496509247471979.259.331.416.747197010561504727
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Mike Bacsik*23125.7063.2621200200121.1115474413250813005011.1548.
2Danys Baez23201.0003.20160800325.11899290300101001.0666.
3Willie Blair3543.5712.751110110072.0723022370503212991.0979.
4Tim Byrdak*27201.0004.6743000017.11810915017101751.3279.
5Dave Darwin*2701.0003.0643000017.22012618013400821.58510.
6Zach Day2332.6006.3476000032.2412423290192031421.53111. for 2 teams
7Sean DePaula27101.0001.046040018.22110406000320.6922.
8Marc Deschenes2822.5006.37220600029.23823214231292121492.05611.
9Ryan Drese2551.8334.011110000060.26028277170526112551.2698.
10Tim Drew2286.5713.9218180110108.0115544713271758164671.3159.
11Eric Gunderson*3524.3332.975801800775.27233256241633033161.2698. for 2 teams
12Chris Hammond*35104.7142.95494700182.18531275241832013451.3249. for 2 teams
13Dave Hooten26101.0001.801100005.05111102000201.2009.
14Richie Lewis3594.6923.5524211001121.2102544811602776075161.3327. for 2 teams
15Charles Nagy3451.8332.5666000038.2401211090181001611.2679.
16Jason Phillips2722.5003.3486110035.0271513380252001381.0006.
17Scott Radinsky*3301.0004.11160500115.113770107010560.9137.
18Chris Reinike24009.001000001.0011030100263.0000.
19David Riske2412.3332.3638026001553.14516142170722102171.1627.60.32.912.24.24
20Nerio Rodriguez3023.4005.82125200138.24326255151213011711.50010. for 2 teams
21Dan Smith2564.6004.5021163100106.0110585317440689024581.4539.
22Roy Smith2505.0002.1948031001874.05925182294868033071.1897.20.23.510.52.97
23Paul Spoljaric*3001.00017.364020004.2111191403101313.21421.
24Jason Stanford*24101.0000.001101109.030000010000290.3333.
25Martin Vargas2303.0002.932201200427.2201191171222081201.3376.
26Dario Veras2851.8334.574802300667.069353410211695102891.3439.
27Jamie Walker*2972.7783.87388500293.0104444012271517244061.40910.
28Mark Watson*2701.00013.503000004.09761313000253.00020.
29Jake Westbrook2381.8893.201212000064.26027232230458202731.2848.
30Steve Woodard2642.6672.3966010037.2361110211321011510.9828.
31Jaret Wright2531.7504.7177000028.22518153130283011241.3267.
31 Players28.09151.6413.59142142134811531253.212125695001143951498883133853151.2828.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Tim Laker805494166.9907.384622125%
Alex Andreopoulos341911121.9905.9411616%
Chris Coste322571732.9898.561221133%
Ed Taubensee523110.9604.800200%
Chris Snusz130001.0003.00000


Danny Peoples8771350982.9888.77
Chris Coste1916214120.9949.26
Dave Hollins161349315.9798.94
Sean McNally10751019.9888.50
Karim Garcia632024.9415.33
Mike Edwards3284031.00010.67
Tim Laker3321021.00011.00
Jason Hardtke120001.0002.00Stats for 2 teams


Tony Medrano48105135441.9845.00
Kevin Sefcik4579130433.9814.64
Jason Hardtke4174113520.9744.56Stats for 2 teams
Trace Coquillette234053417.9594.04Stats for 2 teams
Mark Lewis9151624.9393.44
Ralph Milliard571423.9134.20
Jim Goelz22320.7142.50
John McDonald26812.9337.00
Zach Sorensen234011.0003.50
Corey Erickson143001.0007.00
Greg LaRocca112011.0003.00


Greg LaRocca492410368.9552.59
Mark Lewis332844102.8782.18
Sean McNally33246146.9552.58
Tony Medrano17734011.0002.41
Jason Hardtke151626011.0002.80Stats for 2 teams
Travis Fryman7711011.0002.57
Trace Coquillette43613.9002.25Stats for 2 teams
Corey Erickson202001.0001.00
John McDonald210001.0000.50
Kevin Sefcik22510.8753.50
Chris Coste111011.0002.00
Dave Hollins113001.0004.00


