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1901 Minor League Baseball League Encyclopedia

Year Index / Affiliations / Map of Teams / Batting Leaders / Pitching Leaders / Other Years: 1900 / 1902

League-by-League Batting

14American LeagueMajor League828.05.361096421693813858731055915346882284794144927802730.277.333.371.70414153412839
15National LeagueMajor League828.24.631122429033896751941039813975502274342140226854246.267.321.348.66913576418833
1Eastern LeagueA828.5
2Western AssociationA828.3
3Western LeagueA929.9
4Southern AssociationB828.2
5New York State LeagueC827.7
6Virginia-North Carolina LeagueC822.8
7Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueD825.0
8Missouri Valley LeagueD
9Pacific Northwest LeagueD426.8
10Pennsylvania State LeagueD80.0
11Connecticut State LeagueF827.6
12Cuban LeagueForeign
13Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
16California LeagueNo Classification426.9
17Inter-Mountain LeagueNo Classification413.6
18Interstate LeagueNo Classification
19New England LeagueNo Classification1026.1
20North Carolina LeagueNo Classification40.0
21Northern New York LeagueNo Classification50.0
22Texas Valley LeagueNo Classification
23Wisconsin State LeagueNo Classification

League-by-League Pitching

11American LeagueMajor League826.85.35541541.5003.661098109615993754189566.010559587338922282780273643752201.3949.
12National LeagueMajor League826.14.63554554.5003.321122112214697670179977.0103985194368122726854241436132471.3119.
1Eastern LeagueA826.5
2Western AssociationA826.2
3Western LeagueA927.2
4Southern AssociationB825.2
5New York State LeagueC826.7
6Virginia-North Carolina LeagueC8
7Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueD823.4
8Pacific Northwest LeagueD4
9Pennsylvania State LeagueD8
10Connecticut State LeagueF8
13California LeagueNo Classification423.9
14Inter-Mountain LeagueNo Classification427.3
15New England LeagueNo Classification1025.4
16North Carolina LeagueNo Classification4
17Northern New York LeagueNo Classification5

League-by-League Fielding

11American LeagueMajor League8109828669145612875802.9381891449115044%412,366
12National LeagueMajor League8112229897143332456728.9472271402112444%
1Eastern LeagueA8
2Western AssociationA8
3Western LeagueA9
4Southern AssociationB8
5New York State LeagueC8
6Virginia-North Carolina LeagueC8
7Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueD8
8Pacific Northwest LeagueD4
9Pennsylvania State LeagueD8
10Connecticut State LeagueF8
13California LeagueNo Classification4
14Inter-Mountain LeagueNo Classification4
15New England LeagueNo Classification10
16North Carolina LeagueNo Classification4
17Northern New York LeagueNo Classification5

Pro Baseball Map for 1901

ALL TEAMS ARE LOCATED IN THE CENTER OF THE TOWN THEY ARE LISTED IN. We have not located the actual location of the ballpark.

We list over 30,000 of teams from minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions. Report any errors or omissions

League Teams

Eastern LeagueABuffalo Bisons, Hartford Indians/Wooden Nutmegs, Montreal Royals, Providence Clamdiggers/Grays, Rochester Bronchos, Syracuse Stars/Brockton B's, Toronto Royals, Worcester Quakers
Western AssociationAColumbus Senators, Dayton Old Soldiers, Fort Wayne Railroaders, Grand Rapids Furniture Makers, Indianapolis (Matthews) Hoosiers, Marion Glass Blowers, Toledo Swamp Angels, Wheeling Stogies
Western LeagueAColorado Springs Millionaires, Denver Grizzlies, Des Moines Hawkeyes, Grand Rapids, Kansas City Blues, Minneapolis Millers, Omaha Omahogs, St. Joseph Saints,
St. Paul Saints
Southern AssociationBBirmingham Barons, Chattanooga Lookouts, Little Rock Travelers, Memphis Egyptians, Nashville Vols/Volunteers, New Orleans Pelicans, Selma Christians, Shreveport Giants
New York State LeagueCAlbany Senators, Binghamton Bingoes, Cortland/Waverly, Ilion Typewriters, Rome Romans, Schenectady Electricians, Troy Washerwomen/Trojans, Utica Pentups
Virginia-North Carolina LeagueCCharlotte Hornets, Newport News Shipbuilders, Norfolk Skippers, Portsmouth Browns, Raleigh Senators, Richmond Bluebirds, Tarboro Tartars, Wilmington Giants
Illinois-Indiana-Iowa LeagueDBloomington Blues, Cedar Rapids Rabbitts, Davenport River Rats, Decatur Commodores, Evansville River Rats, Rock Island Islanders, Rockford Red Sox, Terre Haute Hottentots
Missouri Valley LeagueD
Pacific Northwest LeagueDPortland Webfoots, Seattle Clamdiggers, Spokane Blue Stockings, Tacoma Tigers
Pennsylvania State LeagueDAllentown Peanuts, Chester, Easton, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Middletown, Pottsville, Reading
Connecticut State LeagueFBridgeport Orators, Bristol Bell Makers, Derby Angels, Meriden Miler, New Haven Blues, New London Whalers, Norwich Witches, Waterbury Rough Riders
Cuban LeagueForeign
Cuban Winter LeagueWinter
California LeagueNo ClassificationLos Angeles Angels, Oakland Commuters, Sacramento Senators, San Francisco Wasps
Inter-Mountain LeagueNo ClassificationLagoon, Ogden, Park City, Salt Lake City
Interstate LeagueNo Classification
New England LeagueNo ClassificationAugusta, Bangor, Brockton B's, Haverhill Hustlers, Lewiston, Lowell Tigers, Lynn Live Oaks, Manchester,
Nashua, Portland
North Carolina LeagueNo ClassificationCharlotte Hornets, Raleigh Senators, Tarboro Tartars, Wilmington Giants
Northern New York LeagueNo ClassificationCanton, Malone, Ogdensburg, Plattsburgh, Potsdam
Texas Valley LeagueNo Classification
Wisconsin State LeagueNo Classification