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2005 Mid-Missouri Mavericks

2005 > Class Independent > 2005 Frontier League (West)
Overall: 31-63
Scored 512 runs, Allowed 697 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 34-60

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Jim Gentile
Represented: Columbia, MO
Ballpark: Taylor Stadium (Columbia, MO)
Attendance: 46,617
Other Years: 2004

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Eli Albertson26532342064266140828212337.320.393.505.89810493020
2Wayne Astrauskas23291119810297152210818.296.364.541.9045313111
3Brandon Averill23582251903050130727011947.263.367.442.80984312400Stats for 2 teams
4Elio Ayala2640146120294190116811417.342.433.442.8745326510
5Brian Baker27662672333254100629302472.232.312.352.6648275142Stats for 4 teams
6Bub Bergstrom*241027232400011038.
7Jesse Bogan242052452810030048.
8Thomas Bowker244912010616226011010938.
9Greg Buscher22692702522264161639001363.254.294.397.69110052120
10Alex Derhak24652592393770161434101027.293.318.418.73610061450Stats for 2 teams
11Cooper Eddy2336220000000001.
12Ashley Farr*23722532322468141138051834.293.344.375.7198771021Stats for 2 teams
13Dustin Hillman#24874053476095150748754737.274.358.378.73513171551
14Ryan Kottke22520161300020004.
15Brent Metheny*24944133517411828112771565159.336.427.524.95118487131
16Bryce Morrison*25278976131750413001123.224.318.447.7663410110Stats for 2 teams
17Matt Oakes2536139125123380121101016.264.321.352.6734481210
18Donnie Poles#222710385122360111241532.271.398.376.7753213001Stats for 2 teams
19Nick Renault2528551000000001.
20Nick Saunders#26763242914171141934212457.244.310.392.70111465132Stats for 2 teams
21Thomari Story-Harden2591388293781042201875546570.355.500.6141.1141801525056Stats for 2 teams
22Josh Wettlaufer*247532928951829211814102146.284.351.339.69098110720Stats for 2 teams
23Brett Winn2457221198225160423101559.258.330.348.6796967010
24John Wright263514513519356121630832.259.303.363.6664951010Stats for 2 teams
25Dustin Young2469265230265370314111727.230.301.300.60169117920
25 Players24.394371632315128981717774575728333621.278.356.407.76313148778423210
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Ryan Bensch*--0012.714000005.214880206203322.82422.
2Adam Clay22101.0007.36101400014.224191221407402852.59114.
3Damien Dantibo1923.4006.1777000035.03926242220373111671.74310.
4Peter Eberhardt2301.0005.8792100123.02420155180170001111.8269.
5Cooper Eddy2335.3755.063602700853.16339301284462022511.70610.
6Jason Elkins2533.5004.1028025001037.13217172212319011611.4207. for 2 teams
7Jessee Ellison2612.3337.0644010021.22919172160114041112.07712.
8Philip Ellison2303.00010.09181900130.14139345182215121541.94512.
9Chad Giannetti2401.0007.4391400023.03024194111263091121.78311.71.64.310.22.36
10John-Paul Glascock250011.253020004.09552204000232.75020.
11Kris Gross2401.0009.535040005.214660205001322.82422.
12Quentin Jones2601.00027.001010001.0433111000075.00036.
13Joshua Kerschen2303.0004.71134100142.04831224202185221951.61910.
14Nate Kuhns2302.00013.2293300016.1292524412012303902.51016. for 2 teams
15David Marchbanks*2302.00013.5043100011.117171751007103612.38213.
16Rick McKernan2403.00011.12170400022.23131283280253171272.60312.
17Franklin Mendible2501.00021.603110003.17881401300223.30018.92.710.82.70.25
18Brent Metheny24000.001010002.02000100000101.5009.
19Bryce Morrison25000.001010001.0220010000063.00018. for 2 teams
20Travis New*2311.5005.5252200014.21513935013011681.3649.
21Steve Nielsen23101.0008.6680200017.231191719010101952.26415.
22David Nieto250018.904030003.15771103211191.80013.
23Tony O'Donnell*2604.00011.2555000020.0323125380182001062.00014. for 2 teams
24Matt Oakes25005.403010006.212540406200392.40016.
25Ezequiel Perez2313.2508.20192300037.16341348150246131912.08915.
26Nick Renault2597.5633.8526194400138.015570591063214512396171.58010.
27Augustine Rodriguez*2629.1824.142311320078.162453610340485033251.2267.
28Mike Schaefer2511.5006.7533000014.217141144010411721.43210.
29Danny Shuck2333.5007.6898010043.16042377180235052091.80012.
30Eli Sledge21101.0004.2272100021.12417101190200101062.01610.
31Brett Smith2202.0006.89115300032.2392825617091031531.71410. for 2 teams
32Steve Soja2558.3853.482214320095.210668376262589154281.38010.
33Matt Williams?--0040.502000002.07990302202185.00031.
33 Players23.83163.3306.2594948410011815.01021697566954241461389147039121.77311.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Alex Derhak513243180.9786.9619481928%Stats for 2 teams
Matt Oakes231411410.9946.7459640%
Jesse Bogan19931010.9905.4273039%
Wayne Astrauskas1182520.9787.91513424%
Brent Metheny742430.9396.57411427%
Ryan Kottke536531.9328.2028220%


