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2009 Gateway Grizzlies

2009 > Class Independent > 2009 Frontier League (West)
Overall: 40-54
Scored 603 runs, Allowed 698 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 41-53

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Phil Warren
Represented: Sauget, IL
Ballpark: n/a
Attendance: 175,720
Other Years: 2008 / 2010

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Joe Agreste*22462041753553184533532642.303.402.537.9399453000
2Adrian Cantu*261771609101031000812.167.282.333.6152012010
3Stephen Douglas*24248476813402611614.171.232.303.5342310200Stats for 2 teams
4Breck Draper2451174150253891727501842.253.337.467.8047002221
5Casey Gordon*24413110000000001.
6Darrick Hale*247272604100200110.
7Stephen Holdren*2696430363841132522056305469.311.417.556.9742021012104Stats for 2 teams
8Brandon Johnson*2461262210505910014461714167.281.402.529.93011102812
9Alex Kerins24622292082456121626121348.269.322.423.7458844220
10Kevin Kotch*2414625284001310616.
11Alex Kubal22415122100021023.
12Nate Lape2221736013135041100622.217.314.500.8143013310
13Charlie Lisk268438634477971422882653792.282.355.578.93319943020
14Wilson Matos2458216196374480816211446.224.288.388.6767654110Stats for 2 teams
15Dan Maycock#23518153200000024.
16Chris McClendon*22724214410020026.
17Sonny Meade22416151100000003.
18Steve Mena243980110000012.
19Cody Merrell25624184110021026.
20Danny Morrow#232911510814269021921331.241.265.380.6454131210
21Brandon Peters#248137932562941711152443759.289.382.449.831146413221
22Jon Quigley22257766513401801515.197.284.303.5872013300
23Chad Rothford#246224722032561001441102443.255.336.491.82710863000
24Joseph Scaperotta*238537333363971512262533587.291.362.541.90218083022
25Brad Thoma25187672917422800212.236.253.431.6843110110
26Pete Tountas212694811215211801331.
27Jon Ubbenga22419161210000004.
28Jareck West247531327660701847402152592.254.331.424.75511728220
29Phillip White231338316910170028.290.389.419.8081303200
29 Players24.09437493268603846179181505447427347830.259.341.462.8031511597240228
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Jamie Arneson*2351.8335.26129100051.14334307500492032491.8127.
2Joel Boeschen*2426.2505.6830714001069.27052448400841153221.5799.
3Adam Bowling2535.3757.34158200057.28249479161306022731.69912.
4Mark Brackman24610.3754.9320200200127.214891701338111293145751.45710.
5Collin Brennan2221.6676.94122300023.12323186100304141101.4148.92.33.911.63.00
6Christian Castorri2532.6007.0188000043.25943348171308022131.74012.
7Jordan Craft2421.6676.3561200011.11812811017001612.47114. for 2 teams
8Breck Draper24008.0490500015.22714146509101812.04315.
9Paige Dumont2655.5005.751313020081.1111645292405113253911.66012.
10Shaun Ellis22101.00011.378030006.1488111012110342.3685.71.415.617.11.09
11Chad Epperson240010.6490500011.01713133905201622.36413.
12Zack Gray2402.00020.774010004.11211102606000314.15424.94.212.512.51.00
13Kevin Hammon2311.50014.8190200010.1121817311113302582.22610.52.69.611.31.18
14Scott Kelly2511.5006.85300800047.15739369291655032321.81710.81.75.512.42.24
15Justin Lilly2201.0009.6053100015.0211816611013000762.13312. for 2 teams
16John Maschino2322.5006.871201100118.125141448121203901.80012.32.03.910.32.63
17Nathan Melek2549.3086.0819190200117.01489879204839012075521.67511.
18Adam Revelette*2501.0004.23291500138.14122186161274011721.4879. for 2 teams
19Eric Ridener2312.3338.282301300229.13527275251393011492.04510.71.57.712.01.56
20Wilmer Rojas*220012.002000003.05640300000182.66715.
21Shaun Seibert2301.00011.3261100010.114141331305002592.61312.22.611.34.40.38
22Jake Shafer230014.733020003.26661404100212.72714.
23Tom Vesely2213.2505.33183500150.25330309281473062231.5999.
24Chris Wiman2542.6673.292441600952.04826196203571022201.3088. for 2 teams
24 Players24.14054.4266.479494886018836.11016698601139428137548086440051.72710.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Breck Draper332492110.9968.1810311024%
Charlie Lisk282342792.9679.3210381325%
Jon Quigley211321451.9676.95913838%
Kevin Kotch141187031.0008.93215421%
Cody Merrell4300001.0007.503900%


