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1997 Catskill Cougars

1997 > Class Independent > 1997 Northeast League (South)
Overall: 21-62
Scored 384 runs, Allowed 580 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 27-56

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: n/a
Represented: Catskill, NY
Ballpark: n/a
Attendance: n/a
Other Years: 1996 / 1998

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Jeff Anderson#232472599122106101016.203.333.271.6051622010Stats for 2 teams
2Tony Bellinato2738148127183660420541837.283.385.425.8105423000
3Kevin Chabot*23217264611120412724.
4Tim Collins23642782543464112446201426.252.293.358.6519142530
5Jose DeLeon2456236220337380024831236.332.369.368.7378151300Stats for 2 teams
6Joe Elias2313110000000001.
7Manuel Garcia28712802623272142230531275.275.308.366.6759652131Stats for 2 teams
8Scott Hilt*2471260215354792222223762.219.339.307.6456623321
9Andrew Jemison25813322924782164742622751.281.360.435.794127710121
10Vance Lovelace*339440000001001.
11Andrew Lyon--61189168204260217011137.250.330.321.6515429101
12Jose Marchan*245019117325468422682920.266.309.393.7026823332
13Moe McWhite#2381325303376492934641590.211.253.343.59610423132
14Eddie Mitchell*23733052594474112130953125.286.365.355.7209243931Stats for 2 teams
15Kerwin Moore#26602652084855426303144959.264.409.389.7998104131
16Matt Murray*267220000000002.
17Francisco Perez#2515484638401520210.174.208.326.5341500001
18Brian Phillips*2366251187224140018514645.219.386.241.62745261021
19Steve Pinto*28814141000000004.
20Mike Shwartzer2342136116162570415201739.216.324.379.7034432010Stats for 2 teams
21Pete Silletti#231030275400010037.
22Ramon Solano--4617016020406031475543.250.290.344.6345514100
22 Players24.4833127274038467610221463458634282614.247.326.350.6759584150312411
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Mark Bartnick--01.00011.253000004.07853206010232.25015.86.84.513.53.00
2Bert Bellcase25410.2866.2821152300106.01348274113015312254821.54711.
3Sean Conlin--003.94120700116.01312711208403731.5627. for 2 teams
4Luis Cordova*2335.3757.271110100043.14641356310217112171.7779.
5Fermin Cruz2514.2006.482401900225.03226182152303321261.88011.50.75.410.82.00
6Jarrett Daniels--101.0005.7274110128.12519184150151321261.4127.
7Marty Doino*2702.00010.5082100012.021161421307203712.83315.
8Brian Dougherty*2202.0005.12122110019.125171118311011941.70711.
9Joe Elias2323.4003.92128111159.27537264171378102761.54211.
10Scott Jenkins2402.0007.612621610836.2424331152133120142122.56410. for 2 teams
11Felix Liriano3023.4003.91107200050.25333224100311112161.2439.
12Vance Lovelace*3303.0002.9174110021.221137012017001991.5238.
13Andrew Lyon--003.001010003.02210003100130.6676.
14Moe McWhite23003.002020006.07420604211322.16710.
15Ian Millman2212.3337.98110900114.21514133805303671.5689. for 2 teams
16Matt Murray2603.0006.6665000024.12822180170142021191.84910.
17Matt Ramagli2415.1675.69138200068.08847438240328183101.64711.
18Eric Rogow2314.2005.062631000048.05836273211302112251.64610.
19Dan Shannon2233.5004.61242800054.27541285251324222671.82912. for 2 teams
20Jon Stephens2201.0009.0070600110.01510101505201522.00013.
21Shawn Tipton*2322.5004.4787100044.14732225110182111911.3089.
22Brian Toronto*2726.2507.451010010048.16748406200246322291.80012. for 2 teams
23Carlos Tovar--11.50011.2071100013.22719172505101752.34117.
24Marcus Tyner2504.0007.1587100034.035342733402952101702.0299. for 2 teams
25Rich Westover2213.2503.34171200035.02820131161240021551.2577.
26Keith White1902.0007.82110500112.22215110406101652.05315. for 2 teams
26 Players24.22162.2535.77838375817706.1850580453643221042669214633361.65910.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Scott Hilt7135038132.9685.4628931715%
Mike Shwartzer341742352.9755.7921291331%Stats for 2 teams
Pete Silletti944510.9805.44710217%


Andrew Lyon4636718531.9878.37
Moe McWhite3630921126.9979.17
Tony Bellinato5371041.0007.60
Kevin Chabot3201031.0007.00
Tim Collins1101021.00011.00
Matt Murray150001.0005.00


Manuel Garcia43761121517.9264.37Stats for 2 teams
Brian Phillips244857315.9724.38
Jeff Anderson19304418.9873.89Stats for 2 teams
Francisco Perez445021.0002.25
Moe McWhite39231.7863.67
Ramon Solano37632.8134.33


Andrew Jemison443687165.8852.80
Tim Collins353875204.8503.23
Ramon Solano451212.9444.25
Jeff Anderson101001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams
Moe McWhite100000.00
Francisco Perez101001.0001.00
Brian Phillips100000.00


Brian Phillips42741321624.9284.90
Ramon Solano37631242225.8955.05
Manuel Garcia283882916.9304.29Stats for 2 teams
Moe McWhite661343.8263.17
Jeff Anderson211001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams
Andrew Lyon211001.0001.00
Francisco Perez10010.0000.00


Eddie Mitchell530.00Stats for 2 teams
Jose DeLeon250.00Stats for 2 teams
Moe McWhite160.00
Tony Bellinato150.00
Jose Marchan20.00
Steve Pinto20.00
Kevin Chabot10.00
Kerwin Moore10.00