Thomari Story-Harden77662251365.9818.92Stats for 2 teams
Wayne Astrauskas1613012416.9738.88
Brian Baker870534.9629.38Stats for 4 teams
Alex Derhak846118.9795.88Stats for 2 teams
Brent Metheny851317.9826.75
Matt Oakes323112.9608.00
Brett Winn260011.0003.00
Brandon Averill121001.0003.00Stats for 2 teams


Dustin Hillman851832471658.9645.06
Ashley Farr16163214.9803.00Stats for 2 teams
Elio Ayala68923.8952.83
Thomas Bowker5101441.8574.80
Brent Metheny132011.0005.00
Nick Renault101001.0001.00


Brandon Averill573599147.9052.35Stats for 2 teams
Brent Metheny51451021514.9072.88
Greg Buscher382572116.8982.55
Nick Saunders332355102.8862.36Stats for 2 teams
Thomas Bowker941242.8001.78
John Wright951030.8331.67Stats for 2 teams
Alex Derhak212011.0001.50Stats for 2 teams
Elio Ayala101001.0001.00


Dustin Young691192042148.9394.68
Elio Ayala12161262.8242.33
Thomas Bowker12193956.9214.83
Ashley Farr12192225.9533.42Stats for 2 teams


Brian Baker450.00Stats for 4 teams
Brent Metheny300.00
Elio Ayala150.00
Eli Albertson140.00
Thomas Bowker60.00
John Wright50.00Stats for 2 teams
Donnie Poles40.00Stats for 2 teams
Ashley Farr20.00Stats for 2 teams
Bryce Morrison20.00Stats for 2 teams
Bub Bergstrom10.00
Josh Wettlaufer10.00Stats for 2 teams


Josh Wettlaufer680.00Stats for 2 teams
John Wright130.00Stats for 2 teams
Bub Bergstrom80.00
Eli Albertson60.00
Elio Ayala50.00
Brian Baker10.00Stats for 4 teams


Brett Winn380.00
Eli Albertson360.00
Bryce Morrison120.00Stats for 2 teams
John Wright100.00Stats for 2 teams
Donnie Poles80.00Stats for 2 teams
Thomas Bowker70.00
Brian Baker40.00Stats for 4 teams
Ashley Farr30.00Stats for 2 teams
Josh Wettlaufer20.00Stats for 2 teams
Nick Saunders10.00Stats for 2 teams


Josh Wettlaufer71170450.9722.45Stats for 2 teams
Eli Albertson5169311.9861.41
Brian Baker5072260.9251.48Stats for 4 teams
Brett Winn3855220.9661.50
Brent Metheny3038440.9131.40
John Wright2641131.9331.62Stats for 2 teams
Elio Ayala1930020.9381.58
Bryce Morrison1415010.9381.07Stats for 2 teams
Thomas Bowker13170001.0001.31
Donnie Poles1223020.9201.92Stats for 2 teams
Bub Bergstrom9101001.0001.22
Ashley Farr5120001.0002.40Stats for 2 teams
Nick Saunders110001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams


Cooper Eddy36112001.0000.36
Jason Elkins2838001.0000.39Stats for 2 teams
Nick Renault26102311.9711.27
Augustine Rodriguez23814001.0000.96
Steve Soja22424021.0001.27
Ezequiel Perez1925001.0000.37
Philip Ellison1806011.0000.33
Rick McKernan1710001.0000.06
Joshua Kerschen1314001.0000.38
Brett Smith1117011.0000.73Stats for 2 teams
Adam Clay1001001.0000.10
Peter Eberhardt903001.0000.33
Chad Giannetti90210.6670.22
Nate Kuhns910001.0000.11Stats for 2 teams
Danny Shuck91720.8000.89
Steve Nielsen802001.0000.25
Damien Dantibo712001.0000.43
Eli Sledge711001.0000.29
Kris Gross501001.0000.20
Travis New503001.0000.60
Tony O'Donnell50410.8000.80Stats for 2 teams
Ryan Bensch401001.0000.25
Jessee Ellison412001.0000.75
David Marchbanks40410.8001.00
David Nieto41010.5000.25
John-Paul Glascock301001.0000.33
Franklin Mendible300000.00
Matt Oakes302001.0000.67
Mike Schaefer301001.0000.33
Matt Williams210001.0000.50
Quentin Jones100000.00
Brent Metheny101001.0001.00
Bryce Morrison100000.00Stats for 2 teams

