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1917 Minor League Baseball League Encyclopedia

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League-by-League Batting

3American AssociationAA828.3
4International LeagueAA827.0
5Pacific Coast LeagueAA627.8
1Southern AssociationA827.1
2Western LeagueA827.1146483212221914525.253.3271578
6Central LeagueB826.71212074485791912.234.308638
7Eastern LeagueB826.4
8Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueB828.4
9New York State LeagueB829.0
10Northwestern LeagueB626.2
11Texas LeagueB827.5
12South Atlantic LeagueC623.6
13Virginia LeagueC627.5
14Blue Ridge LeagueD626.89931737881151525.248.3181008
15Central AssociationD825.6
16Central Texas LeagueD414
17Dixie LeagueD619.0
18Georgia-Alabama LeagueD620.0
19Interstate LeagueD
20North Carolina State LeagueD622.6
21Northern LeagueD4
22Western AssociationD829.6
23Cuban LeagueForeign
24Independent NegroNo Classification170.0
25Tri-Copper LeagueNo Classification

League-by-League Pitching

22American LeagueMajor League826.23.65613613.5002.661244124458366112810111230.010039454033201333831414630616213450161.2358.
23National LeagueMajor League827.13.53612612.5002.70125012505317191306211273.110312440833862023057449527122202460901.1868.
3American AssociationAA828.5
4International LeagueAA824.4
5Pacific Coast LeagueAA628.0
1Southern AssociationA825.6
2Western LeagueA827.26680.452146146
6Central LeagueB826.56655.545121121
7Eastern LeagueB823.7
8Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueB827.9
9New York State LeagueB827.3
10Northwestern LeagueB628.6
11Texas LeagueB825.4
12South Atlantic LeagueC622.3
13Virginia LeagueC6
14Blue Ridge LeagueD624.93663.3649999
15Central AssociationD824.5
16Central Texas LeagueD468.4291414
17Dixie LeagueD6
18Georgia-Alabama LeagueD620.0
19North Carolina State LeagueD628.0
20Northern LeagueD4
21Western AssociationD820.3
24Independent NegroNo Classification17

League-by-League Fielding

22American LeagueMajor League8124433645162081871965.9641391268102345%210,486
23National LeagueMajor League8125033724165971875971.964135114589044%
3American AssociationAA8
4International LeagueAA8
5Pacific Coast LeagueAA6
1Southern AssociationA8
2Western LeagueA8146301.000
6Central LeagueB8121138.000
7Eastern LeagueB8
8Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueB8
9New York State LeagueB8
10Northwestern LeagueB6
11Texas LeagueB8
12South Atlantic LeagueC6
13Virginia LeagueC6
14Blue Ridge LeagueD699165.000
15Central AssociationD8
16Central Texas LeagueD414
17Dixie LeagueD6
18Georgia-Alabama LeagueD6
19North Carolina State LeagueD6
20Northern LeagueD4
21Western AssociationD8
24Independent NegroNo Classification17

Pro Baseball Map for 1917

ALL TEAMS ARE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN THEY ARE LISTED IN. We have not located the actual location of the ballpark.

We list over 30,000 of teams from minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions. Report any errors or omissions