Joe Agreste3830423230.9948.61
Chad Rothford3123115119.9967.94
Charlie Lisk2418515512.9768.33
Breck Draper3161001.0005.67
Adrian Cantu120001.0002.00


Alex Kerins3972721219.9233.69
Brandon Peters345565615.9523.53
Brad Thoma13314238.9615.62
Adrian Cantu11122732.9293.55
Wilson Matos1081424.9172.20Stats for 2 teams
Danny Morrow4121614.9667.00
Breck Draper100000.00


Wilson Matos28143260.8851.64Stats for 2 teams
Brandon Johnson22124171.8832.41
Charlie Lisk20113091.8202.05
Danny Morrow17174073.8913.35
Alex Kerins13111432.8931.92
Adrian Cantu62620.8001.33
Chris McClendon65821.8672.17
Brad Thoma531310.9413.20
Breck Draper20210.6671.00
Jon Ubbenga115001.0006.00


Brandon Johnson3154641413.8943.81
Pete Tountas2630531018.8923.19
Wilson Matos18193249.9272.83Stats for 2 teams
Phillip White13162343.9073.00
Darrick Hale7101645.8673.71
Alex Kerins710832.8572.57
Danny Morrow6121726.9354.83
Casey Gordon467011.0003.25
Jon Ubbenga361412.9526.67
Adrian Cantu100000.00
Breck Draper100000.00


Brandon Peters390.00
Joseph Scaperotta370.00
Stephen Douglas90.00Stats for 2 teams
Wilson Matos70.00Stats for 2 teams
Jareck West70.00
Brandon Johnson30.00
Nate Lape30.00
Steve Mena30.00
Breck Draper20.00
Joe Agreste10.00
Stephen Holdren10.00Stats for 2 teams


Jareck West650.00
Stephen Douglas120.00Stats for 2 teams
Brandon Peters80.00
Stephen Holdren70.00Stats for 2 teams
Nate Lape60.00
Alex Kubal40.00
Wilson Matos40.00Stats for 2 teams
Joe Agreste10.00
Breck Draper10.00
Joseph Scaperotta10.00


Stephen Holdren630.00Stats for 2 teams
Joseph Scaperotta240.00
Nate Lape100.00
Joe Agreste80.00
Breck Draper50.00
Sonny Meade30.00
Wilson Matos10.00Stats for 2 teams
Brandon Peters10.00


Jareck West72172331.9832.43
Stephen Holdren70126721.9851.90Stats for 2 teams
Joseph Scaperotta61110751.9591.92
Brandon Peters4878422.9761.71
Stephen Douglas2130010.9681.43Stats for 2 teams
Nate Lape1825130.8971.44
Wilson Matos1291001.0000.83Stats for 2 teams
Joe Agreste817010.9442.13
Breck Draper652001.0001.17
Alex Kubal49010.9002.25
Brandon Johnson391001.0003.33
Sonny Meade370001.0002.33
Steve Mena350001.0001.67


