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2009 River City Rascals

2009 > Class Independent > 2009 Frontier League (West)
Overall: 56-38
Scored 558 runs, Allowed 508 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 51-43

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Chad Parker
Represented: O'Fallon, MO
Ballpark: n/a
Attendance: 89,776
Other Years: 2008 / 2010

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Joshua Banda2311363361010250129.303.343.515.8581700100
2Ernie Banks2377343289651021522475104183.353.437.6681.10519367066Stats for 2 teams
3Joseph Batten248637131861972124431183766.305.386.421.80813447630
4Joe Billick243310895123060214011125.316.389.442.8314231010
5Josh Blackstock*2530102827142004311717.171.320.195.5151631200Stats for 2 teams
6Joe Chavarria223671631514001341413.
7Chris Colton269340133467838018693466059.249.369.434.80314555021
8Ryan Groth*22532141933147636271021552.244.310.399.7097734112Stats for 2 teams
9Jorge Gutierrez23893413083682170742921742.266.312.390.70112086461
10Scott Houin248036931668882027423573577.278.373.421.793133213410
11Cameron Howell241427242430040019.
12Jake Laber2321221110000001.500.5001.0001.500200000
13Josh Lowey2426111000000000.
14Chad Maddox23863723426610531514671251763.307.360.550.910188812010
15Pete Paris*2252164144204490233121220.306.352.410.7625911250Stats for 2 teams
16Chris Raniere2345172142163560115201938.246.368.310.6784439110Stats for 2 teams
17Andy Reilly23361079613233111140819.240.318.323.6413113001
18Bryan Resnick23256753680003101014.151.308.151.459812200
19Kevin Reynolds*265221018935521113211541617.275.337.392.7287452210
20Scott Robinson*2568296278558617113571041334.309.345.518.86314433022
21Danny Sawyer2471218188234591928322256.239.329.441.7708324221
22Furquan Shamsud-Din233540000000012.
23Chris Warters*229362756200100910.222.417.296.713810000
24Johnny Washington25520171210031015.
25Ryan Wehrle247530025248801604371224230.317.409.429.83810860241
25 Players23.89436683204558899181149349516145341611.281.359.433.79213875566292811
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Michael Alcorn23008.595010007.110872407000361.90912.
2Ryan Ashner25401.0003.57120400017.2157744015000701.0757.
3Eric Cordell2211.5006.75110400010.2151085006102481.40612.
4Eddie Degerman2501.0006.001100003.03220206002141.6679.
5Jake Edwards23101.0005.50240900236.04426223230231021671.86111. for 2 teams
6Stephen Flake2564.6005.822414100085.087615513490807043841.6009. for 2 teams
7Brandon Graves*22101.0001.293110007.04110208000270.8575.10.02.610.34.00
8Mike Hart2311.5005.68240600031.22722206210286051451.5167.
9Daniel Howard2465.5455.0318180100107.1111676020371855034641.3799.
10Chris Ingoglia*2369.4007.042216310092.0124737224370806044301.75012. for 2 teams
11Anthony Kirbis240013.504000005.1111182301202332.62518.
12Jake Laber*2394.6924.4821210100130.21427565164501154145741.4319.
13Pablo Lopez2322.5007.46107000041.05439341780254001871.51211.
14Jason Lowey2432.6003.4340036002442.03816164193563051811.3578.
15Josh Lowey2492.8182.9424144003101.098413310430755064331.3968.
16Tony Marsala2424.3333.834001200249.15324214141440012161.3589.
17Quinn Monsma*2612.3337.2033000015.021151211109201792.13312.
18Tyler Musselwhite2232.6006.9587000033.241322610260201031691.99011.
19Josh Rose2312.3333.412901000037.03717141101337031641.2709.
20Brent Solich*2311.5001.25190300121.2183307018102911.1547.
21Scott Turmail22101.0008.3142100013.022161254010102692.00015.
21 Players23.65638.5964.879494922132820.089550844413433266814914736641.4969.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Danny Sawyer623813572.9836.718471727%
Pete Paris33201740.9816.3032228%Stats for 2 teams
Joe Billick311691851.9746.037171139%
Cameron Howell14572001.0004.2113125%
Andy Reilly482011.0002.50000
Joshua Banda316210.9476.001500%
Furquan Shamsud-Din270001.0003.500100%
Chris Colton100000.00000


Ernie Banks7162246459.9949.41Stats for 2 teams
Scott Robinson6451648546.9918.81
Chris Warters544112.9789.00
Andy Reilly4163001.0004.75
Joseph Batten1102001.00012.00
Ryan Groth17011.8757.00Stats for 2 teams


Joseph Batten621101592126.9284.34
Bryan Resnick23255328.9753.39
Joe Chavarria71015041.0003.57
Andy Reilly7111412.9623.57
Chris Raniere4417011.0005.25Stats for 2 teams
Johnny Washington344011.0002.67


Ryan Wehrle74411211012.9422.19
Chris Raniere322545124.8542.19Stats for 2 teams
Josh Blackstock2081840.8671.30Stats for 2 teams
Andy Reilly19172050.8811.95
Joe Chavarria211001.0001.00
Jorge Gutierrez100000.00
Cameron Howell100000.00
Pete Paris100000.00Stats for 2 teams


Jorge Gutierrez841372211549.9604.26
Joe Chavarria13172342.9093.08
Chris Raniere1072434.9123.10Stats for 2 teams
Josh Blackstock4610021.0004.00Stats for 2 teams
Johnny Washington36512.9173.67
Ryan Wehrle100000.00