John McDonald1111703282281.9584.49
Tony Medrano264065219.9814.04
Greg LaRocca81628071.0005.50
Jim Goelz100000.00


Trace Coquillette410.00Stats for 2 teams
Dave Roberts320.00
Mark Budzinski220.00
Tony Medrano220.00
Jason Hardtke190.00Stats for 2 teams
Karim Garcia120.00
Danny Peoples100.00
Kevin Sefcik100.00


Mark Budzinski840.00
Milton Bradley630.00Stats for 2 teams
Dave Roberts240.00
Tony Medrano70.00
Trace Coquillette10.00Stats for 2 teams
Kevin Sefcik10.00


Karim Garcia1010.00
Mark Budzinski170.00
Chris Coste120.00
Tony Medrano90.00
Jason Hardtke50.00Stats for 2 teams
Kevin Sefcik50.00
Trace Coquillette40.00Stats for 2 teams
Dave Hollins20.00
Jon Hamilton10.00


Mark Budzinski12125311031.0002.18
Karim Garcia1122081151.9781.96
Milton Bradley63137732.9802.29Stats for 2 teams
Dave Roberts56132130.9782.38
Trace Coquillette4677411.9881.76Stats for 2 teams
Tony Medrano3772110.9861.97
Jason Hardtke24362001.0001.58Stats for 2 teams
Kevin Sefcik16270001.0001.69
Chris Coste12261001.0002.25
Danny Peoples10141001.0001.50
Dave Hollins210001.0000.50
Jon Hamilton130001.0003.00


