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2007 DSL Athletics 2

2007 > Class Foreign Rookie > 2007 Dominican Summer League (Santo Domingo North)
Overall: 9-54
Scored 230 runs, Allowed 442 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 15-48

Affiliation: Oakland Athletics-AL-working agrmnt
Manager: n/a
Represented: DO
Ballpark: n/a
Attendance: n/a
Other Years: 2006 / 2008

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Jose Almanzar2019464341020080027. for 2 teams
2Graviel Andres195116112012191009782719.158.350.167.5172049412
3Yeudy Brazoban184415614411292011151927.
4Alexander Castillo*1949170151133452014341446.225.300.285.5854303020
5Abraham De Leon18481871582545800161061829.285.380.335.7165347310
6Earving Fernandez*1945152129164180014641619.318.408.380.7884965021Stats for 2 teams
7Elvis Garcia1727796415202001160128.313.418.344.7612211020Stats for 2 teams
8Martire Garcia20501831632742521161031531.258.335.331.6665444100Stats for 2 teams
9Franklin Hernandez20526222610021034.273.346.318.664700011
10Diomedes Lopez18381139511185028111730.189.310.305.6152910011
11Alcibiades Made1843175147234562227722331.306.417.415.8326145001Stats for 2 teams
12Richard Maduro2154187164323421091151633. for 2 teams
13Juan Martinez18451231101825600544924.
14Kelvin Mateo171233270400030053. for 2 teams
15Francis Mota185015212716250009412134.197.322.197.5192523010
16Carlos Pena18246254513100811712.241.328.259.5871410100Stats for 2 teams
17Carmelo Penaloza2048169153184881123231023.314.373.399.7716175010Stats for 2 teams
18Jose Rodriguez182977582112009001817.190.382.224.6061310100
19Kelvin Rojas1753182159163231213531742.
20Wilfredo Sosa1856217182244810011810112741.264.375.335.7106136111
21Lino Torres17371261057153107841522.
22Franklin Toussaint17391179916222006541218.222.336.242.5792425100Stats for 2 teams
22 Players18.5642343200623046469681788256250430.231.329.284.613569465218177
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Denny Abreu2012.3331.47142300030.222950250232171361.5336.
2Joselito Adames1814.2005.111512100037.04228213380443041892.16210.
3Mauricio Brujan1701.0004.56120300025.2291813217073031251.79210. for 2 teams
4Ailin Diaz1901.00024.759120008.017252211308307573.75019.
5Victor Diaz1715.1677.85192500028.229322504002461111552.4079.
6Joanel Francisco*1802.0009.00152400020.017202013021510111062.3507.60.413.56.80.50
7Hector Garcia21008.442000005.14550605112281.8756.
8Johan German1802.0007.58111300019.014181602309506981.9476.
9Juan German17008.445010005.12550804102261.8753.
10Luis Jose1912.3332.83152400128.2201490161166141281.2566.
11Alexis Juma19007.8290400012.2121311112010304661.8958. for 2 teams
12Pedro Lezan1901.00011.05102200014.221221802306014873.00012.
13Jorge Medina*1702.0009.456040006.28771316101301.65010.
14David Mota2012.3337.11130400019.020191502301920101032.2639. for 2 teams
15Francis Mota18009.001010001.0211000100052.00018.
16Jorge Pena1813.2505.54153600126.01719162262272171241.6545.
17Carmelo Penaloza20003.862020012.14210103000122.14315.40.03.911.63.00Stats for 2 teams
18Eiffer Peralta1901.0005.682200006.17640302101311.5799.
19Jose Rey1702.0006.08111300023.22618162101322031081.5219.90.83.812.23.20Stats for 2 teams
20Luis Reyes1913.2506.91123200027.13629212190243011362.01211.
21David Samuel20101.0004.70141500123.01913122170147051121.5657. for 2 teams
22Jose Sanchez1701.00012.27111200011.0172015114111612732.81813.90.811.59.00.79Stats for 2 teams
23Jose Suero1914.2007.58194600038.05235321220171111851.94712.
24Carlos Vargas1804.0004.9493200027.1291815181170121191.3549.
25Leonardo Veliz1807.0005.831515000058.266473802904014082831.61910.
26Pedro Vidal1915.1672.511613100075.16832212192461143151.1558. for 2 teams
26 Players18.4954.1436.01646463003522.1538442349204129403711010325701.8199.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Martire Garcia422284062.9786.385473543%Stats for 2 teams
Carmelo Penaloza291681751.9746.385341226%Stats for 2 teams
Diomedes Lopez211071310.9925.715291026%
Jose Rodriguez18601250.9354.00329924%
Jose Almanzar1558921.9714.47015629%Stats for 2 teams
Kelvin Mateo10331210.9784.5019640%Stats for 2 teams


