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2007 River City Rascals

2007 > Class Independent > 2007 Frontier League (West)
Overall: 36-60
Scored 485 runs, Allowed 604 runs. Pythagorean W-L: 38-58

Affiliation: none or n/a
Manager: Toby Rumfield
Represented: O'Fallon, MO
Ballpark: T.R. Hughes Ballpark (O'Fallon, MO)
Attendance: 109,816
Other Years: 2006 / 2008

Team Batting

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Anthony Albano*24843313054086150442102161.282.326.370.69711361041Stats for 2 teams
2Andy Bettis22672662343664161938002247.274.353.466.81910938023
3Chris Bielski22226460310000540115.
4Collin Brown23619163410030026.250.333.313.646500100
5Jared Bunn*232177628153305311112.242.373.387.7602422200
6Dallas Christison2410413731000022048.270.341.270.6121000000
7Chad Clemons212540100000102.250.400.250.650101000
8Angel Colon23833252733967140738113883.245.361.374.735102712111
9Ryan Czyz22712702294653912181162757.231.323.306.6297025720
10Ryan Greene231220000000002.
11Trey Hendricks#249640536043931001044123855.258.330.369.699133112230
12Brad Hough239640135557101251105318113070.285.354.445.79915859520
13Jeff Landry23743072654377182428432852.291.374.419.79311138513
14Phil Laurent*235725121741741441246522442.341.410.6081.01913235052
15Matthew Leake*23822203200000128.
16Ken Lup247528826831721211271041331.269.304.332.6368981510
17Jeff Miller*23381561402643111726101019.307.359.550.9097713030
18Bobby Mosby256227524241661301953012857.273.356.562.91813624013
19Joseph Newman*223623223300031013.
20Esteban Quintana23517161200000115.
21Tim Rowe2210393286200420615.188.308.250.558800010
22Brian Rzepka23719172300141014.176.263.353.616601000
23Andrew Sweet#24883503054686171543523954.282.365.393.75812062223Stats for 2 teams
24Andrew Wong234322000001011.000.333.000.333000000
24 Players23.3963650320148586316614854427035332655.270.348.410.75813125264292415
* - bats left-handed, # - bats both, else - bats right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors
Only players for whom we have stats are shown. See roster for more complete team list.

Team Pitching

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer
1Chris Antonides240014.542000004.111770303001273.23122.
2Albert Ayala2055.5006.461613210069.279605015421462043241.73710.
3Mike Benacka2425.2865.0136231002041.13225233352605031971.6217.00.77.613.11.71
4Adam Bretl2201.00014.2962100011.12018182809301642.47115.
5Ben Brockman23006.17151200023.1412216270194021212.05715. for 2 teams
6Steve Brook26117.6115.2420200200122.0147897116351867045441.49210.
7Gary Cahoon*2502.00012.276100003.210651504000274.09124.52.512.39.80.80
8Chad Catalano23008.31122300017.1221916117019221962.25011. for 2 teams
9Cameron Cheek2301.0000.003000004.04200401010202.0009.
10Brad Cherry26101.0005.874110007.212550309000391.95714.10.03.510.63.00
11Chris Clem2429.1825.1319180310126.11548772143909210365681.52811.
12Ryan Doherty2311.5002.42200400026.027771121201051191.5009.
13Tim Dugan*2413.2507.0877000040.24136325240302011881.5989. for 2 teams
14Scott Evosevich24007.9451300011.12311102309001592.29418.
15Taylor Fowler*2302.0009.6991100013.0201514113010001692.53813.
16Bryan Hansen*2316.1435.23286720065.17141386372424163011.6539.
17Kurt Hartfelder2415.1678.2288000038.158393510200112011932.03513. for 2 teams
18Rick Hummel2631.7501.93280700132.229770132192031381.2868. for 2 teams
19Matt Keller2201.0003.38101400013.1105501218200611.6506. for 2 teams
20Chad Linder*2233.5005.03251500034.03419192232272031571.6769.
21Mario Martinez25009.001000001.0211100200052.00018.
22Jonathan Miller2254.5563.891810210171.26942318221574013101.2708.
23Patrick Muldoon23009.003020002.01220302001102.0004.
24Joseph Newman*2201.0004.50120600010.045507112001391.1003.60.06.310.81.71
25Luke O'Loughlin2301.0005.9371000013.2181190919202691.97611.
26J.J. Pacella2312.3337.3633000014.218121231007301721.90911.
27Brody Taylor*2425.2865.87108010046.06840305190253052211.89113. for 2 teams
28Jordan Thomson25008.10160500120.03522186101122011052.25015.
29Damian Ursin2413.2505.34154500032.03224192291190041541.9069.
30Collin Walker2202.0005.40100500011.2119723010200511.2008.
31Justin Young23005.82111200017.023131149014000841.88212. for 2 teams
31 Players23.53660.3755.6196968610222814.196260450898407156225565138051.68110.
* - throws left-handed, # - throws both, else - throws right, ? - unknown, for minors bold indicates they appeared in majors