Kevin Reynolds440.00
Chad Maddox400.00
Ryan Groth330.00Stats for 2 teams
Josh Blackstock70.00Stats for 2 teams
Joseph Batten50.00
Danny Sawyer10.00


Chris Colton890.00
Chad Maddox50.00
Joseph Batten10.00
Joe Chavarria10.00
Ryan Groth10.00Stats for 2 teams


Scott Houin780.00
Chad Maddox130.00
Joe Chavarria40.00
Ryan Groth40.00Stats for 2 teams
Joseph Batten20.00


Chris Colton891911033.9852.26
Scott Houin78147932.9812.00
Chad Maddox56102451.9551.89
Kevin Reynolds44623001.0001.48
Ryan Groth3770230.9601.95Stats for 2 teams
Joseph Batten850001.0000.63
Josh Blackstock750001.0000.71Stats for 2 teams
Joe Chavarria540001.0000.80
Danny Sawyer100000.00


Jason Lowey4018031.0000.23
Tony Marsala4019011.0000.25
Josh Rose2928001.0000.34
Jake Edwards2463021.0000.38Stats for 2 teams
Stephen Flake244410.8890.33Stats for 2 teams
Mike Hart2424011.0000.25
Josh Lowey24121814.9681.25
Chris Ingoglia2239001.0000.55Stats for 2 teams
Jake Laber2182130.9061.38
Brent Solich192210.8000.21
Daniel Howard1814711.9551.17
Ryan Ashner1213001.0000.33
Eric Cordell1112001.0000.27
Pablo Lopez102720.8180.90
Tyler Musselwhite81711.8891.00
Michael Alcorn50010.0000.00
Anthony Kirbis410001.0000.25
Scott Turmail402011.0000.50
Brandon Graves301001.0000.33
Quinn Monsma301001.0000.33
Eddie Degerman100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Michael Alcorn23RR6' 2.0"165Mar 11, 1986
Ryan Ashner25RR6' 0.0"180Oct 9, 1983Overland Park, KS, US
Joshua Banda23RR6' 2.0"205Sep 7, 1985Lakewood, CA, US
Ernie Banks23RR6' 4.0"260May 14, 1986Chesapeake, VA, US
Joseph Batten24RR5' 11.0"180Dec 14, 1984McRae, GA, US
Joe Billick24RR6' 2.0"230May 30, 1985Cedar Rapids, IA, US
Josh Blackstock25LR5' 10.0"170Sep 7, 1983
Joe Chavarria22RR6' 0.0"185Oct 17, 1986
Chris Colton26RR6' 1.0"198Sep 21, 1982Newnan, GA, US
Eric Cordell22RR6' 3.0"180Jan 29, 1987
Eddie Degerman25RR6' 4.0"205Sep 14, 1983Van Nuys, CA, US
Jake Edwards23RR6' 3.0"205Apr 11, 1986
Stephen Flake25RR5' 10.0"170Nov 13, 1983Marietta, GA, US
Brandon Graves22LL6' 1.0"190Aug 7, 1986Crawfordville, FL, US
Ryan Groth22LL6' 2.0"208Jul 23, 1986Boca Raton, FL, US
Jorge Gutierrez23RR5' 10.0"185Jul 23, 1985Miami, FL, US
Mike Hart23RR6' 4.0"190Apr 24, 1986
Scott Houin24RR6' 2.0"195Apr 11, 1985Noblesville, IN, US
Daniel Howard24RR6' 1.0"205Mar 4, 1985
Cameron Howell24RR6' 0.0"195Nov 13, 1984
Chris Ingoglia23SL6' 2.0"205Aug 23, 1985Plantation, FL, US
Anthony Kirbis24RR6' 2.0"220Feb 16, 1985San Diego, CA, US
Jake Laber23RL6' 0.0"185Jun 15, 1986Fargo, ND, US
Pablo Lopez23RR5' 11.0"190Sep 8, 1985
Jason Lowey24RR5' 11.0"180Dec 26, 1984Fort Walton Beach, FL, US
Josh Lowey24RR5' 11.0"180Dec 26, 1984Fort Walton Beach, FL, US
Chad Maddox23RR5' 11.0"195Apr 5, 1986Knoxville, TN, US
Tony Marsala24RR6' 0.0"180May 27, 1985
Quinn Monsma26LL6' 4.0"205Nov 29, 1982
Tyler Musselwhite22RR6' 3.0"210Sep 19, 1986
Pete Paris22LR6' 1.0"205Sep 20, 1986
Chris Raniere23RR6' 2.0"185Jul 4, 1985
Andy Reilly23RR6' 0.0"200Feb 21, 1986
Bryan Resnick23RR5' 10.0"165Mar 7, 1986
Kevin Reynolds26LL6' 1.0"185Jul 1, 1982St. Peters, MO, US
Scott Robinson25LL6' 1.0"195Oct 14, 1983La Jolla, CA, US
Josh Rose23RR6' 2.0"220Jun 22, 1986
Danny Sawyer24RR5' 11.0"200Feb 2, 1985
Furquan Shamsud-Din23RR6' 0.0"205Aug 21, 1985
Brent Solich23LL6' 0.0"175Aug 24, 1985Bradenton, FL, US
Scott Turmail22RR6' 4.0"190Jul 17, 1986
Chris Warters22LR6' 2.0"225Aug 18, 1986
Johnny Washington25RR5' 11.0"165May 6, 1984Long Beach, CA, US
Ryan Wehrle24RR6' 3.0"200May 31, 1985Lincoln, NE, US

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