Joel Boeschen302921.8460.37
Scott Kelly3035011.0000.27
Adam Revelette2901010.9090.34Stats for 2 teams
Chris Wiman2435001.0000.33Stats for 2 teams
Eric Ridener2300000.00
Mark Brackman20122342.8971.75
Nathan Melek1932411.9641.42
Tom Vesely1826001.0000.44
Adam Bowling152910.9170.73
Paige Dumont13318001.0001.62
Jamie Arneson1203001.0000.25
Collin Brennan1224001.0000.50
John Maschino1210001.0000.08
Breck Draper901001.0000.11
Chad Epperson910001.0000.11
Kevin Hammon91210.7500.33
Christian Castorri84431.7271.00
Shaun Ellis800000.00
Jordan Craft621001.0000.50Stats for 2 teams
Shaun Seibert601001.0000.17
Justin Lilly511001.0000.40Stats for 2 teams
Zack Gray401001.0000.25
Jake Shafer311001.0000.67
Wilmer Rojas200000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Joe Agreste22LL6' 4.0"195Apr 10, 1987Chesapeake, VA, US
Jamie Arneson23LL6' 5.0"195Nov 5, 1985Iowa Falls, IA, US
Joel Boeschen24LL6' 3.0"195Jun 27, 1985
Adam Bowling25RR6' 4.0"180Jan 16, 1984Marietta, GA, US
Mark Brackman24RR6' 7.0"230Mar 23, 1985Kansas City, MO, US
Collin Brennan22RR6' 6.0"210Dec 23, 1986Williamsville, IL, US
Adrian Cantu26LR6' 1.0"210Oct 4, 1982
Christian Castorri25RR6' 4.0"225Dec 17, 1983Corpus Christi, TX, US
Jordan Craft24RR6' 3.0"200Jun 5, 1985Bishop, CA, US
Stephen Douglas24LR6' 2.0"185May 10, 1985Smyrna, GA, US
Breck Draper24RR6' 0.0"200Feb 7, 1985
Paige Dumont26RR6' 8.0"240Nov 26, 1982Ukiah, CA, US
Shaun Ellis22RR6' 4.0"226Dec 2, 1986Philadelphia, PA, US
Chad Epperson24SR6' 6.0"230Aug 19, 1984
Casey Gordon24LR6' 0.0"180Jan 28, 1985Simi Valley, CA, US
Zack Gray24RR6' 4.0"205Oct 4, 1984Columbia, TN, US
Darrick Hale24LR5' 10.0"175May 25, 1985Downey, CA, US
Kevin Hammon23RR6' 2.0"200May 24, 1986
Stephen Holdren26LR6' 2.0"225Jan 25, 1983Seattle, WA, US
Brandon Johnson24LR6' 0.0"190Jul 23, 1984Brunswick, GA, US
Scott Kelly25RR6' 3.0"180Jul 19, 1983
Alex Kerins24RR6' 0.0"200Nov 5, 1984Louisville, KY, US
Kevin Kotch24LR6' 4.0"235Aug 31, 1984Franklin Park, NJ, US
Alex Kubal22RR5' 11.0"185Aug 7, 1986
Nate Lape22RR6' 5.0"215Oct 27, 1986Huntington, NY, US
Justin Lilly22LR6' 4.0"215Aug 20, 1986
Charlie Lisk26RR6' 2.0"230Jan 3, 1983Spartanburg, SC, US
John Maschino23RR6' 5.0"230Jun 28, 1986
Wilson Matos24RR5' 9.0"160Feb 6, 1985Larchmont, NY, US
Dan Maycock23SR6' 6.0"250Oct 3, 1985Utica, NY, US
Chris McClendon22LR5' 10.0"190Mar 1, 1987
Sonny Meade22RR6' 5.0"220Apr 11, 1987
Nathan Melek25RR5' 11.0"170Feb 2, 1984Minneapolis, MN, US
Steve Mena24RR6' 4.0"230Jan 24, 1985Miami, FL, US
Cody Merrell25RR6' 3.0"240Feb 8, 1984Perryton, TX, US
Danny Morrow23SR6' 0.0"190Jun 30, 1986
Brandon Peters24SR6' 2.0"205Oct 31, 1984
Jon Quigley22RR5' 11.0"205May 2, 1987
Adam Revelette25LL6' 2.0"195May 25, 1984Lexington, KY, US
Eric Ridener23RR6' 5.0"230Sep 11, 1985Orlando, FL, US
Wilmer Rojas22LL6' 0.0"163Oct 12, 1986Moca, Espaillat, DO
Chad Rothford24SR6' 5.0"250Apr 27, 1985Fresno, CA, US
Joseph Scaperotta23LL6' 3.0"215Dec 16, 1985San Diego, CA, US
Shaun Seibert23RR6' 1.0"205Sep 30, 1985Edwardsville, IL, US
Jake Shafer23RR6' 4.0"215Oct 11, 1985Springfield, MO, US
Brad Thoma25RR5' 11.0"175Mar 4, 1984
Pete Tountas21RR6' 2.0"195Jul 1, 1987
Jon Ubbenga22RR5' 11.0"185Dec 4, 1986
Tom Vesely22RR6' 5.0"220May 30, 1987
Jareck West24RR5' 10.0"210Apr 30, 1985Cleveland, MS, US
Phillip White23RR5' 11.0"185Dec 18, 1985
Chris Wiman25RR6' 0.0"185Aug 25, 1983

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