Eric Gunderson5881313.9550.36Stats for 2 teams
Chris Hammond4961321.9050.39Stats for 2 teams
Roy Smith4881221.9090.42
Dario Veras4886021.0000.29
David Riske3815011.0000.16
Jamie Walker384812.9230.32
Richie Lewis2481410.9570.92Stats for 2 teams
Marc Deschenes2231001.0000.18
Martin Vargas2212001.0000.14
Mike Bacsik2151220.8950.81
Dan Smith2110811.9470.86
Tim Drew1831111.9330.78
Danys Baez1632011.0000.31
Scott Radinsky1611001.0000.13
Nerio Rodriguez1222001.0000.33Stats for 2 teams
Jake Westbrook1251111.9411.33
Willie Blair115311.8890.73
Ryan Drese1151111.9411.45
Jason Phillips826001.0001.00
Zach Day706001.0000.86Stats for 2 teams
Jaret Wright723001.0000.71
Sean DePaula610001.0000.17
Charles Nagy618001.0001.50
Steve Woodard696021.0002.50
Tim Byrdak401001.0000.25
Dave Darwin401001.0000.25
Paul Spoljaric40010.0000.00
Mark Watson300000.00
Dave Hooten100000.00
Chris Reinike100000.00
Jason Stanford101001.0001.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Alex Andreopoulos28LR5' 10.0"190Aug 19, 1972Toronto, ON, CA
Mike Bacsik23LL6' 2.0"225Nov 11, 1977Dallas, TX, US
Danys Baez23RR6' 3.0"225Sep 10, 1977Pinar del Rio, Pinar del Rio, CU
Josh Bard23SR6' 3.0"225Mar 30, 1978Ithaca, NY, US
Willie Blair35RR6' 1.0"185Dec 18, 1965Paintsville, KY, US
Milton Bradley23SR6' 0.0"215Apr 15, 1978Harbor City, CA, US
Mark Budzinski27LL6' 2.0"180Aug 26, 1973Baltimore, MD, US
Tim Byrdak27LL5' 11.0"190Oct 31, 1973Oak Lawn, IL, US
Trace Coquillette27RR6' 0.0"165Jun 4, 1974Carmichael, CA, US
Chris Coste28RR6' 1.0"200Feb 4, 1973Fargo, ND, US
Dave Darwin27LL6' 0.0"185Dec 19, 1973Charlotte, NC, US
Zach Day23RR6' 4.0"185Jun 15, 1978Cincinnati, OH, US
Sean DePaula27RR6' 4.0"215Nov 7, 1973Newton, MA, US
Marc Deschenes28RR6' 2.0"175Jan 6, 1973Lowell, MA, US
Ryan Drese25RR6' 3.0"245Apr 5, 1976San Francisco, CA, US
Tim Drew22RR6' 1.0"195Aug 31, 1978Valdosta, GA, US
Mike Edwards24RR6' 1.0"180Nov 24, 1976Goshen, NY, US
Corey Erickson24RR5' 11.0"190Jan 10, 1977Springfield, IL, US
Travis Fryman32RR6' 1.0"180Mar 25, 1969Lexington, KY, US
Karim Garcia25LL6' 0.0"210Oct 29, 1975Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, MX
Jim Goelz25RR5' 10.0"170Feb 13, 1976Smithtown, NY, US
Eric Gunderson35RL6' 0.0"175Mar 29, 1966Portland, OR, US
Jon Hamilton23LL6' 1.0"195Oct 23, 1977Walnut Creek, CA, US
Chris Hammond35LL6' 1.0"190Jan 21, 1966Atlanta, GA, US
Jason Hardtke29SR5' 10.0"175Sep 15, 1971Milwaukee, WI, US
Dave Hollins35SR6' 1.0"195May 25, 1966Buffalo, NY, US
Dave Hooten26RR6' 0.0"185May 8, 1975Fort Smith, AR, US
Tim Laker31RR6' 2.0"185Nov 27, 1969Encino, CA, US
Greg LaRocca28RR5' 11.0"185Nov 10, 1972Oswego, NY, US
Mark Lewis31RR6' 1.0"190Nov 30, 1969Hamilton, OH, US
Richie Lewis35RR5' 6.0"175Jan 25, 1966Muncie, IN, US
John McDonald26RR5' 9.0"185Sep 24, 1974New London, CT, US
Sean McNally28RR6' 4.0"210Dec 14, 1972Bronxville, NY, US
Tony Medrano26RR5' 10.0"170Dec 8, 1974Bellflower, CA, US
Ralph Milliard27RR5' 11.0"170Dec 30, 1973Willemstad, CW
Charles Nagy34LR6' 3.0"200May 5, 1967Bridgeport, CT, US
Danny Peoples26RR6' 1.0"225Jan 20, 1975Round Rock, TX, US
Jason Phillips27RR6' 6.0"225Mar 22, 1974Williamsport, PA, US
Scott Radinsky33LL6' 3.0"190Mar 3, 1968Glendale, CA, US
Chris Reinike24RR6' 0.0"190Nov 16, 1976Gulfport, MS, US
David Riske24RR6' 2.0"175Oct 23, 1976Renton, WA, US
Dave Roberts29LL5' 10.0"172May 31, 1972Naha, Okinawa, JP
Nerio Rodriguez30RR6' 1.0"220Mar 4, 1971San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO
Kevin Sefcik30RR5' 11.0"175Feb 10, 1971Tinley Park, IL, US
Dan Smith25RR6' 3.0"210Sep 15, 1975Flemington, NJ, US
Roy Smith25RR6' 6.0"235May 18, 1976St. Petersburg, FL, US
Chris Snusz28RR6' 0.0"210Nov 8, 1972Buffalo, NY, US
Zach Sorensen24SR6' 0.0"190Jan 3, 1977Salt Lake City, UT, US
Paul Spoljaric30RL6' 3.0"205Sep 24, 1970Kelowna, BC, CA
Jason Stanford24LL6' 2.0"200Jan 23, 1977Tucson, AZ, US
Ed Taubensee32LR6' 4.0"205Oct 31, 1968Beeville, TX, US
Martin Vargas23RR6' 0.0"155Feb 22, 1978San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO
Dario Veras28RR6' 2.0"165Mar 13, 1973Santiago, Santiago, DO
Jamie Walker29LL6' 2.0"190Jul 1, 1971McMinnville, TN, US
Mark Watson27RL6' 4.0"215Jan 23, 1974Atlanta, GA, US
Jake Westbrook23RR6' 3.0"210Sep 29, 1977Athens, GA, US
Steve Woodard26LR6' 4.0"225May 15, 1975Hartselle, AL, US
Jaret Wright25RR6' 2.0"220Dec 29, 1975Anaheim, CA, US

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