League Teams

American AssociationAAColumbus Senators, Indianapolis Indians, Kansas City Blues, Louisville Colonels, Milwaukee Brewers, Minneapolis Millers, St. Paul Saints, Toledo Iron Men
International LeagueAABaltimore Orioles, Buffalo Bisons, Montreal Royals, Newark Bears, Providence Grays, Richmond Virginians, Rochester Hustlers, Toronto Maple Leafs
Pacific Coast LeagueAALos Angeles Angels, Oakland Oaks, Portland Beavers, Salt Lake City Bees, San Francisco Seals, Vernon Tigers
Southern AssociationAAtlanta Crackers, Birmingham Barons, Chattanooga Lookouts, Little Rock Travelers, Memphis Chickasaws, Mobile Sea Gulls, Nashville Volunteers, New Orleans Pelicans
Western LeagueADenver Bears, Des Moines Boosters, Joplin Miners, Lincoln Links, Omaha Rourkes, Sioux City Indians/St. Joseph Drummers, St. Joseph Drummers/Hutchinson Wheatshockers, Wichita Witches
Central LeagueBDayton Veterans, Evansville Evas, Fort Wayne Chiefs, Grand Rapids Black Sox, Muskegon Muskies, Richmond Quakers, South Bend/Peoria Benders/Distillers, Springfield Reapers
Eastern LeagueBBridgeport Americans, Hartford Senators, Lawrence Barristers, New Haven Murlins, New London Planters, Portland Duffs, Springfield Green Sox, Worcester Busters
Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueBAlton Blues, Bloomington Bloomers, Hannibal Mules, Moline Plowboys, Peoria Distillers, Quincy Gems, Rock Island Islanders, Rockford Rox
New York State LeagueBBinghamton Bingoes, Elmira Colonels, Harrisburg Islanders, Reading Pretzels, Scranton Miners, Syracuse Stars, Utica Utes, Wilkes-Barre Barons
Northwestern LeagueBButte Miners, Great Falls Electrics, Seattle Giants, Spokane Indians, Tacoma Tigers, Vancouver Beavers
Texas LeagueBBeaumont Oilers, Dallas Giants, Fort Worth Panthers, Galveston Pirates, Houston Buffaloes, San Antonio Bronchos, Shreveport Gassers, Waco Navigators
South Atlantic LeagueCAugusta Tourists, Charleston Sea Gulls, Columbia Comers, Columbus Foxes, Jacksonville Roses, Macon Tigers
Virginia LeagueCLynchburg Shoemakers, Newport News Shipbuilders, Norfolk Tars, Petersburg Goobers, Portsmouth Truckers, Rocky Mount Tar Heels
Blue Ridge LeagueDChambersburg Maroons/Cumberland Colts, Frederick Hustlers, Gettysburg Ponies, Hagerstown Terriers, Hanover Raiders, Martinsburg Blue Sox
Central AssociationDCedar Rapids/Clear Lake Rabbits, Clinton Pilots, Dubuque Dubs/Charles City Tractorites, Fort Dodge Dodgers, La Crosse Infants, Marshalltown Ansons, Mason City Claydiggers, Waterloo Lions
Central Texas LeagueDEnnis Tigers, Marlin Marlins, Mexia Gassers, Temple Governors/Corsicana Athletics
Dixie LeagueDBainbridge, Dothan, Eufaula, Moultrie Packers, Quitman, Tifton Tifters
Georgia-Alabama LeagueDAnniston Moulders, Griffin Griffs, La Grange Grangers, Rome-Lindale Romans, Talladega Tigers, Tri-Cities Triplets
Interstate LeagueD
North Carolina State LeagueDAsheville Tourists, Charlotte Hornets, Durham Bulls, Greensboro Patriots, Raleigh Capitals, Winston-Salem Twins
Northern LeagueDFargo-Moorhead Graingrowers, Minot Why Nots, Warren Wanderers, Winnipeg Maroons
Western AssociationDDenison Railroaders, Fort Smith Twins, McAlester Miners, Muskogee Reds, Oklahoma City Boosters, Paris Athletics/Ardmore Foundlings, Sherman Browns, Tulsa Producers
Cuban LeagueForeign
Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
California Winter LeagueWinter
Independent NegroNo ClassificationAtlantic City Bacharach Giants, Brooklyn Royal Giants, Chicago American Giants, Chicago Giants, Chicago Union Giants, Cuban Stars of Havana, Indianapolis ABCs, Indianapolis Jewell's ABCs,
Kansas City All Nations, New York Cuban Stars, New York Lincoln Giants, Pennsylvania Red Caps, Philadelphia All-Stars, Philadelphia Hilldale Club, St. Louis Giants, Texas All Stars,
Victory's All Stars
Tri-Copper LeagueNo Classification