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Eli Albertson26RR5' 10.0"175Aug 30, 1978Canoga Park, CA, US
Wayne Astrauskas23RR6' 0.0"200Aug 9, 1981Collinsville, IL, US
Brandon Averill23RR6' 4.0"215Oct 18, 1981
Elio Ayala26RR5' 9.0"160Nov 7, 1978Naguabo, PR
Brian Baker27RR6' 3.0"200Mar 31, 1978Union City, TN, US
Ryan Bensch--LLUnknownKS, US
Bub Bergstrom24LL5' 9.0"180Jul 28, 1980Seattle, WA, US
Jesse Bogan24RR6' 2.0"210Mar 24, 1981
Thomas Bowker24RR5' 10.0"185Jun 25, 1981
Greg Buscher22RR6' 0.0"200Oct 26, 1982Jacksonville, FL, US
Adam Clay22RR6' 1.0"200Dec 5, 1982Kansas City, MO, US
Damien Dantibo19RR5' 11.0"195Dec 21, 1985
Alex Derhak24RR6' 0.0"200Feb 27, 1981Elmira, NY, US
Peter Eberhardt23RR6' 3.0"215Oct 30, 1981Beverly Hills, CA, US
Cooper Eddy23RR6' 1.0"205Apr 14, 1982Des Moines, IA, US
Jason Elkins25RR5' 11.0"160Nov 27, 1979
Jessee Ellison26RR5' 10.0"180Oct 8, 1978
Philip Ellison23RR6' 6.0"250Dec 28, 1981Gadsden, AL, US
Ashley Farr23LR5' 10.0"190Sep 15, 1981
Chad Giannetti24RR6' 3.0"205Aug 5, 1980Haleiwa, HI, US
John-Paul Glascock25RR6' 7.0"235Jan 25, 1980Annapolis, MD, US
Kris Gross24RR6' 2.0"185Dec 28, 1980Hays, KS, US
Dustin Hillman24SR6' 0.0"185Sep 4, 1980Taylorsville, MS, US
Quentin Jones26RR6' 4.0"217Apr 14, 1979Danville, VA, US
Joshua Kerschen23RR6' 4.0"180Nov 21, 1981Wichita, KS, US
Ryan Kottke22RR6' 0.0"209Sep 18, 1982
Nate Kuhns23RR6' 0.0"205May 9, 1982
David Marchbanks23LL6' 3.0"205Feb 3, 1982Spartanburg, SC, US
Rick McKernan24RR6' 2.0"225Dec 28, 1980Columbia, MD, US
Franklin Mendible25RR6' 3.0"160Aug 4, 1979Valencia, Carabobo, VE
Brent Metheny24LR6' 0.0"205Oct 3, 1980Winchester, VA, US
Bryce Morrison25LR6' 5.0"215Feb 4, 1980
Travis New23LL6' 1.0"220Mar 10, 1982
Steve Nielsen23RR6' 6.0"190Feb 3, 1982
David Nieto25RR6' 3.0"200Dec 20, 1979
Tony O'Donnell26LL6' 4.0"200Feb 21, 1979Cincinnati, OH, US
Matt Oakes25RR5' 11.0"180Aug 30, 1979Oklahoma City, OK, US
Ezequiel Perez23RR6' 1.0"185Sep 10, 1981Santurce, PR
Donnie Poles22SR6' 2.0"200Nov 17, 1982San Jose, CA, US
Nick Renault25RR5' 11.0"185Nov 26, 1979
Augustine Rodriguez26LL5' 9.0"190Apr 25, 1979
Nick Saunders26SR5' 10.0"215Feb 9, 1979Muskogee, OK, US
Mike Schaefer25RR6' 3.0"225Apr 9, 1980
Danny Shuck23RR5' 10.0"175Aug 22, 1981
Eli Sledge21RR6' 0.0"200Jul 26, 1983
Brett Smith22RR6' 2.0"220Mar 13, 1983Cincinnati, OH, US
Steve Soja25RR6' 1.0"200Jan 22, 1980
Thomari Story-Harden25RR6' 5.0"204Apr 6, 1980Berkeley, CA, US
Josh Wettlaufer24LR5' 8.0"165May 21, 1981St. Louis Park, MN, US
Matt Williams--6' 1.0"UnknownLancaster, SC, US
Brett Winn24RR6' 2.0"210Aug 28, 1980
John Wright26RR6' 1.0"200Feb 14, 1979
Dustin Young24RR5' 11.0"175Aug 10, 1980Albuquerque, NM, US

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