Team Fielding--By Pos

Bold indicates they played in the majors or are a HOFer


Ken Lup734814972.9877.2618412740%
Andrew Sweet392111452.9785.77519314%Stats for 2 teams
Chad Clemons211120.8576.000100%


Bobby Mosby57442451034.9808.54
Jeff Miller17126418.9927.65
Andy Bettis161278114.9938.44
Trey Hendricks5438061.00010.20
Andrew Sweet322014.9577.33Stats for 2 teams
Anthony Albano270011.0003.50Stats for 2 teams


Jeff Landry671501941135.9695.13
Brad Hough17323516.9853.94
Andrew Sweet14353286.8934.79Stats for 2 teams
Andrew Wong102001.0002.00


Angel Colon81701242014.9072.40
Andrew Sweet12102040.8822.50Stats for 2 teams
Trey Hendricks81621.7780.88


Brad Hough801392012839.9244.25
Dallas Christison10162423.9524.00
Jeff Landry741612.9522.86


Trey Hendricks690.00
Anthony Albano370.00Stats for 2 teams
Jeff Miller130.00
Joseph Newman120.00
Phil Laurent50.00
Andrew Sweet50.00Stats for 2 teams
Matthew Leake40.00
Chris Bielski30.00
Brian Rzepka30.00
Collin Brown10.00
Ryan Czyz10.00


Ryan Czyz670.00
Phil Laurent120.00
Chris Bielski50.00
Joseph Newman50.00
Esteban Quintana50.00
Jared Bunn30.00
Brian Rzepka30.00
Collin Brown20.00
Matthew Leake10.00
Andrew Sweet10.00Stats for 2 teams


Phil Laurent370.00
Jared Bunn160.00
Chris Bielski130.00
Andrew Sweet120.00Stats for 2 teams
Anthony Albano100.00Stats for 2 teams
Tim Rowe90.00
Jeff Miller50.00
Collin Brown20.00
Trey Hendricks10.00
Matthew Leake10.00
Joseph Newman10.00
Brian Rzepka10.00


Trey Hendricks70102040.9621.46
Ryan Czyz681671071.9622.60
Phil Laurent53101750.9562.04
Anthony Albano4765370.9071.45Stats for 2 teams
Chris Bielski2020020.9091.00
Jared Bunn1930120.9391.63
Jeff Miller1819110.9521.11
Andrew Sweet18312001.0001.83Stats for 2 teams
Joseph Newman16100001.0000.63
Tim Rowe921010.9552.33
Brian Rzepka7110001.0001.57
Matthew Leake65010.8330.83
Collin Brown570001.0001.40
Esteban Quintana510020.8332.00


Mike Benacka3644001.0000.22
Bryan Hansen28215001.0000.61
Rick Hummel2824011.0000.21Stats for 2 teams
Chad Linder25113001.0000.56
Steve Brook20102411.9711.70
Ryan Doherty2043001.0000.35
Chris Clem1971661.7931.21
Jonathan Miller1821511.9440.94
Albert Ayala1691411.9581.44
Jordan Thomson1602011.0000.13
Ben Brockman1514001.0000.33Stats for 2 teams
Damian Ursin1539001.0000.80
Chad Catalano1223001.0000.42Stats for 2 teams
Joseph Newman1205001.0000.42
Justin Young1104001.0000.36Stats for 2 teams
Matt Keller1012001.0000.30Stats for 2 teams
Brody Taylor10210001.0001.20Stats for 2 teams
Collin Walker1001001.0000.10
Taylor Fowler903001.0000.33
Kurt Hartfelder812001.0000.38Stats for 2 teams
Tim Dugan71310.8000.57Stats for 2 teams
Luke O'Loughlin73420.7781.00
Adam Bretl610001.0000.17
Gary Cahoon601001.0000.17
Scott Evosevich51010.5000.20
Brad Cherry401001.0000.25
Cameron Cheek31010.5000.33
Patrick Muldoon300000.00
J.J. Pacella304001.0001.33
Chris Antonides200000.00
Mario Martinez100000.00