Alexander Castillo4433418719.9818.00
Diomedes Lopez13991091.0007.69
Earving Fernandez7412041.0006.14Stats for 2 teams
Franklin Toussaint7441041.0006.43Stats for 2 teams
Carmelo Penaloza658126.9679.83Stats for 2 teams
Jose Rodriguez524313.9645.40
Yeudy Brazoban310111.9173.67
Martire Garcia2130011.0006.50Stats for 2 teams
Francis Mota2200011.00010.00
Jose Almanzar110001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams


Lino Torres3464751317.9144.09
Carlos Pena19223215.9822.84Stats for 2 teams
Earving Fernandez16182815.9792.88Stats for 2 teams
Graviel Andres152024031.0002.93
Alcibiades Made9221936.9324.56Stats for 2 teams
Franklin Toussaint81614031.0003.75Stats for 2 teams
Elvis Garcia120001.0002.00Stats for 2 teams


Francis Mota4931116189.8913.00
Graviel Andres261439111.8282.04
Earving Fernandez71920.8331.43Stats for 2 teams
Alcibiades Made32310.8331.67Stats for 2 teams
Wilfredo Sosa234001.0003.50
Franklin Toussaint20050.0000.00Stats for 2 teams
Jose Almanzar100000.00Stats for 2 teams


Wilfredo Sosa54611512321.9023.93
Graviel Andres152340127.8404.20
Lino Torres258001.0006.50
Alcibiades Made12410.8576.00Stats for 2 teams


Yeudy Brazoban2730150.8611.15
Elvis Garcia1919010.9501.00Stats for 2 teams
Kelvin Rojas1920020.9091.05
Juan Martinez16152001.0001.06
Franklin Hernandez58020.8001.60
Richard Maduro330001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams
Earving Fernandez110001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams


Richard Maduro4486740.9592.11Stats for 2 teams
Kelvin Rojas2235050.8751.59
Abraham De Leon812110.9291.63
Juan Martinez360001.0002.00
Elvis Garcia10020.0000.00Stats for 2 teams
Franklin Toussaint100000.00Stats for 2 teams


Abraham De Leon4063342.9431.65
Juan Martinez1612210.9330.88
Elvis Garcia10100001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams
Kelvin Rojas1016010.9411.60
Richard Maduro320001.0000.67Stats for 2 teams
Yeudy Brazoban100000.00
Carlos Pena110001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams


Victor Diaz190610.8570.32
Jose Suero192410.8570.32
Pedro Vidal164510.9000.56Stats for 2 teams
Joselito Adames151630.7000.47
Joanel Francisco152410.8570.40
Luis Jose150310.7500.20
Jorge Pena1517001.0000.53
Leonardo Veliz1541180.6521.00
Denny Abreu140120.3330.07
David Samuel140110.5000.07Stats for 2 teams
David Mota1314001.0000.38Stats for 2 teams
Mauricio Brujan1214001.0000.42Stats for 2 teams
Luis Reyes121410.8330.42
Johan German1105001.0000.45
Jose Rey1104001.0000.36Stats for 2 teams
Jose Sanchez1102001.0000.18Stats for 2 teams
Pedro Lezan1001001.0000.10
Ailin Diaz91020.3330.11
Alexis Juma90110.5000.11Stats for 2 teams
Carlos Vargas93310.8570.67
Jorge Medina600000.00
Juan German501001.0000.20
Hector Garcia205001.0002.50
Carmelo Penaloza200000.00Stats for 2 teams
Eiffer Peralta202001.0001.00
Francis Mota100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Denny Abreu20RR6' 0.0"180Aug 24, 1986San Cristobal, San Cristobal, DO2007-06-182007-08-14
Joselito Adames18RR6' 3.0"175Oct 26, 1988Elias Pina, DO2007-06-052007-08-24
Jose Almanzar20RR6' 1.0"172Aug 20, 1986Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, DO2007-06-022007-07-13
Graviel Andres19RR6' 2.0"165Aug 26, 1987San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO2007-06-022007-08-24
Yeudy Brazoban18RR6' 1.0"185Sep 9, 1988Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, DO2007-06-022007-08-24
Mauricio Brujan17RR6' 2.0"184Sep 22, 1989San Cristobal, San Cristobal, DO2007-06-252007-08-09
Alexander Castillo19LL6' 2.0"215Sep 24, 1987Bonao, Monsenor Nouel, DO2007-06-022007-08-24
Abraham De Leon18RR6' 0.0"210Feb 20, 1989Azua, Azua, DO2007-06-022007-08-24
Ailin Diaz19RR6' 3.0"168Nov 14, 1987Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, DO2007-06-042007-08-13
Victor Diaz17RR6' 1.0"220Oct 26, 1989Bonao, Monsenor Nouel, DO2007-06-032007-08-23
Earving Fernandez19LL6' 0.0"175Jun 9, 1988Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, DO2007-06-022007-07-18
Joanel Francisco18LL6' 3.0"178Nov 3, 1988San Francisco de Macoris, Duarte, DO2007-06-042007-08-09
Elvis Garcia17RR6' 2.0"180Nov 8, 1989Maracaibo, Zulia, VE2007-06-032007-06-22
Hector Garcia21RR6' 3.0"160Oct 22, 1985La Romana, La Romana, DO2007-06-052007-06-09
Martire Garcia20RR6' 0.0"180Nov 22, 1986Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, DO2007-06-022007-06-22
Johan German18RR6' 5.0"190Dec 20, 1988Bani, Peravia, DO2007-06-032007-08-23
Juan German17RR6' 1.0"160Dec 2, 1989San Cristobal, San Cristobal, DO2007-07-072007-07-30
Franklin Hernandez20RR6' 3.0"165Apr 19, 1987San Jose de los Llanos, San Pedro de Macoris, DO2007-06-052007-06-10
Luis Jose19RR6' 4.0"195Sep 26, 1987San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO2007-06-052007-08-24
Alexis Juma19RR6' 1.0"180May 23, 1988Maria Trinidad, DO2007-07-202007-08-24
Pedro Lezan19RR6' 2.0"185Oct 10, 1987Bonao, Monsenor Nouel, DO2007-06-082007-08-23
Diomedes Lopez18RR6' 2.0"195Jan 30, 1989San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO2007-06-022007-08-24
Alcibiades Made18RR6' 0.0"169Apr 5, 1989Bani, Peravia, DO2007-06-022007-06-22
Richard Maduro21RR6' 3.0"165Oct 25, 1985San Martin, DO2007-06-232007-08-24
Juan Martinez18RR6' 0.0"170Oct 7, 1988San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO2007-06-032007-08-24
Kelvin Mateo17RR6' 1.0"170Aug 7, 1989Elias Pina, DO2007-07-192007-08-24
Jorge Medina17LL6' 1.0"185Dec 21, 1989San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO2007-07-312007-08-22
David Mota20RR6' 4.0"265Feb 18, 1987El Seibo, DO2007-06-052007-07-18
Francis Mota18RR6' 2.0"187Oct 26, 1988Bani, Peravia, DO2007-06-022007-08-24
Carlos Pena18RR5' 10.0"150Jan 22, 1989Valencia, Carabobo, VE2007-07-202007-08-23
Jorge Pena18RR6' 6.0"240Dec 31, 1988Salcedo, Hermanas Mirabal, DO2007-06-022007-08-23
Carmelo Penaloza20RR6' 0.0"165Mar 1, 1987Barquisimeto, Lara, VE2007-06-242007-08-23
Eiffer Peralta19RR6' 3.0"186May 30, 1988San Juan de la Maguana, San Juan, DO2007-06-042007-06-08
Jose Rey17RR6' 1.0"176Mar 17, 1990Valencia, Carabobo, VE2007-06-042007-07-16
Luis Reyes19RR6' 2.0"160Feb 4, 1988San Cristobal, San Cristobal, DO2007-06-022007-08-24
Jose Rodriguez18RR6' 1.0"160Dec 19, 1988Valencia, Carabobo, VE2007-06-032007-08-23
Kelvin Rojas17RR6' 2.0"188Aug 7, 1989Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, DO2007-06-022007-08-24
David Samuel20RR6' 1.0"175Mar 8, 1987San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO2007-06-042007-07-18
Jose Sanchez17RR6' 2.0"170Oct 24, 1989Acarigua, Portuguesa, VE2007-07-192007-08-22
Wilfredo Sosa18RR6' 1.0"195Oct 24, 1988San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO2007-06-022007-08-24
Jose Suero19RR6' 2.0"170Nov 3, 1987Cotui, Sanchez Ramirez, DO2007-06-032007-08-23
Lino Torres17RR6' 2.0"159Oct 31, 1989Barquisimeto, Lara, VE2007-06-022007-08-03
Franklin Toussaint17RR6' 1.0"174Sep 16, 1989Ouanaminthe, HT2007-07-232007-08-23
Carlos Vargas18RR6' 1.0"170Aug 17, 1988San Felipe, Yaracuy, VE2007-06-182007-08-22
Leonardo Veliz18RR6' 2.0"185Oct 1, 1988Valencia, Carabobo, VE2007-06-022007-08-22
Pedro Vidal19RR6' 1.0"215Jul 31, 1987San Juan de la Maguana, San Juan, DO2007-06-032007-07-14

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