Kerwin Moore590.00
Jose Marchan170.00
Eddie Mitchell170.00Stats for 2 teams
Moe McWhite110.00
Francisco Perez20.00
Kevin Chabot10.00
Steve Pinto10.00


Jose Marchan300.00
Jose DeLeon290.00Stats for 2 teams
Andrew Jemison160.00
Moe McWhite150.00
Kevin Chabot140.00
Francisco Perez40.00
Andrew Lyon30.00
Tony Bellinato20.00
Steve Pinto20.00
Ramon Solano20.00


Eddie Mitchell68131750.9652.03Stats for 2 teams
Kerwin Moore60127230.9772.15
Jose DeLeon54105730.9742.07Stats for 2 teams
Jose Marchan4683360.9351.87
Moe McWhite40676001.0001.83
Tony Bellinato1732210.9712.00
Kevin Chabot1623030.8851.44
Andrew Jemison16320001.0002.00
Francisco Perez65010.8330.83
Steve Pinto551001.0001.20
Andrew Lyon310001.0000.33
Ramon Solano211001.0001.00


Scott Jenkins2628011.0000.38Stats for 2 teams
Eric Rogow2614001.0000.19
Fermin Cruz2413001.0000.17
Dan Shannon2457011.0000.50Stats for 2 teams
Bert Bellcase2182253.8571.43
Rich Westover1731212.9380.88
Matt Ramagli1352010.9621.92
Sean Conlin1202001.0000.17Stats for 2 teams
Brian Dougherty121310.8000.33
Joe Elias123810.9170.92
Luis Cordova111420.7140.45
Ian Millman1111001.0000.18Stats for 2 teams
Keith White1103001.0000.27Stats for 2 teams
Felix Liriano106930.8331.50
Brian Toronto10116001.0001.70Stats for 2 teams
Marty Doino81110.6670.25
Shawn Tipton8610001.0002.00
Marcus Tyner844001.0001.00Stats for 2 teams
Jarrett Daniels736001.0001.29
Vance Lovelace72410.8570.86
Jon Stephens702001.0000.29
Carlos Tovar71110.6670.29
Matt Murray61710.8891.33
Mark Bartnick310001.0000.33
Moe McWhite201001.0000.50
Andrew Lyon100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Jeff Anderson23SR6' 0.0"178Aug 1, 1973Canton, OH, US
Mark Bartnick--RR6' 2.0"190Unknown
Bert Bellcase25RR5' 10.0"Apr 15, 1972
Tony Bellinato27RRJan 20, 1970
Kevin Chabot23LR6' 1.0"210May 5, 1974St. Petersburg, FL, US
Tim Collins23RR6' 0.0"195Dec 6, 1973Fairmont, WV, US
Sean Conlin--RRUnknown
Luis Cordova23LL6' 3.0"215Jun 11, 1974
Fermin Cruz25RR6' 0.0"185Oct 6, 1971Puerto Plata, DO
Jarrett Daniels--RRUnknown
Jose DeLeon24RR6' 2.0"200Feb 5, 1973La Vega, DO
Marty Doino27RL5' 10.0"190Jul 17, 1969New Brunswick, NJ, US
Brian Dougherty22LL6' 0.0"190Mar 31, 1975
Joe Elias23RR6' 0.0"210Sep 10, 1973Stockton, CA, US
Manuel Garcia28RR6' 0.0"180Nov 9, 1968San Pedro de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris, DO
Scott Hilt24LR6' 2.0"215Dec 9, 1972Fort Lee, VA, US
Andrew Jemison25RR6' 0.0"200Nov 16, 1971Nyack, NY, US
Scott Jenkins24SR6' 2.0"200Feb 5, 1973Abilene, TX, US
Felix Liriano30RR6' 1.0"210Jan 27, 1967Santiago, Santiago, DO
Vance Lovelace33LL6' 5.0"205Aug 9, 1963Tampa, FL, US
Andrew Lyon--RRUnknown
Jose Marchan24LL5' 11.0"170Nov 20, 1972El Tigre, Anzoategui, VE
Moe McWhite23SR6' 0.0"190Sep 8, 1973Jacksonville, FL, US
Ian Millman22RR6' 0.0"190May 21, 1975Queens, NY, US
Eddie Mitchell23LL5' 9.0"180Sep 27, 1973Ridgewood, NJ, US
Kerwin Moore26SR6' 1.0"190Oct 29, 1970Detroit, MI, US
Matt Murray26LR6' 6.0"240Sep 26, 1970Boston, MA, US
Francisco Perez25SR6' 1.0"185Sep 15, 1971
Brian Phillips23LR5' 9.0"Nov 9, 1973
Steve Pinto28LL5' 10.0"180Sep 3, 1968Brooklyn, NY, US
Matt Ramagli24RR6' 3.0"188Apr 14, 1973Westwood, NJ, US
Eric Rogow23RR6' 2.0"190Dec 20, 1973Flemington, NJ, US
Dan Shannon22RR6' 0.0"190Jan 13, 1975Philadelphia, PA, US
Mike Shwartzer23RR6' 1.0"210Jul 8, 1973
Pete Silletti23SR5' 10.0"200Apr 14, 1974Brooklyn, NY, US
Ramon Solano--RRUnknown
Jon Stephens22RR6' 4.0"195Nov 14, 1974Walnut Creek, CA, US
Shawn Tipton23SL5' 11.0"190Aug 5, 1973Davidsonville, MD, US
Brian Toronto27RL6' 0.0"185Mar 27, 1970Annapolis, MD, US
Carlos Tovar--RRUnknown
Marcus Tyner25RR6' 2.0"195Apr 11, 1972Troy, AL, US
Rich Westover22RR6' 3.0"210Oct 28, 1974Brooklyn, NY, US
Keith White19LR5' 11.0"170Jul 23, 1977Rahway, NJ, US

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