Team Roster

Bold indicates they played in the majors
Anthony Albano24LR6' 4.0"220Mar 2, 1983Chicago, IL, US
Chris Antonides24RR6' 3.0"220Mar 3, 1983Troy, OH, US
Albert Ayala20RR6' 1.0"170Nov 14, 1986
Mike Benacka24RR6' 2.0"220Aug 2, 1982Chicago, IL, US
Andy Bettis22RR6' 1.0"230Apr 2, 1985
Chris Bielski22RR6' 3.0"210Oct 25, 1984
Adam Bretl22RR5' 10.0"175Jun 10, 1985
Ben Brockman23RR6' 4.0"210Jul 18, 1983
Steve Brook26RR6' 3.0"200Feb 28, 1981Frankfort, IL, US
Collin Brown23RR5' 11.0"175Feb 1, 1984
Jared Bunn23LL6' 3.0"220Jul 18, 1983
Gary Cahoon25LL6' 4.0"220Jun 8, 1982
Chad Catalano23RR6' 1.0"200Nov 5, 1983
Cameron Cheek23RR6' 3.0"200Sep 9, 1983Atlanta, IL, US
Brad Cherry26RR6' 4.0"200Feb 12, 1981Texarkana, AR, US
Dallas Christison24RR6' 1.0"195May 1, 1983
Chris Clem24RR6' 1.0"210May 27, 1983Berwyn, PA, US
Chad Clemons21RR6' 0.0"180Feb 24, 1986
Angel Colon23RR6' 4.0"210Sep 27, 1983San Juan, PR
Ryan Czyz22RR6' 0.0"170Nov 14, 1984
Ryan Doherty23RR7' 1.0"255Feb 2, 1984Toms River, NJ, US
Tim Dugan24LL6' 3.0"195Mar 3, 1983Cedar Grove, NJ, US
Scott Evosevich24RR6' 3.0"200Jan 12, 1983
Taylor Fowler23LL6' 2.0"200Dec 5, 1983
Ryan Greene23RR5' 11.0"195Dec 20, 1983
Bryan Hansen23LL6' 2.0"210Jul 10, 1983
Kurt Hartfelder24RR6' 4.0"210Aug 26, 1982Upper Arlington, OH, US
Trey Hendricks24SR6' 4.0"200Aug 8, 1982Houston, TX, US
Brad Hough23RR6' 1.0"195Jul 8, 1983
Rick Hummel26RR6' 2.0"190Sep 12, 1980Woodstock, IL, US
Matt Keller22RR6' 0.0"200Sep 3, 1984Reading, PA, US
Jeff Landry23RR5' 8.0"165Mar 14, 1984
Phil Laurent23LL5' 11.0"190May 23, 1984Springfield, IL, US
Matthew Leake23LL5' 10.0"215Oct 1, 1983
Chad Linder22RL6' 2.0"210Jan 30, 1985Tyler, TX, US
Ken Lup24RR5' 11.0"180Jul 1, 1982
Mario Martinez25RR6' 0.0"195Mar 15, 1982
Jeff Miller23LR6' 3.0"215May 12, 1984
Jonathan Miller22RR6' 0.0"160Apr 11, 1985
Bobby Mosby25RR6' 3.0"240Apr 9, 1982Centerville, IL, US
Patrick Muldoon23RR6' 3.0"230Apr 25, 1984
Joseph Newman22LL6' 3.0"200Sep 3, 1984
Luke O'Loughlin23RR6' 4.0"200Dec 17, 1983
J.J. Pacella23RR6' 6.0"212Dec 26, 1983Powell, OH, US
Esteban Quintana23RR5' 9.0"195Aug 11, 1983Harlingen, TX, US
Tim Rowe22RR5' 11.0"205Mar 26, 1985
Brian Rzepka23RR6' 1.0"190May 23, 1984
Andrew Sweet24SR5' 11.0"195May 21, 1983
Brody Taylor24RL6' 2.0"215Jan 12, 1983
Jordan Thomson25RR6' 2.0"205Dec 3, 1981North York, ON, CA
Damian Ursin24RR6' 0.0"197Nov 27, 1982Gramercy, LA, US
Collin Walker22LR6' 7.0"210Aug 20, 1984
Andrew Wong23RR6' 0.0"190Oct 14, 1983Milwaukee, WI, US
Justin Young23RR6' 2.0"210Jan 27, 1984

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